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what would convince you now of Islam what is your criteria that will convince you that would make you see okay you know what that’s it I submit I surrender I would be a Muslim if we prove that will you therefore accept how would you prove that yeah I’m willing to accept anything that’s why I still talk to a pastor I’m not talking to here right you know the photographer we believe in the filter that fitrah takes you always to that oneness it takes you always to that being takes you almost that creator of everything so you wouldn’t be too different from the Christians who are Unitarians unit areas are very are very close to us we’re not all not far from unit owners the only difference is this them accepting Prophet Mohammed to be a prophet right that’s that why is a simple difference but I we meet them we provide evidence why he’s a prophet right and also protein are the greatest evidence is if this God exists what has this God said about the qualities that he possesses the oneness for example is it explicit where were you guys called toheeb yes yes so does this God and it’s not as logical as rational right if this God exists then he would communicate to his creation as to what they should think of him how they should think of him okay because if he hasn’t told you and you come up with the wrong answer then you can claim when I was influenced by this found the other I came up with a real answer but Allah explicitly says lay in a hat in the law there is nothing none worthy of worship except Allah one the only the absolute okay and then says mohammad rasool allah and that muhammad is the messenger of god it’s explicit if you look at like you said the old religions the word heard is used in hebrew for the god of one one uniquely one yes it’s a uniquely one and you find that consistently then i think it’s reasonable to say that god is one and i don’t need to worry about whether they could be multiple or not logical do you see my point so and so it’s very important who’s making the claim well let’s look at the quran can we say that this is from God if we can not come up with a reasonable explanation of it coming from anything other than God and then God says I’m one the matter is second you see my point I see the point in that sense in that sense there’s not really much um division from the both of us in bhakti I already accept hamdulillah I already believe I want to believe in the existence even when I look up my own tribe you can say except by the way I felt that you you feeling a bit to say it so you can say it’s because when I say except if someone asks me to tell them that I know this in creator I could give them the scientific illogical you accept there so you don’t have to demonstrate to anyone you’re not saying you accept as well you’re saying I accept there is a creator that means this is a self lame right you’re not selling him believe also there is a creator right as something you accept because the word believe can use can be used negatively or positively in the same sense right so you can use you can use the word accept and and can you really have anything without creator can you have something from nothingness I don’t believe so ken I’m not asking about what we believe that’s that’s coming coming back to the point again right Ken you have something from nothing ie no existence of anything right no matter no space no energy no fluctuations nothing can you have something from there if you had something from there what will they come from how did they come how do you come to be raptured it will always be nothingness even space is something you refer to it you call it space then if I was being humble and said I don’t know even though I don’t believe that I believe you believe in a creator yeah that’s an unreasonable belief for anybody to have you believe that this creator should be one which is a reasonable belief illogical and irrational belief to have I believe right based upon the evidence now if you accept that you’ve studied a little bit about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him yeah but this is the other thing I was going to ask you looking into his life yes do I put the head beats aside and just concentrate on the Quran because I see a lot of Muslims arguing over the head beats which one is authentic which one is inauthentic you say I’m like maybe I should just stay away from that part yes how many how many Muslims are in the world Oh around two billions let’s say around two billion how many follow only the graph from what little I know most follow the Quran and hadith they will probably not make 2% of the right even one or two percent so these people like referring to are a sect that went outside the norm of Musa so you should not make that problem for yourself right the majority does what he accept Islam under why because the hadith comes from the same root that the Quran comes now let me ask you a question right if if a man who’s walking by you know that man you trust that man right and he came he gave you a book right you accepted the book you read the book you believe in the book right then he came the same person give you another book then you say you know I don’t wanna accept this book why I don’t trust the guy so how did he accept the first book how did he accept the Quran that comes from the companions and reject the honey that comes from the companions that is why they’re illogical I’ll tell you something there that sick that you see is evidence that if Tom’s true and I’ll tell you what prophet muhammad’s allah salla me said 1440 years ago he told people about some rulings in Islam right then he said there will come a time will you see someone reclining on his couch his belly is full and he says his enough formula for on I don’t accept this woman I don’t accept this he said that they you know when 1440 years ago if these people didn’t exist today people will ask where he said that but I didn’t have it them doing that is is an evidence that Islam is coming from the creator them doing that is a proof that this man is not talking here and there right so that question should lead you more interest I mean I I did try and purchase the one of the habits aji al-bukhari and then I sold like nine volumes say one thing putting hadith to the side for one second I’m saying Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him do you believe that this man existed do I believe he existed yes I just always assumed that yeah so you so your opinion is that he did exist what I’m saying is what stops you from accepting that he was a Messenger of God is there something specific that you want to look at this is where it comes down to knowledge yes and we briefly touched on it whether you mentioned the life over your property yes there’s history of him yes so then I would have to look into it I would have to find a way that I can get access to that information and read it a lot easier then going through say nine books for one of course but we don’t have to do that to recognize somebody’s being truthful do it I’ll tell you why because when we look at a person who’s claiming certain things we have to look at the we have to look at what that person is saying and why they are saying it in other words what do they have to gain by saying what they’re saying right and of course we have to assess is this person a liar is this person telling the truth is this person delusional and we come up with a conclusion based upon what way we think this person fits in if the only thing that we’re left with is that this person is sincere and he’s telling the truth and his claim is that he’s from God then he must be the prophet point it’s a very logical argument so for example you come to me and you still have us don’t eat sugar anymore actually because it’s a it’s really really bad for you right and I’ve heard that you know actually it caused all sorts of health problems I say okay what are your credentials for claiming this thing yeah if you say to me all I’ve been researching these are the papers I published I’m a PhD in this and I’m a PhD in that I’m gonna sell subhanAllah thank you brother for that knowledge I will really take that on board why because I’ve very fight that your sincerity is not just miss fountain unfounded or whatever you’ve got the credentials to back it up right so here comes a man in the seventh century solanum asunder he tells the people I’m a messenger a prophet of God and this Quran this revelation is from God there has to be something that people would see in that individual to even accept this notion okay so what do we find we find that they accused him of lying then the people said but he’s not an ayah his name is Amin we call him the truthful one whenever we entrust him with anything this man is honorable he’s not lying so they say well maybe he’s gone mad with the people then who spoke to him said but he doesn’t come across as a madman he’s completely sane so okay what is it what is it what is it where does he get these words from the only argument they had which wasn’t an argument at all was that he is a magician magician okay because these words were so extraordinary in the Koran that the only explanation that came up with is that he’s an alien isn’t it interesting that magic is normally something that you do a physical thing you know you and a rabbit appears or you are personally surprised I’m certain right exactly and yet they were attributed magic to the words that he was speaking so allowing the son of so my point to you is that it’s a very easy analysis for you you believe he existed then you have to ask the quite what what his motive what was his motivation was it riches was it well because he was offered those things and he refused he died penniless basically with no money nothing was it to become a king a ruler but the Quraish offered in that and he said even if they put the moon in my left hand and the Sun in my right hand I will not skip eat stop giving this message so it wasn’t wealth it wasn’t you know to become a ruler King so one has to then ask the question what was it that is person came with he was clearly sincere and if you believe that accept that then I’m the less time to save the shadow rock you know don’t wasting water because I’d say one thing to you brother you know I’m me a lot of people and they want to reach a point of conclusive proof and evidence that is that is beyond that which they expect for anything else so the evidence I believe that Islam provides is more than sufficient to accept it but the bar they set is so high that for anything else if it were to be accepted they would accept it without any question oh you think that okay no no when I set the bar it’s not specifically for Islam yes is for I’m not making it personal I’m just saying what general is what I found that you know some people so I’ve had one person honey I said what would make you believe he said well if God came down from the clouds and he pointed his finger at me and he said I want you to believe in me so I looked at him and I said be honest would you become Muslim if that happened you know what he said because no I wouldn’t right and Allah actually says this in the Quran is that right yeah chapter 15 all right what does Allah say about this I would like you to repent Allah surrounds our laces and even if we open to them doors in the sky which they will continue their end to ascend you can see everything in heaven they will say our eyes have been dazzled deceived us our eyes have deceived magic this is magic someone deceived us that’s what they will say even seeing an evidence from that such now that’s that’s that the essential question that was going to come to them what would convince you now of Islam what is your criteria that will convince you that would make you see okay you know what that’s it I submit I surrender I would be a Muslim well what a pity one of the criterias you mentioned which was in regards to the Prophet and you mentioned all the accusations that were made about him so then I would have to look at his life to make sure that he was actually cuz I already believe he exists like I believe Jesus existed I repeat the Prophet Muhammad existed so I would have to be like is his message was it sincere was it corrupt was it true I’m the only way I can know that he’s by reading that’s nice because the the other part which is believe in a creator I heard I’ve already believe that so that’s not like a debate for me how do you have you read it I read a few pages but I’ve been concentrating on the Quran and look at a few habits you know you know for answers something very good yeah it says that the devil has steps right these steps are always the same I mean people who want to become Muslim I mean women who don’t practice I mean men who don’t practice is always the same steps it’s always the same ideas it’s always the same thoughts right let me finish reading this okay when I’m done with the hadith namely finished reading the Quran I’m done with the Quran let me check availability of Syria you know that’s what he’s trying to do delay not only delay he is trying to until you like it’s not just any delay in one year today’s know his goal is you die without saying uttering these two statements that you were talking Yahweh said you would mention her to hurry up cuz nobody lives forever and you said you stretch it for 10 years well not 10 years much shorter than that for with the Islam looking at Islam and other religions I’d say two and a half years I used to be a Christian that’s a long time he’s a long time right when do you think you’re willing to take the step when is that time gonna come you should question yourself on that right because if there is logical evidence you believe it you accept it right and then you deny admitting it did not justifying it and that was the only thing they’re gonna take you to heaven and then you die because you’re saying you know what leaving research more this is the way I always say what is gonna change if you become Muslim now and you continue researching or you just continue researching if I’m gonna commit then it has to be 100 I don’t want to come I’m not telling you to commit my point my point is this what is the difference you will continue searching anyways right well it’s all supposed to be sure before you but the point is that you sure no but I’m sure about one thing that we all agree I’m sure about believing in a creator sure and I’m I believe in that betrayal that’s the only thing we have provide evidence for the profile Prophet Muhammad is undeniable what are you there for except that’s my question that’s where gets tricky cuz we already agreed I believe that he did exist I don’t know : our existence that he is receiving revelation from the Creator okay that’s where it gets tricky for me okay if we prove that will you therefore accept how would you prove that yeah I’m willing to accept anything that’s why I still talk to a bus so would you agree that you agree with me that if we prove you a lexer correct now I want to I’m gonna give you one one example just for yourself right let me first pick up the Quran because I like for you to check what I’m saying right so let’s go to chapter 86 of the Quran yeah you mentioned something very interesting and that’s something okay this chapter is called a tariq yeah so what does a Turkmen in Arabic this one has lexicons so we will know it what it means okay so we can click here and we can check what knock strike that’s what the orthotic means to knock or to strike okay so we have something that knocks and strikes yeah god begins by saying by the sky above you and by the no curb or striker or hammer or whoever is that you wanna the phrase that you want to put yeah and what would make you know what that hammer is or what would make you know you don’t know you’re a desert between Arabia forty hundred forty years ago or all of this Muslim community you don’t know so then God continues to say an edema started so the piercing star this word effective has two meanings could mean highly illuminative and piercing so he has two two meanings we have something here there is a an ochre right there is a star highly illuminated and piercing now I want you to listen to this and I want you to tell me what you think yeah and tell me what does this sound like okay what does it sound like to you personally I put four here’s all is now okay so okay I want you to put it on your ear and you will hear a voice ignore the vibration I put those aside ignore the vibration but there is another sound happening why is it what what does that sound like okay so does that sound like something knocking a striking no you know what that is the sound of pulsars wait wait do you know what without what the Pulsar is very when they talk about the universe and they talk about quasars pulsars let’s see you Apple service Nick Google tell us for full service okay OSD is loading the pictures a pulsar is a highly magnetized rotating star that emits which emits ultra magnetic radiations and because it’s revolving see so quickly is very shiny it’s so shiny and it’s not only that it has two piercing lights it has to be using lights through the galaxies now my question is this right do you know how we hear the sound how we get the sound of the pole how did you hear I don’t have a recording it via how do you start normally don’t make sound do it so how do we hear we have highly advanced equipment that interprets the electromagnetic waves coming from the star that exists today right using this we can listen to the sound of the star you can hear what kind of a sound is this is well obviously all of the modern you can even hear sounds of planets not only stars right so my point is this yeah how would the disis desert between arabia fourteen hundred forty years ago you know when the star was discovered in 1967 no microscopes no telescopes no such thing at the time prophet muhammad my question to use this how would he know that there is a highly illuminated piercing star that makes an oak example please I could challenge you on the star babe but the knocking Bay I couldn’t is impossible because the star has been a Christian when Jesus was being born they had the piercing star which people saw so that part is not surprising to me but the part you mentioned which I was listening to the knocking part that part is not any star that’s the point it mentions attributes of a certain star and it gives it a name an ochre gives it a description a specific star that specific star is an ochre star it also is highly limited and piercing not just any piercing star any highly elevated star no is a specific star that exists my question to use this would you agree that it was impossible at the time Prophet Muhammad no equipment no telescopes or microscopes you can never hear sound of any stars how would he know them you would know that unless someone who created that told the maker of that told him about because I don’t know of any technology that they would have had back then that they would have been using to listen to there was no desk or so so no sir chapter 86 of the 86 or a I’m sorry now now one evidence like this is sufficient for us in super this I could give you hundreds of evidences right but the question is if you agree with me right now that he could not have known this so it must be from the Creator so therefore what is in the Quran is coming from but realtor so that he is a one he’s he’s one who is he’s a messenger and a prophet oh sorry sorry oh yeah so if you have you there that thing is with that surah 86 is definitely something is very powerful that I know that that description of the star the knocking and then reading what pulsars do and of course knowing before the astrophysicists have the technology to listen yeah I’m very recently and we can be that’s amazing thing is this brother that was one thing if that was one thing you may be incredibly surprised if you then find over a thousand statements in the Koran that touch on aspects of nature most if not all of which were not even known or discovered till very recently you have to answer the question which is that can a man in a desert who’s only known for his honor and his and his honesty and herding goats okay could he come up with statements like this not one not two but we’re talking about nearly a thousand statements touching on aspects of nature and and that’s why Allah says in the Quran that there is no doubt in this revelation that when you actually look at it in detail and this is why Allah says if you speak the truth provide your evidence okay but Allah says if this poor Iran had not come from alarm then he oh he offers you to come up with an explanation of where he’s come from you see because I can’t think of an explanation why read because I ready when you showed it to me and I could see where it’s a pierce in style I could see where it says knocking knocking and and you can go home check it as well again again in surah I’m just I’m just using Google right he’s a hundreds of people is saying or I don’t know how many right anyone can go home check right I can provide more right is it is an easy thing the question is how many is sufficient that’s the question that’s the reason I don’t give you a lot is the question of sincerity I don’t know I mean he I want to go and go home and read that 86 in and check out pull cells because that’s that’s that’s a very interesting verse that and I cannot say that people back then would have had the knowledge or guess something like this just a star is no king why would you say this why this specific description and a specific star this civic descriptions that is recently discovered why so I believe it personally I sincere person something like this that’s it to him I submit a surrender I can show you many more is this an easy thing right we have credibility from the Prophet Mohammed the Quran says the truth have manifested clearly from the falsehood it’s clear it doesn’t take a person to research for years for thousands of millenniums to find out God made it easy for you right but are you willing to accept that’s the question I mean you need to speed up my reading on that because I’m still what is the best show themselves until it’s clear to them and it’s the truth senri him I attend I feel f fgfe time to see here after a table a inula home and now huh isn’t it enough for Allah as witnesses follow things all things Allah is Allah can easily make signs for you right but Allah is leaving you in a test as well what can I come down and show you himself right Allah does that where is a distant this reality or is it just in this life right this life will being tested but it doesn’t mean we don’t have sufficient evidence we have sufficient enough to know for sure this is coming from a theater to know for sure that this man was truthful this man is a prophet of God right give you one more one more it is animation of Prophet Muhammad SAW Allah meeya where and this one is is is interesting to me because it’s if you go hundred years before it was not there right so prophet muhammad saw us and we know what obesity is obviously can any human being knows right most people know right so prophet muhammad said and this is a generation that most Muslims know but they don’t know the end of the iteration right Prophet Muhammad says the best of generations are my generation then the one who will come afterwards then the one who will come after us then he said then we’ll come later our people they’re interested but they’re not trustworthy obesity will widespread in this video now do you know how recent obesity is as a phenomena do you know the fast food that spreading around us all of these things the chemical food that we have is the only reason we have it obviously 100 years ago people who died out of famines they had no food the people who are obese were the kings but there was no obesity within the societies so how would you know that how do you know you wouldn’t but then I would have to have the intelligence to look at that verse and then relate it to what you said because the first part of the verse I would be able to understand but then the way you took had it yeah yep so it’s a happy ending so how were you then took the obesity and you then related it to what we know are from the lake from the 20th century do you agree that the rulers of today or let’s say that they’re not they’re not trustworthy in a sense would you agree with that mostly say most i wish ii broke at rum look at leas just look at examples we have front of us today yeah so look at these examples that we have in the ocean society here right are these people trustworthy I don’t trust the Prophet he said they will be entrusted but they’re not trustworthy he explained another part as well another unique thing you would see in these people and who BC to do I spread in them now this is cannot get clearer than this right so he Prophet Muhammad is not throwing vague statements here and there right he’s making clear-cut statements right Prophet Muhammad spoke about the countries that would become Muslim countries are naming them he named the countries that would become most in an hour of that his name the country that would specifically be named but not only that I’ll give you I’ll give you food I’ll give you the the the countries that Union yeah Prophet Mohammed names Syria Jordan Yemen right Prophet Muhammad named Lebanon as well right because they were kind of one region at that time anyways right Prophet Muhammed named Constantinople which is Turkey India Pakistan you know what is the most interesting thing you know when he was naming things you know what is the two biggest empires of the time of profit they are the Roman and pressure if our assassin and the Byzantine Empire yeah these between Arabs which have few sticks build buildings inside the floor to hide from the heat Prophet Mohammed when there was a ten thousand people army coming to attack him he was telling his people you will overcome Rome and pressure can you imagine that he has fever followers he’s expecting 10,000 army to attack and kill all of them and he’s telling them look you who maybe you don’t survive today or tomorrow you’re gonna overcome the Roman and oppression part you know what when he saw one percent 100 percent Roman Empire okay the eastern half an East and how first Constantinople by the point is this yeah I a an atheist historian says something very interesting he said this is their amount to an Eskimo in the desert telling you look twist people the bunch of Eskimos we’re gonna conquer Russia and you said this is the equivalent of today tell me the absurdity of this way now now who aided Prophet Mohammed you know each claim he made the religion ISM on stake that’s something people don’t keep on mind each claim the Quran makes the hadith makes Prophet Muhammad mix puts Islam on state if you say something is falsified cannot be from God each statement so all of these countries that he that he mentioned within hadith super on there in the hadith which one they’re in Bihari and otherwise there’s multiple narrations right so so it’s not one duration there is different nations that mentions the different countries so he did not want time he say this country this country this country has all of them is different incidents with his people what he mentioned these specific things right but but he was being attacked right at the Battle of the trench and he was saying things like that right and this is in early Islamic history now the question is who aided him to do that Allah says in the Quran those who believed we will inherit them upon their this is a promise before they do that that’s a promise was given to them by the Creator what stopped Prophet Muhammad from being killed do you know how do you know do you know that Allah did in rural India which is one of the of the the company is one of the of the people who were fighting the Roman Emperor Qin Empire at one instant both the Roman and Persian Empire united against him in an army and he defeated him Roman and Persian Empire which the two biggest do you know why because he was entering he was opening City after City after City after City he said let’s unite they united and he got defeated my question is this who aided these people may be the bit was no tactics anyway no weapons no actually if you look at the Roman in Persian Empire and the advancement of the time of tactics all tele and all of these different things who aided them who false of who proved these statements of Prophet Muhammad there’s a rhythm in Arabian after prophet having had achieved success in Arabia I thought outside of that that was their own with Abu Bakr and a whole bunch it was it was that’s what he said to them you will do this alright you were selling he was telling them your future he was saying to one companion you will hold the bracelets of kisra which is the king of the of the dispersion Empire which is the biggest Empire of the time he said these bracelets you put in your hand

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