Maitri Dharma of Bomjon desecrating Buddhist Temples, teaching Mantras backward! (English subtitles)

It is said “Sudar and sundari” the two are always joined together, now even big Mahatmas start to realize it There are too many strange stories about Bomjon Before already there were many stories “Before?” It is so many we do not have even time now to tell all “You did not publish those stories?” No, because in the beginning he was sitting in Ascetic Meditation, But we had big hopes that Bomjon would bring something new and special to Buddhism The first time when he seemed to change I think was when he slashed out a piece of flesh of Anil Kurakai’s head, with his sword From that time his meditation had changed “Distracted?” Yes he became distracted, moved in a girlfriend… When we asked why he moved in a girl? “To create “Maitri Language” he said OK, we thought. Maybe… Then he sent the girl out But then moved her in again. And after all these there were various stories but we did not bring them out 1, our Buddhist “Dhyanghro” drum used by Lamas Bomjon forbade to use the “Dhyanghro” drum! He forbade the Conch Shell during prayer rituals, he forbade to milk offerings in the temples and our Buddhist books teach differently and the lamps we light … And our traditional Buddhist Mantras he changed into exactly the opposite like when reading backward “Ilam” you get “Mali” and he claims to those who are uneducated that this is Sambotha language! We educated recognize it, those uneducated don’t! Reading Mantras exactly BACKWARDS people don’t understand! Like reading backwards “Ilam” you get “Mali” Who can recognize it there? So by creating exactly backward Mantras… Now he did the same with the Dorje symbol Upside down! Why did he do that we asked him, “There are two types of Dorje” he said… He says one thing and does the opposite! We had realized this long ago, and we monks cannot follow such things. When we arrived he was not there. One-one-and-half months later he returned Why did he lie to us we asked, a Buddhist does not lie. ” I AM NOT BUDDHIST!” he said! Buddhist should not lie, we said so why did you lie that you come to Gadhi Mai? “I am not a Buddhist!” he told. That’s why we had left him totally even till today. They do not follow the old Buddhist traditions Bomjon not following Buddha’s tradition, not following Buddha’s Dharma, but they used the Sambotha for making their books… They refuse anything from Gautama Buddha! They open their own centers in many places, Misusing lamas and then throwing Buddhist holy objects out, From village to village, So when fathers died in families, The sons did not come to Buddhist Temple anymore…. The we thought, ohoho… this is very wrong! It is becoming a big problem for our community! So we simply cannot co-exist with Bomjon’s followers! R:”You wanted to place Lokeshwar’s statue in this temple, isn’t it? Instead of Lokeshwar statue Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s photo was placed here. Why? Tell us something about this please. Who put it there? Why?” It’s a long story… It is… those who maintain this temple those who operate this are from our own community now calling themselves “Maitri Buddha” group leaders, originally we are all from the same Buddhist community. And they had established this place. In between what happened… From Ratanpuri, It was in the Ratanpuri Monastery, that statue of Arya Lokeshwar. Gifted by Dr. Moon of Korea And then…after this kind problems came we planned to deposit it in Samden Ling Monastery of Ramnagar, until discussions went on, we deposited it here, but here also there was just a wooden temple, we tried to repair it by breaking some tiles… but it was still difficult to keep the statue here. That time we were still all in the same Buddhist community, Nil Bahadur meme and Ram Kumar, we were all together that time. Then…well, it became a problem to place the statue here, and Guru also told that only this Arya Lokeshwar statue should be put here, so we decided to build a new building. And so after this, same Buddha, same Lokeshwar, so both we Buddhists and Bomjon’s people agreed, we said, OK, even better, then let’s build it together! The then committee president also agreed we would build it here. After we finished, they suddenly refused to place the Arya Lokeshwar statue inside placing there Tapasvi Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s photo inside the temple! And when we asked why did you not place the statue inside, they claimed that because its (consecration) process was still finished yet and we would place it inside later they claimed and then they left. When they returned, it became clear that they had totally different ideas about the rituals in the temple. Bomjon’s followers showed totally different opinions about Dharma, rituals, culture and tradition. They started to do Puja inside according to their (Maitri Dharma) style. We (Buddhists) thought OK, let it be, we accepted it, but then in the villages and households, even when people died, even sons stopped to come to perform the last rites when their fathers died! When we saw this happening, we had realized that this created a great problem for the future for us (Buddhists). So it is impossible for us to cooperate with them (Bomjon’s followers). So we had elected a new president of our new Buddhist Committee, Rup Bahadur Pakhrin. Then we had erected a barbed-wire fence around the temple, but they sneaked in from here and damaged the fence, then we built a new fence and made a gate, then they could not bring in the Darji Lunder under the gate, they cut the fence and they built a another gate, exactly there. Then they brought inside sand and construction material. They said they were going to build another building here. Then we told: you don’t have permission for that gate and building, and we had built this new building. They wanted endorsement to doze down our building, discussion in the Municipality, they refused to accept the Municipality’s resolution. Then they called the police here, again fighting, no resolution. So we told: if you are Buddhists, let’s work together, one path, one mind, one property, but if you are not Buddhists, you should leave us alone. But we did not come to any resolution with them. Then they received authorization at the Municipality and a great discussion started, suddenly they told, OK let’s put the statue of Arya Lokeshwar into the temple, as we built it for him, we put the small Arya Lokeshwar into the temple, we came to a resolution, and the big statue of Lokeshwar, we decide together later, after a discussion, if to place it here or to another place, we discuss it later, they told. we finally made an agreement with them on May 24 (Jestha 10). Two days before the plan to move the statue to the temple, suddenly, they bring a truck and lifting equipment, without asking anyone, they put the statue on the truck and started to move it out. We all protested: you have no permission to take away the statue! We reported the truck and equipment at the Police Checkpoint… Yesterday they returned and again tried to take out the statue from here! We again protested, and we had an argument with them. I personally was not here, I was in Lalbandi that time. That’s why I did not get all details yet, I have just arrived. So, from the very inside, it is the reality, their principles and our principles, their feeling and our feeling are absolutely different. If we had the same religious feeling, we would not have such arguments. And they do not accept the ancient Buddhist Dharma tradition, They don’t accept Buddha’s Dharma and Buddha’s tradition, But they still use the Samotha language in the books that they published. But they do not respect anything of Gautama Buddha but in many villages, misusing Buddhist lamas, they open their centers, and then they throw out the (Buddhist) objects. I personally did not see but people have recorded on mobiles, So our religious feeling is terribly different from theirs, so we arrived as far as to such a situation. R:”What Buddhist objects did they burn, what do they refuse from Buddhist, what problems…?” First of all, we, Buddhist lamas use this drum “Dhyanghro” he forbids to use it in prayers, he forbids to use Buddhist Conch-Shell, forbids milk-sacrifices in the temples, and he teaches different things than our Buddhist scriptures, the lamps we light, our Mantras from Buddhist Scriptures, he reads them exactly backward, like changing “Ilam” to “Mali” and he claims to uneducated people that this is Sambotha language! We, educated lamas recognize it, but uneducated cannot! If the Mantra is read backward, can people understand it? Same like when reading backward “Ilam” you get exactly “Mail”… And he turns the Dorje symbol also upside-down. What is up, he puts down, what is down, he puts up… We aske why to change the Dorje, he says, there are two types now… Everything Bomjon is doing, from the very beginning, is exactly the opposite of what he claims, and all what he claims is exactly the opposite he is doing! So we, Buddhist lamas, cannot follow such a ‘teaching’, we can only follow our (Buddhist) traditions. R:”Where did they burn those Buddhist scriptures?” It was in Chitwan, when a lama was dying, Bomjon’s followers threw into fire his Damaru, Buddhist books… they burned all his Buddhist holy objects! It was recorded on video. R:” So you say that all their ‘teachings’ are fake?” All is fake! There is no religious value in all that! Why? He only had invited Buddhist khenpos for big salary to create like a “teaching” and books. R:”Really??” I guarantee you! There is nothing there, it is clear! Why I know? Because I also stayed with him as his supporter 2 years. R:”their Puja style is..?” I stayed in Halkhoriya with Bomjon. If you stayed with Bomjon 2 years, why did you leave? In those times he really was sitting in meditation. We had seen it with our eyes, it is true. As soon as spoke, he did exactly the opposite than said. R:”Like what?” For example, the Gadhi Mai story. We were waiting for him in Gadhi Mai all night! They nearly killed us there… R:”To stop the animal sacrifices..”. Yes, until 3 AM! He will come, he said, but he did not appear! And when we went to meet him, he ran away from us! Later we asked him, why did you lie that you would come to the Gadhi Mai? Me, the secretary and Prem Dorje Lama, even asked him personally, 2 days before Gadhi Mai, if he really comes, “if you don’t go to Gadhi Mai, tell us directly, Guru” It could have been easy for us, if he told us that he did not plan to come. But because he repeatedly confirmed that he would come, but he told two of us, R: “To stop the sacrifice?” yes. Prem Dorje and me, then we all went there and waited all night, until police told us to leave as they could not ensure our safety anymore, so then we returned. Returning to Halkhoriya, Bomjon is not there! One-one-and-half months later Bomjon returned, and we asked why did you lie to us that you come, if you are a Buddhist? I AM NOT A BUDDHIST! Bomjon answered. Buddhists should not lie like this, that you come and you did not come… “I am not Buddhist” he told” So that very day we, Buddhist lamas, stood up and left Bomjon! So this is the situation till now. R:”Did you read their books?” Yes. “Like Tripitaka is in Budha Shastra, isn’t it?” Yes. “Similarly like Hindus have the 4 Vedas, 18 Puranas, isn’t it?” “So Tripitaka is followed by the Buddhists, right?” Yes. “Like Vipassana meditation… ” “You understand about this too, isn’t it?” Yes “So what is different from this point of view in Bomjon?” “Only he turns Mantras upside-down, or different Puja,” “So did Bomjon change the whole Dharma tradition?” Yes, he changed all! Nothing is similar to Dharma in his “teaching”! Books are different, his speech is different (from Dharma), R:”How different? Does he imitate the Buddha Dharma or what?” If he imitated then it would be good, it would be the same, not? R2:”He told he was not Buddhist..?” Yes, ‘I am not a Buddhist’, he clearly told us! That’s why we quickly left him. R:”What did you see during those 2 years you stayed with him?” R:”How did you perceive him? You are also familiar with Sadhana, isn’t it?” Yes. “So how did you perceive him? His teaching?” “We also… from online sources.. that girl… Bomjon’s victim… the young girl whom Bomjon attacked and she felt so very unsafe near Bomjon that she was sleeping with a knife in her bed every night, various such things that girl shared with us the media. “I became his victim so and so… even my own father sided with Bomjon against me, that I stole money from Bomjon! I want to survive, I want to share the truth, she said. She became under terrible pressure… How to see this? What did you see there in those two years? ” This is a later story, before that countless similar stories were around Bomjon! Too many such stories! What I told you it is just a small part! We did not bring the stories out. Because we did see he was sitting in Tapasya in the beginning. But when we were full of hopes that he would bring something new to Buddhism. We believed him, in such a big jungle, seeing tigers, bears, elephants and rhinos, we were not afraid R:”Two years you stayed?” We or him? We were coming and going, he was staying there. What I remember, he started to change after he slashed a piece of flesh from the head of Anil Guragai, attacking him by sword… From that time his meditation became polluted. R:”Distracted” Yes, distracted. Then moved in that girl. “Why did you take a girlfriend?” we asked. He told “to create Maitri Language”. Ok, I thought. Once we told him, that girl cannot stay with you. The he sent her away, but took her back again. Then… so many similar stories! We did not bring the stories out to public. R:”Yes, all such negative stories we are getting from many people, Bomjon’s victims are contacting us, but many people say, “we must survive in this community! If we tell you all the truth, nothing will happen against Bomjon anyway. Those people say, we do not want to be in the media, it is dangerous for us.” What is the reality? Sudar and Sundari, they say, isn’t it? Bomjon’s reasons to change many places are his own deeds, nothing else! R2:”Also now, when he is escaping from place to place?” Yes, there is one single reason for all his “problems:! No need to search for any other reason! He is running from place to place, ten different places, always escaping from everywhere, escaping from Sindhupalchok Why does he always need to run away from somewhere I he is a true Tapasvi? We had met many Tapasvis, meditators if he did the right work, why he needed to run away from place to place? If he sat in REAL meditation in Ratanpuri, could anyone harm him? The Maoists also did not harm him, no one harmed him! If someone came near he himself admitted to attack people with stick! If he sat in true meditation, nothing would harm him! As soon as his own work was bad, problems appeared So THIS is the sole reason why he needs to always change his places, and bring with him the fruits of his deeds, no matter where he had ran away from. So this is the single reason, Sudar an Sundari, they say… Now even great Mahatmas are acknowledging this. His most negative is… If he sat in meditation, we would respect him, he thought we could get some knowledge from him, that something new we could learn too from him, we had a great hope, but seeing his negative behavior we had left and we followed our own path and he followed his own. R.:”So what will happen now?” That case… R:”I wanted to ask you…” Many people in society think he is following Gautama Buddha’s path. Like that Gautama Buddha 12 years sat in Tapasya 6 years he tried Tantra-Mantra teachings and what Buddha was searching for he did not meet in these things, so he sat to practice Vipassana meditation 6 years, and attained Bodhi knowledge, so after that the attainment of Buddhahood he went to share it with the world, isn’t it? This is a many thousands years of teaching, isn’t it? Not only in Nepal, in the whole world, and also abroad, same is taught (about Buddha) in Nepal and abroad too. But now, thousands of people think that Bomjon is also following Buddha’s path, and so we should also follow him and many people fell into this illusion! Where will it lead the community? There is a conflict between the two, the former Buddhist tradition is different, but Bomjon had created a new way, what will happen in our society?” It will be surely totally different. As from we had learned, that 500 years after Gautama Buddha Guru Padmasambhava’s Era is now, we believe. He was born in Punjab’s Uddiyana, he arrived 500 years after Gautama Buddha, in the time of Jesus Christ. He went to places without Buddhism like Tibet, converting 18 kingdoms (to Buddhism), Thanks to such a lot of work, of spreading Buddhist Dharma, it had developed as we see today. If we look at Hindu religion, Ram, Krishna, no one is fighting with the anyone, every religion goes its own path and freely develops. But as soon as Bomjon had rejected this path, he will be unable to attain the goal, and people R:”In illusion” , leading them the wrong direction, we believe, the fruit of which is illusion! R2:”What do you think about the allegations that he wants money and property? What do you think?” We did not do any investigation about this. We do not stay near him now. Only if you stay near him, you can see all these things. We cannot claim it is true nor that it is not true. If we did not stay near him, we cannot know what ‘s going on there now. I am now not involved in his things. I keep my distance from him. He is against our Dharma Tradition, so he is separate from us now. R2:”So his path is wrong?” Totally wrong! Wrong, totally, it is not for us (Buddhists). R:”Did he switch the Tripitaka upside-down?” Yes, how many Mantras, when we checked them, we saw that he changed them EXACTLY BACKWARDS! OK, thank you!

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