KANG DANIEL x JIHYO – ‘뭐해(What are you up to)/Cheer Up/What is Love/Heart Shaker’ MASHUP MV

My head is down low I’ve been looking at my phone all day I can’t do anything right now It’s just so complicated Gimme some Gimme some In my heart I already said it hundreds of times I just wanna spend a day with you But what am I supposed to do if you’re always busy? I’m praying with my two hands Oh girl, I need you That you feel the same oh yeah Cheer up baby, cheer up baby
(Falling Falling, I’m ) Cheer up a little more
(Call me, call me) A girl can’t give her heart too easily
(What are you up to right now) That’s how you’ll get to like me even more
(Time is ticking) Baby I’m Falling Falling, once again Call me, call me Where are you right now Come to me now Hurry and tell me Push back everything else Feelin’ like I’m dizzy I’m getting dizzy, hurry and call me Just imagining this right now Just thinking about it makes my heart explode Mmm, makes me so happy Again today, I have my hopes up high Oh girl, but you’re not answering That I like you That I miss you all day Would you be my love Falling Falling, I’m
(Cheer up baby, cheer up baby) Call me, call me
(Cheer up a little more) What are you up to right now
(A girl can’t give her heart too easily) Time is ticking
(That’s how you’ll get to like me even more) Baby I’m Falling Falling, once again Call me, call me Where are you right now Come to me now They say it’s sweet like candy They say it feels like flying I wanna know know know know What is love? What does love feel like? What’s wrong with me? I feel so lost Someone please tell me I’m curious, oh yeah!! Waiting Waiting, I’m Call me Call me But you’re disappearing Far far away (You’re disappearing) Baby I’m Waiting Waiting once again
Call me, call me You’re so far away Come to me now I wanna know


  1. They are so cute together I don’t understand how some people don’t like them together 😱😱😱😱😍😍😍😍

  2. turn on Subtitle CC xD Oh my meme of my bias didnt show up! aiish… Youtube Studio beta is playing tricks with me, keeps publishing wihtout me knowing it im sorry for that! few mistakes here and there i dont wanna bother with anymore. look forward to the blackpink x twice x red velvet this thursday! if u didnt already see it because of youtubes mistake X_X

  3. This melt my heart! Im very happy for them, Twice is my fav gg and Jihyo is my bias and i wish the best for my adorable girls. If Twice is happy, Once is happy – and that is a fact ❤

  4. Happpppppiestttt relationship…bless themmmmmm myyy kingg danny with our god jihyo what else do we need❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤..

  5. Does this takes requests? Was just wandering if your in practicing mode maybe there are some possibility u can mashup soke requested song(well i hope), if not its fine cause i love the surprises anyday given from this channel 💓💓 Proud subscriber 💓

  6. hmm its ok i think but not my song for my playlist xD

    What are KANG DANIEL & JIHYO Cheer Up to? Maybe they found out What is a Love Heart Shaker :3

  7. Jennie kai😑😑😑

    Jihyo daniel😃😃😃👍👍👍👍💞


  8. All the memes and now this! 😂 ONCE's are so extra!
    I wish the couple a happy life ahead.
    Ps. Daniel's and Jihyo's voice sound so good together!

  9. OMG just like a conversation happens between What Are You Up To and Cheer Up 😂😂 This is too cute I can't handle it 😭💖

  10. I just wish they will always love, protect,.., last long with each other! They’re so talent, nice, handsome and pretty, and really cute too! I’ll always support Jiihyo and Daniel-my idols ❤️❤️❤️

  11. Idk but i'm very very very happy that they are together because i stan wanna one and twice. They are my mains. 😭 so happy for them ❤❤❤

  12. I love So Beautiful Edit Remix
    Hundred Percent=100%
    100%STAGE M/V💜
    100%AUDIOS 💖

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