Jannati (2011) – 1st Place Muslim Short Film – Islamic Texas MSA Showdown

Let me tell you something, my friend. Life, is a parrrtay! (Party) Life, is a parrrtay! (Party) Life, is a parrrtay! Let’s bounce! Like I always say, right? Life, is a parrrtay! Hey! Put a smile on! Live it up! Turn, turn it off! Hey, what’s wrong? Just my neighbors, ya know? They’re playing some really weird stuff lately. You mean, like the macarena? No, man! It’s not – it’s not that. It’s really messing with my sleep. Every night I wake up and There’s this thing next to me. What are you smoking? No – you don’t understand, it’s – Like some sort of boogey-man or something? Don’t you think you’re a little too old for that? You don’t exist… You don’t exist. Just keep it down, please. Just keep it down. We do this every night There’s got to be more to life than just this routine. Why are you getting philosophical on me, man? What are you socrates now? Forget this Sam – No! Hey! HEY! Hey – Stop! Who are you? Hey! Stop it! Turn around! Stop! STOP! STOP! Who are you? WHO ARE YOU? I am your sins … and I am running away from you. My son… Today you’re beginning to memorize the Quran. Never forget it. It’s the rope of Allah!


  1. As'salaamualaykum

    Brother, I am really interested in getting the mp3 of this recitation.. i wont mind if it's pitched down. I have already memorized these verses .. please

    barak'Allaah feekum

  2. The Mask is the evil inside us and the way some of us threat the Islam!
    Islam is peace and not war, hate or vengance!

  3. im not a muslim but i totally understood the meaning of it it is like this: earlier he was a party guy full of sin and after listening to quran he subconsciously thinks of his sins its amazing no wonder it won an award

  4. Excellent! Never leave Allah, as Allah is always there waiting for us. We just have to seek for His wisdom and knowledge! Rope of Allah, I like that. Never heard that one before!

  5. Bad idea to watch it before going to bed. VERY BAD IDEA. But I love this film so much. very well made. I hope I can make a video just as powerful as this one in shaa allah

  6. I am a 3D artist and I would LOVE to do any work for you and your films, if you accept this, I want to serve islam, and I would love to be with you, so accept it please

    thanks for these brilliant movies, I love them.

  7. i think its a good form of dawah, but personally i think i shared it just for the pleasure of scaring my friends. However i think these types of films or 'mini clips' or whatever you call them are very beneficial, and i hope there are more to come. ^_^

  8. wait, I don't get it. the mask guy was his sins? so his sins were haunting him each night? what was with him hearing quran each morning? is the kid at the end him when he was young? man I'm confused.

  9. Great video.. Made me think and cry. Though I am basically a hindu.. ALLAH is my Rabb.. Allahu Rabbi,la sharika lah. Wish i too will become a Muslim.. Insha Allah!!

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