Kids Sleep Meditation | The Magic Story Book | Bedtime Story for Children to Fall Asleep

welcome to your imagination and
happiness where we will focus only on feeling good are you ready for an
adventure have a good stretch out of your whole
body then let your arms and legs and belly
relax close your eyes and make yourself really
cozy and comfortable take a deep breath in through your nose
and slowly and gently breathe out through your mouth good again a deep
breath in through your nose and slowly and gently breathe out through your
mouth one more time deep breath in and slowly
and calmly breathe out wonderful you’re doing this brilliantly now imagine that you at the edge of an
enchanted green forest you walk slowly to the edge of the trees
with bare feet as you war you feel fresh grass as soft
as feathers under your feet with every step you take
you feel more and more at peace and more and more relaxed the sunlight is bright and soft
and warm and shines around you like a glorious
forcefield your energy is connected to the earth
and to all of nature you feel very safe and very happy in the sunlight of this enchanted forest you can see a path glistening in between
the trees sparkling
and inviting you to walk along it you sense that the trees are old and
wise and friendly here as you follow the twisting path winding along deeper into the forest you look around and see that the trees
have old and caring phases in the ancient creaky trunks they are smiling to greet you as you
walk past them and you smile back happily at their kind and funny faces you come to a clearing in the trees with a tree stump in the middle of the
grass resting on top of this tree stump is a big leather-bound book I’m very curious you walk closer
to have a good look the books cover has pictures of magical
creatures and strange symbols carved into the
leather and it is painted with what looks like
real gold around the edges it is very mysterious and beautiful and it looks very old like it’s from a
different time in history you look around to see if the book
belongs to anyone but all you see is leafy trees and all you hear is the sound of the
forest you notice a gold and glow around the
book and it seems to sparkle in the sunlight it’s looks like it could be
enchanted you slowly reach out your hand and run
your fingers over the symbols and pictures delicately carved into the
leather cover the pictures show lions and unicorns and other animals and
Pixies and elves and every creature you can imagine you run your fingers over the scenes of
battles and celebrations and garden parties and castles and Dragons
and fairies this definitely seems like a magical
book the leather is smooth and soft and a
little worn and weathered as though it has been held and read countless times across countless years feeling very excited you slowly open the
book to the middle pages it is very heavy and you have to use both hands as it lands open with a little stump
a puff of golden dust sparkles up from the book around you Wow the golden glittery dust starts to swirl
dazzling you as little spirals of light dance up from the pages you look down in amazement as you see
the pages have come to life a little fairytale forest has suddenly
sprouted up with a crystal clear pond and a gnome house made out of a giant
mushroom with the little wooden door chimney and we know the golden light swirls around you and
you feel light as a feather as you realize you have flirted up into the air
and you were shrinking down into the fairy tale forest in the magic book you see an old no sitting on a tree
stump looking out at the forest in peace this is a friendly old grandpa no you sense that he is there to make sure
you have fun but also to keep you out of too much mischief he waves hello and nods as you ask to
explore his adorable gnome home you push open the door
and step inside the cute cozy mushroom house still amazed that you are now tiny
enough to fit inside easily there is a fireplace with a fluffy rug
and a wooden rocking chair with soup made of many healthy herbs boiling in a
black pot smoke from the fire goes up through the cute red chimney and curls
out into the forest you lean against the wall and it is strong but also spongy
and soft like a mushroom such a warm comforting place you wonder what other fairytale places
are on the other pages of the magic book as you make a wish to see another page
the golden dove swirls around you and you float up above the book as the page turns again and there is
another wonderful scene from a story this time you are in front of a
gingerbread house Wow we make another wish
and you float up and the page turns and suddenly
there’s a castle with a magnificent dragon before your
eyes and another wish and another page and
you’re at the end of a rainbow with a unicorn prancing through a Buttercup
meadow wherever you wish to go whatever fairytale place you wish to see
this book will turn a page and take you there instantly you feel so happy and so alive this is
such an exciting adventure you think positive thoughts as you realize how
lucky you are to have found this enchanted book I am safe I am smart I am loved I am grateful I am happy I am healthy I can do anything every part of you
feel so incredibly calm and peaceful
to have your wishes come true you have some time now to explore the
amazing pages of your magic fairy tale book feelings so joyful after seeing the most
incredible places and exploring stories from inside of the book you know that it is time now to return
home you feel the gold and dust start to
swirl around you as you float above the book
and see it returned to the middle pages the grandpa gnome is still sitting
peacefully on his tree stump he gives you a friendly wave goodbye as
you float up and grow bigger and bigger until you are your normal size again and the God and energy glows around you
you land gently back on the forest floor you you start to follow the winding soft
grass path back through the forest past the wise
and ancient trees through the enchanted forest back across the soft green grass and home to bed as you snuggle under the covers
you feel so happy because you know that you can go on an
adventure in your magic fairy tale book which is waiting for you in the
enchanted forest anytime you wish sweet dream you


  1. Remember to wave to the grandpa gnome as you explore this enchanted book! ✨ We hope you love your fun and peaceful adventures! Leave a comment below and let us know your favourite story destination! 🌟

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