Meditation On Steroids – How To Get The FASTEST Meditation Gains

Hey,this is Leo for and in this episode, I’m going to be talking about the meditation technique called Strong Determination sitting and I’m gonna show you how to use this one technique to supercharge your existing meditation practice Let’s talk about Strong Determination Sitting This is a technique that’s very, very simple but also incredibly powerful if you can apply it in your life and I’m gonna show you exactly how to apply it right here I learned this technique from Shinzen Young,who’s a Zen master but he’s a very interesting Zen master because he’s a Westerner and in the 1960’s and 70’s he went to Japan and he actually became an ordained Buddhist monk and he was in the Zen monasteries and he learned everything there and then also what he did he started studying enlightenment and other spiritual traditions around the whole world and he basically came up with this model for mindfulness which is just amazing,you can go learn it from him but anyways…what I wanna talk about here is this Strong Determination Sitting which I learned from him, and he’s a proponent of this in fact, the whole Zen tradition is a big proponent of Strong Determination Sitting what I love about this technique is that it shows you just how weak our minds are in Western cultures So, in cultures that don’t have any strong spiritual or meditation traditions so, basically cultures outside of China,India,Nepal,Japan and Southeast Asia, where meditation is very seriously practiced cultures outside of that generally are extremely ignorant about what’s possible with the human mind what’s possible with human consciousness,it’s incredible and…Shinzen Young, he likes to talk about the Marathon Monks and there was actually a book written about this in the late ’80’s, it’s called ‘The Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei’ and this is just incredible what these monks can do these monks have endurance beyond what you would think is humanly possible what these monks do is that they isolate themselves for a period of twelve years on this cold mountain near Kioto,it’s called Mount Hiei this is a process that you enter into, and you make a lifelong vow of celibacy, so you abstain from sex and you abstain from drinking and all that kind of stuff but…that’s just the beginning of it they enter this for twelve years, for twelve years they live on that mountain and they have pretty much no contact with anybody else and all they do is they train hardcore Zen Buddhism and, the things that these monks go through as a training process is incredible the way that it works is that every year that they’re on that mountain they have a 100-day cycle per year and what they have to do, is they have to make a journey all the way down the mountain they have to walk or run down the mountain in these straw, wooden sandles that they’re wearing they walk for 30 to 60 kilometers in one day, down the mountain, and then through the city and into the temples and then they make like offerings in the temples and as they’re doing all this, they have to be meditating towards enlightenment the whole time and then they make that round trip down and then up the mountain they have to do this in one day,they have to walk like 30 to 60 kilometers it takes them twenty hours to do this walk as they’re walking…they’re not eating,they’re not drinking, they’re not resting,they’re not sleeping they’re in a meditative enlightenment trance the whole way now that’s one day…they do that for a 100 days in a row and then they do that each year,and then like during one of the years they have to do it I think for like 200 days,and they’re doing like 60 kilometers per day it’s incredible, it’s a feat that trained professional athletes could not accomplish it’s more than running one marathon,except they do it 100 times in a row and sometimes they do a double marathon not only that, but then what else they have during these years is they have these sits where they have to sit and what they have to do is they have to sit motionless while they’re reciting a mantra and they’re meditating and they have to sit there and they have two monks who are sitting next to the one monk who’s doing this process and they watch him and he has to sit there, he can’t eat,sleep,drink water, or move for 7 and a half days imagine that…how long do we think we need water before we die? 3 days?4 days?That’s usually what they tell you in the books These monks can sit for 7 and a half days without water,without sleep and without food and basically without motion…they get up once at 2 am per day in order to travel 200 meters to make some sort of ritual offering of water somewhere in the fountain, and then they come back and they sit back down and then 2 monks sit there and make sure that this monk is not falling asleep during this process not only do they do that,but they’re not sitting there and grinding through this but they’re actually sitting there with a smile on their face and enjoying this process because they’re completely in this otherworldy enlightenment trance they’re just trained so rigorously for this…they do this for 12 years not only that…but as they’re making that walk down and up the mountain for 100 days they’re given a knife, a small knife that they carry with them and if ever they should get the urge to quit or to stop this walk then they’re supposed to cut themselves open and kill themselves So, those are the marathon monks Now…what I like about hearing these kinds of stories is like holy fuck,first of all it’s incredible that it’s even physically and medically possible to do for a human body you would think it pushes the limit of what science tells us we can do by the way, you can actually watch monks performing this ritual of sitting for 7 and a half days So, it’s not just some tall tale that they tell you,like sometimes they’ll tell you some tall tails about Spiritual things that people have done like yogis have done this or done that No this is actually a public process you can actually watch them doing this So…it’s not just a tall tale but, what’s great about these kinds of stories is it tells you about how serious you can be about this process of Enlightenment,also how serious you can be about meditation and how far that can take you So…let’s talk about Strong Determination Sitting…what is this? Well it’s not quite as intense as what these monks do but it’s a little bit towards the intense side of what you can do with meditation and this right here can be a fast track path towards Enlightenment if you’re really interested in that,and you know,before…in my previous episodes I’ve talked about how you can reach Enlightenment through something called self Inquiry or what I call ‘the looking process’, and I’ve done other videos on other meditation techniques but here, Shinzen Young told me that this might be the most quickest way that he knows for how to get to Enlightenment,it’s Strong Determination Sitting Here’s the technique…very simple:You get a timer You set it for something like 1 or 2 hours or more, you need a long chunk of time You sit in a lotus like position,full lotus,half lotus,whatever, kind of legs crossed… or, you know, if you’re just starting this process and you haven’t gotten used to sitting crossed legged,then you just might want to sit in a chair that works as well, and you’re sitting with your eyes open Take one or two minutes now to adjust yourself in your seat Just get into your meditative bubble, so that you’re sitting there “ok now I’m gonna do meditation” And then what you do is…you do not move For the full length of your meditation You don’t move at all… You don’t move to reposition yourself… You don’t move to scratch an itch on your face… You don’t move to adjust your back if it gets tired… You don’t move if your legs fall asleep… You don’t move if you’re in excruciating pain… You don’t move if you’re about to claw your eyes out from boredom,or from anxiety,or from frustration or from any physical ailments that your body is producing… and,you know,if you ever try anything even close to this, what you’re gonna realize is Just how incredibly difficult this is of a meditation So what you have to do is you have to sit there,you sit there for 1 hour,2 hours… 3 hours, 4 hours completely motionless,for as long as you can and that’s the entire meditation pretty intense stuff If you’ve never even tried this before,I really encourage you to try it at least once in your life just to see what the hell I’m talking about here… just to see what these monks are doing and what they’re putting themselves through because what you’re gonna discover very quickly if you try this even once is that you can’t even do 30 minutes of it… let alone an hour, you can’t do an hour at all… two hours?Inconceivable that you could do two hours of this without training 4 hours?That’s like flying to the moon! It’s just crazy… The furthest that I’ve been able to go, and I’ve been meditating for 2 and a half years now consistently… and I’ve been meditating for one hour a day and the most that I can do that I’ve ever done so far with Strong Determination Sitting is 90 minutes straight and I actually did that just the other week and it was an amazing 90 minutes,let me tell you… The amount of concentration and calmness of mind and focus that you get when you sit perfectly motionless and still for 90 whole minutes and you sit through all the aches and pains and itches and scratches and all the boredom and all the tediousness and all that crap you sit through all that Man…it’s like you go into a totally different world,it’s incredible! Especially if you couple this technique with some of the other techniques that I’ve shown you, for example if you’re doing the Self-Inquiry process and you’re investigating who it is that you actually are…and you’re looking into that Well, try doing that also while you’re sitting there perfectly motionless and you’re doing this Strong Determination Sit Or also what you could do is you could combine this technique here with the technique that I also describe called “Do nothing” So that you’re sitting there and you’re practicing “do nothing” But you’re sitting perfectly motionless and you’re sitting for a very long period of time So I don’t mean just do nothing for ten minutes or 20 minutes For a Strong Determination Sit you need at least an hour as your goal… and then try 90 minutes,try 2 hours and just try pushing and just see how difficult it really is It’s almost unimaginable before you try this just how difficult it really is and that’s one of the things that I really love about this technique is because it shows you just how rotten your mind has become Just how low we set the bar in Western societies and cultures… We really set the bar so fucking low for our minds and for our consciousness that it’s really pathetic Your mind has just been completely rotted away by modern culture By Television, by internet, by your smartphone,by your friends By the way you do business,by your career,by your family,by all of that And it shows you that there’s something deeply flawed within you If you cannot sit still,perfectly still, for just one hour And you’re gonna notice real quick that there’s something wrong with you What you’re gonna see is that actually you’re incapable of being happy I’ve talked about this before in some of my other videos about happiness Deep and true happiness,the true meaning of happiness is not what we in the west think of it as It’s not entertainment, that’s not happiness… It’s not stimulation and it’s not excitement And it’s not love What it is it’s complete presence in the moment right now It’s being one with reality,it’s being able to be calm and peaceful with no matter what is happening with your body or with your mind or with the circumstances around you So, it’s complete unconditional happiness And this is the kind of happiness that very few people have ever tasted And this is true happiness,we’ve really done a disservice to the word ‘happiness’ by using it for all sorts of crap that’s not true happiness And,you know,since the whole objective of your life and everything you do in your life is basically to make yourself happy,that’s why you do everything you do There’s nothing in your life that you do that you don’t think will make you happy So,if that’s true, and it is… yet,you’re unhappy all the time,and you are… I guarantee that you are… And how can we prove this?Well…by having you sit for one hour Can you sit for one hour,motionless,and be happy at the same time? If you can’t, you might think like ‘well Leo,that’s just uhh that’s just some stupid monk stuff, like they just sit there and they train their whole lives,and that’s very extreme They’re torturing themselves and you know,what does this have to do with happiness? It has nothing to do with happiness’.Actually,it has everything to do with happiness… Because,on a very deep level,what these monks are doing is they’re training themselves to be completely at ease and non-resistant to what’s happening in the present moment no matter what that is Now,sometimes that’s a very positive thing and you can easily be happy with something very positive you know,if I give you 100,000 dollars tomorrow,then you’re gonna be very happy just naturally…it’s easy to be happy when you have someone hand you a huge batch of money But…how are you gonna feel when… your ass hurts?How are you gonna feel when you have an ache in your back? How are you gonna feel when you have arthritis? How are you gonna feel when your cat dies?How are you gonna feel when your kid breaks his leg? How are you gonna feel when your girlfriend or boyfriend leaves you for somebody more attractive than you? How are you gonna feel when you lose your job? How are you gonna feel when your business collapses with the bad turn in the economy? How are you gonna feel when your competitors out-compete you? How are you gonna feel when you’re working on that project and then your computer crashes and you lose all the data on your hard drive that you’ve been working on for two years? How are you gonna feel then?happy? Probably not… one of the secrets to life is to train yourself… to be happy in the moment regardless of anything else and this is a discipline and this is a training and this is basically what the aim of all meditation is Someone once asked me in a comment under one of my videos he said something like ‘Leo…what’s the goal and objective of meditation?’ and that was an interesting question…because there’s different ways you can answer that… and I thought about that and I was asking myself like Well,yeah that’s a good question,what is the essence of meditation really? I mean…why are we sitting down and doing this thing of just… removing ourselves from the world and… focusing our minds and clearing our minds of thoughts,why are we doing all this? and the aim of it is,my answer is… that you wanna merge with reality, to me that’s the essence of meditation,it’s merging into reality That’s kind of a funny answer… What does it mean to ‘merge into reality’?It sounds mystical… It sounds weird… Well,when you start studying Enlightenment what you start discovering is that actually,that’s a real possibility… is for you to merge with reality and I’m not going to go into the depth of all the details that are involved with that umm…just wanted to kind of share that insight with you,but also to connect it with happiness,right? because when you’re totally merged with reality the funny thing is is that you become completely happy! Levels of happiness are possible that you have never experienced in your life You can just get 30 seconds of this kind of happiness and it’s not just happiness it’s really bliss It’s pure bliss… I’ve been lucky to just get like a little hit of it here and there in my meditation practice… Man…this is not something you’ve ever felt,this is not something an ordinary human being has ever felt this is why people become monks You might wonder like ‘well why become a monk? why renounce sex and alcohol and all this and live on a cold ass mountain for 12 years and be beaten with sticks and go through these crazy ordeals…why do all that? Because counter-intuitively that makes you the happiest human being you could possibly be Now that’s fucked up! But what’s even more fucked up is that’s true and what I encourage you to do is I encourage you to… reconcile that with your western worldview because your western worldview does not admit of this truth It does not admit of this truth that… ‘Oh shit…these people who are monks,they’re actually onto something! These people who meditate really hardcore they’re actually happy human beings! They’re not neurotic human beings like most of us are I mean they’re not perfect They’ve got their issues,granted, but… but they’re doing this for happiness Now,you might say ‘well Leo, that’s a crazy way to go about getting happiness!’ Well…they could say the same thing about what you’re doing! and you know what?They’re gonna be more right because if we take a look at your life… What are you doing to get happiness?What have you been doing for the last 20 years… In your life to get happiness? and how well has it been working? Can you sit for an hour and be happy? If you can’t sit for an hour and just be happy,with whatever’s going on, and if you go into monkey mind and you start getting neurotic and crazy and your face starts itching and you wanna claw your eyes out Well that just shows you what psychological state you’re in… That kind of psyche can never be happy! And so you wonder,you know,’Well,gee why am I depressed and why am I always anxious and why do I worry and why do I have fears and why does that job that I got didn’t make me happy? What about that money?I got that money that didn’t make me happy I bought a new house that didn’t make me happy My girlfriend doesn’t make me happy,my husband doesn’t make me happy My kids,are supposed to make me happy but they don’t really make me happy… Why is that? Well,I would submit to you that it’s because you have a rotten mind, you have a rotten psyche,and that really what you are is you’re a soft,lazy twat is what you are… Here’s a cool thing that I learned from Shinzen Young also… is that… if you can sit and be calm and happy this is actually a really good litmus test for Enlightenment People sometimes ask me also in the comment section ‘Well Leo,how can you prove that someone is Enlightened?’ And while you can’t conclusively prove that someone is Enlightened… because it’s an inner realization,an inner state… and until you can go into someone’s mind,you can’t really prove it… because you’re not them,but…what you can do is you can just give them a simple test If you’re Enlightened you should be able to sit at ease for 4 hours no problem Can you do that? Try it yourself Try it tonight…set aside an hour and just see can you sit even for one hour? and just be happy and not need to move,not need to scratch yourself,not need to think about anything,just sit there and be happy What you’re gonna notice is that you can’t! Not even close…like not even 1 percent In the first 5 minutes you’re already gonna be trying to claw your eyes out That’s what the average Westerner will notice This is a very sobering realization which is why I want you to actually try this at least once in your life even if you don’t turn it into a habit Try it at least once…just to see how bad you are! and just to get your mind to start to have to reconcile this fact of like ‘holy shit… I’ve really let my mind rot away,there’s something wrong with that and if what I’m trying to do my whole life is trying to pursue happiness… and I haven’t gotten it… Could it possibly be that the techniques and strategies that I’ve been employing up till now… will never,ever,ever work? because I can’t even sit and be at peace for one hour…doing nothing Now this might seem like self-torture… If you sit down and you actually do this practice What you might discover is like ‘Holy shit…this is like torturing yourself!’ ‘Leo,why are you making me torture myself?I don’t like this!’ ‘I want nice and comfy meditation…’ It’s not torturing you…what it’s actually doing is it’s forcing your mind to reconcile to the absolute present moment,which is reality you understand that reality is what’s happening in the present moment right now? Reality is like this flowing concert…it’s always changing and it’s always shifting! The problem,the fundamental problem of the human psyche is that it resists this flowing reality… what it does is it tries to cling and hold on to various facets of reality and it tries to hold it so that it doesn’t change and flow away! We do this with our family,we do this with our career,we do this in business… We do this with everything, and in fact we do it as we’re sitting in a chair just…trying to enjoy the present moment we do it! right?because what happens like an itch goes on your face,and then you want to scratch that itch… already you wanting to scratch that itch is you resisting reality Now what happens if you prohibit yourself,hold yourself back from scratching that itch? well actually what this does is…it seems like it’s maybe self-torture or it seems like it’s just some sort of like… you know… harsh discipline that a monk would use for who knows what kind of silly religious purposes… that’s not what it really is though,you have to understand why they do this… they do this because they’ve discovered a very powerful law of the psyche and this is also something that I’ve learned from Shinzen Young and this law is like a formula and what it says is the following: there’s multiple facets to this formula but one formulation of it is like this: purification=pain * mindfulness purification equals pain multiplied by mindfulness…what is purification? purification is the purification of your subconscious mind… and your psyche…see… your subconscious mind is filled with a bunch of garbage and from your very birth it’s been resisting the present moment! That’s basically what your life has been as an adult As a teenager and an adult,is moving away from the present moment into your fantasy land… and that’s where you presently live because if the mind goes into fantasy land,then it doesn’t have to be in reality and when you force the mind to actually be in touch with what’s happening in the present moment with reality it doesn’t like this because it finds the fantasy land so much more comfortable so one way to actually purify your subconscious mind is to endure pain! and as you endure the pain,and you apply mindfulness to the pain… and you don’t try to run away from the pain,but you kind of surrender to the pain… then what you find is that it purifies your mind and purification here is not in some sort of like moral sense it’s in a very,uhh… it’s in a very like almost physical sense! because your mind is this complex cybernetic system… with a lot of feedback loops and triggers what has to happen and what does happen with meditation is that the mind is forced to sit still and as it does that,the brainwaves in your mind have to go from very fast… to slower and slower and slower so your mind calms down! it gets in touch with the present moment For this to happen,the psyche has to purge material and basically what’s happening when you meditate is it’s like… psychotherapy…but not on a macro level,but on a micro level! So what is psychotherapy?Psychotherapy is basically you go into an office… and you talk about some crap that happened to you in your past maybe your mom was mean to you when you were a kid,so you talk about it,you get it out of your system You have an emotional release, a catharsis the therapist kind of hears you out and gives you some encouragement… and then what happens is that the next day you feel better,you feel lighter because you got that shit which was stuck in the back of your mind,you got it out! and then maybe you get enough of it out that you don’t even have to think about it anymore and you’re just kind of calm and cool with it Well…that’s exactly what meditation does except on a micro level not with like a big event in the past,like your mom… being mean to you,now it’s in the present moment it forces your mind to actually just release and surrender itself to the present moment which your mind is very subtly resisting… 100 or a 1000 times a day,you don’t even notice how much your mind… resists the present moment until you start practicing some more meditation! So…I encourage you to… change your opinions about how you view monks How you view some of these hardcore spiritual disciplines… they’re really not religious disciplines… They’re psychological disciplines The reason that people take their spirituality so seriously in the Eastern world is because they’ve actually developed techniques that are more effective than psychotherapy in the west and these techniques purify the subconscious mind in very powerful and profound ways… and this is nothing hokey or New Age,you can actually try this yourself tonight… You can try it for a month and you’ll see that it has… Very practical, powerful effects It calms your mind down and makes you happier! which is what you’ve been wanting in your whole life all this time,except you didn’t really know… a real legitimate technique that would get you there,well…here it is…I’m presenting it to you So… purification is pain times mindfulness… also what you notice is that suffering is pain times resistance! So,the amount of suffering you have in your life… depends not just on the pain you have,but actually on how much you resist the pain If you’re able to drop your resistance to 0… in a very incredible and unbelievable way what happens… is that your pain drops to zero! Now you might say ‘Leo…well what about,you know,if I break my leg?’ ‘Or my tooth hurts?I mean,are you saying that that pain isn’t real?’ Well let me just tell you a little anecdote that… Peter Ralston told me when I was at his workshop and Peter Ralston’s a… a very Enlightened guy, a really,really hardcore Enlightened guy he’s been doing this for like 40 years… he’s been Enlightened since his 20’s and he just kept going deeper and deeper and deeper with it what he told us as we’re sitting there and he says ‘well… one time what I decided to do is I decided to go to the dentist and get a root canal but I told the dentist not to use any novocain as he was about to drill and extract my root… do you understand what a root canal is? If you’ve ever had a root canal it’s probably,even with novocain,it’s the most disturbing process! I’ve had one done… What they do is they drill your tooth,but they don’t just drill like a cavity… they drill all the way down through the root and then what they do is they take pliars and they pull the root out of your tooth! they take the whole root out… and then they kind of numb down,kind of grind down your whole tooth and they put a crown on it that’s a root canal He had this done with no novocain! Now,he told us that the dentist thought that… Ralston was trying to be like macho and that he was trying to sit there and just kind of like prove his machoness,but that’s not what was happening What was happening was that he sat there with like a smile on his face as this was happening he wasn’t…holding in the pain… and coping with the suffering,what he did is he actually eliminated the suffering and the pain entirely sheerly through mindfulness! imagine having such a…clear perception of the present moment that what you or I would normally call physical pain,excruciating physical pain… ceases to be excruciating physical pain… because you become that pain so completely and thoroughly… that you understand what it really is as a phenomenon… no worse and no different than any other phenomenon no different than the pressure of your ass sitting on your seat,which feels kind of comfy…right? well,imagine that applied to a root canal! People sometimes ask me like ‘Well Leo,Enlightenment…like,you’re talking about Enlightenment,what does Enlightenment really mean?’ ‘can we even measure it?’ ‘It seems like just some philosophy or some,you know,religious doctrine…’ ‘Some belief system?’ But see?no…it’s none of that! What it is it’s the ability to be fully present in the moment without resisting it It’s the ability to have a complete experience of reality without a self! because there is no self experiencing reality… there is just reality BEING… reality just BEING So,one,you know,way that you can test if you’re Enlightened is…go get a root canal without novocain…can you do it? It shows you how Enlightened you are… See there’s not just one Enlightenment,there’s actually degrees of Enlightenment… There’s degrees of mindfulness,and what’s really incredible… is just how far you can take your mindfulness! You think if you’ve been practicing mindfulness for a few years that you’ve kind of like made some big gains? Naw! Try…getting Enlightened and then practicing mindfulness and getting further Enlightenments… for 40 fucking years! and then see where you are,and what you can do It’s incredible what some of these people can practically do See if you can sit there for 4 hours… See if you can sit there for 8 hours… an Enlightened person really should have no problems sitting there for 8 hours without motion It just shows you how out of touch you are with reality It’s very sobering… very sobering…completely changes your relationship to pain and to suffering Which is actually a very important facet of spiritual work because you know what?How can you be happy… if you can’t tolerate pain and suffering? you actually can’t because what’s gonna be happening is you’re gonna be running away all the time you’re gonna be in fear all the time! why do you think you’re anxious all the time? It’s because you fear suffering and pain It’s because you’re trying to run away from it,and you are not able to surrender yourself to it! What’s incredible is that these people can not only do these amazing feats… of just sitting there and getting a root canal or something like that… but they can do it with a smile on their face! They’re actually happy with it it’s not like… YOU would do it…like if I tell you to sit there for an hour maybe you’ll sit there for an hour,but what will happen to you is you’ll be like… grinding your teeth the whole time,and you’ll be like enduring it you’re gonna be about to scream at the top of your lungs! maybe you’ll make it,but that’s not what these people are doing… These people are sitting there and…they’re not feeling the pain or the suffering because what happens is that when you can reduce your… resistance to 0…the suffering actually disappears and it turns into pleasure! and this is something that I want you to experience with this technique of… Strong Determination Sitting So your assignment is to sit for an hour,or 2,or 3,or 4,however long do you want to… test yourself with… Sit there and you’re gonna have physical pains and discomforts,your legs are gonna fall asleep… this is gonna be miserable…it’s gonna be the worst experience of your life and your job is to sit there through all that suffering and all that pain… and what you can do is you can achieve this moment where you actually have this breakthrough… where you have this intense intense suffering and then what happens is that just instantaneously the suffering completely releases… because your ego,your ego stops resisting and this is a very magical moment if you can reach this moment with your sit… because for the first time perhaps in your life you’ll get a new appreciation,and a new… understanding of…how pain and suffering function they don’t function the way we typically think that they function The Western notions of pain and suffering are completely… just factually false,really…factually false So that’s your job…is to sit there and endure that! and you know what? if your legs fall asleep and you’re afraid that that’s gonna hurt you somehow… Just remember the monks who sit for 7 and a half days without food… without water,without sleep,without moving! What the human body and the human mind can do… is incredible! and it just shows you how low we set the bar for ourselves as non-meditators…extremely low… So this practice here will show you just how low your bar is set… and maybe…it’ll convince you that hey… maybe my life would go better if I raised the bar a few notches! you know…I’m probably not gonna go become a marathon monk,but if I can just… train myself maybe to sit for 2 hours… everyday,in silence,without moving,and being happy,if I can reach that state… maybe that might have some extraordinary and profound ramifications for the quality of my life! maybe that’s more worthwhile to pursue than pursuing… that promotion at work…or pursuing that next… phase in my business,or pursuing some more sex or going getting married or having children,maybe this is what I gotta do first before I do all that other stuff! So what I recommend for you is to actually try this,start with an hour if you’re just new… You probably won’t make it,but that’s ok you can fail at this,it’s fine,I failed many times at this… so how do you take it…to the next level?How do you take your meditation to the next level? Here’s another practical suggestion… try to do a one hour sit totally motionless… The other thing I recommend and this is something that I’ve just been experimenting with in the last couple weeks in my life and it’s been giving me…incredible gains! mindfulness-wise but also towards Enlightenment Do four one-hour sits per day do that for a whole week that’s basically a retreat right there,you can do it in the comfort of your own home… you don’t need to go anywhere fancy or pay a lot of money for it Just try this,maybe try this on a weekend,try it for just even 2 days,try it for one Saturday and one Sunday what this is is you sit for one hour… doing whatever technique you want meditation-wise,just sit there for an hour… then you can get up and have your meal and go to the bathroom and stuff…but then… sit for another hour… get up do your stuff,sit for another hour,get up do your stuff,sit for another hour,do that four times! What you’re gonna notice is that ‘man…this just super-charges…’ ‘the meditation that I’ve been doing!’ If you’ve been only doing 20 minutes of meditation per day… try this for one weekend… See how much you’re missing…by not doing this more consistently… it’s incredible what you get with really long,concentrated meditation sessions! Alright,that’s it!That’s my assignment for you,try some of these techniques out… maybe combine this with some of the other techniques that I’ve taught you… like ‘do nothing’ or ‘self-inquiry’,and you will be… moving towards Enlightenment pretty quickly!Also… you will be building your mindfulness muscles really quickly and that’s gonna help you in all the ordinary everyday situations in life! This is not just about…proving how tough you are sitting on a cushion… this is really about…being able to be happy in everyday life Alright…I’m signing off,go ahead post your comments down below… click the like button please…share this video with a friend… and lastly,come check out right here… this is my website,it’s got a lot of free content on it also got some courses on it that you might find very useful… The reason I want you to follow along with and there’s a free newsletter there too… is that I’m really excited about delivering… these like deep insights,deep psychological insights that will help you to actually generate… true happiness in your life! I want to help you to self-actualize,I want to help you to understand yourself and other human beings… psychologically… to degrees that almost nobody knows about…you’re gonna have a deeper and… more powerful understanding of psychology than psychology professors do! if you take the information that I’m giving to you for free… if you take it seriously,and you actually practice this and you take some action towards it… and you apply this stuff… and you stick around every single week for new episodes… I promise you that even just in a few years you’ll have a deeper understanding… not just conceptually and theoretically,but very practically you’ll have… both an understanding and also the ability to practice… self awareness and self control in ways that virtually nobody on this planet knows! and this will give you powers that will seem… magical to those around you… and this will allow you to construct whatever kind of life you want with relationships,with your business,with money,with everything! but most importantly,with your mood you’re gonna actually finally gonna get a taste of true happiness! which is something that I’m really excited about having you experience… Anyways…sign up and I’ll see you soon!


  1. This really reminds me of the bodybuilder Tom Platz famous for his insane leg development. He was able to squat with heavy weight like 225 pounds for 10 min straight. His nose would start bleeding and till the end his biggest concern was not to do another rep but not fainting. Often his set would end when he would faint and when he became conscious again his eyes hurt him from severe oxygen debt.

  2. I got 45 mins in and my leg was in so much agony I couldn't bear it, something I'll try again though. still 45 mins not bad, I endured a lot of pain and all I could think about was those people who have cronic pain from an illness. I deeply sympathise with those who do, if nothing else, I have taken away a deeper understanding and compassion for those people. fuck man that shit is hard!! better seating position next time! Thanks for the challenge Leo 🙂 peace bro

  3. I got 45 mins in and my leg was in so much agony I couldn't bear it, something I'll try again though. still 45 mins not bad, I endured a lot of pain and all I could think about was those people who have cronic pain from an illness. I deeply sympathise with those who do, if nothing else, I have taken away a deeper understanding and compassion for those people. fuck man that shit is hard!! better seating position next time! Thanks for the challenge Leo 🙂 peace bro

  4. did anybody else find it hard to get into your body with your eyes open? I usually close them and this made it quite challenging to Meditate as I usually do. pretty tippy, the whole room was breathing 🙂

  5. So if your cat died or your parents die…one should be…ummm–HAPPY? That's what I got from this vid. Be happy no matter what and make sadness never exist in you no matter what. But isn't that the same idea as denying that a coin has no opposite side? How do you accept happiness but not sadness. Like saying there's a sun and no moon, a day with no night. Maybe I'm not getting the message clearly here. I love your videos though.

  6. I did this and I sat on my left nut and it had blood supply cut and atrophied and they took it out and I wear it as an amult I did 4 hours so I'm enlightened now.

  7. It's my second week meditating and I tried to do this for 15 minutes just to have a taste. After what seemed like forever of looking at just one specific spot my eyes got blury and it was like there was a fog in my room and then I saw lights from everything aroumd me like candles but, unfortunately, at some point (it must have been about 13 mins in) my finger just twitched on its own… I feel like a new person right now and will definitely try with more time next time. Is seeing lights and fogs normal, though, or should I be worried?

  8. 1-2 hours? I got a family dude. I have maybe 1hour alonetime to prepare for next day each night. This is not practical for most people with a busy life. I can do 20mins, but more than that is not possible.

  9. Hello, I'm enthusiastic to inform you a way where you'll discover good number of new yoga procedures. All you need to do is type: "MindYoga4U" in Google. You will be a master with the ideas available.

  10. I feel really sleepy if I meditate without coffee, even if I meditate right after waking up. Does it have to do with the mind not willing to accept the reality and bring me instead to sleep?

  11. I think I would tend to agree with this.. that meditation allows you to just 'be'. and I think in some sense you could consider it being absent of 'self' in so far as we can consider the ego to be the 'self'. but it is truly a matter of perspective. I'm not sure I considered the ego to be my self. I've been thinking on this for decades. I think when I heard you saying I don't exist, I objected because I didn't take it to mean what you meant it to mean. I like to play with language and make sure I use the right words for things. in this situation, I do not believe meditation is ego death. I believe it is putting the ego on vacation. a controlled exercise whereby the higher self is able to temporarily suspend the survival instincts of our reptilian brain.

  12. 26:16 OMG. Is this why why women don't need to become Monks, because we suffer our asses off every 28 days and have to learn how to overcome that excruciating pain? LOLOL! I believe my menses has been my greatest spiritual teacher yet. But men have to create pain for themselves which is attempting to be equivalent! Hehehe. It's just a thought. Cuz you sure don't see women doing all that marathon Monk craziness…do you? I somehow don't think we are supposed to, or need to. We are different. I think you should mention that, Leo..and also…get a Uterus. 😉 But I am still going to attempt sitting still for an hour. I have no more excuses! 😉 . But – for the record, I don't wish to experience any more pain in order to to become enlightened. I have had enough. I will take the bliss.

  13. Notes
    – 1-4 hrs.
    – Eyes open
    – You do NOT move (motionless and still)

    + Do Nothing meditation technique

    • Train yourself to be happy in the moment
    regardless of anything else
    • Purify subconscious mind
    • Learn to be unconditionally happy
    • Drop resistance to zero = no pain
    (Mind resists present moment)
    • Release suffer instantaneously

    Task– to meditate 1 hr. 4 times a day
    during the week.

    Essenes of meditation – to merge into reality
    Reality is what is happening in present moment,
    it's always changing, shifting
    _Purification_= pain + mindfulness

    • The ability to be fully present in the
    moment without resisting it
    • The ability to have complete experience
    of reality without a self (there is no self
    exp. the reality – reality is being)

  14. Day 1. Strong determination sitting. Set the timer for one hour. Did 25 minutes.
    I meditate daily for 59 consecutive days now. I'm a recovering addict. I do therapy and yoga. Also for about 3 months.
    25 minutes day 1. not bad :))
    It was going well. I was just entering a state of…softness. I was feeling a bit like floating within my body, and i was hearing the birds outside.
    What got me out was my imagination which was making me believe a spider might be crawling on my leg :))
    I do see the potential for this practice. Will definitely give it more tries. Damn. I really thought I could go a full hour on my first try.

  15. That's a impressive and tough technique! I have a doubt. I perceive that, for all the meditations hints you give, you say we should meditate for 20 minutes in a daily basis. But, for instance, if I meditate three times a day, each one for 10 minutes, will I have the same benefits? Thanks!

  16. Dumb question. In this technique (SDS) is it alright to swallow your spit, or allowing your chest to rise and fall when I breathe? I take most of the breathes in my belly, but every one in a while i need to breathe into my chest. Am I doing it wrong? Whats the correct way to do it?

  17. I have gone without water for about 3 1/2 weeks. I only ate once a day which was ramen noodles. During that time I didn't go to the bathroom. It was really strange.

  18. True entitlement is when you a person see the truth of the universe at his level. He will known things that the average person doesn't know. True enlightenment is when your mind can be still. Of course if you are moving a lot your mind can't be still. If your reach enlightenment at a high enough level you can have super ;powers but you will not get those if you week them. The goal is mediation is to reduce attachment as much as possible. This is why some monks go to the mountains. It is more difficult to let go of attachment with society.

  19. I have been following Leo for more than 2 years now. And everything he says is true. His teachings do have the power to transform your life. Trust him.

  20. I heard you could gain more enligthenment if you pump an infinite loop of the meow meow cats at full volume during your sitting. XDDD (or whatever the heck it´s called)

  21. "meditation is all about happiness…" i wouldn't say "happiness", but "freedom"… because happiness and unhappiness are two sides of the same coin called mind. When you are in meditation, you are beyond the mind, beyond the emotions, it doesn't matter if this emotions are happiness or sadness, or whatever… You are just your witness being, you are just your consciousness. You are not happy, you are just an observer. The observer is never happy or unhappy.

  22. Wow everyday I am listening ur video before sleep wow so peaceful voice!!! Thanks!!! I am practicing mindfullness meditation practice for 9min everyday when I start to do that 9min gone so soon also fun to I am concentrating both inner and outer sensors eyes,hears and feeling wow great one!!! Kudos leo from India,tamilnadu, Chennai!!!!

  23. I cant find any source for the monks sitting for 7 days without food and water. How do you know that Leo?

  24. got my enlightement through the night of the Dark Shadow ….my life and how I saw the world changed ! my dark shadow, showed me the way to create my whole new present/future/WORLD

    it is pretty cool, to be in harmony with the universe.

  25. Once I sat down for 2 hours watching the monkey mind and the physical pain circling in my body. It did not work for me cause it was disaster to watch this restless mind even after 2 hours sitting. Just like a real torture!

  26. I only managed to do this for half an hour but the effect was profound. I learnt so much about myself. I also feel wonderful and more connected to everything, more whole. I wouldn't say this is enlightenment (awakening) but it's clearly an important pillar.

  27. Leo, a couple of questions. First, is it ok to move eyes, look at different things while strong determination sitting? And also, is it ok to close eyes and have fantasies? I'm doing it as a part of my program to cure my addiction (pornography, cigarettes, thinking).

  28. Meditation based on the feeling of the energetic body usually meditates for two hours It is true that it does not do it daily but usually when standing in meditation stand for about two or three hours it is a very wonderful feeling you feel that at the moment you are no longer a body you are energy I'm sorry for the translation I'm using Google Translate I'm in Romania

  29. what do you think about eye movement, as eyes are supposed to stay open? i mean, blinking is neccessary, bud can i look at different things or only straight forward at one object?

  30. Dude thats nicely done…I am from India and already have thoudands of hr of meditation practice behind I know for sure what u r saying in this video is bang on right…keep it up..I may be one day share my experiences..u have inspired me.

  31. Whenever you restrict yourself in being totally motionless then you cannot be effortlessly happy. There is always a monitoring going on checking if you are not moving. If you blink your eye suddenly without realising it you might already judge that and tell yourself not to do that. It is an old japanese way, it is part of their culture that can be very rigid. Do not try to implement this here in the West. Ofcourse you can try, but you will see that after some time it will feel to rigid and you ease on it.

  32. Hey everybody,recently I have been doing a lot of determination sitting and I get the feeling that my brain is frying(short of what it felt like playing video games for hours)does anybody knows if thats normal or If I am doing something wrong?(I also get the same feeling when I try the no-mind)
    Please answer 🙂

  33. I look forward to watching your videos after work. I like to come home, put on my robe and relax to your channel. You’ve really improved my life already. I’m glad you have so much material. Wish I could have the pleasure of meeting you in person !!

  34. I did 45 minutes, somehow my back started benting and I was almost slipping the cushion with incridible pain and legs shivering. Lol
    I thought it would be easier since I usually meditate for one hour but complete motionless is really challenging. To face pain and discomfort like this is a whole new experience.

  35. "You don't move if you're in excruciating pain." I've never heard someone describe Strong Determination Sitting this way before. It's idiotic. You could permanently physically injure yourself. Listen to your body.

  36. hey so i made it 3 hrs strong determination sitting. felt really good, it gets exponentially harder, until you can breakthrough. it was amazing the video is here

  37. I have been doing meditation earlier but stopped through the half way..And after some gap, Now I really wish to give it a try for strong determination sitting. Is it worthing trying without any consistent meditation practice

  38. The only things i struggled were the urge to blink. (My eyes became completely dry after 90 minuets of no blinking) and the urge to breath. It was really hard not to breath during the whole session. Next time i think I'll take a breath every 30 minuets or so. Otherwise i get really light headed and dizzy

  39. Also since quite a while after knowing about meditation/enlightment/the actual reality…i notice i get disturbed more easily…i guess a part of me wants that peace that will give me true hapiness.

  40. Leo, you are a very enlightened guy and I'm thankful you took your time to look into this higher consciousness work, I must say that you are really on to something, way bigger. Your teachings have really made me get more in touch with reality. Elevating my consciousness to the highest levels possible has been the best thing I've done. I am very aware now of how little of a bar you can set for yourself when you are starting out with these practices. I was able to get a piece of nirvana, where the pain turns into pleasure, as it struck in waves. The mind is very powerful and people have to be aware of this, break their limits, go beyond the petty bullshit.
    Psychedelics have also opened my mind a lot, it combines well with higher consciousness work. It's a sure fire way to "Transcend"

  41. 1st time trying during this vid. started at 9 mins in made it to the end. only 30 mins but defininitely felt long. Cant wait to try it in silence for 1hr+

  42. This is one of the things you do on a vipassana retreat and it is fooking ard. I never managed 2 hours but some people there looked to go on for quite a while. The teachers just seemed to sit there motionless all day haha they looked dead

  43. I have a question that's seriously mind bending to me. If we don't have any control over our thoughts, how can one be free as an individual? You might say that you control your actions, but aren't our actions dictated by decisions we make and those decisions themselves are derived from thoughts and ideas in our minds? If we have no control over our thoughts, how can one take credit for anything they've done since everything they do is actionable upon ideas and thoughts they've had?

  44. I thought that’s what meditation was. That’s how I always meditate, granted, I’ve only just started meditating last month and I’ve only done 30 minutes so far. I’ll start doing and hour now

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