Meditation | Is It Connected To Religion? | Saqib Rizvi

Many people think that meditation is a religious
practice. They think that people who are monks or yogis
or people who follow practices of religions like Hinduism, Buddhism; or people who follow
mystics like Rumi and Osho, these are the people who do meditation. Well, let me tell you very honestly that there
is no rationale behind this belief. Now, to understand this, we first need to
understand what meditation really is. Meditation has many forms, and yes it is true
that meditation is also done as a spiritual practice by some people, however, many people
around the world ranging from business professionals to doctors, athletes, artists, et cetera,
do it as an exercise for the mind. That’s because there is ample research that
shows that meditation relieves stress, anxiety, depression and also improves focus, productivity,
creativity, et cetera. Like running, swimming, dancing are exercises
for the body, in a similar fashion, meditation is an exercise for the mind. How weird it would be if somebody says that
dancing is a religious activity because it is also practiced in Hinduism. Just because Buddha is associated with meditation,
doesn’t mean that only Buddhists can do meditation. We can do meditation our own way without associating
it with religion. So it’s my appeal to all those who used to
think that meditation is a religious practice, please do explore meditation as it is a beautiful
practice and it transforms lives. Hey guys! This is Saqib. And I am just starting with my journey, which
is an effort to contribute to Humanity. So if you liked my video, then do share it
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  1. I came here after listening to you in insight timer,I love your soothing voice,please keep uploading such videos

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