Korean govt. to give full support for Pope Francis’s visit to Korea

To make sure the nation is fully prepared
for Pope Francis’ planned trip to Korea this coming August, the Korean government has decided
to create a special committee. The decision came during a meeting led by
Prime Minister Chung Hong-won on Tuesday. The committee is expected to be composed of
officials from major ministries and government institutions.
They will focus on providing full support for the pope’s visit… taking into account
the opinions of the Vatican and local Catholics. Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive in Korea
on August 14th. He’s set to meet with President Park Geun-hye…
and attend a gathering of young Catholics from more than a dozen Asian nations during
his 5-day trip.


  1. Korea's official religion was Confucianism not Buddhism for about 600 years & Buddhism was suppressed due to the abuse of power. Now Buddhism(about a third of population) has its rights back & should try to get along with other religions & vice versa.

  2. I heard that Koreans are going to serve Kimchi to pope with hell a lot of meat BBQ.  When will you get the common sense, which everyone has to have?  I bet, Koreans would use pope for the propaganda of your stinky Kimchi!  

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