Life of Pi, Religion, and the Exposition of Self

Yann Martel’s epic “Life of Pi” is quite possibly One of the most Intriguing pieces of literature written during our time. Not because of the Individual facets of it that broke through the main character over Time [Or] the Resilience of the Main Character Exhibits in The Face of what [People] Traditionally assumed to be insurmountable Obstacles Rather Because of its Adept Analysis of the Human mind as it relates to Spirituality What Really is incredible About the novels Is how Many Facets of this Idea May be Understood and how Martel Attempts That Deftly Succeeds at Explaining Each and Every One This Main Character That Martel Uses to illustrate such Ideas is none other Than the hindu Born I [seem] Molitor Patel [No] to all this [pine] Likewise what’s unique About [Pi] Is what is Unique about the mind of all Human Thought Which is Understood by modern Psychology is Existing in Two Forms? Analytical and Tuned [in] Life of Pi Both Mindsets are Explored and Articulated Through Martellus principal agent of Change [in] Characterization Religion Analytical Thought exists as a faculty unique to humans and May be Understood more Colloquially as Logic Our first inkling that pi is analytical Comes to Us in The first Chapter of the Novel but We learn that he Studied Religion in College it Comes again Pages Later when it Is revealed that Pi’s Own? Curiosity His Desire to know and Understand is the Means by which he is introduced to Christianity and When No one is at the church he Makes his Way Towards to seek This Information he Comes Back again When Pi Does not believe what he Is told it’s not Necessarily Because it Contradicts With his Hinduism but Because of his Logic if God on the Cross is God Shamming A Human Tragedy it Turns the Passion of Christ Into The farce of Christ the death of the son must be real but Once A dead God Always [A] dead God Even Resurrected why, Would God wish that upon Himself why? Make Dirty what is beautiful Spoil what Is Perfect in A single Instant Is revealed to the [Audience] that [pi] Is Logical he Draws out the [imperfections] that he Sees using Reason Coming to effective Conclusions Based upon his Own Mental Faculties he doesn’t Ultimately Accept Christ Because he Likes Him but Because he Can Rationalize it not only This but Pi is also curious he wants to know more [About] god the Same ideas are Articulated [During] his Interactions With the man who Introduces him to his [lawn] Mr. Kumar [As] he Participates in The ritual of the Religion Because he wants to and While Certain Studies draw Heavy Correlations between The Analytically Minded and an Atheistic Mindset Martel Creates an Interesting Juxtaposition between Such Expectations and Reality of [pie’s] Personality in The Novel As an Overtly Religious Individual who Retains his Capacities for Rational and intelligent Thought Thus The fact that pi is able to Accept Religion as Completely as, he Does relates that he Also Contains the Second Piece of the cognitive Puzzle Mentioned Earlier intuitive Thought Association of Events a Process of [Realization] and Understanding that deals with the Recognition of Patterns and the Association of Events the System Have Thought me Otherwise We described as Magical Phone as god is the greatest Magician of all and such Thought has Been Associated With Religious Inclination and While Magical Thought has A lot of Cognitive Implications According to science Journalist Matthew Hudson There are Three basic Components of it dualism Anthropomorphism and Teleological Reasoning What’s unique About [pie] in the Narrative of his life Is that all Connections to god a lie upon this Final facet of Magical thought Its Ability to find Meaning and Purpose and Events or objects in This way all three religions are able to bring pie to god that Is to Say he’s able to find the truth of The Divine in all of them for Instance on Page 25 When Pie tells Us of his first Encounter With Religion in A hindu Temple he has no Conscious Memory Of This First Go-Around in A temple but some Smell of Incense some Play of Light and Shadow Some Flame some Burst of Color Something of the Sultriness and Mystery of the place must have stayed with him [Pi] has Loved of Hinduism Because of The Feeling A Connection an Interplay [of] Human and Divine in the sense of Mystery in Awe at the final result [pi] Goes on to say in the Same Page my heart skips a beat when I Catch sight of The mercy of god Residing in the inner Sanctum of the Temple Truly I am in a sacred Cosmic Womb a place Where everything is Born and it Is my sweet luck to behold its Living Core Pi Experience is what he Believes To be Divinity so it’s no surprise then at the wonderment that he Feels is a primary Component of teleological Thinking Which According To a study Performed by [pierre] [Carlo] [val] de Solo of Claremont mckenna College Jesse Graham of The University of Southern California May Lead to pattern Finding the mus Greater Religious Belief so the audience Shouldn’t be Surprised to find that [Pi] Accepts Christianity in Part Because of the, Awe he Experienced in The Person Christ Which According to [Pi] Himself He Couldn’t get out of his Head Because the more he Learned About him the Less he Wanted to leave The Same Exact Emotion Is Found Just A few Pages later when pi is introduced to Islam Through the sufi Mystic Mr. Kumar a Hafiz One who Knows the Quran by heart who sang it in A slow simple Chant as Arabic was Never very Good but he Loved it Sound The Guttural Eruptions and Long Flowing Bowels rolled Just Beneath his Comprehension like a beautiful Book he Gazed Into This Book for Long Spells Of Time it was not wide Just One man’s Voice it was as Deep as the Universe so it Shouldn’t Surprise us then that when Looking at the Size and Scope of the actual Universe in Space Many Astronauts Report Coming to Belief in God as Pi Said first Wonder Goes Deepest this [awed] this TWo-Pronged Feeling of Inundation of the Vastness of Experience and The Resulting Desire To explain it away Is what brings Pi to God and what brings God to [pi] the result Love Love not Only of Religion but of all Facets of Religion Pi has A love of Theology as Is made Clear Through the Numerous Passages describing his extensive Knowledge about all Three Of his Religions Pi Has A love of ritual as Is made Clear Through the Blessing of Himself his Desire For a prayer Rug so as to pray Salat the Daily [5] Prayer ritual of Muslims and When I want his Sailboat he Takes Part in Samadhi [or] State of Religious Ecstasy Part of Hindu Yoga in Which the Individual? Seeks Union With Divinity and Wherein Pi is Visited by the most extraordinary Dreams Trances Visions Thoughts Sensations and Remembrances Via The Use of his personal dream, we’re Not too Dissimilar to The Ancient Indian Use of the psychedelic drink Soma Which According to the Rig Veda Allowed The [ancients] to become Immortal Attain The Divine Light and Discover God but Most importantly Religion beget son to Pile of of animals Which are Probably some of the most Significant Characters in The Novel as they Are integral to the Articulation of Pious Narrative Especially When he Finds Himself Stranded in A lifeboat if it weren’t for this Hyena the Sailor Wouldn’t Have Thrown me Into the [Sailboat] and [I] would have stayed on the Ship and I surely Would Have drowned then again Pages Later [It] [was] Richard Parker the Lion who Calmed me Down? Is the irony of this story that the one Who Scared me Witless to start With, was the very Same who Brought me Peace her I daresay even Homeless if I still had the will to live it was Thanks to Richard Parker animals for pie in the Story Facilitate Companionship Especially in The Affirmation Richard Marker Such Companionship According to [Pi] Himself Is the Reason that he Is able to go on Living and thus in A sense These animals become the very Means by which pi is able to survive to become Integral to his life Just as They Are integral to the Religions he Practices Take Hinduism for example Where in the Cow Is revered as a symbol of Bounty Maternal Strength and The sustenance of life? Wherein the Tiger the great Companion of pi Is Also the great Companion of the Lord Shiva whom pi has a Statue of in his House and who Also is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu whom [pi] Thanks for Saving his Life Wherein all animals are Regarded as Having souls [that’s] explaining why? Pi and most hindus are Vegetarians the Same is true of Catholicism and Islam Pope John Paul Ii Himself Having Said that animals Possess A soul that man must love and Feel Solidarity With our Small and Brethren and The Quran in Surah 6 Verse 38 Telling all Muslims the animals like men live as Communities and Peoples that they too Shall See Paradise [Mart] Eldon Takes This Allegory A level Deeper as he Accords pie With an Adoration of Animals [I] spent more Hours than I can Count A quiet Witness to the highly Mannered Manifold Expressions of Life that Grace our Planet it is something so bright Loud weird and Delicate as to stupefy the senses one that Is made Manifest in Page upon Page Highly Organized an Intellectual Analysis of Animal Biology in Pi’s Weakness in The Face [of] Killing of Fish going so far as to regard Himself as Cain Afterwards and his Exclusion of This Fish and The Maimed Zebra That Originally Accompanied pie Enrich Parker Earlier on Anomaly in His Prayers The Meaning Behind all this is rather obvious [pie] Takes his Religion to Heart He isn’t a cafeteria Catholic Or A Fly-By-Night Hindu in Terms of his Action I lives out much of the dock [Space] For pie Life and Religion Are One of the Same Two pieces of an inseparable Home hi Unable to know Where his life Ends Where His Faith Begins A, cognitive Idea that is Highly Documented What is by far my most Favorite Part of The Novel and Creating this Video Essay how [Martel] Elucidated Such an Idea and How I came to this Conclusion Allegory Allegory Is everywhere Throughout the Novel and Provides for the Affirmation Realization [pie] Lives his Religion Is very Named pie Scene Molitor Patel Calls Back to Water The Piscine Molitor Swimming Pool in France Water of Course Being A Symbol for Purity and Cleanliness at all Three of his Relations When you look a little bit Deeper [you] find that no Swimming Pool in Mamaji Zai Is the man who gave pie his Name Match the Glory of the Piscine Molitor it was the Crowning Aquatic Glory of Paris? Indeed of the Entire Civilized World ergo [high] Is the purest of that Which is Already Pure Passed Forward A few Years when pie [Scene] rechristened Himself as pie irrational Humble in Finite then Usually longer to Three-Digit S3 Boy 1 The 3.14 Being Especially Significant as Pie Doesn’t end but is Infinite Rather interesting fact Considering that God Too is Infinitely Powerful Knowing and benevolent then Consider The fact that his Name is a greek Letter in The Midst of the Alpha and They’ll Make but all The While Closer to the Divine end so not only is pi pure but he Also has Elements of Divinity Incorporated Directly Into his Identity but What’s more pi is Walking Testament to Religion Hiya Simon called Peter Matthew Called Levi Nathanael Called Bartholomew, Judas Called Thaddeus Simon Called Niger and Saul Called Paul Why Because each of them Disciples of the Divine Had multiple Names so too does Pi but then pi is [mohammed] because of his Persecution and Pi Is even Christ because of the Three Wise men That came to See his Family each Wanting to Claim this Uniquely Pious Boy has Their [Own] Even The Terminology of Wise men Is significant as the Magi of the bible were not Magicians With priests [The] Religion of Zoroastrianism Which laid The Spiritual Foundations for Hinduism Christianity and Islam But Perhaps Most Importantly pi is the biblical adam Think About it happen for a second where did he Live [A] Garden Surrounded by animals Created by his eternal Father Nothing About pie He lived amidst A man-Made garden Containing animals Created by his Own Father [my] father Was A clever Businessman came up with One he Ran [a] Hotel and he Got the idea to open a Zoo and the local botanical Gardens Instead If you know Genesis you know Adam Named All the animals that [exist] Just as pi is able to name fact upon fact The Animal [Biology] When [Pi] is Forced Onto his life boat after the sinking of the Ship Thus in Some he Becomes A desolate adam Just as Adam was a Lonely man Surrounded by animals amidst of Pristine and Untouched Earth With A direct Connection to the Divine so to his Pi a lonely man Surrounded [by] animals amidst a pristine and Untouched Earth The Pure Connection to the Divine The [Timson] Itself May Be Understood to be an Allusion to the ark of Noah in Genesis noah being A Man Escaping The Evils of the antediluvian World so as to find Respite in the New Creation of Post-Flood Life and [Pi’s] Father being A Man Escaping the Dark Age and Evils of Indian Democracy in The 1970s in Which Prime Minister Indira Gandhi Instituted Martial Law Usurped The Indian Constitution And Had Dissidents arrested so as to find Respite in A new life in Canada the mirrors between noah’s Ark and the tim ‘some as A boat are Also Obvious Both Having Carried The Fruit of God’s Creation man and Animal the Name Itself Is even More significant Referring to the Concept in The Esoteric School Judaic Thought Known as the Kabbalah Whereupon the Infinite Divine Light of God in The Form of the [Aisne] soul Limited Itself an Act of creative Love so as to Make Possible Creation and While The Fullness of this idea Is far too Complex to go Into Now A meaning Behind Naming the boat as such Is a representation of Both the act of Creation and the Culmination of it Finally Pi’s Journey in The Ocean Ceases with A final allegory in A final Allusion to pi is adam when Pi finds the Mysterious Island Of Floating Al J he Finds what he believes to be Perfection amidst his personal, hell of? Isolation in Hunger is all he Could Ever want to eat and Drink [in] the Companionship of the animals of the Island [Nothing] he Thought Could Ever Push him to return to the lifeboat in The Suffering and Deprivation he Had endured on it Nothing at First [One] May Regard This Island is a simple allegorical eat but When pie Digs Deeper he Finds that there is A gross Unnatural T to the Island As described on Page 123 There was no ecology to the Island no insects no Shrubbery other Than the Algae Trees no rocks no Rodents We meerkats the Many Ponds of The Island Originally Containing Fresh Water that pice Swam in and drank were Found to be Killing Saltwater Fish Surrounding the Island but What ties all this to the true allegory is Knowledge and The Fruit that brings it on Page 127 When Pi finds a single tree Containing Fruit which like the Island Appears to be Delicious According to [Pi] [but] [Pion] rivals This quote-Unquote Fruit He Finds Inside A rotten Tooth and Thus A rotten Core Sounds Familiar Doesn’t it what [Pi] realizes Is that the Island Is not Fostering his Own Life Rather Slowly Working to Kill him as the Island Is Found out to Have acidic Properties during the Night and as A result the Island represents A False eden and A False Perfection Satan Tempting Pi to Indulge in The Lethargy of Having all Provided for him, While Slowly Eating Away at his Physical Body Just as Satan Tempted Adam and Eve With a tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil Such Allegories Relate But There is no Separation for [Pi] and for Many Religious Individuals between Life and Religion for Pi’s Curiosity and Logic to his Love of all Facets of Religiosity [Pi] is Consumed by his Religion and is able to reveal Who [he] is Through it in This way life of Pi serves as an Exposition of Pi Self Through the Medium of Religion and in Reality it serves As an Exposition of the Psychology [of] Religious Thought to the Person of Pi by yann


  1. as someone who adores this book to the point of it being my favourite piece of literature of all time, this video was a treat to watch. i read life of pi back in 2012 and even now i find myself constantly returning to it and discovering new interpretations and symbolism, and your analysis pointed out things to me that i hadn't ever picked up on in four years. i think your channel, your painfully in-depth deconstructions of different media and your fantastic editing are a real breath of fresh air, and i can't wait to watch more 🙂

  2. Man, I really thought this video would have something about the Two Stories discussed at the end, I thought that was the most interesting part of the entire Novel. However, Nice Video though, you just focus on a different facet of the novel..

  3. I was waiting for you to touch upon the fact the animals weren't real in his second story and how that was the same with God.

  4. Read the book, and i immediatly watched the movie. It's one of those book thta stays with you many days after you finish it. And what it's trying to tell is pretty clear considering the book is so short. A true piece of art.
    I consider myself an atheist (not an agnostic anymore) but i deeply enjoyed this story about faith and the experience of God and religion. It all comes up as how you want to make sense of life.
    Oh, and to go with the flow: nice channel!… (are people commenting this because they haven't read this book but still want to comment?)

  5. Actually I approached religion in a completely opposite way. The only reason I believe in it is because of the rationality of it.

  6. Mister, i just want to say your channel is freakin amazing, the editing is pretty cool, and you're a pretty intelligent dude.

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  9. I love this movie, but I totally haven't approached this from this mindset yet! I mostly focused on the behind the scenes and animation part of it, although I'm probably biased because my dad wrote the software they used to animate the water in this. I never read the book, but if I had, I think I would have approached this masterpiece with a more plot-focused mindset. Awesome video, keep it up!

  10. The entire book can be viewed as an allegory of itself and interpreted in many ways. If you look closely, the island from afar looks like a human body, alluding to Pi cannibalising his mother while at the same time tricking himself into thinking he's still adhering to his vegetarian diet, by making it an island composed of greenery to cope with his terrible situation.

  11. Your editing is so great wheres the love for sound mixing? Had a hard time distinguishing your voice lol. Just nit picking though this was a great video and you have probably fixed it in your current vids

  12. There's two halves to this pie and they both are religion container religion let me be clear not spirituality one half of the pie is science and it is religion and just as harmful is container religion make no mistake of that and it convinces itself it is the voice of reason

  13. The life of 9 the golden ratio within, do we fear our tiger reflection or do we embrace it with love so our reflection will bounce back onto us with love! In Egypt, Horus is not a story about a birdman god, but a simple illustration of kundalini helping get to our spiritual self rather than being stuck or suppressed on the bottom of Jacobs ladder in the physical aspect, this is a great often misunderstood movie I love it! Just for those of you who's third eye is not open or aware, Pi is indicating 9, look at a human embryo! look at a flower! 9 is everywhere, 9 reflects life the coiled snake when the snake becomes unravelled we grow our wings the gate to 11 if we keep climbing the ladder we reach 11 x 2 = 22 we begin to see for the first time in which is referred to as our awakening, don't be the snake that bites your own tail, but unravel to reach new heights is the message here being portrayed in order to be awakened, to find peace and to embrace love. Our greatest strength is to face fear head-on and overcome that with peace/love!

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  16. I do not understand why anyone would be religious.
    They believe in things that can't be falsified and are better explained by natural events. (See Russell's Tea pot for why falsifiability is important in epistemology) (See occams razor to see why making extra assumptions is less likely to be true)
    (Ex: God, Souls/ Dualism, Spirits, etc)
    While it is True no one can be 100% confident on ALL beliefs that can't be formally proven, and Agnosticism is the best stance on beliefs, it is most reasonable to not assume things that cannot be measured or falsified.
    My religious beliefs are agnostic and atheist .
    (Agnostic bc I'm honest and atheist bc occams razor.)

  17. Being spiritual or religious and actually believing it is the same as actually believing a fiction.
    It takes cognitive maturity to not let religious thought, or any other bullshit beliefs (like modern feminism), destroy your mind and make the line between reality and fantasy blur.

  18. i am assuming you are much younger than me. my life lessons based on people i met, is suggesting me that you are going places; You have a profound expertise in critical thinking. this is why we send humans to schools. truly educated you are

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    However it is it is transcendental and you're unable to get a nice rational on it.

  20. 13:09, fun fact, the snake was actually just a snake, it was never stated that it was satan. Iirc, the snake didn't even lie to Adam and eve but I haven't read any holy books in a long time so I don't remember

  21. This is  a great video and I have big admiration for your editing and analysis skills, however I noticed that along with the illustrated portrayals of Hindu gods and Jesus, you also portrayed the Prophet Muhammad. This is highly disrespectful as a big rule in Islam is not to illustrate or make portrayals of the Prophet Muhammad at all. It becomes highly problematic as well when non-Muslims create such portrayals, especially if they don't understand why the Prophet is so important or why the rule is in place. No shade, but I just wanted to make you aware of the fact, in case you didn't know.

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  23. “Zoroastrianism, which lays the foundation for Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam” Uh, no. Hinduism predates all of those.

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