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what is up YouTube I'm Devon DaVinci leader of the Renaissance crew and you're watching da Vinci reacts do they have a beginning to another Jimmy car reaction it's actually been a minute since I've done one I have not realized it's been that long and I'm sorry if you've been waiting this long for another Jimmy car reaction this video is called Jimmy car stand-up about religion I'm not sure if this is a compilation video or if this is just one segment okay well it says stand-up clips so I'm guessing this is a compilation this video was made by Maddie Holden I will go ahead and leave a link for their channel at the end of this video that you can click on and go and check out their other videos like them subscribe to them comment and all of the good stuff I'm gonna go and close this damn window while these birds sit there and chatter to fuck up shut the hell up yeah we have a pigeon potpie later on tonight goddammit yeah these damn Birds ouch but anyway let's go ahead and check this out and see what has to offer when I was a kid I had an imaginary friend and I slew thena he went everywhere with me and I could talk to him and he could hear me and that he could grant me wishes and stuff and then I grew up and I stopped going to church I know I know I'll be sorry when Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior comes back from the made up he comes back to from the dead to feast on the flesh of the living BBC journalists on the news say at least one person killed in suicide bomb attack I've never really understood it why would you become an Islamic fundamentalist suicide bomber on the off chance you might get 72 virgins when you died become a Catholic priest used to annoy me about church when I was a kid was all the standing up and sitting down and kneeling I wish the priests could just pick a position I have a lot of ideas and I'd like to share some of my ideas with Glasgow this evening yes like to share some ideas with all of you good people I'm working on a book at the moment I'm working on a book it's about a zombie that comes back from the dead but the twist is the zombie is the good guy but apparently it's already been done it's called the Bible it's annoying in there let's talk about faith and spirituality an important part of our psyches I'm sure you will agree Christian saying there may be Christians in this evening Christians say Jesus died for you lucify be Richard Nixon I say he's already dead fuck it also if he died for your sins and you don't do any sins you've made him look her right come the other thing I've noticed with books is like anything with a spiritual element always does brilliantly look at the Bible that's still a best-seller even though they give it away in hotels I guess you could say I haven't found Jesus but then I think Jesus should try and find me he's on lipid and I'm on telly are tough that Christ make a fucking FEI works either way I'm cynical about religion but I'm not a cynic I do believe in other things I'm willing to believe in aliens for example I mean if aliens don't exist then who was it – abducted me at the age of 13 and transported me to a room full of weird flashing lights and subjected me to a terrifying rectal probing that's right was the disc okay put me off religion was I was raised Catholic any other Catholics in it's a weird thing is there like Catholic school if you've got a Catholic school sex education is very odd sex education there are more kids to be told about sex they want to show them okay [Applause] you know Jimmy Carr make a hell of a children's book the Catholic Church are we're the only kind of contraception they seem to approve of is fucking young boys Wow okay ed you're not gonna get him pregnant this next one's a little bit different I think it's funny which is obviously very important but it's also educational teaches kids about the alphabet and also about social issues which can be very difficult to discuss for the under fives why did the H kill himself because the G had sort of documentary recently on Channel four was all about faith and in its a moment well of course Scientology is a made-up religion is God they're my favorite things is to get Christians talking about Scientology because the Christian will go Scientologist there nutters they believe in aliens you can say to the Christian what do you believe it again Neverland zombie that's coming back to say he wasn't it said he won't be to Belfast I amazing Ted in sound very impressive the amazing thing about Belfast they can tell what religion you are just from your name I went there with my friend rabbi Lionel a belief system any other Buddhism Muslim yes because the great thing about Islam is they can take a joke [Laughter] leave that one for the farewell systems creationism creationism is quite good there crazies to believe that everything was built in seven days is it any creationist in know there are some they just don't want to raise their art there's double reason it's amazingly naive God love them for Americans we called damn as you walk through your lives of course I don't have one because I Drive everyone and he's twice as bad if you're Christian because you've got Jesus traipsing alongside I was traumatized as a child our freeze was cheating on me let's talk about religion that couldn't possibly upset anyone if Jesus is the way and to be a Christian is to be in Christ then on all Christians just in the way if Jesus Christ is the way and only one person knows the way does that mean that one person is divine jesus says he loves me by worry about the age gap again in the car make a hell of a children's book now you'll notice out of deference and respect to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I've let him me I've got a Muslim friend who's really religious feel the tension in the river i'vei've got Muslim friend who's really religious he knows the Quran backwards which is handy cuz that's how you read it surprisingly well-informed an inoffensive joke about the Islamic that's because the Christians gonna do forgive me speaking of Christians any Catholics in Catholics Catholics are a weird bunch look at the Rosary basically anal beads [Laughter] wear it out or not there's a theory in comedy Lenny Bruce the American satirist was supposed to say said the audience is a genius and the idea is the audience you regulate comedy you decide what a comedian can and can't say onstage because if you don't laugh at a joke it is not socially acceptable if you do then just by definition it is socially acceptable I thought we could put that to the test tonight we could start gently work our way up and see at what stage Birmingham goes ah fuck so you wanna give it a go okay well the start gentle will work I've seen this one this is the most offensive joke one at some stage people stop laughing and then that's the end mmm gentle Pope Benedict incident he's called Pope Benedict because he comes with a hollandaise sauce hang on that's not a hollandaise sauce his name is Benedict head of the Catholic priest in the world he's effectively king of the PTO's I wrote about a Catholic priest that exposed himself so they defrocked him this scandal could bring the Catholic Church to its knees finish that one in your own head somewhat ironically well what I'd like to do now ladies gentlemen is tell you what this show is actually about I've had an extraordinary 12 months I've had a life-changing experience I was a very cynical man and III didn't really have any religion in my life and I've I've let spirituality in in the last 12 months and it's been extraordinary see evening what I really like to do is to test him I'm joking there's no God unless of course you're Muslim in which case there definitely is it I'm not a fucking idiot save it for the farewell tour [Applause] seriously I don't mind up saying the Church of England while they going to do hold a fete [Applause] I'm sure there are Christians out there in the audience now thinking if I get hold of that Jimmy Carr I'm gonna bloody well forgive him creationists the right-wing Christians creationists believe every word Genesis says I don't even think Phil Collins is a good drama you're gay right come on you're so far in the closet you're having adventures in Narnia it's a lifestyle choice the wrong choice in some sort of plague to wipe them out to my earlier comments where I said I don't believe in God and then respectfully request one area of life where comedy lets me down all the time is greeting cards I love sending cards to people but I can never think of anything funny to write in them so I thought well I'm a professional comedian I'll sit down and give it some time and some effort come up some things you could put in cars so you know might help out next time you're in that spot you're having a baby and that's final yours the Catholic Church oh they're sticklers for that kind of thing well what I'd like to do now ladies gentlemen is help you I'd like to become an agony aunt and to that end I went and looked in lots of magazines I had the agony on column they're all genuine letters these and I went through and I thought what could I do better agony aunt answers then there a gurney arts and I think in many of the cases yes I bloody can so I'll take you through some examples and then maybe you could share with me some of your problems and I will do my best to sort them out of course all you've got to be to be an agony artist its considerate and caring compassionate the base of a man that don't know what the hell a haggis I was sexually abused as a child I'm worried that my personality in history will need me to abuse out of them have you thought about career in the Catholic Church gonna start out one coming any Catholics in stop touching kids Catholics in money cos I'm a lapsed Catholic I don't know much about Catholicism but I like some of the ideas very much like the idea of the confirmation the confirmation correct me if I'm wrong is when you're about 12 when you meet your bishop and he says to you you'll definitely a Catholic I thought if he does that he says you're definitely a Catholic he confirms you you aren't confirmed thanks a very good idea I think other religions could do with that I think the Jews could do with that got my friends that are Jews and they always say Jewish when I was a kid I had an imaginary friend and ice to think that he went everywhere with me I'd like to talk to him and he could hear me and that he could grant me wishes and stuff and then I grew up and I stopped going to church well that seems to have divided the room somewhat there's two distinct thought that was funny and then there's a larger group will be going to heaven what we're on the subject of religion I imagine there's quite a few people in here that go to Mass or have you all seen the new Mel Gibson film The Passion of the Christ it's upset an awful lot of Christians they're very up they're up in arms about it it's made a film about the life of Christ but he's tacked on this silly Hollywood ending where the hero comes back at the end now buffet that's almost all I've got time for this evening ladies and gentlemen and just one thing left that I'd like to do which is go through some Jimmy Carr merchandise if we could just lock the doors I've gone for some comedy t-shirts which I'd like to show you they're just up here they say you know the comedy t-shirts it's an underutilized medium in my opinion it's probably normal thing to do sell a bit away you know the Rolling Stones do it why not me this one's rather predictable but it's kind of fun as well it's the Christian Alliance against bad language can fuck off got another religious one now but for a reason this is the best-selling t-shirt ever in the world – jesus loves you it's the most popular t-shirt ever jesus loves you he's not in love with you I was gonna go fer he's not fussy about looks incidentally if we're all God's children what's so special about Jesus do you realize that last joke makes me sound a little bit gay I'm not I realize I'm wearing the kind of shirt that's often lifted I'm not my own mum thought I was gay when I was 19 my mom's convinced I was gay it's very difficult to convince your mom you're not gay you know we got a camcorder I was fucked was a gay friendly act you know I'm a gay friendly act I was asked last November to judge mr. Gay UK I said it'd be my pleasure he's against nature and against God he's going to hell you look like some kind of surfer dude your name John where are we where are you from John don't you know the difference between a British soldier and an Iraqi soldier [Applause] [Laughter] what are you doing I don't need to check the papers I'm just you know you're a college professor on vacation okay sounds like a setup for a movie and then he asked me for a fag Fanny I thought we meant bum yes so what do you teach do you teach philosophy to the brighter kids and then if they don't give a hang of it you go I just believe in God religion I used to be quite religious and unfasten ated buying lots of religious groups there's some pretty ones there's the the people that wear the armbands WWJD stands for what would Jesus do and Christians wear them to remind them to be more like Christ in everyday life they sort of see that look Oh what would Jesus do in this situation for the most part they're very effective they make people so annoying you want to nail him to a cross absolute favorite Christian organization of all time it's called Christians against teenage pregnancies that's the Everest of hypocrisy isn't it if Jesus taught us nothing else he taught us to be unwanted babies of teenage moms can turn out all right you know who the protagonist is Jesus all know Christmas or Easter heard of him he and the Jews best you ever he could walk on water probably couldn't walk on water he's mom probably just exaggerating for me very good on ice skates he died for your sins Jesus Christ as a figure skater last July I was in Regent's Park just hanging out with a couple of friends on a beautiful summer's day I saw a Muslim woman in full kit why it's not cooking he jabbed a yashmak the full thing yeah rollerblading it looked amazing because it was such a hot day look like someone's shadow would got up say look like a I was told watch me go years of age by my Catholic priest he said to me God is watching you when you masturbate I said is he a pedo too far I'm joking I said oh now that Joe may be offensive for Catholics it's not the only reason I like no the most offensive joke in the world if you judge it by offence caused yeah the kind of consequence of the joke rather than the content of the joke it's actually a cartoon done four years ago yeah cause more offense than any other joke in human history it was a Mohammed with a bomb as a hat done by a Danish man there was protesting all over the Islamic world they don't like or nog Rafi at the best of times they certainly don't like people taking the piss so there was protesting all over the Islamic world some of those protests turned into riots three Danish Embassy's burned to the ground and 10 people lost their lives in rioting all because of a joke about somebody's imaginary friend this wasn't a farewell tour I'll be honest with you I think some of the Islamic world slightly overreacted I think the Iranian government slightly overreacted they decided to boycott all Danish products now I'm not sure they were doing a roaring trade in pornography beer and bacon before yeah Jimmy Carr always loves to push the envelope and by push the envelope I really mean push the envelope like completely all the way to wherever the hell he's trying to take the audience and a lot of times it leads to some very bad places hopefully I'll have to tell you guys that Jimmy Carr is telling jokes don't get in my damn comments section and start talking all this crazy stuff because I don't give it in well I do give a damn I love you guys subscribe hit that like button but uh yeah Jimmy Carr is very much somebody that is not afraid to take you there and like I say I'm sorry but I haven't had a chance to react to him recently because I've been wanting to get back into him but usually whenever I'd start Dormer let me go ahead and give you a quick backstory into not a backstory but a quick behind-the-scenes look at how my video recording process works davon DaVinci walks over comes over to his chair sits down sometimes I'll have videos in my watch later it's a section sometimes I won't I'll watch something and then something to pop of my recommend it's no go ooh look at that click that's the next reaction I look at the read or recommend is again ooh look at that click that's the next reaction and I'll keep doing that until I figure out I feel like I've recorded enough and then I will move on and then by the time I realize or by the time I get done with my videos there's a sudden hit of realization that I did not react to what I was originally going to react to and then there's a lot of pity there's a lot of regret and usually I will end up in a fetal position on my bed crying about the video that could have been great but I forgot to record it that's usually how it ends up going but anyway that's been this video I hope you guys enjoyed it if you did make sure that like but subscribe and share I've talked a ton about religion already at some point on you too started just making regular videos because I don't want to direct people to other reactions to get my insight on religious topics and things like that one day I was gonna have to make some more DaVinci grants where I talk about a specific subject and then I can direct people to that but uh yeah that's pretty much all I have to say left so I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys the deuces before I do I'm gonna go ahead and show you guys these are my social media handles you can find me on instagram twitter and twitch I don't have twitch up here but twitch is the exact same as my Twitter handle which is Devon underscore DaVinci I'll record once a week so if you want to go ahead and follow me there and I will usually notify you on Twitter whenever I'm about to do a live stream so like I said go ahead and follow me on there and I will be doing gameplay videos right now I am playing totally accurate battle simulator and there are some other games that I have that I will probably be streaming as well once I get done with that so that's just a quick heads-up anyway i'ma go ahead and give you guys the deuces I'm Devon DaVinci I look forward to seeing you guys on my next dream and you've just been a little bit more enlightened to what is offensive jokes deuces


  1. If you don't like jokes about priests touching little kids THEN HOW ABOUT YOU STOP PRIESTS TOUCHING LITTLE KIDS.
    I hope your children get molested by the clergy, maybe then you'll understand that jokes are powerless against action, but carry on.

  2. The fact that your monitor's vent perfectly aligns with the video frame pleases my brain for some stupid ASMR-like reason

  3. #DavinciReacts
    *DAMN* — This gets ROUGH! It's hilarious.
    Big Narstie vs Jimmy Carr In EPIC Roast Battle – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAiKgcum23Q

  4. There was an American woman on TV in the 90's (I think) who gave advice to people who wrote in (usually about sex I think), she was about 80, I can't remember her name. She was basically an Agony Aunt……….Edit: Found her, Dr Ruth

  5. Let sum this religion thing up. The reason for all the "confusion" about God is that we have organized religious interpretation with numerous different beliefs. Each having "consequences" by God for certain "actions" (that any particular religious God disagrees with) which we believe causes consequences of punishment by that particular God in that particular religion. Human manufactured organized religion IS the problem. Let's make this simple. Listen to Mary Neal and Eben Alexander and the others. They had died. They have something to say. They need to be listened to. All the accounts of ALL these people have virtually the same things to say. The information is virtually the same. 1. We are souls residing in material beings with a body. All our memories are stored in our soul, not the brain. 2. Life's purpose is all about improving our ability to relate with other souls including nonhuman souls with love, compassion, and understanding. 3. "on the other side" (after death) we are in complete communication with ALL the other souls and are intimately connected. 4. God is much, much larger than any concept we have of him/her or it…. than ANY religion we have here on Earth. Do yourself a favor if you are interested in the question of God and purpose of life and review these people mentioned. Mary is an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. Eben is a Brain Surgeon. These people did lay in the recovery room thinking about making up bullshit stories. They need to be listened to and seriously consider what they have to say.

  6. No an Agony Aunt is someone who responds to peoples problems sent to them by letter. A reactor. Devon could diversify.

  7. Any chance you cloud please react to ‘Al Murray on Nations’? I feel it would suit your sense of humour.


    Thank you!

  8. They’re all laughing at not being able to critique Islam, while letting millions into their country….. essentially laughing that in 30 years, Sharia will be law of the land.

  9. The creationists aren’t hiding, they’re just extremely rare in Britain. To this day I’ve never met one. Britain just isn’t that religious.

  10. You know we have a place in the uk named after you it’s called Devon it’s pronounced “dev on” you know because we pronounce it properly 😂😂😂😎

  11. I'm from Belfast and there was a time when you could tell what religion a person was by which side of certain streets a person walked on

  12. I find his stand boring, but I like him on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown…. but I cannot watch it because Channel 4 still use Flash Player.

  13. Not his best material. Unlike most comedians, he does not do much of a subject on a longer run. His shows are usually rapidfire oneliners.

  14. Excuse me sir, do u have Prince Albert in a can?

    You do?!

    Well you better let the poor guy out!


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