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Hello, all. I welcome you
all in today’s episode. My name is Lanchana.
In the last episode, I’d told you that beneath the Shamivruksha Arjuna and Uttarakumara get the weapons
and go to the war. On seeing this, Bheeshma and Dronacharya
find out that it was Arjuna. Dronacharya asks them not to wage a war. Duryodhana doesn’t listen to him. Krupa says, it’s not fair to wage
a war against Arjuna. Arjuna is a very strong warrior
and would defeat them all. We shouldn’t wage a war
and face defeat. On hearing this, Karna gets furious. He shouts at Krupa.
He says, ‘You always avoid wars.’ ‘You never motivate us.’ On hearing this, Ashwatthama gets anxious. He shouts at Karna and says,
‘You’re an egoistic person.’ ‘You’ve been waiting to defeat Arjuna.’ ‘Arjuna will be here any moment.
Let’s see how you defeat him.’ On seeing this, Bheeshma and Dronacharya
consoles them and say, ‘If we keep quarrelling
among ourselves, we won’t win the war.’ Dronacharya says,
‘We must protect Duryodhana.’ ‘So let’s do that.’ Karna realizes his mistake
and apologizes to them. Duryodhana says, ‘We winning the war
is a secondary thing.’ ‘But our motive is..
If we find the Pandavas’ ‘and know their whereabouts’ ‘they’ll have to again live in the forest
for 12 years.’ ‘If we find Arjuna,
it’ll be like a win.’ ‘Bheeshma says, ‘They have just
completed their punishment.’ ‘We are not in a position to do anything.’ ‘Even if we find them,
we can’t send them back to the forest.’ On hearing this, Duryodhana gets angry. He says, ‘I don’t care what you say.
I will wage a war.’ Bheeshma replies, ‘Alright, then. Let’s
send an army to all the four directions.’ ‘You and your army
and take the gos to Hastinapur.’ ‘We will take care of the war.’ On the other side, Arjuna
was ready for the war. During the war, he seeks
the blessings of Dronacharya and Bheeshma. He puts his
bow and arrow on the ground. They were kept near the feet
of Bheeshma. Followed by Dronacharya and Krupa. On hearing this, they realize that Arjuna had arrived. That he had come
to seek their blessings before the war. They find out that Arjuna had arrived. Dronacharya says,
‘I feel Arjuna’s presence here.’ ‘He’s here.
We must now keep ourselves protected.’ He says this to Duryodhana. Duryodhana was furious
and he badly wanted to defeat Arjuna. He wanted that to happen
at any cost. Karna had the same feeling.
He wanted to kill Arjuna. He didn’t want to spare Arjuna. The war starts.
Uttarakumara starts driving the chariot and comes near their army. I’ll tell you what happened next
in the upcoming episode. Until then, keep watching NayaTV.
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