Meditation Technique. The most important practice. Step 1.

namaskar welcome to our basic course which has 10 lessons it is step by step introduction to the practice of meditation today is the first step and I am going to explain the technique how to meditate this is the most important lesson and you may want to return to it after some time and try to understand it better because now you may not catch everything but by watching it 1 or 2 or 3 times you will catch and understand properly how to meditate the most important law of the mind which meditation is based upon is as you think so you become means that our thinking defines our personality if you think positively you become positive you think negatively you become negative if you think limited you become limited if you think expanded you become expanded if you if you think limitless you become limitless meditation is the practice of expansion of the consciousness it is the practice of acceleration of the evolutionary process and meditation is the practice that will inspire the growth of your personality the personality will have multi-dimensional unfoldment so let’s just go to the point in meditation you will have few steps first step is that you need to sit in a comfortable position assume the comfortable position better it is cross-legged but if it is not then just find convenient way and keep the spine straight there will be another lesson which is dedicated to the posture then of your ex in more detail your hands are like that and if you can you can curl the tongue in the model like this then you need to relax the entire face muscles you relaxed and then you will close the eyes and you will start using your imagination first step is the withdrawal of the mind from the disturbances of the external world before the mind may calm down it needs to forget its environment otherwise the the clock will tick tock tick tock or you know the Quixote or calm and Arab against uni and you will be distracted you will not achieve the result of meditation so we are going to use imagination to help the mind forget the external world in that imagination feel imagine see that you are sitting in a beautiful nature spot it may be a top of a mountain it may be a desert it may be bank of the river of the sea but the condition is that this place have to be boundless wherever you choose to go you will not find any boundary you will not not find any obstacle your mind may expand infinitely so that is the place see beautiful calm serene environment and feel yourself completely alone spend some time spend few minutes feeling seeing that after you satisfied with your imagination then switch the object start observing and thinking about your breath feel how you breathe in how the air enters your lungs feel is it Pleasant is it nice to breathe in feel how the air goes out and then observe your breath for a while the time will come then that you will not even feel the body you just feel that only breath remains and I am in a nice relaxed state of mind then that is a preparatory process it is a withdrawal process withdrawal of the mind and after that we start focusing the mind start concentrating the mind concentration means there is a focal point there is a point where the mind will return where the mind will strive to remain and we will use a special tool which is called mantra mantra is a special sound devised for meditation is a sound in Sanskrit language mantra means that which liberates the mind mana not a riot justice at mantra parity tada the sound which liberates the mind is called mantra liberation means there are so many things anxieties fears uncertainty about future than preoccupation with desires with ambitions and so many things and this this forces in the mind they make us tight they make us you know uneasy and when you use the mantra the mantra will uplift the mind it is designed to do so even you don’t know the meaning of the if you try to sing it we repeated you will just feel considerably lighter if you you feel more joy you’ve just you feel much better so we are going to use the mantra the first step is the just use of mantra is a sound you’ll repeat if you’re not sure what I’m saying check it out under the video it will be written down Baba Nam start to repeat mantra inside and try to focus your intention 100% on the repetition feel the sound as if you are supported by the sound you are rising you know like sometimes you’re listening in the music and the mind is taken away into the taken up in the stratosphere and here also just listen to the sound flow with the sound and if any extra thought will come in your mind and you became aware of the thought just just leave it and come back to the repetition of the mantra in this way try to focus your mind once you feel that your mind has become somewhat one-pointed it has focused on the repetition of the mantra then you need to do something which is called ideation what is ideation adhesion is a combination of your intellectual intuitive and emotional faculties that is ideation there is an idea behind mantra mantra has a translation so that idea will have to bring you in a certain state of the mind and that state of the mind is called ideation a flow of the mind flow of emotion and into the idea of the mantra it’s like a finger that points to the moon and then with the help of that finger you look and you will see the moon so there is a meaning of the mantra and in that meaning we delve we try to understand baba nam kevalam translates as supreme consciousness is all there is consciousness is not easy to understand what it is so I will rather translate it in a more understandable way consciousness when we achieve the state of thoughtlessness when we our mind Rises the yogi will describe that state as a state of love state of joy a state of peace so all these three things can be used as a substitute for the consciousness you can say infinite love is all there is infinite joy is all there is infinite peace is all there is or you can use them all together so according to your liking choose one of them and try to experience and understand repeating the mantra start feeling that your boundaries disappearing you are merging with the ocean of peace do you actually know what peace is have you ever experienced real peace when the mind is still repeating the mantra you try to oh let me experience the peace how is it peace infinite peace is all there is it means I am not there there is only peace let me feel it let me experience it how is it to be peace infinite joy is all there is let me feel it let me experience it how is it to be joy how is it to be happiness I am a happiness only happiness exists infinite love is all there is how is it to be love I love everything everything loves me I merge I’m a river of love merging with the ocean of love let me experience it that’s called ideation you are suggestion the idea in with that idea you flow to discover something actually this is philosophically correct there is consciousness which is underlying all things which is the basis of all things and we human beings experience that universal consciousness as love peace and joy and power and wisdom and strength and so many other things but even if you don’t believe it doesn’t matter because as you think so you become the mind will just assume the shape of its object of meditation if you meditate on love you will feel love and that love will radiate from you humility to enjoy the joy will radiate from and peace will radiate from you so you become indifferent person you become a better person and by becoming a better person you are making a better environment it is very useful practice so I will repeat you again few steps first is you sit you relax relax your muscles relax your face use some you know some props to somehow assume a comfortable posture close your eyes second start using your imagination imagine beautiful place without boundaries and you are alone there third stage after you have forgotten about immediate environment focus on breath feel the air coming in air coming out in and out in and out forget the body muscle fourth stage start repeating the mantra and focusing entirely on the sound of the mantra baba nam kevalam fifth stage repeating the mantra you are reminding yourself about the greatest idea there is supreme consciousness is all there is divine love joy and peace is all there is I am love I am joy and peace I’m the river of joy and love and peace Virginie the ocean of joy and love and peace that is called ideation I did that try to create that idea experience it with your intellect with your intuition with your emotions and on meditate meditation I hope this technique is clear now vegetation is efficient when you do it twice a day otherwise becomes like one step ahead one step back ahead and back we go Fortin back so it’s better to do it twice a day when you do it twice a day your flow or your usual state of the mind changes means between meditation you are still a different person and you up you have your more progressive your your more harmonious person so this two times a day is quite good you can go even more to do five minute is better than to do nothing sometimes we feel that Oh to the meet I am so tired I cannot do meditation so find such a time for yourself that you don’t feel that it is difficult to do if it is five minutes all right if it is trimming it’s even all right of course meditation good time is like 20 minutes but if it is five minutes is all right or 10 minutes so figure it out what is your time of meditation where you sit you enjoy you can focus you’re not getting tired from focusing because you know it has to grow gradually and then start doing it twice a day very strongly means even the the earth will crack into house you are going to do meditation you still I say while the earth completely cracks I I still have you know five minutes to do and do it twice a day and then every week you improve by you increase by one minute so first week I have been doing ten minutes next week I have been doing 11 minutes 12 minutes and so on and so on and in this way you will very fast come to very good standard of meditation without really forcing yourself or like really going against your psychology but it is important to do twice a day so the homework will be do twice the meditation according to this technique observe beautiful changes that happened happens in your mind in your thinking in your behavior in how you look yeah and let us go together let us move together for next five weeks and I hope you like it so much that you like to continue this technique you can continue for as long as you want or until you want to get more advanced technique of meditation yeah thank you very much


  1. I love this, is it possible to do a guided meditation class together here on you tube? BABA NAM KEVALAM

  2. Дада, огромная боагодарность за английский канал вашего учения. Я посылаю его всем своим знакомым, которым так хотелось рассказать про медитацию, про духовность в йоге и жизни! Ом! Баба Нам Кевалам!

  3. The life cycle of the spiritual butterfly: egg of possibilities, larva of withdrawal of environment, pupa of mental withdrawal, butterfly of ideating mantra. FLY!

  4. Love your Russian accent, blond beard. God lives in all human beings, we are never alone, we are all the same. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


    Namaste, Can I listen to this mantra while meditate and witch mantra fits my biggest concern I believe the svadhisthana chakra.
    I am an agresive narsist I have 3 children sun's and a 15 year old dog.. I've been drug speed addicted for about 20 years. My ex trow me out and want that I do schema therapy for narsist behavior…. Can you please advice me if I could heal this just by repairing my chakras? Thank you very much.. I would like to become a Yogi Dharma worrior and put all my agrasion and anger in too loving .. Amaste!

  6. Thank you very much for your time and knowledge in this video . You said exactly what I needed to hear . I need to go back to meditation because I have been lazy lately . I send you my regards from the high hills of Guatemala Central America.

  7. I have heard that you practiced in India, I am meditating since past fifty days. I want to do it wholeheartedly.

    The question I want to ask you is how you found your guru under whom you practiced because I feel like I should train under a guru. Please guide me how to find a guru.


  8. Really helpful and well researched knowledge in meditation. Thank you so much for share this video, it’s extremely helpful. Know more :

  9. I have been trying to subscribe to for a week. When I click on the login with facebook link, I get an error message. Same with the email alternative. I am out of options.

  10. Hi from Germany. I have a question. Have you had any other mantra besides this one BABA Nam Kevalam or you have some that you use for different purpose? Thanks for your answer.

  11. I am a Greek Orthodox Christian and would like to introduce you to Orthodoxy. Read "The Law of God," by Seraphim Slobodskoi; and/or "The Orthodox Way," by Kallistos Ware. To learn about pseudo-spiritual systems and the coming one world religion of Antichrist, read "Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future," by Father Seraphim Rose. To learn about some saints, read "The Northern Thebaid: Monastic Saints of the Russian North." To see the evidence for Jesus's resurrection, read "The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus," by Habermas and Licona. To learn five good arguments for the existence of God, read "On Guard," by William Lane Craig. To learn about the biblical prohibitions of witchcraft and magic, read "Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca,' by Hawkins. Pray, "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner. "Google the Holy fire. It is a miracle in Jerusalem every Easter, attesting to Jesus' resurrection

  12. What is meaning of this mantra? can we chant some else, why "BABA NAM KEVALAM", is there something specific you think?

  13. Your channel is absolutely amazing! I keep coming back to the videos, they are so full of wisdom… Such a focused human being you is incredible. Thank you for the daily inspiration and i hope you not going to stop making videos 🙂 Maybe you could upload a guided meditatiom on some subject you find useful and easy for beginners to grasp? It would be awesome! Thanks again brother!😊

  14. Should I breathe normally or in through nose out through mouth? I’ve been meditating for many months now using the nose/mouth but have to control my breathing to do so. Recently I’ve questioned if I’m doing it right so I’ve been doing some research and some people say breathe normally (which for me is through my nose) and just pay attention to it, or the tip of my nose or something. Either way I find it hard to watch without controlling, but now that I’m trying the normal breathing, I keep falling asleep. Any advice?

    Also – When people say pay attention to the sensations like the feeling or air going through my nose, should I only focus on one sensation or all sensations? I ask because it seems like if I’m going from paying attention to my chest, to my stomach, to my nose, to my throat, to my upper lip, etc. that I’m just allowing my mind to wander.

  15. Обожаю ваш английский. У вас такое русское произношение, что я его легко понимаю.

  16. I enjoyed a lot for the first lesson/step 1! I pretend to continue…

    It was a great lesson about the principles of the meditation and the Conscience Supreme.

  17. Thank you. I have been meditating for about one year for about 30 minutes in the morning focusing on a small box on the floor. Do you think I shoud stick to this practice or turn to the type of meditation described here?

  18. Dear Dada, I gave been doing your course for about 10 weeks now. It has been very beneficial for me. However I struggle to get the same depth in my evening mediation; when I come home I'm tired and all the emotions of the day are there. Please what can I do to deepen my evening practice?

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