Islamic Supremacy Begins With Immigration

I would like to talk to you about
immigration, but not just any immigration. In particular, islamic immigration. And the reason we need to discuss
Islamic immigration, as separate from all other forms, is this: all Islamic immigration has a hidden
political agenda. We see this in the very calendar that
Islam uses. The Islamic calendar does not begin with the revelation of the Quran, nor the birth of Mohammad, instead, the Islamic calendar begins when Mohammad migrated from Mecca to Medina. Why pick this date out? Because it was
the beginning of the success of Islam. It marked the
beginning of political Islam. Because, you see, Mohammad preached the religion Islam for thirteen years in Medina, I’m sorry, Mecca, and persuaded only 150 Arabs to become Muslims. However, when he left Mecca and went to
Medina, he migrated from one to the other, he
became a politician and a jihadist and, ten years later, when
he died, every Arab was a Muslim. That is to say, migration began the process of becoming
political. And with politics and jihad, came success
to Islam. So, know this, that every Muslim is commanded in ninety-one verses in the
Quran to emulate Mohammad in everything that he said and everything that he did. So this means
that the Muslim is to imitate Mohammad and,
therefore, when he enters into a new host country, a political process begins. This
political process starts with, “Well, we’re Muslims and our religion
means that we need to have special rooms for prayer, have special food, halal, whatever. There are demands that our
clothing be different.” Islam begins the process of pulling away
from the host country, and saying, “We must be different because we are
Muslims.” Now, you need to know that every Muslim is not an individual, but actually is part of an Ummah, a larger body; the community of Islam. And within this community, there are
leaders. The leaders are the ones who will be the
activists. It’s not just every Muslim is gonna do things, the leaders do it. And you need to know
this, every member of the Ummah is commanded to obey his leaders. So, this makes Islam a very powerful
political bloc. So, Islam starts immigration, it start a
political process and Islamizing the host country. This is what makes it very different
from any other form of immigration. Thank you very much.


  1. I remember in our history back in the 1900s. We had severely curtail and downright stop Chinese immigrating back then, can we do the same to this bunch, and make sure to them that this is a Christian nation

  2. mirror argument
    pilgrim fathers were the predecessor of american global hegemony.
    will someone please get this nice old gentleman to stop,,just stop

  3. Sweden my country use to be the most christian country, now there are more active muslims here than active christians. They have taken over some parts of our country. This weekend they throwed granades who luckily did not explode in a neighborhood im malmö and only 2 weeks ago 37 people had a war shooting with guns agains eachother in Malmö. You better do something america.

  4. God bless you Bill Warner. You are the only one taking the initiative in investigating and understanding the intricacies of the Islamic world, them translating it into layman's terms for the ordinary individual to understand. No one has done this yet in our time. Please keep up the good work

  5. Subs are from a different clip, at least in Dutch.
    Water under the bridge, but there's the govt and EU still buying there are real war refugees among the all male invasion reaching Europe's shores. I hope they won't get away in time when civil war really starts, the ppl that have been ignored and called islamophobe since 9/11, including Fortuyn and Wilders, know who allowed a hostile army to gain strength. What better way to repent than strapped to a tank; those friendly welfare muslims surely won't fire at us you said. So why worry, sing some more lullabies mr. Lefty and mr. Allculturesareequal.

  6. This thesis is seriously flawed. Here's why? Many American value systems are identical to Sharia law. For example, compassion, courteous conduct, helping the needy, thanking God for his blessings, even the dollar bill saying in God we trust are Sharia identical. But Islam entry to Medina was entrance to an initially pagan value system. So, it is completely different. In fact, many Muslims who visit the US say that they are impressed with how America on many levels represents ideals of Islam. The thesis here is distorted, catering to xenophobia.

  7. they are being used for the jews so they can expand Israel, who controls all the money? look up how banking works, who owns them, then you will know who controls you. this guy knows the truth.

  8. I'm an ex-muslim from Bangladesh and this is pretty accurate apart from the little misinfo that every Arab became a Muslim…there were and still are Arab christians. Anyway… political Islam is as ugly as it is scary and it will become even worse in the next few centuries. Dark times ahead for all of humanity. This Islamic conquest of the West only happened thanks to a combination of Military interference in the Middle East and Extreme White Guilt of western liberals. Otherwise it would've been very slow.

  9. Christianity is middle eastern religion who was brought to Europe with Roman's you guys are just a fucking steeler its arrive to America after 14 century you guys have no culture

  10. Dr bill Warner is spreading the wisdom of knowledge in the world. Islamic immigration is different, as anjem choudary said that we believe Islam dominate any land that it touches.

  11. Thank you. The liberals of our country could Actually be stupid enough to believe a host of lies as other brainwashed youths but we have informed, we have warned, we have prayed and delivered our souls. Now their possible escape is up to tbem

  12. Jeremiah 16:16 First God sends Fisher's of Man until the fullness of the Gentiles then God sends Hunter's of Man Islam the Army of Darkness carrying black flags to punish the nation's for unbelief in God and Jesus Christ the Last Kingdom of Babylon Iron and Clay feet Clay is Man male and female reffugees immagration mass migration and breeding children Infiltration Jihadists getting ready for the Hunting of Man Christian's Jews and infidels islam the Anti-christ Religion of death rape and slavery Allah means cursed by God and Jesus Christ Allah the Great Deceiver the Great Dragon the Great Serpent the Fallen Morning Star cast out of Heaven the Beast Allah and Islam the Enemy of God and Jesus Christ and the Entire World creating the New World Order Islamic State Caliphate beware Islam the Hunter's of Man

  13. islam has an obligation to Allah Lucifer to invade and conquer the entire world killing all Christian's Jews and infidels

  14. Yes migration is a part of Islam but you lack insight. Try seeing from a Muslim point of view. All the Muslims migrating towards west in today's era are doing it for a better life and not for Allah, so that migration is useless and shouldn't bother any kafir. Read the first hadeeth from Bukhari it will become more clear.

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