Leading Neurosurgeon Talks God & Religion

that occurs you did you literal sc home of experimenters and somebody who can
help people ever used the amazing oregon that god
gave them called the human brain billions and billions of neurons
hundreds of billions of interconnections remembers everything you’ve everything
everything you’ve ever heard can process more than two million bits of
information perspective minute thing don’t sit around and that somebody else
beat you buy that those and tell you what you’re supposed to think and how
you’re supposed to act learned to use that not only to improve
your own life but the life of those people around well coleman you have to leave in a moment plot to less about what we what is yet to be discovered about the
brain how you feel while what the the societal b in the new home term or in our art at pressing you know we aired be really scratching their heads you know uh… you hear people say
united don’t learn the color that you made overload to bring you could learn
one new fact every sec if it would take to get more than three million years to
begin to approach the capacity of the frank and uh… whirl we have to learn do we use that for a more fact they how
to recall things more effectively and i think as we learn more about computers and how we use computers we learn more about how we function also and i i’m period sided about all the
things that are coming to light and they’re a scientist you know we’re learning p important
enough to beat that with learning learning the importance of the periods
types of food and take pretty quick i’ve carbohydrates and negotiation with
learning incurred and creating life approaching uh… learning the deleterious effect on
certain things on learning all of these things if we put them to
good use going to make a big difference for although as with as we learn to do know that people individual strengths and weaknesses and
they’re learning program so anna cool well we can’t can begin to engage it
individual learning which we are going to be able to do with computers virtual classrooms and number of things in a car collision avril in a purse interaction but and it
didn’t do it i think that’s what’s going to allow us
to catch up because we’re pretty far behind right now particularly in fact it

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