Meditation Fundamentals | Breathing Meditation To Increase Mindfulness

Hello this is Rasa and welcome to your meditation. Please get comfortable and begin to breathing
deeply in and out. In and out. You are beginning to feel relaxed, your body
is becoming relaxed and at ease. Your are beginning feeling peaceful and calm. Cantered and balanced. Totally relaxed, totally comfortable. We are going to focus on our breathing for
five minutes, simply breathing nothing else. Breathing deeply in and out. Focusing all your attention on the air in
your nostrils as you breathe in and out. Feeling the air as it comes into your nose,
feeling how cool it is inside your nostrils as the air rushes in as you breathe in. Notice how when you exhale through the nose
the air is warm. Breathing in, noticing there is stillness
before you breathe out. Breathing out, noticed there are stillness
before you breathe in. Breathing is the only thing that exists right
now. As you breathe in you’re devoting to yourself,
revitalising, receiving. As you breathe out you are giving to others,
acting in the world, energy out. A perfect balance of energy in and energy
out, giving and receiving, receiving and giving. If you become aware that you’re thinking about
something other than your breathing, which will happen sooner or later, for example you
suddenly notice that you are thinking about what you will have for dinner, your next business
strategy or conversation you had yesterday, or the next email to be sent, gently and with
kindness bring your attention back to your breathing and the sensation of the air as
it passes through your nostrils. This is the point of mindfulness meditation,
it is inevitable that your mind will wander and to encourage presence, attention and focus
gently bring your awareness back to your breathing. Over and over again. Become aware that you have started to think
about something else and bring your attention back to your breathing. You are training your brain right now. Your brain is becoming stronger and stronger
every time you notice a thought and bring your attention back to your breathing. You are increasing your focus, your attention,
your powerful presence. You are increasing your awareness, you are
increasing the strength of your brain, the physical chemistry of your brain.
In and out there is nothing to do right now, you are here in this moment being aware of
yourself, being aware of your breathing, your own breath of life. Vital and soothing. In and out… Balancing in and out. The mind quiets and becomes clear when we
are mindful about our breathing. The only place where you can be truly powerful
is in this very moment. Eternity exists only now. Breathing deeply in and out.


  1. Thank for your work. After a lifetime of scattered thoughts. I started listening to you and it's helped a great deal to clear my mind. I can focus for greater periods of time. Without being as mentally tired. Your work is much appreciated

  2. i love it! your voice and guide is divine music for my soul, you are great doing a great work, thank you so much rasa for doing part of this world.

  3. Hello Rasa ,,my dear sweet Mom passed on ,last week ,as did my Father earlier this year,I am spinning with grief ,and this is a solace for me ,listening to you ,I wish you Peaceand LOve ,universally healing us all ,xxx

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