Israelis: Why wasn’t the Jewish state established in Uganda?

Canaan and Hannah
Rehovot Why did they establish the Jewish state here
and not in Europe, Africa or South America? Because that was what was promised Who promised? In the Torah That’s why? Yes Do you agree?
– Completely agree I have the same opinion
as my husband Chen
Holon Why didn’t they establish the Jewish state
in Europe, Africa or South America? Ask him
(pointing to an Arab Israeli co-worker)
Kidding Why do you think?
It is your opinion Because of Jerusalem Because of Jerusalem No? I am asking you
I am supposed to be totally neutral It’s because of Jerusalem It’s the holy city for Jews Yes Elazar and Yaakov
Netivot and Jerusalem Why didn’t they establish the Jewish
state in Argentina, Uganda or Europe? According to our tradition our country should be here This is the Land of Israel so I need to be here not in Argentina and for that reason God brought us here… The Westen Wall is here
The Holy Temple is here All the tombs of
the righteous are here This land God gave us What did you say? I said we have been here forever Ilana
Nahariya Why did they create the Jewish state
here and not in Uganda, Argentina, Russia? According to the Torah according to our bible this is the place that the Jews have so here the country was established That was the reason we are in this country Where are your roots?
Ashkenazi? No, I am married to an Ashkenazi It happens But my parents are from Morocco and I was born in Israel Let’s take your parents let’s say they did establish
Israel in Uganda, let’s say Let’s say that situation happened Would they have gone to Uganda? No, I don’t believe they would It was always their belief to return to the land of Zion to come to Israel that this is their place and they came They sacrificed their lives They left everything in order
to get to this country They came because it’s our country Daniel and Eliya
Tel Aviv Why didn’t they create the Jewish state in Uganda, Russia or Argentina? Why here? Don’t you remember what we
learned in history class It’s the holy land? I don’t know, what do you think? Because this is Israel This is not a quiz It’s because it is the holy land Jerusalem is here
We need to be here That is the vision they had Not Uganda. Uganda was the
vision of a human being God’s vision is that we
will be in the Land of Israel as Jews Do you believe?
– Yes Also you?
– Yes We are not religious but we believe I assume your roots are Ethiopian
– Yes and I assume that those that came
they came because of Jerusalem Yes, only for that reason that was their vision to come to Israel
holy land Everything here is holy Instead of a river there is milk instead of flowers, there is nectar That’s what they thought That’s what they told them Who told them? In Ethiopia, that is what they dreamed about I heard told “It is the land of milk and honey” That is what they believed They never saw anything
there weren’t pictures then no newspapers
Just belief They followed what was written by their belief in God I am sure when they arrived
they were a little disappointed No I thought they would be but my mother is still so happy
to be in Israel “Mom, let’s go back to Ethiopia” No No way It’s not even an option Is it the same for your family? I don’t know how it is in Russia, Khazakstan We moved to Israel but but not so much I assume more about economics Economics, my grandmother is Jewish she wanted us to grow up here Oren
Jerusalem Why didn’t they establish the Jewish state
in Europe, Africa or South America? Who didn’t establish? What? Who didn’t establish? Why didn’t the world establish in 1948? Why here? Go ask them what was
going on in 1948 You are asking me?
Do I know why Why do you think? First of all It was easier to come here
than to go there No, actually South American seems… The weather there isn’t
really suitable for us So it’s all about the weather? Let’s start with that There are beaches Beaches you have everywhere Here you don’t have typhoons
here you don’t have storms Here we have the best weather But there are places like
in Europe where it is better There… Okay Europe is far for us also But why didn’t they establish Israel there? So that is your answer? You don’t have another answer? If they had established Israel
in Russia or in Uganda or Argentina They considered Uganda
– True Would your grandparents
or parents have gone there? Why not? Where did they come from? My parents? We are Kurdish We came from the mountains Turkish?
– Kurds Azerbaijan We came from the mountains He is asking why are you
here in Israel Why did they do it here? They brought me here
Do I know why? I could have been in a different place (his wife)
Where did we get the state? The state? It’s his opinion
He is okay with it He doesn’t care if it was Uganda… Herzl decided Herzl brought us here True. We will blame Herzl Sidney
Akko Why didn’t they establish the Jewish state
in Europe, Africa or South America? as they talked about First of all the state of Israel is the land of our forefathers What do we have in Africa?
What do we have in Uganda? Here we have all our history the entire history of our Judaism and here we were destined to build a country What does it mean to build a country? We took our country back what we deserve That is what we deserve It was cut off from us We didn’t come here and conquer We didn’t conquer This was our country
from the times of our forefathers Question: you said you
were born in Tunisia
– Yes Your parents, grandparents Did they also feel that way?
That this is their country? Not Tunisia? Yes, yes Because today Tunisians say the Muslim Tunisians say “no, they are Tunisians
there is no such thing as Israel” From the stories of my parents we left Tunisia with a suitcase My father had there a business and they told him: “anyone who
wants to move to Palestine” then they called it Palestine not Israel, Israel didn’t exist yet It was called Palestine “Anyone who wants to move to Palestine” “take a suitcase with your clothing
and leave” We left there apartments we there there stores Do we come with demands? Do we demand that back? Do we demand the right to return to Tunisia?
No But they want you to return What? They want you to return… They want it all, so what?
They also want to throw you in the sea So they can throw you in the sea? No, no, no, they… They will throw you in the sea too Hold on, Tunisians say Look, everything we gave them
all the agreements we made with them Camp David
All the agreements Not Palestinians I am talking about Tunisians What?
– I am talking about those in Tunisia today They want us to return?
– Yes Do you know why? Because things were good for them
with the Jews there With the Jews there, they had life Why today groups of tourists from Israel Tunisians and other Eastern Jews
travel to Tunisia and they accept them with open arms Why did the king of Tunisia, back then why did he say “If you want to live well in this country” “protect the Jews” Also in Morocco, King Hassan told them that Why? Because the Jews were loyal to the country They were loyal to the country
In Tunisia they were loyal In Morocco the Jews were loyal They weren’t terrorists
they didn’t plant bombs they didn’t plant explosives You understand In contrast when they live here with you
they plant explosives and also hate you You mean the Palestinians? Of course Of course, yes yes Yes, sadly, some some… I would say a large amount of the Arabs of the Land of Israel live with you sit with you, eat with you
and hate you There are a small amount that
are truly loyal to the country and they care But they won’t declare it because they will be killed they will be harassed But a Jew who declares (anti Israel) views
Nothing will happen, this is a democracy It’s a democracy for us but for him (Arabs) it is not democracy He (Arabs) can say what he wants but if you say something about him and his people, then it is
not democracy Grumpy old men of Zichron Yaakov Why wasn’t the Jewish state established in
Uganda, Argentina, Russia? He will give the answer Anyone who wants I will answer you A Jewish state there is only one and if the Jews left here so they returned to the Jewish state It wasn’t possible to establish
a Jewish state in Birobidzhan because Stalin tried
and we see what happened Also in Uganda
it wouldn’t have worked Also in El Arish So there is only one place that possessed us as Jews in the Diaspora for 2000 years That is this place This is the source Yala, next question Hold on, anyone else? I have something to say Hold on There were 32 different proposals where to establish the Jewish state 32?
– Yes, 32 I checked Madagascar, Russia Not 31? 32 I don’t know 32 Why didn’t they establish it in one of those? In one of those Woudn’t it be better? Throughout the world, there are populations
that moved from place to place and it’s legitimate In Israel, we don’t accept this meaning it’s not legitimate but we returned to the place we were from We have a right to this country a place to live connection to the land to be part of the European world To be part of the European world? Yes But we are not in Europe I think we are in Europe You have decided
Yes, what did you want to say? Excuse me I want to add something Wait, he wanted to answer before I am adding something The only place that we had a right through our roots was in the Land of Israel In no other place could we demand the legitimate right to return to the land where the
Jewish people began and be a free people Let me tell you He wanted to say something They asked Ben Gurion what is your right to
the Land of Israel He took out the Bible and said “this is my mandate” There wouldn’t be anything without it Do you live according to the Bible? What? Do you live according to the Bible? We are the continuation of the Bible I want to add something The truth is I did not choose this my ancestors, five generations ago
made this choice You are here six generations? I am the 5th generation, right?
(speaking to his cousin) 5th 4th or 5th 4th or 5th, doesn’t matter When they came here
there wasn’t anywhere in the world that was empty nowhere with free land and the only place they could
was to come here where there was malaria and diseases No one lived here. No one… There were, there were Palestinians They weren’t here It was empty
Look at the pictures You mean in Zichon there weren’t… Zichron? No, no The Land of Israel was empty Mark Twain photographed Israel
and it was empty without a population So where did the Palestinians come from? They migrated here for work There was work here and
they migrated here for that True, in Jerusalem there were Palestinians But the country was empty
there was no one on the coast I want to add Zichron Yaakov is the third settlement established in the return to Zion The significance the answer is much more
significant than the question The Jews in Romania came from a specific region poor people who were unfortunate in Romania and they thought that here
their lives would be better than anywhere else so they came here Why did they come here? It’s like what Pines said to you who is a Holocaust survivor he told you, “the Bible is my legacy” “and that’s why I am here” The same thing about those
Jews from Romania But remember the Jews lived here,
in Jerusalem always in Safed, always in Tiberias, always in Gaza, Jews lived until the Palestinians
started to riot and the Jews fled Also in Jaffa So your question is
a rhetorical question for the entire world That’s it for the entire world That’s it


  1. House of Lords member to Chaim Weizmann: “Why do you insist on [British Mandate] Palestine, when there are so many undeveloped countries you could settle in more conveniently”

    Wiezmann’s response: “That’s is like asking why you drove 20 miles to visit your mother, when there are so many other old ladies living on your street”

    There u have it. Israel is the Jewish homeland. Nowhere else.

  2. History, religion, language, culture, holidays of Jews are all centered around Yerushalayim (Jerusalem),Yehuda (Judea), and the Land of Israel.

  3. It's pretty simple. The leaders of the world during WW1 had they're eyes on jerusalem all along. After the Turks surrendered it to the allies, even british generals, specifically Allenby, got off his horse, and walked into the city. He was asked why he walked in, and he basically said how could he ride a powerful horse into the same city that his Savior Jesus rode a little donkey into. Jerusalem has always been the prize and the jews finally got it. But it took a couple of world wars. Someday there will be another war, centered again on that city.

  4. #1 the Ethiopian guy was. Awesome! 😃

    #2 you were funny writing old grumpy men. They weren't grumpy. I liked what they had to say.

    Thank you

  5. It's ok no problem, Ashkenazi European Jews can return back to their homeland in Europe and the same for Berber and Arab jews, they can return to their homeland as well, let Palestinians return to their homeland.
    We can easily solve Palestinian cause, but unfortunately Zionists are brainwashed by some fairy tales and addicted to suck Palestinians blood.

  6. that there rebuild kingdom judah and let the israelites return………….. there where always in war with israel about king david…………………….

  7. Omg, Corey drives me nu'ts sometimes … 12:28 "there were Palestinians" … NO Corey, there weren't.. there were ARABS! … 12:44 Corey continues… "So where did the "Palestinians" come from … answer: ARAFATS @SS! … as a political wea'pon and nothing else …

  8. I love how people cherry-pick the Bible when it's comfortable, but every one of the people who said "God gave it to us", don't give a shit about anything else God says.

  9. People always ask, why do you care as an atheist, about what others believe? Because, i tell them as an athiest, we are not going door to door and telling people how should they think; eat, love, and learn about my life. Athiest are not asking for my money on television, and then, telling me I will go to hell if I don't believe in atheism. There is no conundrum, there is only the truth. The truth is there is no credible, empirical and testable truth to the existence of your magical sky daddy in the clouds. Your faith is the worst trait a thinking human being can have. It requires no evidence, just followers and sheeps who have been indoctrinated by their parents and other sheeps to believe in anything and everything without proof. After that brainwashing is done, they are susceptible to any lies and false propaganda. How many believe in ghost, demons, witches and humans with telekinesis? How many believe in Humans with psychic powers that can talk to the dead and read your future?  Magical beings like Satan and demons, we create in our minds to torture our human counterparts. All of these con artists religious leaders like the Pope, priest and reverends making a profit on the gullibility of humans, who don't want evidence for their outrageous beliefs. You should thank the Atheist, the skeptics, the person who ask questions and buck the system of brainwashing. The leading scientist of the world are athiest. Religion of all kind hinders progress, suppress intelligence and forge war against humanity for a fairytale god. Case in point: the Islamic and Jewish conflicts permutated by a made up covenant with a mythology god. One claim a land and superiority over others by a fairytale book. If you adhere to this crap; you are an apologist and a fraud.

  10. As wise thinkers, most if not all atheists would go along with Carl Sagan who popularised the idea that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” It’s hard to imagine a more extraordinary claim than that some abstract hidden intelligence created a universe of more than two trillion galaxies, with more stars than grains of sand on earth, and then waited more than 13.7 billion years until a tiny single (one in Septillion) blue planet in a remote corner of a single galaxy (one in two Trillion) evolved an atmosphere sufficiently oxygenated to support life, only to then reveal his existence to an assortment of backward violent desert tribal (one in thousands) groups before disappearing again to his home above the clouds.

    "The word god is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish. No interpretation no matter how subtle can (for me) change this"(Albert Einstein)
    Letter to philosopher Eric Gutkind, January 3, 1954.

  11. Simon the Hasmonean to Antiochus VII Sidetes: We have neither taken foreign land nor seized foreign property, but only the inheritance of our ancestors, which at one time had been unjustly taken by our enemies. Now that we have the opportunity, we have taken back the inheritance of our ancestors.

  12. Jews were the keys to prosperity in Arab Muslim lands. And unlike Christian Europe there wasn't any jealousy and scapegoating. Jews were Dhimmi but was still treated relatively fair. Algeria was an exception because they viewed the Jews as French foreigners.

  13. I guess the Jewish tortured Africans for hundreds of years in the transatlantic slave trade, they needed to torture another group

  14. So when you stay before God and the books are opened, and you are shown every single sin you've ever committed, and God asks why should I let you into heaven, what will you say?

  15. Because the anglo-saxons wanted a buffer made-up, artificial state between the Saudi oil and the Mediterranean. Israel is an anglo-saxon invention.

  16. From what I've heard they feel more connected to Eretz Israel/Yerushalayim. uganda was supposed to he temporary.
    They found their history and artifacts as a people in the land.

  17. Loved the tunsi israeli guy at 6:00
    Id say
    To piss off both migratory islamonazis and euronazis 🙂

    and because they've been there for 3800 years.

  18. Why you deleted my comment Corey? , yes British are motherfokers who gave the right to occupy, kill Palestinians and grant our country to Zionists.

  19. You don't have to be religious to believe that this land belongs to the Jewish people. The Bible can be viewed as a historical document that describes the land of Israel accurately and what it means to the Jews. In addition, new archaeological findings prove that Jews were here for thousands of years. Jews were always here even before the state of Israel was founded. That is why they created the Jewish state here because it's on historical Jewish land.

  20. Very foolish question! Wake up Corey… If we didn’t have our legitimate home land and therefore what our Creator promised, how would we prove who we are? We needed to fulfill GOD’s promise and our Prophet’s Prophesies!

  21. Jews were kicked out from their home Israel 2000 years ago, then why they should live in Uganda..? Stupid question.

  22. When extreme Zionists regurgitate the nonsense Palestine never existed they might want to take note that in the early 20th century during the debate within the Zionist movement over the establishment of a Jewish State in Uganda instead of Palestine, the opponents of the plan were referred to as "Palestinocentric"

  23. Why would anyone suggest that Jews live in Uganda when they have no historical or religious connection to that land? That's like me asking Cherokee Native Americans to go live in Australia.

  24. They act like victims because of the Jews they had to create their own state, but then you realize its not because of that, its because of a "holy book"

  25. Because if Israel were established in any other place then the creator God of the Bible the sovereign Lord Jesus Christ an the Angels would not permit the Satan worshipers to be able to destroy the earth as the Bible indicates Israel is re-established before an while the Satan worshipers mislead the nations by their idolatries to systematically industrially destroy the whole earth, industrially polluting it, sterilizing it overtime by their industrial pollutants, as the six billion copies of the bible in print clearly indicate.

  26. The reason why the jews get back to the land of israel ( and not to any other place for that matter ) is cause In the last 2000 years jews all around the world were praying 3 times a day " let our eyes see u get back to zion " ( in shaharit mincha and arvit ) , every time they eat bread they were praying the bless of jerusalem ( in birkat hamazon ) , when they got married they broke a glass to remember the distruction of jerusalem , every passover they finish the hagada with the sentence : " next year in jerusalem " , all the holy closet windows in the synagogues around the world was facing towatds jerusalem , they fasting 3 times every year cause of the destruction of jerusalem ( tisha Bav , seventeen in tamoz , asara betevet .) , all the 4 holy citys in judaisem ( jerusalem , hebron , tiberias and zefat ) are in this land etc .. this is some of the reasons why the jews back to the land of israel .

  27. Diaspora speaks out great perspectives. Many well informed others still need to dig more for understanding. Many lost members that have been lost, seeking connections, understanding. Please bring more great videos keep them coming.
    Would be interesting if the DNA was mandatory for people to decide what's best to believe for them selves. Another aspect that wasn't available for all concerned.

  28. The real good question could have been "why people must be gathered by their common religion in the same country ?"
    They are many Jewishs in Morocco who are proud to be Moroccan before being Jewish.
    Some of them say honestly they are Arabs with Jewish religion.
    Look at the faces of Israelis! There a so many that you cannot define Israeli type. It seems like they are all tourists in that country…

  29. It seems to me the Palestinian people are being "genocided" because of the Balfour dec.
    So all of these people who "identify" as jewish are in a land that's belong to Palestinians for 2,000 years and killing them daily all because the world's most powerful Banker wrote a letter to the royal family of England telling them we need your help stealing This Land for people that will identify as Jewish. I mean seriously that's a better answer than anybody you interviewed gave and it's historically accurate. Let's be honest Palestine was under British control at the time of the Balfour Declaration. Rothschild was really correct when he said " I care not what puppet you place upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the Sun never sets, the man that controls the British money supply controls the British Empire and I control the British money supply."

  30. So, pain had to be inflicted, whether it is on Palestine or Ughanda or whatever country you had the priviledge to choose. Okay. Weird time in history !

  31. Corey. You can't really be serious asking this question.
    Jews have absolutely no history or connection to any other place but to Israel and Jerusalem.
    Ask Aljazeera why it is such a lying media. They report that Israeli forces hit Gaza bases…..without stating that Hamas fired three missiles a few hours before.
    More important news…

  32. The idea was Jews could establish a land not Israel. European governments thought Eastern Mediterranean was too close. Religious Jews didn’t want do something they believed Messiah would do.

  33. Can you imagine had these racist people had settled in Uganda? They would have stolen and taken all over East Africa. Thank God, Africa jumped the bullet. Phew!

  34. Does anyone else hear Dembow music playing in the background around 6:45? 😂are there Dominicans in Israel ? 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴

  35. Should we not discuss a more pressing problem:
    Why are the following populations protesting today.
    There must be many more disasfied with their corrupt governments who are off world media as boredom sets in and interest wanes..

  36. Jerusalem scholar Yusuf Diya Al-Khalidi rd. 1884 by letter to the father of Zionism Herzl:
    "Dear God, the world is big enough, there are still uninhabited countries where you can settle millions of Jews. In the name of the Almighty, leave Palestine alone!"
    – According to: Stern, 21/2002, p. 174
    It was obvious 1884 already that Israel can be created and hold in Palestine only in the way of murder, war and tragedy of Millions innocent humans.

    The US King Crane Commission reported from Palestine to President Wilson 1919 that "the Zionists are seeking the virtually complete expropriation of the current non-Jewish inhabitants of Palestine." It emphasized that non-Jews – "nearly ninety percent of the total population – passionately oppose the entire Zionist program." And that enforcing this program would be "a gross violation of the principle of [self-determination] and international law."
    After: Noam Chomsky, "Open Wound Middle East", 2002, p. 31.

    Ben Gurion, atheist, founder of Israel:
    „Why should the Arabs make peace? If I was an Arab leader, I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. Sure, God promised it to us, but what does that matter to them? Our God is not theirs. We come from Israel, it’s true, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we came here and stole their country. Why should they accept that?”
    – citation after Moshe Dajan, in: N. Chomsky, „Offene Wunde Nahost”, Europa Verlag, 2002

    Iranian President Muhammad Ahmadi-Nejad – 14. Dezember, 2005:
    "If you (Europeans) are correct in saying that you killed six million Jews in World War II… If you are correct in saying that you burnt six million Jews in crematoria – You must be right since you insist on making this claim, and since you arrest, convict, and imprison anyone who dissents… You condemn even your scholars who object to this – So we ask you: if you indeed committed this great crime, why should the oppressed people of Palestine be punished for it? If you committed a crime, you yourselves should pay for it. Our offer was and remains as follows: If you committed a crime, it is only appropriate that you place a piece of your land at their disposal – a piece of Europe, of America, of Canada, or of Alaska – so they can establish their own state. Rest assured that if you do so, the Iranian people will voice no objection."
    – Informationsdienst von Mossad: MEMRI TV

    Atheist and Zionist, known journalist from Germany, Henryk M. Broder:
    "Israelis and Palestinians (…) who are fighting for a piece of land since about a hundred years (…)." "They [Israelis] know, of course, that the Palestinians have suffered irreparable injustice, that a Jewish state after 1945 should have been established in Germany, and not in the Middle East, at the expense of the Germans, not the Palestinians."
    – Henryk M. Broder, "All or Nothing", Der Spiegel, 52/2000 p. 132.

    Henryk M. Broder:
    "You could say it also this way: Europe should get back the problem that it created and exported. (…) Where Ahmadinejad is right, he is right. (…) The Middle East conflict is not just one collateral damage of the Holocaust, it is a product of European anti-Semitism (…) In the Zionist movement it was for a long time unclear where the "Jewish state" should be built. (…) It is indeed difficult to clarify to the Palestinians why they should share their land with the Jews who have been badly treated by the Europeans (…) What Ahmadinejad now demands is the return to the polluter pays principle. And you could say only that he does not know enough about history because he reduces it to the German contribution, instead to take the Russians, the Poles and the French on the duty. "
    – SPIEGEL ONLINE, 9th December 2005

    Rabbi Amram Blau – 2007:
    "The Jewish People are absolutely opposed to any injury against the Arab nation. The Arab nation never harmed the Jewish People until the advent of Zionist nationalism. The Jewish People are commanded by the Torah to seek the peace of the governments where they are citizens, and not to rebel against any nation, G-d forbid, especially when this concerns the Holy Land, to which we are forbidden to engage in mass immigration. Jews who follow the Torah are not even suspected of murder or any injury against any person, and we are severely prohibited from engaging in any violent action, including in relation to the struggle over Palestine. Judaism is totally opposed to nationalism, and in fact Jews have refused to move to the Zionist state even though the state proclaims itself as the representative of the Jewish People."
    28.10.2007 – Jews Against Zionism

    The last commander of the Uprising in the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw 1943, Dr Marek Edelman:
    "At that time, after the war, the Zionists believed, the worse the Jews would have in Poland, the quicker would they leave and build their own state." "Ben Gurion – a true nationalist – did not understand why the State of Israel cannot come into existence, because the Jews were murdered in Europe. The State of Israel was the result of an international conflict. I do not have the impression that the great powers have a conscience. No one doubts that Israel is a great, very useful aircraft carrier for Western countries. "
    – in: "I juz nic nie bylo jak przedtem "- conversation with Joanna Szczesna, Gazeta Wyborcza online, 22.04.1999, last update 14.04.2008

  37. A lot of them say Torah. Well that is assuming you are an Israelite of the flesh (paternal) of course. This is how I see the situation: There are Arab people who call themselves Palestinians who are not of the land and Ashkenazim who you can also argue are not either both live on the land who were granted by the previous owner. Simple. All this talk about occupation blah blah is nonsense. Am I wrong in my assessment?

  38. Israelites have ruled over Palestine from about 1020 to 587 before Christ According to the Bible, it is only about 433 years – or it is about 11% of the time from 2000 before Christ till 1948 after Christ. According to archeology it would be only about 853 to 587 before Christ however, so it is only rd. 266 years, or less than 7% of the time from 2000 before Christ till 1948 after Christ.
    For more than 89% of that time in Palestine, the followings have had their countries according to Der Spiegel, 15/02, pp. 140-151:

    (2000 and earlier) to 1020 BC – Canaanites (today's Palestinians)
    1020 – 587 before Ch. – Israelites (about 433 years)
    587 – 64 before Ch. – Babylonians, Persians, Helenians (about 500 years)
    64 before Ch. – 630 after Ch. – Romans and Byzantines (about 600 years)
    630 – 1100 after Ch. – Arabs (about 400 years)
    1100 – 1187 after Ch. – European Crusaders (about 100 years)
    1187 – 1500 after Ch. – Mamelucs (about 300 years)
    1500 – 1917 after Ch. – Osmans (over 400 years)
    1917 – 1948 after Ch. – British
    1948 – 2018 after Ch. – Israelis

    Jerusalem was not built by Israelites, it existed as a great city at the time of the Israelites' arrival. That means: Palestine belonged through

    XXX – 11% of the last fast 4,000 years to Jews and
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – 89% of the last fast 4,000 years to non-Jews
    or otherwise — for about:

    XXXXXXXXXXXX – 433 years to Jews
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX – 1,400 years to Kaananites-Palestinians and Arabs

    The Indians have the right to 100% of the USA. Spain belonged to the Arabs for about 800 years, and thus longer and for centuries later, because after Christ, than Palestine to the Israelites, and so one should give Spain to the Arabs. If you liked to resurrect old countries everywhere and move borders according to maps from 2000 years ago, then the world would turned into a madhouse.

    "Palestine was not always the favoured option for the Jewish homeland. Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, preferred Argentina because it was fertile, enjoyed a good climate and was sparsely populated. Herzl also proposed Cyprus and a small area in Egypt. Both of these were in the Ottoman empire and so were, in effect, controlled by the British, who rejected Herzl's proposals. Uganda became a more serious possibility when offered by the British in 1903 after 49 Jews were killed in a Russian pogrom. Herzl supported the "Uganda Plan" and some Jews actually settled there.
    – "Homelands that never were" by Lana Asfour, in Newstatesman, 31st October 2005

  39. Let's be honest, Europe doesn't want the Jews to return there, not in great numbers anyway. Sure some Jews here and there could go back to Germany or Poland and probably not be harassed and even enjoy a good life, but if millions come back? Not so good. Even America which doesn't have a strong history of anti-semetism when compared with Europe would not want millions of Jews moving in. Sure some would be fine with it, but there would be violence and prejudice for sure. Some would say well there are as many Jews in the US now as there are in Israel (I believe Israel has more now but that used to be true) but their definitely is anti-semetism already when hard times hit, very low key for the most part, but add millions more and it would be a difficult situation. The reality is Jews have nowhere else to go. Some would like them to just disappear, but there's no point in having a discussion about it in that case.

  40. dont make a diffrence, africa, south america ,middle east ,modern israel is built on a bedrock of racism simple as that

  41. when my grandfather and his family came here from the horrors of their previous "land" they kissed Israel vary earth, the sand on which they stood on, saying:
    "we came back for you, zion." (another name to Jerusalem in Hebrew)
    which should explain everything.

  42. Lol than i have a question my grand grandfather was kohen jewish but they left the religion to be Muslim and now i want back to my original religion is that possible ?

  43. As for 4:06, I've always heard the stereotype about Kurdish Jews, that they are dumb. I never really met any Kurds until a few years ago, and so far I've met four Kurdish Jews (in the army) and sadly they were quite dumb (awesome people, live each one, but stereotypically less sharp than most others). I told my self, "maybe it is a coincidence!" There is no way that an entire ethnic group is dumb, especially the Kurds whose Muslim cousins fight hard in Iraq and Turkey for their freedom and have my respect. Now this guy comes in…..

    Dammnit I want to meet smart Kurds….

  44. Why a Muslim state wasn't established in Argentina or Europe 😂 all the questions Corey get are from anti-Semitic people that believe in anti Semitic conspiracy theories

  45. There is a book on this subject written by Alberto gerchunoff "the leftist jews, Argentina the promised land" about Jews escaping the misery of eastern Europe to try to build a new Israel

  46. There is something wrong with the title why a Jewish (from Judea) state wasn't established in Argentina or Uganda hmmmm good question

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