Leading Neurosurgeon Talks God & Religion

u_n_ you know that there are their folks
out there that would say in debate for example you know certainly george bush
was what was was accused uh… when he said you know led him to you know invade you know i mean and ab alliance of
criticisms by i new i don’t think you know libeled by people who i think work that were well-meaning so as you you’ll bring got into the sky equation and you the law are too pat for that how do you respond by respond with roman anytime thirty-one if got before you cook and
bake and shit i really don’t care what architect
effect i care about what god has effect eyecare
about got transpo and do what he has shown most clearly is
what i’m always going to abide by all care but anybody i will never put what man
sensible foot ca now you know again because your such incredible
intellect you know i think the war is interested and i know that i am uh…
you know not in a argumentative in any way of confrontational uh… but when you say you know what
dots is i think you know the assumption obviously is is that what that’s is is is is in the bible and bien advocate uh… or an opponent of the idea dot bible is the inherent you know one hundred percent word of god when obviously so many essay that was
written by me in so many senses late or enchanting linda multiple prediction that were made in the bible long before they happen and they came true i don’t know of any that has the ability to do that and when you look at the prints pose
that are as browsed and the bible they are the kind of principles better
uplifting the kinds of things that harmony and a person’s life an enterprising and i think that the bible forbid says that are are not good arbitrage somebody tell me where they
are ca souls you know having paid attention recently
you know there was a family dispute and you know but from the father was
just insist that up on you’ll leading his sixteen-year-old son noted
deuteronomy twenty one i think it was eighteen and twenty one you know gave a
parent the rights of stalwart tempted to kill a child well memberid mine there are number yet you have to know
how to read the bible you have to know how interpret it historically there were number of ceremonial laws that being one of them which are no longer relevant and has been depicted quite solidly by
paul and the new testament those sayings were abolished twin cries
came as the sacrifice it abolished alternate self-pity for all the aramony a lot at that point

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