Lunatic Religious Nut Seizes Power in Bolivia

All right, let’s follow up about the situation
in Bolivia. We are seeing effectively the worst a possible outcome of the resignation of former
Bolivian president Evo Morales taking place right now, which is that an absolutely bonkers
religious nut supported by some of the worst extremist right-wing fascistic ideologues,
uh, has apparently succeeded at seizing power, at least temporarily in Bolivia, literally
showing up with Bible in hand and racist comments to boot. I’m talking about Janine [inaudible] Chavez. She’s a Senator. She said she’s taking power and her power
grab is being recognized by the United States, by Russia and by many others and she’s a completely
bonkers religious zealot racist. Now let, let’s go back before we get into
the details. Many of you appreciated my commentary a couple
of days ago about Bolivia where I tried to explain in the best way I know that a lot
of black white interpretations of Latin American politics by people in the United States fall
short. And that, uh, as someone who is from Argentina
and has seen, um, uh, how my family was affected by a military dictatorship and this sort of
balancing or, or shift that happens between supposedly left wing populace to become authoritarians
and, uh, military dictatorships and all of this stuff. It’s a pattern that is very common in Latin
America. The United States has some to do with that,
but it’s not solely responsible and that any black white interpretation of this is merely
the fault of the United States. This is simply a, uh, a populist hero. This is simply a military coup. None of these analyses are going to accurately
portray what is taking place in Bolivia or in most of these situations in, in Latin America. So a lot of people appreciated my commentary
of course, as expected. I was quote, ratioed by people who are just
absolutely furious with me. And you know, I’m a shill. Uh, my family was pro dictatorship in Argentina. That’s absolutely insane allegation to make
all of that stuff, but I don’t care. I’m just going to keep doing this story the
way I see it. And hopefully there is some value, uh, for
most of the people in the audience. So, um, the racist religious zealot Senator
shows up and says, I assume the presidency immediately and we’ll do everything necessary
to pacify the country. A Bolivian constitutional court almost backs
her assumption of power. The United States backs it. As I mentioned, Russia backs it and other
countries do and it is very quickly getting extremely ugly. Number one, she’s a straight up racist tweeting
some years ago. I’ll, I’ll read this in Spanish and then I’ll
translate it for you shortly. Swen yokozuna Bolivia [inaudible] LASU that
[inaudible] seniors [inaudible] Oh, I’ll Choco my translation is I dream of a Bolivia free
from the sights Hannah essay, tannic rituals of indigenous people. [inaudible] of course, the first indigenous
president of Bolivia. The city isn’t for Indians who should go to
the plateau or to the Chaco, which is a like a rural region in Bolivia. So this is already disgusting, but it gets
even worse. She showed up holding an oversized Bible. What looks oversized to me, I guess I’m not
an expert in Bible sizes, but it looks like this one is comically large walking towards
the presidential palace, holding it. Take a look at this. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
[inaudible] [inaudible] LA [inaudible] is better. It’s embargo, the official [inaudible]. So again, if you were in the group that responded
to my commentary a couple of days ago saying, David, Oh my you, you’re for the cool. Come on. I told you I am not going to participate in
the talking points of either side on this. I don’t want militaries forcing people in
or out. I recognize the corruption of able Morales
and the sketchiness of his finding a way to stay in power 13 years when upon being elected
to that term. The initial term he was entitled to. I don’t remember now if it was a five or a
six year term. Sorry if I have the numbers mixed up, but
I also don’t want this. It’s sort of like, I believe that the Chavez
regime of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro have raped and pillaged the country
and its resources for their gain. But I don’t want the United States installing
some neoliberal clown puppet there. How are both possible? Well, because I have no interest in applying
a, um, inappropriate or insufficient black white standards that make no sense for the
situations that are far more complicated than that. So listen, if, uh, a Chavez and I’m talking
about the, the new a president interim president Janine on, yes Chavez. If she runs in an election in the next 90
days in which she is not a candidate and it is a free and fair election, okay, then we
might have something to talk about here. If she doesn’t and, or if she is herself a
candidate in an election that she oversees after seizing the interim presidency, then
we have a problem and we’ll be following it. And of course regardless, we have a problem
anyway because this is an absolutely disgusting person to be taking control in Venezuela,
in Bolivia, so you know, a, as far as the reactions of people saying that this is simply
a military coup or this is simply the peaceful and uncoerced resignation of the Bolivian
president. This is neither of those things. This is a much more complicated situation. One of the main supporters, by the way, it’s
[inaudible]. We should mention one of the main supporters
of the resignation of Evelyn Mondelez is a complete and total fascist. You have lunatics trying to swoop in. Louis Phaedra, none. Low Camacho is a far right fascist extremist
who has wanted Ava one out is out for awhile and it is absolutely and utterly toxic and
disgusting, but what people have to understand is that, and I don’t know if I’m doing a good
enough job of making this clear, these situations cannot possibly be interpreted as good slash
bad simple military coup versus not at all right? The reality is much more complex. This is unfortunately the neverending quagmire
of Latin American politics. People claiming to be leftist populists, get
into power, become authoritarians when they got elected, and, uh, use or manipulate the
system in order to stay in power longer than they are actually supposed to at the time
of the election. But then income the fascists to push them
out while claiming to be better, but actually being terrible and in and out in and of themselves. And meanwhile, this is the saddest thing. The populations are the ones that suffer. We’ve seen it in various forums in Venezuela,
in Argentina, in Shelia, and you’ve got Agua or Nunez, Bolivia, Brazil. Uh, we’ve seen this time and time again and
you know, not, not to make this now about Argentina, but it’s maybe the situation. I know best. Uh, listen, my family was not pro dictatorship. My family was not, uh, the privileged academic
white people. We left Argentina cause we had no money and
it was a, an absolute economic collapse in 1989. Um, but it’s sad to me when I see people who
say, you know, uh, the Kersner regime is going to save us and it coming back is going to
save us. No, it’s not. Or the alternatives that we have to the Kirshner
regime are what are going to save us, sadly, know that the situation is much more complex
and to see people fighting and, and you know, family relationships being lost over it, when
in the end, either way, there is not going to be an improvement with the options that
are presented, a measurable, serious improvement. It’s very, very sad. And a lot of the same is going on here in
Bolivia. So I don’t have a prescription. Uh, I’m merely going to try to tell it to
you as I see it and disagree with me or agree with me. Um, these are my genuine opinions. These are not my carefully crafted and, and,
uh, uh, calculated opinions in order to support or attack a particular group or contingency. Let me know your thoughts on Twitter at D
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  1. David, how can you preach pragmatism in American politics but not extend the same feeling to Bolivia? You're the first to claim 'you need to choose the lesser of two evils' yet you completely throw that out the window when it comes to Latin America. Come on, dude. You have such a victim complex that it blinds you from ever admitting your faults.

  2. FACT… the coup would not have happened if the USA didn’t want it to happen.
    FACT… the USA has done this dozens if not hundreds of times throughout the world.

  3. As a Christian, I can partially explain the size of this Bible, although I don't understand why she is using it. This kind of Bible gets used in front of the Church to demonstrate the fact that the preacher gets his words from God.

  4. The votes were close. So when the OAS which 60% of its budget comes from USA, alleges fraud, it sparked an outrage. IT WAS PLANNED BY CIA THINK TANKS.

  5. Learn more about Morales resignation

  6. Sólo porque hablas bien español (y tienes un buen acciento sud-americano) no significa que eres un especialista en política sud-americana.

  7. Off topic, but David reminds me of Russell Peter's bit on Latinos speaking English vs Spanish. They can have the most American accent when speaking English until they start saying the name of their countries with a thick Spanish accent, haha. "Well, I'm from HON-DOO-RAS, my friend is from NEE-KAH-RAH-GUAH, GUAH-TEH-MAH-LAH, PEH-ROO, PEH-ROOOOOO…. It's like, wow, what the hell happened to you there?" 😂😂😂

    Interesting though how David never pronounces Mexico or Argentina in Spanish, he still pronounces those 2 countries the Anglo way… 🤔

  8. Thanks, David, for the Bolivia follow-up. Now regarding South America, can we agree that although not perfect Lula was a thousand times better than Bolsonaro?

  9. Of course it is complex, but that doesn't change the fact that this is a coup. You dont have to agree with everything that Evo did to acknowledge that fact

  10. I gurentee you she has no fucking clue what the Bible says..nor she ever heard of Jesus.. another fucking charlatan scamming weak mind people…no difference than the deplorable trump supporters. Btw..that was a ( coup ) can't tell some leave power or we LL kill you that's a coup!..

  11. Whenever the audience has any criticism of David, he addresses it by bringing up the worst examples of ad hominem attacks and then dismisses the legitimate points as being grouped in with these others and therefore just as ridiculous. Just call it a coup David, which it objectively is. You can still disagree with Morales while meanwhile acknowledging that the military forced the resignation of Evo and his successors in which to install a far right Christian extremist calling for a return of Christianity to the Presidency. And is now presiding over the abuse and killing of indigenous protesters in the streets. I mean I'm glad you aren't for fascist takeover of the country, that's a pretty hard stance to get behind… But c'mon man, what did you expect to happen when the military is able to use threats of force to remove the president from power. There is a long history of this in Latin America that I'm sure you are aware of. Maybe there will be legitimate elections eventually, but that will only be if the Bolivian people continue to put pressure on their government and essentially use their power over labor and organizing in the streets to force elections. But I am confident in their ability to do that, they are very organized and resilient.

  12. But it made perfect sense that he was removed by the military, is it just me or is this story a trashy hot take for David?

    Then a consitutional court backs her immediatly, and last time you talked about this it was so obvious Their ex president had clearly stacked the court so it would rule against term limits for him.

  13. Hey David, would you mind addressing BadEmpanada's disagreements with the things you've stated? I've enjoyed your videos for a while now, but his response has made me question your credibility. I would appreciate clarification. Thanks!

  14. Just because someone doesn't agree with you on the use of 'coup' or 'resignation' doesn't mean that they are calling you a shill, or a supporter of a dictator, or other similar things. A glance at the youtube comments on your last Bolivian video shows a lot of people disagreeing with you, but not a lot of insults. Your own audience disagreed with you, and it doesn't have to always be 'the outside force' attacking you.

  15. Wow, fence-sitting is strong in this one. Life is not black and white, for sure, but either there was a coup or there was not one.

  16. Not that it matters, but the bible she's holding is probably a family bible which holds family records as well. That's why it's so comically large.

  17. here's the reason why they're going to jail

  18. Pakman: It's not a coup even though the opposition protesters' leaders have connections with far-right wing religious and anti-Semitic groups.
    One of the opposition's members takes control of the state backed by the military and police who have connections of APALA and WHIMSEC.
    Pakman: Oh god. Extremists have taken control of the government in this obviously non-coup that these people haven't been supporting for more than a decade and only achieved success now with help from foreign parties. Also many indigenous people have not been murdered in the streets of Cochabamba by far-right wing extremists.

  19. "Resigned" at gunpoint you tool.

    The military ousted the democratically elected president despite him agreeing to new elections with international observers. He was replaced with a far right fascist who wasn't even second in the election and who was immediately recognized by the US. Can we call this a US backed military coup yet or are we going to keep pretending that it was well intentioned attempt to preserve democracy gone wrong?

  20. Okay David. I don't agree with you on Evo at all, it was very much a coup and he relatively did good for the country so that him running perhaps a kinda unconstitutional 4th term was probably a WAAAAY better option than the alternative, but I'm not going to dismiss you as a neo-liberal shill, maaaaaaybe a presenter who simply desires to hold a special opinion and stand out among their peers at worst(not totally convinced of that either) but I feel there's definitely nothing malignant about you and seem like a pretty genuine guy. Hope I'm right. Hey, at least we agree(among many other things) that this bible-thumping abhorrent bitch needs to go and SOON!

  21. Maybe Anez and Camacho can follow the example of their Messiah and be crucified for treason when Evo comes back. 🙂

    Incidentally, Time Magazine has called Anez "a women's rights activist" in one of their articles.

  22. Why cant this guy just admit he was wrong. Doing a lot or dancing and still hasn't addressed the facts he left out about Bolivia because they help his point. How is he a dictator? Where is the evidence?

  23. There you go, LYING about Hugo Chavez and Evo Morales again, calling them authoritarians.
    This is why we can't trust your NEOLIBERAL ASS!
    Also I unsubscribed in around February when you engaged in smearing Ilhan Omar with lies, and was hoping you've changed, but you haven't.

  24. This video is 100% why I’m a fan of David. Americans need more exposure to voices that truly recognize the complexity of Latin American politics without filtering and simplifying the subject through a leftist U.S. filter.

  25. Another terrible terrible video by Pakman and the viewers who thumbed this up don't know anything about the situation at all.

  26. David still trying to down play the violent right wing coup by limiting it to a few crazed religious nuts? This coup was funded and instagated by billionaire multinationals and their paramilitary groups with CIA Trump Rubio influenced OAS election interference. They were planning this for years, once they saw division and Morales's lithium deal with China, the U.S. backed multinational Bolivian Right intervened and instagated a violent Coup. This is coming to light and establishment centrist agenda driven Pakman is too blinded!

  27. I wonder if Pakman believes in a autonomous majority Bolivian Indigenous State as much as he strongly believes in a automonous Israeli State? Nah, Pakman doesn't view Indigenous American rights equal to Jew rights. In fact, Pakman views Indigenous Americans not important and irrelevant in Human Rights, but puts Israel at the front of the lines in reparations and tells Black Americans reparations is a bad ideal. This is Pakman for you all!!!

  28. I find it quite weird how you claim to refuse to use "simple" terms to talk about such a complex situation, while you continually and casually call Morales authoritarian and corrupt.

    If you were really being nuanced and refusing to look at things in black & white terms, then shouldn't you be acknowledging the fact that there are totally democratic arguments against term limits, and that being against term limits isn't automatically a bad thing?

    You're really not being as fair and unbiased as you think you are.

  29. I'm OK with the talking points and I have also seen military coupes that actually stabilized and eventually returned power to the people. What does one do if a particularly misguided populace elects a NAZI? Shall we just accept it?
    Think that over, America.
    Democracy works only with an educated and informed populace. It is not a perfect system. This is why constitutions and rule of law have to be established before democracy can take root.
    This Jeanine (sp?) is a painfully obvious example of the worst kind of thing that can happen in a democracy and if assassinated, I would not shed a single tear.
    God I am sick of being on the left of the political spectrum. Why does our side have to be so whiny, pathetic and groveling, wishy washy and accommodating. When one sees evil, why not point to it and say: "Hey, everyone, look there's EVIL."
    COME ON DAVID. You know better. Stop pandering to the idiots only concerned with not hurting anyone's feelings while the other side are planning our enslavement and destruction. We need to grow a pair.

  30. Worst possible outcome? Are you kidding? This was a military coup carried out by a lot of right wing and fascist elements of Bolivian society. Are you kidding me? When the OAS is involved it is usually a massive destabilization effort. An agenda centered on figures from Santa Cruz area–of course its a bunch of extremists. Are you nuts?

  31. The fact that Pakman is surprised to see a hard right authoritarian govt take control of Bolivia after the ousting of Morales shows how little he understands South American politics.

  32. Pakman is still undermining Evo's accomplishments? Evo Morales is actually the greatest Progressive leader (info below):

    Under Evo Morales's economic plan and policies, Poverty was cut by 40% and extreme poverty cut by 60% and the middle class more than tripled in size. Bolivians enjoyed a 5 to 6% economic growth annually since Evo's first term. The huge income gap (or GDP) drastically decreased.

    Evo Morales expanded the natural gas, lithium and airline state owned companies and used revenue from the billions in profits to invest in education and small business grants which helped create a middle class small business surge for all backgrounds. Tax revenue from the working class and middle class increased by 25% and a tax increase on the rich doubled which increased even more tax revenue.

    Morales also used revenue from taxes and state owned companies to investe in massive renewable energy and infrastructure projects across Bolivia. Hundreds of large or small renewable energy projects were developed ranging from wind power farms, solar power plants, hydro power dams and geothermic power plants. Government grants were given to private small businesses and organizations to develop solar cars, biomass fuel and lithium production. Huge infrastructure projects were developed across Bolivia ranging from freeways, high ways, bridges, streets and large cable car projects to alleviate traffic congestion and connect all Bolivians to highways.

    The Indigenous population underwent a cultural, fashion, architectural, technologicsl, art and business renaissance not seen since the days of the Inca Empire. New Andean Indigenous mansions and skyscrapers are shooting up in the cities of Bolivia. Indigenous Fashion run-aways and business is common place. Many thousands of Indigenous doctors, scientist and engineers emerged out of the Indigenous renaissance who work for government and private sectors. IT business both private and state owned are being developed by the Indigenous population.

    Not to mention, Bolivians have universal healthcare, universal pensions and expanded civil-rights and minimum wage increases. Social programs expanded for the poorest and vulnerable.

    You have to admit it, Evo is the greatest Leftist leader in the Americas who accomplished Progressive feet's unmatched by any other leftist. No Right Wingers or Neoliberals ever did this!

  33. vile. Latin America continues to be a train wreck lately. we are clearly in the End Times. Trump is the antichrist and the bible states the antichrist will be surrounded by many antichrists. this woman is yet another fascist dictator in league with Trump. (btw – I'm an atheist)

  34. How many people were killed in the golpe militar? How many would die in a full scale revolution? The military coup typically occurs when the very existence of the country is in danger and typically the troops want to return to the barracks. Hugo Chavez and Pinchet are the exceptions that prove the rule.

  35. David, I can tell you right now the winner of the next "democratic" Bolivian elections with total support of the OAS, no irregularities, all clean, immaculate and correct process (you can't give any credit to those envidious communist claims of brown people) in the first round without any doubt (not Russians meddling here) and… is not the Evo Morales party, yes I know, shocking, right? Some people doubt that I have psychic powers!!

  36. Wow. So you're doubling down on that god-awful piece of fascist propaganda from the other day?

    David, I dare you to watch this video and respond to it!

    Because that is exactly what most of your viewers thought. Or at least the ones who had an informed opinion on Bolivia did.

  37. The Bolivian Presidential Line of succession:
    1. Vice President
    2. President of the Senate
    3. President of the Chamber of Deputies
    4. Vice President of the Senate (this bitch)
    It's a coup Pakman

  38. I'm sorry, but sometimes the United States/U.N should use military force in foriegn nations to protect the rights of it's citizens. We cannot allow evil dictators or alt right religious zealots to deny rights or murder their people.

  39. Resignation David??? Your commentary on Latin America has been dreadful. This is simply a military coup. A military coup that removes a problematic president is still a military coup. Less people are going to starve with the krushner or Evo. You're just showing your classic Latin middle class view.

  40. "Finding a way to stay in power for 13 years after being entitled to initially a 5 year term" is a really weird way of saying "Winning 2 elections".
    I'm not going to disagree that removing term limits is a bad thing, but I haven't seen any evidence to suggest his previous election victories were illegitimate and framing it in this way reeks of dishonesty.

  41. I wouldn't worry too much about the squawking from the "revolutionary left" David. Your take was perfectly fine. I see so many people in the comment section who didn't like your original opinion taking a completely undeserved victory lap. Oh wow, a forced resignation from the military didn't yield someone favorable to democracy; shocking. Keep doing what you are doing and don't take to heart the desperate winging from Bernie or Buster Jill Stein dead enders.

  42. Why do countries – US especially – support anyone who overthrows a regime they don't like, regardless of how nutjob the replacement is?

  43. You could get the entire contents of that bible onto a small flash drive. She could put that in her pocket rather than carry that silly book around.

  44. David, I didn't rage and shit post at you for your video the other day but I'm probably what you call a revolutionary leftist but I never have foot in mouth situations like this because I know left is always best and you should too.

  45. Evo was never authoritarian, the coup is 99.9% evil and you are just manipulating, for example yuo said that Morales barely won an election in 2014 in which he had more than triple his opponents votes and you are just helping the other side

  46. So she hates indigenous people? Who does she think she is, white? She certainly isn't, that fake blonde hair isn't fooling anyone.

  47. Hopefully you'll look back and reconsider the guy who continued to be overwhelmingly elected democratically and supported by the majority of people and even democratically elected judges is probably not the bad guy in a story about a country where the poor and marginalized are uplifted and then a military coup that forces the president and everyone down the line of succession to resign until this person. You're fooling yourself thinking that you have to approach with the right mindset. You just have to look at the actual election history and who the players are in this story of US pushed coups that's happened for over a century.

  48. I think you have a hard time believing the reasons "leftist governments in south and central America" close ranks to defend against right wing attacks from within or without David. Castro in Cuba wanted a social democratic system, but Nixon as Eisenhower's VP was so belligerent against Castro, he pushed him to align himself with the USSR. And chavez or Morales raping and pillaging their respective countries is inflammatory rhetoric we hear to much from capitalist propaganda.

  49. Yes, David, totally shocking, who could've foreseen that the same far right fascists who staged the COUP would assume power?

  50. I am a Bolivian, and you have no idea about what your talking about. You say that you are against discrimination and yet you insult the Bolivian leaders as you actually knew them, getting all you info from a manipulated media, manipulated by Evo Morales and his cartel, who is currently paying millions to spread around fake news so that people around the world think he is the answer for Bolivia. If the purpose of this channel is to give true information, than you should search your news from reliable sources, otherwise you should not speak about what you don't know is the truth, and thus inciting people across the world to think about the situation and dispise people you truly have no clue about.

  51. In the name of white Jesus I'm going to murder all of you dark natives. This has nothing to do with religion but white supremacy. Pakman is also part of white supremacy. This is why he is attacking Morales. Argentinians are known to be openly racist.

  52. I actually recognize that bible, it's a King James version of the type families handed down early last century. They were massive because they were the same type churches used. We inherited one from my late grandparents.

  53. "An absolutely bonkers religious nut supported by some of the worst right-wing fascistic ideologues has apparently succeeded in seizing power in Bolivia." Based on confirmed examples of forced regime change in the past we should examine to see if the CIA has done it again. They're well-practiced in this area. We should be helping in earnest to get rid of this modern conquistador, Áñez, who wants to suppress the indigenous people and their culture as she aspires to Christianize the country.

  54. David, while you're preaching a nuanced understanding of politics in South America; the right wingers are happily aligning with whoever they can in order to get a seat at the buffet table.

    While you chastise Morales for using every LEGAL means to stay in power in order to benefit the majority of poor Bolivians; right wingers are killing and assaulting indigenous leaders in order to overthrow the candidate with the majority vote, Evo Morales.

    While you're too righteous to pick a side, a racist Christian nutjob is taking over a Bolivia.

  55. "many of you appreciated my commentary… On Bolivia"

    No. Sorry David, most of us didn't appreciate you're commentary. But we still love you. 🤦‍♀️😂😂😂😂😂😂

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