Keys to Developing Fervent Faith | Jennifer LeClaire

hi it’s Jennifer LeClaire you probably
know me as the author of the heart of the prophetic or doubtless faith that
overcomes the world today I want to talk to you about something that is very
important to all of us from time to time spiritual breakthroughs I mean you know
as well as I do that there are times when man I got to have the spiritual
breakthrough I’m desperate pastor can’t help me my best friend can’t help me not
even my mama can help me I’m calling out i’m crying cry out anybody help me you
know i am but i know the only way is for God to do the impossible you know it’s
so so I say you know what I got to build my faith because it’s a it’s impossible
with man but it’s possible with God so what did i do I confess the word same as
you I rejoiced in the trial I called those things that be not as though they
were I did everything the word said to do I I thank God I praised him before I
saw the manifestation of the breakthrough I meditated on the word day
and night so I could have good success I prayed I prayed I prayed some more you
know I mean I was after it I was I was seeking God with everything I had to
heal my body and boy have had some issues in my body that I needed a
spiritual breakthrough for I needed financial breakthroughs I’ve needed
miracles I did everything I could I did everything I knew I did everything the
word said to do and I kept doing until I got the breakthrough why because I was
that desperate for the breakthrough you know within what happens you rejoice you
get the breakthrough praise God thank you Jesus your rejoicing and you’re
telling everybody how good god is and god is good all the time in it but then
what happens is it’s almost like this the spiritual let down like when elijah
after he defeated the prophets a bail he had this sort of spiritual let down and
and and he got down in his spirit and it’s almost like what happens to us
we’re on fire for God we get the breakthrough and we are on fire we are
rolling we are Rudd and we are testifying we’re telling everybody we
can what God did and then all of a sudden you know the devil comes in and
inside swipes is the devil comes and says oh you’re gonna praise god are you
and he comes up and he sneaks up behind us and like a roaring lion we should
hear him coming but we don’t and ma’am he smacks
and all of a sudden we did a breakthrough again because he got he
stole our job he he did some damage in a relationship he eating something and all
the sudden l we can we go from this spiritual high rejoicing and testifying
you’re bringing glory to Jesus to this spiritual low just like that how many
know that God doesn’t like that that’s that’s not the way that God wants us to
live and in this book ferbin faith I I tell you you don’t have to live that way
anymore you don’t have to live on the emotional rollercoasters the high is the
loads you don’t have to if you maintain a fervent spirit that’s what we need to
do we the Bible commands us to maintain a fervent spirit at all times so in this
book you know I wrote it just to solve that challenge to encourage you to give
you the steps the keys the ways that you can maintain a perfect scared all the
time look I don’t want the highs and lows anymore I want to be on fire for
God 100% all the time doing his will seeing people healed seeing people get
their breakthroughs and being an instrument for God don’t you I know you
do that’s why you’re watching the video so here’s what I want you to do I want
you to sign up here on the other side you’ve got a podcast coming to you
that’s going to give you a few of these keys to maintaining a fervent spirit and
then I want you to hook up grab a copy of my book and just let the double have
it tell you know what no more devil I’m not going to be it you know going from
high to low anymore I’m going to have a fervent spirit I’m going to walk in a
greater anointing I am going to make the double flee in the name of Jesus I’m
going to discern the devil when he begins to come i am going to learn how
to overcome anything and everything because i am i’m going to stay on fire
for God and if you’re interested in that if that’s for you that’s something that
you need that something’s going to help you in your life go ahead and sign up
and i’ll see you on the other side

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