LET GO of Anxiety, Fear & Worries: A GUIDED MEDITATION ➤ Harmony, Inner Peace & Emotional Healing

thank you for being here dear soul I'm Kenneth and from my heart I welcome you to this guided meditation you can make yourself as comfortable as you can right now in this moment allow yourself to just be here and now observing the words I share with you like a soft breeze on a summer night noticing whatever it is that you notice your body may begin to relax more and more as you listen to my voice and go deeper within trust that your body can find its best way to let go naturally you don't need to relax it may be that your body needs to heal in other ways it's good to know that your unconscious mind is an expert in healing and balancing in a safe and natural way while you can just flow with the experience change it's a natural aspect of life like a tree that lets go of its leaves the seasons changing the sea changing from liquid to air and become aware of your breathing imagine now that you're breathing in that life energy through the soles of your feet breathing it up through your body and breathe it out the top of your head breathing in through the soles of your feet breathing out the top of your head not your fingertips and some people noticed that life energy like a tingling sensation or numb sensation in their feet or in their hands or fingertips there is no right the wrong way to flow with this experience there is an old story about a Buddha statue perhaps your arms and feet will get heavier as you listen to this story and you can enjoy that in your own way because people can you know experience a pleasant deepening sense of comfort as they allow their body to relax and they relax deeply in the mid-fifties a monastery was to be relocated to make room for a new highway the monks arranged for a crane to come and move a 10 feet tall clay buddha to its new location when the crane started to lift the statue it was much heavier than expected and it began to crack wanting to protect the priceless shrine the monks lowered it back down and decided to wait until the next day to bring more powerful equipment to add insult to injury the rain came in so the monks covered the statue with tarps to keep the moisture away in the dark of night the head monk took his flashlight and went out to make sure the Buddha was still covered when the light of the flashlights shone into the crack of the clay he saw a glimmer a reflection of something underneath the shroud of clay he immediately started to carefully chisel away shards of clay to find that a glimmer grew brighter hours later when all the clay had been removed he was in the presence of a Buddha made of solid gold as you continue to listen the positive and valuable words I will share with you now have already started to activate a process of chiseling away old clay of worries fear stress and anxiety in your subconscious mind and this will continue with every second in every minute of every breath now I wonder if you can imagine yourself walking on a warm beach this can be any Beach you like either one you imagine or a beach you know you are there by yourself imagine walking so close to the sea at some of the waves touch your feet I don't know what you noticed a most if it's the sound of the waves maybe it's the sight of the sea the sky the sand or maybe it's the warmth the feeling of sand and water on your skin or maybe it's that fresh Killeen and high vibrational there or a combination suddenly you realize there is a thick rope tied around your waist behind you at the end of the rope there is a big old anchor that weighs heavy from accumulator thoughts worries and fears from the past and about the future they hinder you they have held you back berated you from inner peace and harmony from joy and freedom the Rope is canoeing into your skin with each step in front of you now further ahead something glimmering in the sand catches your attention you walk towards it dragging that heaviness with you when you come closer to it you realize that it is a blade it looks and feels like it is from ancient times like there is an energy link between you and that blade and suddenly you notice your name appears on the handle of that blade while a part of you is curious your higher-self knows that this plate is here for a reason like life has given you an opportunity chance a choice to deliberately cut the rope and let it all go cut the rope now let go of all the worries and unwanted feelings you've been dragging with you maybe you feel a sense of relief a sense of freedom lightness or something else maybe your body's working through this in its own way some people even shed tears shake a bit when they finally let go the way you go through this is the way that is right for you for you to let go now imagine the waves crashing into the anchor as it starts to magically rust to pieces right before your very eyes and it is safe for you to let go now the anchor disappears more and more with each new wave the rope dissolves while it floats further and further from shore imagine the Sun surrounding you with a radiant light energy shining down enveloping you filling you with a peaceful silence quietness which flows through your veins permeating every cell in your body feel every atom every molecule of your body mind and spirit allowing yourself to be healed and balanced becoming very aware of that deep sense of peacefulness inside you as you do so and I'll leave you in silence for a few moments as your body mind heart and spirit continues the process of letting go and heal and you're doing good the Sun is communicating these compassionate words with every atom every molecule of your body mind and spirit you can feel calm now and balanced and this calmness and sense of balance is going to grow and grow each day more and more more focused peaceful and calm while your subconscious mind is enjoying and absorbing all the beneficial suggestions that I am giving you in a safe and natural way and you're doing good you are taking control of your mind body and emotions you are feeling better and better feeling calm harmonious relaxed at all times that calmness that inner peace is growing and spreading through and around your body and as you continue to relax the things in life that were not giving you a positive experience now they seem to calm you now it seemed to make you stronger now they seem to connect you with your inner strength and power whatever you experience in life you are bigger than that you are a part of something much bigger than yourself you choose to show up in your life and honor the opportunity that you have been given you are pure life force in human body you are life you are worthy worthy imagine that you start walking forwards along the beach leaving footprints in the sand the Sun still beaming it's powerful celestial energy upon your being you feel surprisingly more free imagine that every step every footprint represents patterns that are not supportive of your intention to live your full potential and it is safe for you to let go now let go now so you walk steadily and courageously towards your new future after a while you turn around maybe you notice that your footprints are being washed away by the waves your first steps are gone now washed away let's go now and it is safe and you're doing good for each step you take the lighter and more free you feel walking more and more effortlessly towards your new future much more free ahead of you there is a person approaching it is you it is you one month from now notice how relaxed that future you feels notice how good that future you feels that balanced energy is emanating from that you over there the future you comes towards you and gives you the warmest most compassionate hug that you have felt in a long time all that love unconditionally flowing between you the future you says thank you thank you for taking care of me I love you thank you for being so compassionate to me thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I am the effect of these positive words will be reinforced in your dreams compounded in your sleep you'll wake up tomorrow feeling marvelous looking forward to another great day in your life you feel confident to do all the things you want to do it's getting easier and easier and situations that used to bother you now it just seemed to make you stronger they seem to connect you with your inner power and it's getting easier and easier you are understanding a bigger picture and you detach more and more and relax more and more you are the calm one the confident one the positive thinker in any situation you feel good you feel calm you feel relaxed and you're doing good you always find surprisingly good solutions and your ability to conquer challenges is limitless your potential to succeed is infinite you can feel that inner power and a harmony now to do the things you want to do and this inner power is growing when you sleep in your dreams you feel calm strong confident and relaxed each day as you become increasingly more able to let go and relax so you feel a sense of calmness a sense of peacefulness growing inside you in this growing feeling of inner calmness quiet confidence is sufficient to reassure you that as each day passes you are more and more becoming the person you'd like to be the ideal you the authentic you you are worthy you are believer in yourself you're more than good enough you are valuable you are important you are worthy you're more than good enough you are courageous and you stand up for yourself because you choose to be you you are flexible to changes happening in your life the more accepting you are change the easier it feels change is a natural aspect of life it is a sign of life and you choose life you are a beautiful expression of life you breathe easily in a relaxed way and you detach more and more from the earthly drama that's going on around us you can begin to experience a greater and greater sense of joy in your life now and as each day passes you become happier healthier and more fulfilled and totally at ease in yourself you are safe you are safe you accept that you are you all these words are vibrating at the frequency of truth and because all of this begin to happen now you begin to feel much happier much more content much more optimistic much more positive in every way you radiate goodness the future you and then now you embrace one more time this time becoming one you when you feel ready and decide to open your eyes you will bring with you this positive radiant energy that emanates from within you your inner light shines stronger and brighter than ever you may be surprised by how calm strong and content you feel in the hours days weeks and months ahead all is well love fully live fully and shine your beautiful light you


  1. Dear brothers and sisters, I am reading through the comments here and it feels like bathing in waves of Love and Joy! I had to say hello to a couple of tears 🙂 I am so grateful for the opportunity to contribute in this way. I LOVE it! Thank you for taking your time to share your experience and shining your beautiful energy here. You truly inspire me to give more, be more and continue to create these meditations for you and others ❤️🙏🏼
    In Loving Kindness,
    Kenneth Soares

  2. Wow I cried when I realised what I actually needed to let go of. Didn’t see that coming thank you 💗✌🏽

  3. Thank you for this beautiful meditation. My entire body felt anxious and my stomach felt like it had tons of untagled knots in it. Having GAD is so extremly hard but I am grateful and thankful for this meditation. My anxiety level has completely decreased.

  4. Guys please pray for my mom who has been diagnosed with a disease please pray for her health and long life

  5. Thank you so much for this. As with many others in the comments, I’ve been struggling a lot with my mental health for most of my life and sometimes it’s hard to know how I’m going to get through the day alive. This meditation helped so much, and I’m definitely bookmarking it to watch again soon!

  6. I haven't felt this good in years. I'm truly grateful for this meditation, I just want to jump and scream out of joy. Finally I don't feel chained to the past.

  7. I’ve been anxious for weeks and shed a single tear when I cut my anchor. So cool thank u for this

  8. This was amazing, my first time trying guided meditation ever. I fulfilled my experience with closed eyes. It felt amazing. Such peace through out the video. I can't wait to share my experiences with my therapist today. Peace / BLESSINGS Love ! TO ALL 🙂

  9. I felt my hands and head flow, but felt I needed to pee. Now usually I would get up and go. But I felt more focused and continued to breathe

  10. It was an awesome experience. And yes, I cried and felt so light after listening to this. made so many decisions while listening.

  11. Guys serious question I don’t know who to ask, when you are having A attack do u feel like you can’t breath, And hungry for air pls help a girl out

  12. As I merged my now self with my future self I asked about the parts of my past that I do not want to cut away and leave behind and I realized that that is what my wings are made of. Now I have wings.

  13. Wow going through a very difficult time right now, health anxiety etc. I reall6 cried meeting my futer self that's the place I want to be in. Thankyou xx

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