1. Allahuakbar may allah help those in need in palestine iraq pkistan afghanistan indianturkey egypt and all the ither muslims inshallah

  2. X3 I love islam
    I m scared though
    Because the people I been fighting (those who mock islam)
    Might come and tell lies
    And promote their religon
    Here in the beautiful message
    Is ruined by pride
    Ya Allah please protect this video from the curse, swear and other mocking from the disbelievers
    And if there was one forgive them and show them guidance to your religon ya Allah

  3. Can you do an episode on al qaqa bin amru altamimy please (القعقاع بن عمر التميمي)

  4. Wallahi this is the purest video I have ever seen. May Allah bless the efforts of the producer and multiply your blessings in this dunya and the akhira.

    My heart is trembling from happiness that Allah has chosen me to be an ambassador of his deen.

  5. Salam, Brothers and Sisters please have a look at my channel and please do subscribe it..

  6. Allahu akbar! When we say Islam is religion of peace this is what we mean. I was depressed and suicidal ever since I turn back to Islam I've found so much peace in my life alhamdullilah

  7. Assalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu…..subhan Allah….this is very motivational video….great work…people who do not have a habit of reading can learn from these vidoes…

  8. does anyone know in which lecture Nouman Ali Khan talks about this fully? if you could link the video as well thanks x

  9. alhamdullah
    despite the war waged on islam on all front
    the muslim population worldwide is growing very fast double the growth rate of non muslims
    muslm population worldwide in 2016 is 1.8 billion
    in 2050 muslim population will grow to 3 billion allhamdullah almost double in only 30 years

  10. This haters go to Anti-islam websites, and over night they think they are scholars of comparative religion. My advice, stop wasting your time and follow what your heart tells you, guidance isn't bought, it comes from within through sincerity with your ownselves.

  11. Why am I still muslim? People hate me so much. I think it's because, I love islam and Allah, I love my religon, no one, nothing will let me leave islam.

  12. asalaam aliakum Rahman tu allah!
    good tidings, loves, peace, blessings, and more from Almighty Allah (Almighty God) I
    love your videos..and this is one of my new favorite videos! Thanks for all you do!
    loves you all!
    salaam peace

  13. Amazing way to describe and explain Islam. I especially like the way Yusha Evans explained Allah and the Messanger of Allah PBUH.

  14. Then you guys wait and we are also waiting for the day when Almighty will give the judgement, that day we will see who was right…


  16. A person must be willing to open their minds and give Islam a chance to touch their hearts so they truly understand that Islam isn't just a religion of peace but a way of life! I enjoyed the video a lot . Peace to all and have a nice day ~

  17. as Salam alaikum thanks for guiding us on the path of Islam …..feeling lucky …..do u have video of …..jahanum is azab plz make and upload plz….and how to be in Ramadan

  18. Islamic Guidance i appreciate your videos very much but please can you make a video on the life of Hussain R.A

  19. Ma sha Allah good video,. But try to avoid using NAK or any other da'ee lecture who has been under criticism by the scholars as we are common Muslims and get influenced by their differing interpretations/views even whether it is right or not. We must safeguard our deen in these time of fitnah where there are many eloquent speakers and few scholars.

  20. I love the videos of this channel, and with Allah's mercy I saw this channel and I learned many things about Islam and I got more excited to learn more, praise be to Allah, I am from Muslim family btw, one problem I really want to mention about this channel is why you guys use pictures of woman? It's too distracting for me to concentrate on the message when I see women's picture, can you please stop using picture's of woman in future movies, may Allah guide you, jazakAllahu khairan

  21. thank you for the vedio, from the bottom of my heart, many people would feel islam without knowing it, people who have wrong ideas false notions etc, islam is humanity, it is the beauty of life the essence of purity, if everyone would just take relegion, god, science, ethics, wisom, etc etc… connect all the dot together they would grasp a little bit of the beauty of the creation.

    again thank you for the post, i hope alot of people who are feeling severe loneliness in thoughts, who feel they are created for something more, who do not feel content with what we see nowadays, would understand the true beauty of islam, the quran, the holt prophet and his family. I wish people would see things the way I see it in my mind, the vastness of the creativity and imagination that God have granted us is so beautiful that enjoyng your solitude thinking about life, God, the beauty of the colors creation, of the humans of history of space of light of darkness, we are all brothers, either in relegion or in creation. may peace be upon the ones who spread it.

  22. Subhanna Allah ! what a wonderful lecture ! This happen to me the First time I heard the Quran ! Boom ! And I found myself ! Alhamdulillah!

  23. just yesterday i thought about a video like that but i didnt know that it already exist.. subhanallah very nice video to explain non muslims

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