JESUS, (English), Jesus Calms the Storm

One day Jesus got into a boat with
His disciples, and said to them, Let us go across to the
other side of the lake. And as they were sailing,
He fell asleep. Master! Master! Jesus! We are about to die! The waves are swamping us,
We’ll all drown! Save us, Master! We’re going to be saved! Where is your faith?


  1. Did you hear what Jesus told them? where is your FAITH.where is your faith in the storms of Life? where is your Faith when you have no job and money? where is your faith when you just lost your HOME?where is your Faith when the doctors tell you,you have cancer?THE JUST SHALL LIVE BY FAITH,GLORY,I FEEL THE HOLY GHOST.Thank you Jesus.

  2. It's a lesson not just to those men In the boat but to EVERYONE like ilililhy1 said where's ur faith during the storms of your life

  3. Great cinematography, just wish it had been true to scripture. They put all the work into making it visually accurate, why not the dialogue?

  4. what if god caused that storm and it was god's plan for that storm to keep going for a while longer than that? if so, then jesus went against god in that particular scenario.

  5. God will give us peace in the midst of turmoil, just as Christ Himself was sleeping like a toddler in the midst of it. We could be in for tough economic times, friends. Keep your eyes on God.

  6. Christ manipulating the weather before X-Men.  He is beyond awesome!  I love it that he was sleeping to start with… I mean, what on earth?

  7. Imagine if Jesus the carpenter had spent his working life building a carrick ship and then on his resurrection had told his sailor fishermen disciples to meet him at Akko/ Acre, Haifa, Israel, on the shores of the Mediterranean & they had sailed together out into the Atlantic with Jesus calming all the storms, finally arriving in the South Americas a week later, turning salt water into wine, spending a further couple of years sailing round the rest of the Americas spreading the gospel before heading off for Australia with the urgent message. Thy kingdom come double quick. Instead it is left for 1500 years until the gospel starts getting spread around over the pond.

    Maybe Jesus could have just crossed the Atlantic with the boat shown in this video ? Jesus calms the storm ?

    Instead we get a Jesus Son of God who spends his carpenter life supposedly making common tables and chairs which no one even thinks to preserve for posterity after his couple years of fame as a travelling healer & risen Christ. You would think people could have made a fortune with the line," Sit where Jesus sat " 
    To avoid premature awkward questions & cries of derision about why he was building such a ship, Jesus could have spent his life at least planning the ship and gathering the wood to store it ready for his resurrection when he could have overseen the construction and cry, " God speed to the new world ". Bit like a Prince Caspian in " The voyage of the Dawn Treader " story.

  8. I Like jesus is my god I love you so much better if I had a good time with you and I love the fact I can get it right back in my life 😊

  9. How in God's name was Jesus able to sleep through that? I would've woken up with a trout in my face

  10. Despite of the tragedies in our lives, God did not want us to be harmed. He will let everything calm as we do our Faith in Him. Alleluia Jesus Christ the Almighty Savior One.😊😊😊

  11. Very nice. Is that the actual design and dimension of the boat? Wasn't Jesus sleeping on the stern (front of the ship)? Thanks. God bless, Proverbs 31

  12. believers are enrolled in the school of affliction.but He promises to supervise His students and never abandon them even in the tempest.He wanted them to learn what trust means.Our God is Him more.

  13. My sis is dead🥺😭😭😭and then when there is a storm i have my powers ready my sis her powers and jesus powers and mother and father of jesus’s powers all of our powers stop the rain fast

  14. Jesus woke up from his sleep, his followers panicking, he gets up, and stops the storm! Jesus is one cool dude! How can people reject him!? I know I’m a sinnner, I’m a functioning alcoholic but I give my heart and soul to Jesus, I wish I could meet him him!

  15. Even though jesus was physically a man he was also God at the same time. So to muslims that's why he could command a storm . If you realize none of the prophets did all the miracles jesus did why because the old prophets were mere humans jesus was God incarnate. Jesus speaks and miracles happen. Just like how he spoke the universe into existence. Jesus is God . If God is all powerful and ofcourse he is. he can become a man and still be God. We as human have a hard time understanding that but with God all things are possible.

  16. This story teaches of the to be faithful. Jesus had to remind these guys he has dominion over everything. When you're in the same boat as Christ, you're under his wing and not even mother nature is more powerful.

  17. Jesus taking a nap during a storm in a creaky boat lolll he's sleeping like a man who controls events. He knows his power.

  18. Yes, Jesus can Calm the Storm. But he is not God. He is a messenger just like Moses.
    “O People of the Scripture, do not commit excess in your religion or say about God except the truth. The Messiah, Jesus, the son of Mary, was but a messenger of God and His word which He directed to Mary and a soul [created at a command] from Him. So believe in God and His messengers. And do not say, "Three"; desist – it is better for you. Indeed, God is but one God. Exalted is He above having a son. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. And sufficient is God as Disposer of affairs”. the Quraan.

  19. Jesus was only demonstrating the powers of a man filled with the holy spirit and completely surrendered to the holy spirit. If he were to use his real powers as God almighty himself would be too much for the planet.

  20. I love you papa Jesus i don't do it again all my sins i will trust you papa Jesus i love you so much please forgive me give me a longer life to care my mama and papa and papa Jesus please remove away my all asthma thanks you papa Jesus i love you very so much 😇😇😇😇

  21. HURRY JESUS make haste…
    i am jabbing the end of the world i see

  22. Jesus perform so much miracles like raising the dead turn water into wine healing the blind but it look like back then the act like normal like the act like the have a lots of miracles healer I would be freaking over him he so special

  23. The world is running on faith…..not on jesus..jesus is a .master telling about faith……there are infinity ways to reach the god….in every path….faith is compulsory……

  24. Bruh i dont think we should do a show or trailer or whatever cuzz his plan is go to his home (church) and study..just telling that this aint a good idea

  25. Hi could not stop laughing when Jesus said where's your faith and the look on their faces is priceless!! 😀

  26. Dios Jesús es amor en el mundo con Dios Jehová y él Dios espíritu santo y viven en el corazón benditos sean la santísima Trinidad te bendiga amén

  27. Like si aceptas a Dios Cristo salvador en el corazón con Dios Jehová y él Dios espíritu santo un Dios en tres personas

  28. Jesus asks where is your faith??? Do millions today know the power of faith??? The answer is no! You have to have knowledge of God and past revelation of His power to even consider calming a violent storm ; a hurricane or a tornado . . . who today has this kind of faith . . . only the most devout Christian can even consider trying such a thing as calming a horrific storm. Consider how different this person must be in a generation of vipers and persistent liars that deceive even their parents.

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