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tonight I have a treat for your bedtime routine clear the clutter of your mind slow down the momentum of your day and sleep peacefully the practice of meditation is about returning your attention to the present moment with acceptance and kindness for what you find it is about coming back to the present when you find yourself going down the rabbit hole of worrying thoughts the more you practice the more skilled you will become both in the practice as well as in everyday life meditation before bed is a wonderful way to quiet the raising thoughts and positively prepare for the day ahead today I will guide you to practice this skill to help lessen the level of stress and worry so that you can experience a tranquil deep sleep hello and welcome I'm Sarah Raymond from the mindful movement thank you for joining me today here we are an oasis where you can come to tap into your inner peace positive mind set and heal from the stress that's blocking your fulfillment now I invite you to make yourself comfortable take a moment and make sure your environment is all set for you to drift off into sleep it is important for you to have the sense of safety so you can fully relax make sure the room is dark all screens and electronics are off and you are as comfortable as you can be if you are listening to this on electronic device turn the screens light away from you create the most comfortable environment you can pause this recording if you need a little more time we will start this meditation with your eyes open gently although your room is probably dark focus your gaze softly on one point a spot on the floor or the wall or perhaps just a sense of color in the darkness narrow your focus to this one single point and allow everything in the background to blur or fade away let your focus rest on this one point stay with this narrow focus for a moment then as if this one point could get even smaller begin to draw your focus in until your eyes gradually closed and you allow your attention to turn inward invite your thoughts to do the same narrowing inward letting the momentum of the day gradually slow be patient with this process of slowing down when your eyes fully closed and your attention turns inward bring your awareness to your breath begin to count the length of your natural breath in and as you breathe out encourage your exhale to be one count longer than your inhale allow each long exhale to carry away with it any physical and emotional stress or tension by exhaling longer than you inhale your breath will slow and your body will calm down continue lengthening your exhale for a few breaths cycles letting go of the counting if you like and simply sense the full exhale know that your breath is an anchor or a reminder for you to come back to the present moment if you find your mind wandering or find you are distracted by sounds come back to your breath you cannot get back a breath from your past nor can you make a future breath come any sooner than the present moment in this gradual process of slowing down you may still have thoughts going through your mind simply notice them and let them move on as you come back to your breath as you focus your attention on your breath approach this meditation with the intention to simplify and to slow down allow your body to soften and your breath to be calm if it feels right to you as you breathe in imagine that your breath has a bright white color to it and it is filling you up and as you breathe out this white light is taking with it any physical tension or feelings of worry take a long slow deep breath in through your nose move this breath all the way down into your abdomen filling you up with light and making space then allow your body to surrender to the weight of gravity and relax as you exhale breathe out anything that no longer serves you on your journey to simplify each full breath clears out the clutter and relaxes your body and mind even deeper inhale the bright white light exhale let go deeper and deeper allow my voice to be your guide into relaxation you can drift off to sleep when your body is ready and your subconscious mind will continue listening and relaxing even further like your breath slowing down your mind to can slow down in relationship to each breath as your breath and your mind slow notice the space between each breath and the similar space or pause between your thoughts invite this gap between breaths and thoughts to lengthen be in the gap no need to do anything simply be in this space in a moment now I will guide you to slowly scan your entire body starting from the top of your head going all the way through your body to your feet as I say each part of your body see this part in your mind's eye and you can relax that body part completely welcome the sense of ease through your entire body and mind encourage the weight of your body to be completely supported by the surface below you so that there is no need to hold on you can simply let go into sleep now as we begin to scan the body bring your attention to the top of your head intend to feel this area from the inside of your body as sensations only without moving your eyes as you scan your body simply move your awareness to each part and as your awareness flows throughout your body you can relax each part completely let's begin this relaxation process by noticing your scalp moving your awareness to your forehead as it softens notice your right eye and your left eye and that your awareness rest on both eyes together sensing the small muscles surrounding both eyes relax completely notice your right cheek since both the outside and the inside of your cheek the right side of your gums and the hinge of your jaw noticing now the outside of your left cheek and the inside your gums and the end of your jaw on the left no noticing both sides together allowing your awareness to relax you even deeper since your right ear noticing the inner ear and now your left ear the outside and your inner ear that your awareness rest on both ears together and now moving your attention to notice the right side of your neck and the left side of your neck notice the front and the back of your neck and since the entire circumference of your neck sensing now your right shoulder right upper arm right elbow and forearm right wrist and and fingers and now your left shoulder upper arm your left elbow and forearm wrist and and left fingers and now since the length of both arms hands and fingers together noticing the right side of your chest your ribs your abdomen and back and the left side of your chest ribs abdomen and back now both sides of your trunk together as they soften and that go into relaxation moving your awareness now to your right hip down to your thigh your knee and your lower leg sensing your left hip by knee and lower leg and now begin to sense both legs together notice your right ankle the top of your right foot the bottom of your right foot and your toes moving your awareness to your left ankle on top of your left foot the bottom of your left foot and your toes and then since both sides together continuing to relax slowly complete one more scan of your bodily sensations from your head all the way down your body as you do breathe into any areas of remaining tension to completely let go going deeper and deeper into relaxation feel that your mind and body have slowed down you have let go of thoughts you have let go of physical and emotional tension from your body as your body softens you can make room for your thoughts to dissolve into spaciousness your body relaxes and your mind can unwind you can clear the clutter of your mind now that you are calm and deeply relaxed imagine a scene in nature with a waterfall this can be a place you have been before we're an image from a photograph or video or purely imaginary whatever comes to mind is fine in your mind see this waterfall see how quickly the water moves over the edge flowing freely here the sounds of the rush of water going over the edge and splashing down below notice the momentum of the moving water below the waterfall the water is flowing into a river the water here moving a little slower yet there is still much momentum carrying the water away this river moves the water into a lake where the water is much calmer and eventually comes to stillness on the far side of the lake you can see the still water appearing with a glass-like surface reflecting the surrounding scene like the movement of the waterfall flowing into the river and into the calm lake your energy and your thoughts can slow down and just illness invite the slowing of the momentum of your energy from the day past the slowing of your thoughts in your mind imagine your thoughts are like a leaf floating in the water being moved from waterfall to river to stillness in the calm lake when you hold on you fight the current let go and drift effortlessly into peace that the current carry you away to sleep let go of any thoughts of worry any thoughts that might be holding you back from experiencing tranquility thoughts holding you back from sleep see these thoughts drift off in the flow of water they will be there when you need them in the calm state of your mind let go of your worries so that you can sleep peacefully now what you resist persists they acknowledge your thoughts with acceptance without the need to follow them off into story meet your present experience with permission allow your thoughts to come and go without resistance welcoming a calmness to wash over you completely and now you have prepared your mind and your body for a deep and restful night's sleep a new sense of calmness is emerging as thoughts come to mind you allow them to drift off in the current not to disturb your calm state with this warm sense of comfort you can now begin to drift off into a deep relaxing sleep you will sleep so well knowing you are ready for what the next day brings you are so incredibly relaxed your mind feels smooth and there is an inviting sense of inner peace flowing through your body you are ready to rest your mind for the night you are in the perfect place to get the best night's sleep and you will wake up tomorrow feeling rested and calm like the still water of the lake you are relaxed and feel a sense of lightness and spaciousness as you have let go of anything weighing you down sleep is inviting you to let go and surrender to your dreams allow this to happen if you wish take the final steps into a deep restful slumber your body knows exactly what to do to relax and allow during your very productive deep sleep as you drift off into serene peaceful rest my voice will gradually disappear and you will be deeply asleep when you wake hours later you will be energized rejuvinated and call you you


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  2. Thinking about every breath I take makes me anxious that I won't be able to breathe so I can't do this meditation. I have to listen to a TV show on Netflix to distract myself from my breathing. I'm happy other people like this but it's sure not for me

  3. listen to this every night before I go to bed, best meditation I listen too and sends me to sleep within minutes of it having it on. thank you.

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  5. I loved the 1st part up until you stopped talking. I need full "guided" meditations. Do you have any of those kind?

  6. This is wonderful. I use it even when I wake up. As if I saw the raising Sun. Thank you so very much. Peace Profound to all who practice this medication.

  7. Perfect. Right on time. I'm going through complex ptsd and grief. My whole body aches with chronic fatigue. I need to get help and focus on my healing although I don't remember my childhood in sure I have blocked it. I don't have insurance for a real therapist. So frustrating. I'm sure EMDR would help me. Thank God for YouTube and your awesome help.

  8. This has just saved me from what was turning into a second night of excruciating jaw pain. Tmj literally screaming agony where I could only relieve it by sitting up. Thank you I eventually got to sleep in the reclined position and it is a lot better this morning.

  9. I'm sure this is precisely what I need. I have diagosed anxiety, but I never make the time to stop. Any tips on finding the top to stop for mediation? I'm a fast paced, go go go, alway need to be producing kind of guy. Thanks!

  10. Hello. Is it possible to download this so I can put it on a blank CD? My computer is in the living room, I can't take it into the bedroom (and don't want to as I'm very electro sensitive). I don't have MP3 player or phone I can play this on. Have had insomnia for years, especially after a painful head injury. This sounds a lovely meditation. It would be lovely to listen to it in bed on a CD. Thank you. x

  11. Love meditating before sleeping. So relaxing to go to sleep completely relaxed. Thanks for sharing this, cheers!

  12. this is so powerful, our stories we tell ourselves truly do make up not only our internal world but even our external reality

  13. I have just discovered your channel after searching for a good sleep guided meditation… it took a while to find a good one. And then saw that your channel seems to have lots of great content! Looking forward to going through it 🙂 particularly the “mindful tips” series and the yoga / Pilates. It might be worth checking out the Waking Up app by Sam Harris. He has a great meditation course, along with “lessons”. Highly recommended!

  14. Greetings! Beautiful Meditation Session, Though At This Very Moment As I Am Enjoying This Meditation, It Is Morning In My Country India. We Can Do this Meditation Anytime For Relaxation And Winding Down, Let Go Of Worry, Anxiety, And Hyper Energies And Connect with Our Inner Self. We Find The Peace Within! Thank You Very Much For This Wonderful Session! Wishing All Lots Of Love & Light! Stay Blessed! Namaste!

  15. Wonderful! I love all of your bedtime meditations. This one will be fantastic and comforting. Thank you so very much

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