Jerusalem, Israel: Jewish Quarter and New City

The Jewish Quarter
is more orderly and modern
than the other quarters. Much of this area was destroyed
during the fighting in 1948 or under the ensuing period
of Jordanian occupation. After they took control
of Jerusalem in 1967, the Israelis
rebuilt this quarter. While it’s not convenient
or economical to live in this
medieval tangle, devout Jews
find great joy living and raising their families so
close to the Western Wall. The Damascus Gate leads from the Old City
into modern Jerusalem. Joining locals
in an afternoon stroll down Ben Yehuda Street
in Jerusalem’s New City, we appreciate this culture’s
fascinating mix of east and west,
secular and sacred, modern and traditional. About three quarters
of all Israelis are Jewish. But most of these are secular
Jews — non-practicing. About 15% of Israeli Jews
are Orthodox, very religious and living
conservative lifestyles that require them to be apart
in many ways. Entire districts of Jerusalem
are known as ultra-Orthodox. And about 20% of the
population is Arab Israelis, generally Muslim Palestinians
who never left after the formation
of Israel. Christians,
who are mostly Arabs, make up a very small
and shrinking minority. The diversity of Israel’s
Jewish melting pot community shows itself in the way
people dress. This is especially
evident at places of worship and in
ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods. With the help of a local
guide, like Abie Bresler, simply people watching comes with fascinating
cultural insights. Walking down the street, there
are so many different fashions, different ways people dress. BRESLER: Well,
that’s because they express their belonging
to a certain group and following a certain rabbi. Different rabbis set standards of how their followers
should be dressed. STEVES: What does the block
on the forehead indicate? BRESLER: Well, in the Scripture, it says you should always have
the love of God on your mind, so in that capsule, they have a parchment
with that Scripture. STEVES: What’s the significance
of the yarmulke? BRESLER: Jews wear yarmulkes because they are constantly
reminding themselves that God is above them. STEVES: Ah, so everybody
who’s wearing a yarmulke, it’s a constant reminder
their Maker is up above. BRESLER: Definitely. STEVES: Now, you see
a lot of Orthodox, even the little boys,
with long earlocks. BRESLER: Regarding the earlocks,
the Torah is very specific — “Thou shalt not shave
the sides of your face.” And these people take those
words as it is written. STEVES: You notice women are
dressed quite modestly. BRESLER: The Orthodox women
are always dressed modestly. But when they get married, they take it one step upwards, and they cover their hair
in public. STEVES: Now, most people
wear black, among the men. Why is that? BRESLER: The dominant color
amongst the men is black because they’re still mourning
the destruction of Jerusalem, nearly 2,000 years ago. Regarding the hats,
it’s part of, actually, the uniform defining
which movement you belong to. So, by looking at somebody, you can tell if he’s Ashkenazi and which movement amongst
the Ashkenazi. Or Sephardi or Lithuanian,
and so on and so forth. STEVES: This man has
a striped robe. BRESLER: That’s a declaration
that he belongs to a certain movement,
which is considered very extreme and also does not acknowledge the legitimacy
of the state of Israel. STEVES: So there are many
different stripes of Orthodoxy
in the Jewish faith. BRESLER: Definitely. In Jerusalem, 19 amongst
the ultra-Orthodox. STEVES: And it’s like the rabbis
are almost like pop stars. They have their own following.
These are the great teachers. BRESLER: More than pop stars. -More than?
-More than pop stars, sure. Put it this way,
they’re spiritual stars, without the pop.


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