Let Go of Worries Guided Sleep Meditation Soar Like an Eagle Meditation for Sleep

hello my name is Jason Stephenson and welcome to this guided meditation designed to help you let go of all worries and concern and to ultimately guide you into a deep and peaceful sleep over the course of our time together you will be guided to embody the energy of an eagle experiencing what it is like to feel completely free at peace and beyond or worry once you have unbound yourself from all worry and have tasted this sense of freedom your naturally and gently be led into a nourishing and peaceful sleep so take a few deep breaths now as you open your heart to this nourishing and rejuvenating nighttime visualization before sinking deeply into this meditation ensure that all end of day activities are taken care of allow both body and mind to open up to a state of deep relaxation by coming into a supportive lying down position you may use cushions or blankets to comfort you in any way ensure that the neck is in line with the spine promoting a subtle openness of the chest and heart relax all muscles of the face softening the eyes and eyebrows the phorid and the jaw take a few more breaths here to really ground yourself into this still and quiet state of being to begin bring your awareness to your stomach seeing if you can notice the natural rise and fall of the belly as you inhale and exhale allow the stomach muscles to soften releasing any constriction you might be holding there allow the chest to soften as well as you inhale notice your entire torso expanding and as you exhale witnesses softening guiding you to sink deeper and deeper into this present moment know that there is nowhere else for you to be and right here right now draw your awareness now to your physical body but to no point in particular simply make note of whatever you notice as you are called to draw your attention to your human form without judging or assessing whatever you come across simply observe if there is any sense of heaviness constriction or judgment and invite your breath to these areas allow your breath to nourish and release any sensations of tension that may be currently present within you remember that all feelings and sensations are passing they come and go like gusts of wind or like waves simply providing an opportunity to take a deeper look inside continue witnessing and breathing into any discomfort that might be present until all that is left is a sense of lightness if there are stubborn areas that feel constricted somehow that is okay do not worry yourself with being anything other than what you are simply open your heart to the possibility of infusing this experience with a sense of weightlessness if you need to you can mindfully adjust the body in any way to provide yourself with more comfort move gently and slowly promoting the relaxation and effortlessness that we are cultivating if your mind wanders at any point during this visualization know that this is entirely okay if you come to notice at any point that your attention has been consumed by thoughts or worries of the past or future simply acknowledge the thought wave compassionately before releasing it back to the open space that it came from in this moment there is nothing view to figure out in the mind nothing for you to anticipate or fear simply draw your attention back to the breath as the mind wanders knowing that you are entirely supported by my voice the music and the universe it is safe for you to slowly and gently let go come back now to your breath and again draw your awareness to your stomach as your attention shifts to this deeper area of the chest cavity your breath will naturally follow along take three full breaths here and with each one notice your entire body becoming more expansive notice your mind and body getting lighter and lighter allow the mind to sink further and further into the heart until nothing remains but a vast openness as clear as pay or blue sky now begin to imagine that you were looking up at this expansive blue sky from a beautiful open field you are resting in the center of it comfortably with cushions and blankets observing the freedom inherent in this natural landscape wildflowers grow abundantly throughout the sea of green that surrounds you above you is a nearly cloudless sky and a warm Sun that invites you to breathe a little bit deeper and you do breathing in the pure air of the world around you you are feeling completely at ease within this landscape your breath flows smoothly and deeply as you allow the physical world to support you here overhead something begins to appear out of the distance as it makes its way closer to the airspace directly above you you come to see that it is an eagle soaring freely across the clear blue sky take a few moments to observe the smooth curves it makes as it wings and carves its way through the air it is both strong and light moving with both confidence and grace the Eagle continues to dance through the sky as it makes its way closer and closer to the earth it appears to be approaching the very field arresting but nothing about its approach frightens you in some strange way you feel that this bird is no different from you and you know deep in your gut that in no way can it harm you in fact the Eagle brings you a sense of inner peace courage and lightness you've heard much about Eagles knowing that their presence is an invitation to move deeper into freedom soaring high above the sky Eagles suggests to us that now might be the time to look at things from a new perspective these birds grant confidence and courage to look ahead they symbolize new beginnings self growth and personal awareness as you observed the Eagles flight you are blessed with its wisdom feeling refreshed and renewed you witness the eagle landing on the soft earth beside you as you rise to your feet to welcome its arrival the two of you meet eyes and then bow your heads in respect of one another with the great eagle just before you you stretch your arm out to touch its soft coat noticing how calm and relaxed it is within this environment and in your presence the eagle is free unbounded by fear and anxiety as it welcomes your tender touch it reminds you that you too have nothing to fear breathing deeply soaking in this sense of freedom and on your next exhale you release all residual tension that lingers in body and mind you are complete at peace with this great bird knowing that in fact you are one and the same the Eagle takes one last look at you interns preparing to take off once again preparing to set sail in the clear vast blue sky as the great bird turns its head you realize that by some divine magic you have become this Eagle gazing up towards the open sky you realize that it is you who is preparing to take off to release everything that tethers you to the physical world to soar high above the earth free and unbounded the Eagle came for just a moment to show you that her way is your way that nothing stands in your way of experiencing what it feels like to be entirely free and suddenly in the midst of this realization you lift off from the security of the earth to experience a complete lightness in your being you saw effortlessly above the planet extending your arms with the same strength and grace shown to you by the Eagle that had once been with you now it is you now you are the eagle entirely free and unbounded by any and all earthly concerns within this incredible open stretch of clear sky you set yourself free you are entirely at peace with this present moment as you witness yourself floating effortlessly through this open air you feel nothing and everything no worries no fears and no attachments and yet you feel harmonious with everything around you you are in a state of deep peace as you allow yourself to surrender completely to the lightness of the universe around you take a few more full breaths here deeply into the belly as you allow yourself to revel in this moment there is nowhere else you need to be but right here grant yourself this time to be fully at peace and fully supported by the universe around you you are fully supported here unconditionally slowly you begin to feel yourself coming back down to earth with the energy of the Eagle ingrained deep into your cells you know that you carry this energy of freedom wherever you go whether high above the earth or nestled into the comfort of your own bed with each exhale you sink a little bit further back down to earth back down to the surface that support you in this very mind you settle now back into the earth gently releasing all visualizations of the eagle the sky and the abundant field you once rested in even though you have returned to this physical space you still carry the wisdom of the Eagle deep inside yourselves the feeling of being entirely free lingers within you come back once again to the breath bringing your attention now to the heart inside this space in your chest you may envision a warm white light beginning to appear with each breath it grows expanding softly and swiftly to touch each cell of your body soon your entire body is bathed in this warm white glow as you feel yourself letting go of this day completely as you feel yourself inching closer and closer towards sleep the light begins to dim having cleansed your body and mind entirely this dimming invites you into a deeper and peaceful sleep allowing you to rest completely throughout another night you feel yourself sinking further and further into the surface beneath you everything within you that does not support your sense of relaxation has been released there is nothing else for you to do nothing else to be envisioned or thought of you are entirely at peace as the steady rhythm of your breath rocks you closer and closer towards a deep and nourishing sleep


  1. This meditation is now available as an MP3 download release from iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/soar-like-an-eagle/1462827178

  2. This one helps so much I think to much and worry about scenarios and people that I shouldn't because I'm scared thank you ☺

  3. Hi Jason. Could you please make hypnosis for "Sport betting addiction? I recently lost 12k eur on a single football match. Ajax vs Juventus, on April 10. Also that money was borrowed from the bank. It is nearly impossible for me to deal with it mentally, emotionally…I feel like I am stuck in a moment when Ajax scored equalizer and therefore caused my bet to lose. I am 28 years old, scared and hopeless..I hope this message will reach you.

  4. πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Œβ€β€Jason thank you so much for helping me change my life a night at a time. I can't send enough loveπŸ™‹πŸ’€πŸ’–x

  5. Jason, your relaxation videos have changed my life for the better. I could never thank you enough for them and for your sweet spirit. I have a problem though: it is extremely hard for me to relax my neck, which is a big deal, since relaxing the body is the key element in the effectiveness of the session. I have tons of different pillows and I have tried each one of them, to no avail. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

  6. I listen to you every night/ every time I nap. You’re amazing and have helped me so much. Thank you so much ❀️❀️

  7. I love when you come out with a new 1 hour recording for sleep! It’s the perfect amount of time. It stays on long enough to put me to sleep yet doesn’t completely drain my battery.

  8. Hi Star 🌟 tutor πŸ™ This one came while I was in transit back home 🏠
    Wow eagles πŸ¦… soar float in the Universe ⛅️ You are so much appreciated πŸ™
    I’m going to do this as still on overseas time in body clock ⏰ Gratitude to the Archangels πŸ˜‡πŸ™
    Meditation to relieve stress and relaxation πŸ¦‹ & clarity πŸ¦‹
    Weightless always happens as I float off with your soothing voice πŸ€—
    Eagles for courage my protection πŸ¦… As one came some few weeks ago over me πŸ¦…
    which is rare in my hometown πŸ™Œ
    Always love πŸ’• God bless βœοΈπŸ¦…πŸ€—πŸ’• hugs &/appreciation πŸ™ my star 🌟 πŸ€—πŸ¦‹πŸ•ŠπŸ¦…πŸ¦…πŸ¬πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ’–

  9. i really love this one. thank you so much for all that you do as well as the time and effort you put into these videos. it shows!!

  10. Thank you Jason! You are a blessing and this, as I type, is already helping me to let go of my worries of the day and sleep peacefully! πŸ™

  11. Thank you Jason. So much gratitude for you and what you are doing. I would like more of these on the iTunes Store so I can have them as playlists that I put on repeat and not have to go on YouTube. The price is well worth it. I purchased most of them on there already. Thank you again.

  12. Your voice is the best, since my 2nd pregnancy my hearing is very sensitive/picky.. Your voice is the only one I like at the moment. Love your videos ! Greetings from this Dutch mom and God bless

  13. Thank you Jason.. Needed a new guided sleep meditation.. I listen to you everynight.. And the same ones over again.. Excited to hear this one.. Your voice is so relaxing and peaceful.. Much Love and respect my friend!πŸ’•

  14. Your voice is polluting this nice piece of music. It is so annoying and you seem not to see it. S.t.f.u.

  15. Hi Jason, I was watching OA episode 3 when I heard your meditation voice. Is that you at 16.5 min into the episode?

  16. Your voice is the most beautiful and relaxing thing to listen to.I listen to you every night.You could be saying almost anything,a recipe,a shopping list,and I would still be asleep in seconds!This is not to say that you're boring πŸ’€ lol!No,just intensely relaxing.I can't listen to anybody else,they just don't cut it.Encore πŸ™‚

  17. Right now I feel like a stupid idiot because of school I now want to just sleep. Thank you so much for this medication God bless you Jason πŸ’– star rating ⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀⛀β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯β›₯⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛦⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧⛧♾

  18. Always relaxing, thank u so much Jason for all your guided meditations, would u mind release ne guided meditation for inner child healing ❀❀❀❀❀?

  19. I just wanted to you to know ..that you've changed my life. Your meditations have got me through some painful things and I always recommend you. It's very rare that people listen …but the solitude of strength and growth is very nourishing. THANKYOU

  20. So nice! This meditation somehow brought me out to Malibu Creek State Park, which burned up in the Woolsey fire. I got to see the amazing recovery and was so thrilled that this morning I contacted my son at college to ask if he would go there with me this weekend when he visits. I am over the moon excited to see you put out guided meditations one after another. Thank you!

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