Judge Faith – Not So Brotherly Love (Season 1: Episode #64)

Judge Faith…They rented a house
to her brother,
but never imagined
what would happen next.
It looks like a dance floor.
There were speakers,there’s a temporary
wall there.
I would just have
parties in there. NARRATOR:Now they say
the house is destroyed
and he’s responsible.
See, the problem is,
my brother thinks
this is a joke. I told you to stay out of it
from the beginning, Jessica. You wanted to get involved. I
begged you to stay out of it. NARRATOR:But he says they’re
just out to take his money.
First time living on his own,
out of his parents’ house, and you basically
went buck wild. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) That’s what you did. NARRATOR:Faith Jenkins.
Her distinguished legal career
began when she graduated
first in her law school class.
She quickly became a tough
New York City prosecutor,
and then a preeminent legal
analyst on cable news.
And now, she’s the judge
in her own courtroom.
Her cases are real,
and her rulings are final.
She is Judge Faith.Plaintiff Rick Veilleux says
he rented his house to
his girlfriend’s brother,
and then the defendant
destroyed it.
He’s suing for past due rent,
utilities and property damage.
He’s accompanied by
Jessica MacInnes.
Defendant Lenny MacInnes
says the house
was already in disrepair.
And he doesn’t owe
anything because there
wasn’t a valid lease.
Remain seated
and come to order.
Court is now in session. The Honorable
Judge Faith Jenkins presiding. Your Honor, we have
Veilleux v. MacInnes.
Thank you, Barbara. Rick Veilleux? Yes, ma’am. You are suing the defendant
Lenny MacInnes. Lenny’s fine. For $6,287. Which includes unpaid rent,
utilities and property damages to a home you own? Yes, Your Honor. And you understand that
statutory maximum
by court is $5,000? Yes, I do. Okay, so why don’t we start
from the beginning? Tell me what’s going on here. Basically, I wanted to
give my brother,
kind of brother-in-law a chance at renting
my first home. What do you mean by
“kind of brother-in-law?” Well, this is my girlfriend
Jessica MacInnes, and… Okay. JESSICA: That’s my brother. VEILLEUX: That’s her brother. So, um… JUDGE FAITH: So not quite
brother-in-law, maybe one day. Not quite brother-in-law, but
we have a child together… Okay. And we have a good
family relationship. How long have the two of you
been together? Going on seven years. Okay, so you’ve
known him for a while. VEILLEUX: Yes. Rick and I were
having another child.
We needed a bigger home. My brother showed interest
in wanting to
rent the house out. Where were you
living at the time, sir? I was living with my parents. How old are you, Lenny? Twenty-seven. JUDGE FAITH: Twenty-seven?
Okay. So when you moved in in 2010,
you were 23? Twenty-three, yeah. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. Was this the first time
you lived outside on your own,
outside your parents’ house? Yep. Okay. This was the house
you were living in
together with your child. Correct. You were having another child
so you wanted a bigger house. JESSICA: Correct. So you found a larger house
and then you decided to keep the smaller one
and lease it out. VEILLEUX: Correct. I’m looking at the copy of
the lease now, started in
January of 2010 and it ended
January 2011. Did you sign
a subsequent lease? I signed no other lease.
That’s the only
papers I signed. Okay. So then by default, he’s under
a month-to-month lease stand. JESSICA: Correct, we gave him
some leeway on it. We didn’t charge him
a full amount
for his security deposit. How much did you ask him
to pay for security deposit? Um, actually it was $300. Okay. How much was the rent? The rent was 700. Okay. JUDGE FAITH: So that is
a pretty good deal, sir. So you move out
at what month? Uh, I just moved out
August of this year. August what, sir? 31st. Oh, so wait, you moved out
on August 31st. When did you notify him
you were moving out? September 1st. Okay. So you understand
that’s a problem. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Well, we finished moving
all of our stuff out
late that evening. Why? Because you moved out
and you didn’t
tell him you were leaving. That’s a problem. Right. You understand that? Yes. Because when you’re on
a month-to-month lease, you have to give the landlord
30 days’ notice
that you’re moving out. So they can in turn
then find somebody
to rent the property. Right. If they so choose. So you gave no notice
and you moved out
on August 31st? Yes. Okay. So you’re suing
for one month’s rent. You have to pay
for rent for September. Well, Your Honor, um… A month and a half
prior to that,
he jumped my rent up $150. Sent that to me in a text
midway through a month. JUDGE FAITH: From $700 to $850
in four years? Yes, Your Honor. And you’re complaining? Yes, Your Honor. (LAUGHTER) JUDGE FAITH: Really? Yes. That’s a good deal, sir. You’re getting a family
discount, just so you know. In four years,
your rent didn’t go up. (APPLAUSE) Well, it did go up. When I was… There is a reason
behind that, Your Honor. No. There’s no explanation
needed. $700 in two… You were paying $700 in 2010. He went up $150 in 2014. And you’re
complaining about it. Yes, Your Honor. Am I being punked?
Is Ashton Kutcher
gonna come running out of here? (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) I just wanna know. It’s amazing.
You owe September rent. You didn’t give notice
and you owe September rent.
What else do we have? Um, well, we’re going for
the water bill that
he didn’t pay since 2012. You didn’t pay the water
bill for two years? Your Honor, if you look in the contract,
it states that the landlord
pays the water bill. Actually, what the lease says,
sir, is that the landlord
agrees to pay up to $40 toward the water bill,
and you will be responsible
for the remainder. Right. So when you moved in in 2010, you understood that, right? Yes. And you were paying
the water bill, correct? I never paid the water bill. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE FAITH: I’m sorry.
I’m just…
I’m a little confused. I never paid the water bill. Is there a reason why? It was a three-month cycle
on the water bill,
and the most it ever got for that three months
was like $37. But he never submitted
the water bill to us. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, so let me
ask you something. So who do you think…
You’re getting the bill? You’re getting
a water bill, correct? We were both getting a bill
’cause it goes to him
as the home owner. And you’re saying
your water bill stayed
under $40 for four years? And so you never
had to pay your water bill
as a result of that. I never paid the water bill. He had a hot tub as well,
so he was filling a hot tub. You had a hot tub, sir? Yes. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) That’s… So the total water bill
that he owes is $1,014.87. When you were getting
water bills, did you see that there were late charges
because the bill
wasn’t being paid, sir? Or you just weren’t
opening the bill? I wasn’t opening
the water bills.
It’s just that… How do you know that they
were under $40 every month
for four years then? VEILLEUX: Complete neglect. He would send text
messages saying,
“The water bill is this, “the water bill is this,
the water bill is this.” And I’d just ignore it, ’cause
the contract states that he’s
gonna pay the water bill. Is it true that the bill
was under $40 each month? No. And he was
supposed to supply us the water bill
when it came in the mail. Were you paying the $40 that
you said you would contribute
to the bill every month? No, I didn’t.
On the lease it states that I would pay $40 towards
the water bill if he provided
me with the water bill. That’s what it says. Because I do
have my own life. I have a job.
I have kids. You know. Yes, it’s my
property and I take
responsibility for it. It’s kind of a strange term
to put in a lease, but for whatever reason,
that was the term
that he put in the lease. That you would have to provide
him with the water bill, and he would pay up to $40
of the bill,
but you never did that. Because you weren’t even
opening them, right? Right. Okay, so you
owe for the water bill. NARRATOR:Coming up
Judge Faith…Is Rick just trying
to get money
to fix up his aging house?
Or did Lenny take his home
decorating project too far?
When me and my buddy
first moved in, he said, “If you’re going to tear down
any walls, just don’t tear
the whole house down.” What landlord would say that? Also, in the garage, he also
put an illegal stove, which could’ve
burned down my garage. JUDGE FAITH: And he lived
there for four years,
so you’re going to have, as a landlord, you’re going to
have some repairs you have
to make to the home. NARRATOR:Plaintiff Rick
Veilleux says he never
expected his
girlfriend’s brother
would become
a deadbeat tenant.
He’s suing for past due rent,
utilities and property damage.
Defendant Lenny MacInnes
says he doesn’t owe anything,
because his landlord
didn’t have a city permit
to rent his house,
and it was an illegal lease.Let’s go to the next part
of your lawsuit, which is the biggest portion
of your lawsuit. Damages. Yeah. You say that Mr. MacInnes
caused a number of significant
damages to the home. Correct. Now. You brought photos
of the damages? Yes, I did. Okay, I’d like to take a look
at those on the flat screen. VEILLEUX: Um, I have…
Well, this is… What is this? This is the house, pretty much
just after he had left.It just shows overgrown weeds.I never kept the property
like that.
I mean, on that, right behind
the fence there,
they’re just way overgrown.
I mean, that’s
a basic example…
But you do know that tenants
don’t take care of your yard
like you would, right? In the lease,
it states that he should. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) So… That he… That he should. Yeah, but you know,
you know how it is. VEILLEUX: One of the largest
damages… This is Lenny who doesn’t
pay the water bill. Correct. So you have to… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Understand what’s
going on here. But I figured if he was
half as good as
my beautiful girlfriend, then I was in good luck.
I had a good chance. You should’ve known that.
He’s lived there
for four years, right? JESSICA: Right. So, these issues
are a long time coming. Right, right. And I understand
I can’t get everything, so,
that I’m asking for. But, uh, now this is
the front bedroom. It used to be
my daughter’s bedroom.Um, there’s mold there.Uh, on the bottom there,
which is basically…
Well, I don’t know
that’s mold-looking.
Is that mold? That’s mold. JUDGE FAITH: Okay. (LAUGHTER) The carpet is destroyed
because of the mold as well. Um, now I’m not asking
for full reimbursement
of that room, because it’s probably
partially my fault. I don’t have gutters,
or didn’t have gutters
on the house. Okay, so that was…
What was the issue
with the mold? Well, we had a desk
and some storage bins.
My picture’s here. JUDGE FAITH: Barbara,
would you hand those to me? We had a desk underneath that
window, and some storage bins and just some shelves
and stuff on the wall. And so when we were moving out
is when we found that stuff. We had to throw our desk away. So I went outside and looked.
There’s no gutters on
the outside of the house. It’s all just coming round… So you didn’t realize until
you were moving out
that there was mold. That’s correct. And one of the reasons was
because of the gutter issue. Not having gutters. There’s no gutter, yes. JUDGE FAITH: Okay, let’s go to
the next photo… It’s because of this photo,
Your Honor… Well, hold on. Let’s see. VEILLEUX: Yeah, that’s where
that mold was they were
talking about. That’s the condition
that he lived in. Uh… But I don’t know
what it looked like
before he moved in. Are you telling me that…
Do you have before photos? I do have before photos. Okay. Let’s go to the next
photo. Is that mold? LENNY: It’s probably,
because that tiling that’s
on the wall is cardboard. Did it look like this
when you moved in? LENNY: It wasn’t that bad. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) I even redid
the caulking on there. JUDGE FAITH: Mmm-hmm. But that tile that’s on
the shower wall is cardboard. VEILLEUX: It’s a shower wall. LENNY: You know, once
water gets behind there,
there’s no stopping it. I don’t know that I need
to see the before photos based on what
I’m seeing right now, Lenny.
I’m not sure if I need to. VEILLEUX: Yeah, I mean,
he didn’t clean it. Let’s go to the next one. I mean… What’s this? VEILLEUX: Those are my
cabinets that actually
Jessica and I reworked. They used to be brown. Ugly cabinets.
We reworked them. Um… When I came into
the house to look, he put screws into
the cabinets to hold them. He could’ve contacted me
saying, “Hey, your cabinet
faces are loose.” He didn’t do that. Your Honor… JUDGE FAITH: Okay, so what’s
going on here? So I got three cabinet faces
that are destroyed. You opened the door
and it fell off. The whole drawer
just fell apart. And that’s what
you call repair? (LENNY CLEARS THROAT) That’s horrible. What is this? VEILLEUX: That’s his play
site, I guess. That’s a garage
door.He used it as a backdrop
for hockey. He plays hockey.
There are a lot of dents
in that garage door.
Did you do that? Yes, Your Honor. Why? We, uh, I have no reason. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) VEILLEUX: I mean, that’s one
of the big items, Your Honor. It’s the average. I got
three estimates on that one.Two are $1,000 and one’s 915.
The average is $957.50.
I mean, after you put
a few dents in the garage
door… (LAUGHTER) It still works. JESSICA: No, it doesn’t. It only works halfway. (LAUGHTER) I would think that
after you put a few dents
in the garage door, you would say, “This might not
be a good idea.” Yes, Your Honor.
It still worked. Maybe he can explain that one
more than I can. Um… There’s a temporary
wall there.That’s where
the garage door is.
Uh, and it looks
like a dance floor.
There were speakers.
Um, I don’t know what he was
doing, to be honest with you. Were you in a band? LENNY: No, I would just
have parties in there. This is the garage? Yes. JUDGE FAITH: See. This is
what happened… You moved in at 23 years old. Yes, Your Honor. First time living on his own. Out of his parents’ house.
And you basically
went buck wild. Right. That’s what you did. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Right. But, Your Honor,
also in the garage, he also
put in an illegal stove which could’ve
burned down my garage. Were you barbecuing
in the garage? No. VEILLEUX: A wood stove.
A wood stove. It was a wood stove,
and there was
a hole in the corner already. And what was the purpose
of you putting a wood stove
in the garage? Heat. For the parties? Yes. Okay. Did you get permission
to build a stage? He said… In the garage. When me and my buddy first
moved in, he said, “If you’re going
to tear down any walls,
just let me know.” He said, “You don’t
have to paint, don’t have
to do any of that. “Just don’t tear
the whole house down.” What? What landlord
would say that? (LAUGHING) What are you
talking about? That doesn’t make sense. He told you to treat the
home like it was his. That’s right. ‘Cause I’ve
worked hard on that house.
Getting it to… See, the problem is my brother
thinks this is a joke. And he doesn’t understand
that I’m losing time
for my daughter. Then why are you here? I’m working 60 to 80
hours a week… Then why are you here? So I don’t have to keep
fighting with you. I told you to stay out of it
from the beginning, Jessica. You wanted to get
involved. I begged you
to stay out of it. And I told you to come to me
if you needed help. And you didn’t. I begged you
to stay out of it. I begged you to stay
out of it. And now I’m working 60 to 80 hours. JUDGE FAITH: Let me tell you
something. She can’t stay out of it,
because this was their home. NARRATOR:Next onJudge Faith.Can this sister and brother
put the past due rent
behind them?
Or is their relationship
damaged forever?
He’s been late
on rent multiple times and I’ve thrown money
in the rent. Even though him and I
are boyfriend and girlfriend,
that was still my brother. Begged my sister to stay
out of it because she’s
the only one working. She’s the reason why
you lived in that house
for four years and the rent never went up. NARRATOR:Plaintiff Rick
Veilleux says he and his
girlfriend thought
they were doing her brother
a favor when
they rented him a house.
But instead, the defendant
became a tenant from hell.
He’s suing for past due rent,
utilities and property damage.
Defendant Lenny MacInnes says
the house was falling apart,
and he doesn’t owe them
for normal wear and tear.
You moved into their home. Okay? I moved into his home. No, it was their home
that they built together. She’s the reason why
you got the discount. Young man, you understand? She’s the reason why
you lived in that house
for four years and the rent never went up. See, you don’t know
because you’ve never lived
out on your own. In the real world,
it doesn’t work that way. You moved out
without any notice. Without giving him
even a day’s notice. LENNY: Right. Absolutely zero respect for… LENNY: Well, Your Honor… The landlord-tenant
relationship but also the
relationship with your sister. When he increased
my rent $150, the Michigan law requires you
a 30-day notice on that, and that would
breach any contract. No, it doesn’t. I prorated
the rent because he did… He even put it in
a text message rather. Regarding,
“I need 30 days’ notice.” So he just admitted that
he needed a 30-day notice. But I even prorated it
for 30 days. So he didn’t have to pay the
full $150 increase in rent. He only paid $96. What is the relationship
with the two of you like now? We haven’t spoken
since this whole… Before that, I told him
multiple occasions… I’ve even… He’s been late
on rent multiple times. And I’ve thrown money in
the rent without Rick knowing. Because… Yeah. Even though him and I
are boyfriend and girlfriend,
that was still my brother. He was still my… Was. But now, I told him to come to me. I was like, “If you
cannot pay the $150…” Extra. In rent. JESSICA: Come to me
and let me know. And he didn’t. He moved out. Did she tell you that? She did tell me that,
Your Honor. (SIGHS) You have no excuse.
I’m sorry. You know what? Your Honor, it’s not fair
to my sister. No. You have no excuse. You should
be ashamed of yourself. For how you have acted.
How you treated that home. (APPLAUDING) How you treated that home.
How you treated your sister. You should be
ashamed of yourself. I disagree, Your Honor. I begged my sister
to stay out of this because
she’s the only one working. She’s the only one
providing for their family. I told you to come to me. And you knew I’m
the only one working. Let me tell you something.
That’s not your business. Your business is to pay rent
when it’s due. Your business is to pay
the water bill when it’s due. And stop playing hockey
on someone else’s garage. And putting 100,000 dents
in their garage
and damaging their property. That’s your business. (APPLAUSE) You’re not taking care
of your business. So before you can get into
your sister’s business, you need to learn how to take
care of your own business.
Where are you living now? I’d rather not say
in front of them. ‘Cause I don’t
want them to know. He’s in hiding. How did you find him
to serve him with the lawsuit? We served him at work.
He works for, uh,
some family members. Okay, that’s how you were
able to serve him. Okay, so you’re just
ducking and dodging
everyone at this point. That’s not true, Your Honor.
And, um… Our family doesn’t even
know where he lives. And he works with the family. JUDGE FAITH: May I see
the estimates
for the damages, please? Yep. Absolutely. Here’s what I’m going
to do for damages because you provided
the court with a list of
over 40 items you say the defendant
is responsible for. I take issue
with some of the items
you provided in your list because what a tenant
is responsible for
when they move out is anything that exceeds
normal wear and tear. Correct. And he lived
there for four years. So you’re going to have,
as a landlord, you’re going to have some
repairs you have to make
to the home. NARRATOR:And now,
Judge Faith rules.
I did go through
your entire list of 40 items. I’m just letting you know. Right. But some of these
things are clearly Sure. normal wear and tear
that he’s not responsible for. However, you are going to pay
him for the remainder
of the damages. Well, Your Honor,
some of the damages, like… Here’s my judgment. Stop. Yes. $850 for September rent. $1,014 for the past
due water bills. $957.50 for the garage door. I have your estimate on that. So that’s a total of $2,821. I’m also going to order
you to pay an additional
$1882 in damages. For a total of $4,703. Verdict for the plaintiff. And I’m just going to
reiterate to you again, because this is not just your
landlord. This is your sister. It’s not my family. Wow. Well, you know what?
That’s your problem. And that’s really sad.
You have a lot of growing up
to do, young man. Verdict for the plaintiff. Thank you, Your Honor. (APPLAUSE) NARRATOR:If you or someone
you know has a dispute,
don’t take the law
into your own hands.
Let Judge Faith
rule on it for you.
To submit your case, go to
and tell us your story.
See you in court.


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  30. This woman seems extremely nice, but it would have been a good idea to do a monthly check-up in her house, and make proper agreements that are HONEST TO HERSELF, and also give the brother some responsibilities and make proper agreements.

  31. Why did they never check-up on him and the house e.g. every half year???????????????
    Instead of after 4 yrs . . . .

  32. He is just like my parents and several of my siblings……take, take and take some more…….then when it is time to reimburse…….they disappear or they say they never borrowed anything and it was a gift. I honestly they mistake the four letter word GIFT and LOAN to mean the exact same thing. These people tug at the family heartstrings only to dismiss me as family when we ask to start repaying. This guys sister looked so distraught by her brothers words and actions.

  33. Dead beat tenant bro wtf😂🤣😭 but this brother is horrible honestly. Maybe it's just me but I would beat my brother ass then take him to court and beat his ass after

  34. Why do they pad out the bill with 40 items? 😷 just let him move on … You got your 2nd house back but lost your little brother! 💔

  35. 27 and going nowhere with his narcissistic attitude. it's all about him, who cares about the other people or how it affects them. he could be somewhat schizophrenic, perhaps that should be looked into. he's also paranoid not letting people know where he lives.. that's another sign of said illness.

  36. I wish there was a "where are they now? Judge Faith's hardest cases" type of episode to see if he grew up and their relationship status

  37. The sad part of these TV court- shows is the lack of punishment for the culprits. The show producers pay the damages and awards and the bums walk out with a smile on their faces. Public humiliation is a punishment for only those who feel shame, not for the sociopaths who have no such feelings like the brother who disowns his sister because he damaged her rental property.

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