Kinesthetic (Feeling) Guided Hypnosis | Meditation For Deep Relaxation

Choose a relaxing position either seated or lying
down. Pick a spot in front of you, a spot where you can comfortably focus your gaze.
And while you do, take a nice and deep breath. Inhale, and Exhale. Allow the breath to relax
you. Good. Take one more deep breath, inhale and exhale
as you relax even deeper. Take another nice, deep inhale and as you
exhale, allow your eyes to close. Take one more comfortable breath in and exhale
a comfortable breath out. Take a moment to notice any tension you are
feeling in your body. In a moment we will breathe into the tense areas of your body
and relax it. Inhale and allow your breath to flow, to relax
any tense areas in your body. Exhale and to release and send any tension
away. Focus on the tense areas as you breathe into
them, now hold that breath and exhale slowly. Wonderful, take another deep, full breath.
Breathing into the tense areas of your body and hold that breath, and exhale the tension
away. Feel your body relaxing, let your body to relax.
Take one more, nice, deep, full breath into all of the last tense areas within your body,
hold that breath and exhale slowly. Beautiful, notice how with every breath you exhale, you
relax deeper. Allow this relaxation to flow from the top of your head, flowing down over
your entire head, like a shower of relaxation. Allow the relaxation to flow down your chest
and arms, down to your elbows and hands, all the way down to the very tips of your fingers.
Enjoy this shower of relaxation as you relax even deeper. Allow the relaxation to continue
flowing down to your stomach and down your back. Down further and further,
deeper and deeper. Relaxation flows into your hips and thighs, it flows down into your knees
and calves. It flows down your feet all the way to your toes. Take a few more deep, relaxing,
full breaths and feel the relaxation wash over and into you with every breath you take.
Let this relaxation shower to continue to flow as you feel yourself becoming loose,
limp and even more comfortable. As you continue to enjoy this relaxation, I want you to visualize
the most peaceful, calm, serene scene for you. This scene can be a real place or completely
imagined, just allow it to be the most comfortable place for you. Create this scene in great
detail; include all the sights, sounds, tastes and sensations unique to this place. This
will be your special sanctuary. A place of peace, calm, and relaxation. While I am silent
create your sanctuary of peace. You’re doing great. Allow the feelings of
calm, peace, and relaxation that you are experiencing now to spread throughout your special place.
Allow your sanctuary to become your symbol of calm, your symbol of relaxation, your symbol
of peace, and your symbol of serenity. Allow the flow of relaxation to merge with your
sanctuary. Now, let’s explore your sanctuary. This is
your special place, and because it is your special place you may notice that as you explore
your sanctuary, your relaxation grows deeper and deeper. A peace and comfort that’s relaxing
and fills you with happiness. Feel and enjoy your sanctuary.
You have created a place that you will always carry with you. This sanctuary allows you
to enter deep levels of meditation. Each and every time you come to your sanctuary you
meditation deepens. Each time is deeper than the time before. Each time you come to your
sanctuary your are more relaxed, calm, and serene. Allow this to happen and enjoy it
as it does. As you enjoy your this special place, you
may begin to notice that your sanctuary is a place that radiates love and positivity.
A place that releases stress, brings calm and allows you to meet every challenge filled
with confidence and energy. Any time you desire to return to your sanctuary simple focus on
relaxing your hands, take a deep breath, exhale and think ‘Sanctuary’. You will soon feel
waves of relaxation, serenity and peace wash over you as you return back to this special
place, the sanctuary you created for yourself. Let’s practice this together.
Inhale deeply and exhale. Think the word ‘Sanctuary’. You may begin to feel peace, calm and relaxation
throughout your body like basking in the rays of the sun. Each and every time you think
‘Sanctuary’ the feelings of peace, calm, relaxation and positivity grow stronger and stronger.
This will continue from today on for as long as you choose to allow it.
Now I want you to walk through your sanctuary noticing all of the sights, sounds, and feelings
it creates within you. As you do repeat after me:
‘Sanctuary’ Feel yourself become more and more peaceful.
‘Sanctuary’ Feel yourself enjoying the increasing calmness.
‘Sanctuary’ Feel yourself relax more and more. Wonderful, immerse yourself in the serenity
of this special place, and know that you can enjoy your ‘Sanctuary’ any time you choose
to. In a moment I will count from 1 up to 5. When
I say the number 5 you will become fully alert and energized, with feelings of well-being
and positivity flowing through you. 1. Lets open the door to the subconscious
mind allowing in positivity. 2. Feel yourself rising.
3. Allow yourself to become more alert and aware.
4. Feel more grounded, energized and calm. 5. Open your eyes and notice how good you feel.


  1. Your channel is exactly what I’ve been looking for. You have the best guided meditation recordings on YouTube. Thank you, Rasa.

  2. 👏🏽👏🏽😊yay, a new video from Rasa – a grey, wet, cold day in the UK just got a whole lot brighter. ☀️
    Much love and gratitude 💕🙏🏽🌟

  3. Thank you do much for your guided meditations. Your voice alone is already very soothing and I have had some wonderful experiences already.

  4. I enjoyed this latest hypnosis session. At first I was hesitant, because I am used to you guiding me to a location you create. This put the creative part on me. However, I did okay because I already had a sanctuary in mind. Your videos work so well for me. I have suffered from bpd and gad since junior high and nothing has ever been as beneficial as this. I am currently having a dark spell, and turned to this channel, hoping to find something that would help fight my anxiety and found this one. After listening, I realized this was exactly what I needed. My own sacred sanctuary. Thank you for sharing. This, I hope, will help me through the next week or to until I can get in to see a dr and be put on the right meds. Also starting a new school and career which is causing anxiety spikes, so this again, is perfect.

  5. Love this meditation one of my favourites so far It has helped so much feel really good have a lot on in my life and I’m glad I have a place to go and relax

  6. I just wanted to drop of a thank you note for all this great work, you have an amazing channel here and I hope more people find it. I really like that you're so unassuming about all this so people of all faiths and backgrounds can find something here, even an cynical atheist like me. Maybe one day we'll learn to speak a language that everyone can understand, this idea gives me hope for all our future. I know you can't make much money on this since with meditation you can't really have more than the one ad, so I very much appreciate you doing this with such a big heart and honest intention, it's a rare gift, thank you.

  7. Thank you Rassa you are the best! Ever since I been meditating with you it's been an spiritual awakening for me. It's changed my life! Namaste

  8. Honestly i have been having a very though time with my life lately, changing habits, aquiring new skills to keep up with the ever changeing world…New job, new people, getting older, observing how everyone changes day to day, trying to enjoy it taking the responsibility needed. Sometimes i feel overwhelmed with the expectations, afraid of failing or not being able to help properly to those who deserve it around me but coming here each day for the last week has been such an amazing experience…I just cannot thank you enough Rasa!! Your voice, your beautiful mindset, your imagination and expressiveness is just beyond words. I hope you will keep having time to make such valueable, soul and heart touching videos 🙂 Thank You very much and i send you a big hug and Namaskar from Tenerife(Spain), have a wonderful week and bless you!!

  9. I am so grateful to have found your beautiful guided meditations! I have listened to many and shared with friends. Your voice is the most soothing, and instantly stops my mind wandering, I was suffering anxiety before doing daily meditation and now my whole outlook is changing, I can’t thank you enough for your help with this ✌️😘

  10. This was beautiful meditation. It really helps me relax more and now I know where I go if I feel anxiety. Thank you very much Rasa, namaste. 💛

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