Is Religion Actually The Root Of All Evil?

Another question we have comes from Alex [Morett
00:00:01] who says, “Since religion as a whole still propagates violence, intolerance, and
hatred to this day, do y’all think we should abolish religion?” You can’t abolish a belief. If you could, everyone on the planet would
accept the fact that climate change is real and that human beings are making it worse
and that we have to do something about it immediately. Of course, in order to do that, you have to
abolish the belief that climate change is a hoax. You can’t abolish a belief. I mean, we’ve tried that with education. We do, however, in the United States, obviously
have the separation of church and state. The government cannot promote any specific
religion. Having said that, it’s not necessarily a religion
problem, it’s an education problem. Religion, as a whole, is bad. Being religious yourself is not. If you choose to believe in god, or any other
religion, fine. Nothing wrong with that. Go about your beliefs. But if you choose instead to use those beliefs
to justify any kind of violence or hatred or bigotry, then you are the problem. If you choose to side with that religion over
the evidence of your own eyes and ears, the evidence coming from the scientific community,
then that’s a problem. But you can be religious and still say climate
change is real and human beings are making it worse. You can be a Christian and still believe in
evolution. There are plenty of those out there. It’s when you blur the lines, when you say
that, no, science can’t be real at all because religion has to be real. Like, here’s a mountain of evidence, but here’s
my little personal belief, and this thing is stronger than all of this. That’s the issue. You know, when I started here at Ring of Fire
about 14 years ago, I was a Catholic. I wasn’t devout, hated going to church, but
I firmly believed, yes, hundred percent, there’s a god, there’s an afterlife, and all that
stuff. I don’t know what I believe anymore. I know I believe in science. I know that science is what it is, what it
tells us. As for the other stuff, I don’t know what
I believe. I don’t know if I believe. And that’s what’s happened to me as I’ve grown
up. I grew up in the Catholic church. I was an altar boy for a while. I went to Catholic school in my youth for
a while. Church every single Sunday, whether I wanted
to or not, which, believe me, I did not. Every holiday, right there. It was awful. I hated it, but I believed it. But as you get older and you start questioning
these things, and you start to wonder how can this be? Where’s the evidence of this? He built a giant boat that was the size of
half a city? Surely we’d find something of that somewhere. I mean, if we can find ancient civilizations
that are thousands of years old, why can’t we find something like that? It’s always good to question things, and you
can keep your faith and still question things, but it’s when we stop questioning and when
we just put our blind trust in anything, whether it’s a politician of any party, whether it’s
a religion, a faith, a belief, when we put our blind trust in anything, it will always
run into problems and get us in trouble.


  1. Good people will do bad things and bad people will do good things, but it takes religion to make good people do evil things. It may not be "the" root, but it is one of the roots.

  2. Religion is not the problem as much as how it’s practiced or exploited as with the truth or scientific research that proves we have a real climate crisis that threatens humanity itself.
    We can pray or not till the end of time but what we do is as important as how we go about it. Let’s try to elevate consciousness enough to salvage life itself with tolerance and respect 4 all with all including especially our differences.
    We don’t have to agree and maybe just agree to disagree when need be?

  3. Science is proven all throughout the Bible and if you ever want to test the creation vs evolution theory vs fact just visit my friends over at! I am not catholic but I am a Christ follower 😎 and if youd like please follow me at as I do alot of research on end times prophecy and posts that may help you understand the walk that leads to eternity 😎🙏😎 maybe it will help you find your way 😁 God bless and keep you brother!!

  4. Lol. The love of money is the root of all evil …. and churches love money… coz money brings power. The love of power, money and greed is the root of all evil, with religion being the best example of this.

  5. *Tips fedora

    Of course, when these cucks talk about religion being evil, it's always Christianity. While they gladly wipe the asses and kiss the boots of Jews and Muslims.

  6. Is very plain to see you have the Creator and you feeling your body changing next day sunrise and sun go down and you still here you provide herbs and wanted to hear the anybody so it's very plain to see that the Creator is Almighty and always here

  7. Back again a lot of religions when it comes to church it's a lot of going on you don't get involved a community I don't know just watch who you hang out with but don't doubt the healing power of the creator working with you if you let him

  8. I firmly believe God is real. I know it for a fact that he has answered some of my prayers. However, I don't believe in organized religion where preachers use tithes to enrich themselves instead of using those for their own basic needs and use the rest to help the poor.

  9. Religion isn't the problem in and of itself. The sad reality is that there is nothing so good and pure that it cannot be tainted and twisted into something horrible. And religion is no exception to that sad reality.

  10. Most emphatically YES!!! Religion
    is most definitely the root of
    ALL EVIL!!! I'm 66 years old and
    I've become an atheist while my
    younger brother has become a
    very strict catholic. When we
    were kids, I was always interested
    in science. Back in the second
    grade, my younger brother thought
    the earth hung up in the sky on
    a hook! When we lived outside
    of Las Cruces, New Mexico, I had
    a cactus garden. My younger brother
    hated it. He believed that cactus
    were a curse God put on the earth!
    When we were kids, he use to kick
    me and pound me on my back.
    Oh! We have a younger sister who
    married a Mormon! Back in the
    1970s she stole my record albums
    my Space Odyssey, my Simon and
    Garfunkel, and my Ventures albums.
    Yeah, my brother eats God and my
    sister wears magic underwear!!!
    I'm outta here!!!

    If you want to discuss incidents other than war, we cannot count the Holocaust as “religious” violence, since Hitler hated Christians and killed other non-Aryan races as well.

    The Holocaust was genocide, not religious violence. But even if you count it, the total is between 16 and 31 million deaths due to religion in recorded history.

    The Holocaust: 6 millionThe Crusades: 1-3 millionPartition of India: 1 millionThe Inquisition: 1 million

  12. Christianity and Christians are being given really black names here. All the human rights issues throughout the Bible and Torah and other religious writings are common to other faiths and also to agnosticism and atheism. The passage of time lets people and civilizations grow up; as they mature they review their beliefs. Of course we in the west have refused to believe in much of writings and rituals from a couple of thousand years ago or more. It isn't a science v. faith issue. It's about growth as humanity.

  13. Actually Christ himself predicted climate change when proposing about end times, He said you would not be able to tell one season from another and that there would be great earthquakes in diverious places meaning all over the world.Sounds like climate change to me. I was raised in a fundamentalist church which I became doubtful of so I tried the Catholics and then went back and tried several other evangelical churches and finally came to the same conclusion as Christ that religion is not a great thing. Christ didn't have much use for religion and it was the Jews religious and political system that wanted Him crucified. Christ preached that we must have faith in God not religion. What I see is that religion and that means any religion has done nothing bur cause wars destruction and misery for centuries and the Christian religion has been one of the worst and as I see it the teaching's of Christ is nowhere in it. So I have concluded as for myself we should just go by the teachings of Christ and love your neighbor dont judge and help the poor and needy and care for the earth. I guess Gandhi put it best when he said I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians. Why are your Christians so unlike your Christ.

  14. thank you farron i am in the same boat as you as soon as i started to question a lot of religion my eyes were opened to a lot of things that i had not seen before and its only those that question authority will do the same

  15. I believe. I believe God was created by the rich ones to have something to forgive them for using human beings for bloody entertainment. They taught that to the people to also forgive them. Buying your way to heaven is not right.

  16. I wouldn’t say so much as root of ALL evil but the fact that there are so many different variations, some very similar, some WAY off the grid, and some religions get offended when you discover what others’ religions are, that, alone, has actually affected numerous friendships and/or relationships.

    Keenest example I can think of, off the top of my head, are five friends and I were having a sleepover at my friend’s house but after my friend’s parents found out his family was Protestant instead of Catholic, they, all of a sudden, didn’t think it was a good idea for him to come so it just ended up being four of us on the N64, playing Mario Kart 64, Goldeneye 007, and Perfect Dark. We were still friends without a doubt but the fact that all it took was a question of which faith are they to be excluded from the rest of us entirely is why I don’t get involved in ANY religion these days.

    If these religions are supposed to be about peace, harmony, inclusion, etc., why does it take one trigger for that group to be labelled as “with them” or “against them” so easily?

    And, of course, comes the “darker” side of religion: The more….violent side of some of the various religions’ beliefs such as needing to kill an “infidel” or being rewarded for how many you’ve “converted” to your religion, and some of which even “requiring” you to kill or sacrifice something or, in the more grim cases, someONE.

    I just don’t get involved with any of them due to the fact that it’s caused more fighting/berating/killing of others than the “peace” it was intended to bring.

    I’m too stupid for worshipping someone/thing that’s not here or can at least be communicated with so for me to jump into any religion, there can only be two rules: 1. Help each other out and 2. Don’t be a dick. And as someone who works in tech support for a living, I can follow THAT one in spades.

  17. Agreed with you on this 100% And when we put our trust in anything – including what we habitually call call Science – then we still have that problem because Newtonian ( materialistic reductionist) science is pretty much a belief system any more. So much has happened in science since the beginning of the quantum era that something entirely non-material and not reducible shows the way out of both belief and the limitations of fundamentalism of all kinds.

  18. You can't abolish religion, but through education we can show how it shouldn't be taken literally……! (it is just a belief)
    Religion claims to be tolerant, (well some don't) but if you research history, over 90% of all the wars that have been fought were based on religion….!
    Examples : the constant wars in the Middle East / Gaza strip (10yrs war, 100yrs war), The crusades, WW2 (religion/race-Jews)..
    Then there were the religious purges of the Inquisitions….

    I'm with Farron, brought up catholic, educated in catholic schools, have science degree, no longer practicing catholic……. WHY..?

  19. My mother always said if you got rid of polititions and religious leadrrs the wirld would be a better place. She said that over 40 years ago!

  20. Did Adam have a bellybutton? And, if God knows everything, then why he let Lucifer fool for himself? I know that these are silly questions, but its fun to hear, what the "true believers" answers are

  21. We should remove the tax exemption. The longer we allow religions to be untouchable corporations the more cults like in Wild Wild Country we will get.

  22. Brother I hope one day you come to know the Lord again. I am Catholic and despise the Republican party and it's leaders for turning my Christian beliefs evil; but it is not supposed to be that way. Jesus, when he was asked what are the two greatest commandment, replied: "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, all of your soul, and with all lot your mind. And the second is just as important: love your neighbor." Sad to say the Republicans don't know what it means to love thy neighbor, and so we have hated for those who are different. But there are still people of faith who are fighting this movement brought on by that goof-ball president of ours. So as a person of faith let me tell you it is not God or religion that is the problem, but those who twist the power of religion to their own benefit. God is love and I hope people don't hold God accountable for man's decisions.

  23. All religions not based on evil and violence you have to figure out and choose for yourself what you believe in your religion. Note this God is not racist God is the color of the rainbow and God like colors if he didn't like colors he would not never made them, that's a fact, you don't need a Bible to tell you the grass is green not yellow the sky is blue not white the ocean is blue not purple, common sense people common sense. Use your common sense God is Not partial, partial mean God's is not racist that is a fact. God love all humans he made us all and no we are not from no damn ape please don't go there. God do not like violence God do not want us to hate one another he want us to love ourselves and our neighbor. That's a fact to. So how can you go to your church and praise God then you want to kill your neighbor God not in you because. God is love if you love yourself and you love your neighbor you want try to kill your neighbor that's a fact.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.

  24. You can't abolish stupidity and primitiveness. Kind of have to point out the stupidity though, for the good of society. "Giving your life over" to some dude is just not a good idea, and nor is getting scientific knowledge from ancient people, who are well known to have been complete buttheads. Earth flat indeed. How damn hard was it to figure out the Moon is a sphere? Kind of obvious from the shape of the shadows as it changes phases. And once you realize that the Moon is clearly a sphere, how could you not figure out that the Earth is too? I'll tell you how, because ancient people were buttheads, that's how. Though I'll grant them that it doen't look like the Moon rotates so I can't blame them for not figuring out that the Earth rotates. The Moon tricked them on that one.

  25. You missed, Imposing your beliefs and religious values onto others, and Indoctrinating Children. Especially the latter.

  26. a religion is the alliance between a wolf and a sheep , in which the sheep hopes to go to eternal happiness in the sky after being eaten by the wolf.

  27. No. Selfishness and thoughtlessness are the roots of all evil. Religion is more of a catalyst.
    A good person who becomes religious might misattribute their own goodness to the religion.
    Nonetheless, a bad person will just use their religion to do more evil.
    Of course it bears a lot of study. No two people are the same.

    Mind you, religion does promote groupthink and that IS innately dangerous.

  28. Even though I grew up as a Catholic, I try to be open-minded and trust in scientific evidence. I still believe in spirituality and Jesus' teachings of love but I don't literally & blindly follow every note in the bible cause it's written by men. Pilgrims came in America a long time ago to escape religious persecution so we should try to learn from history and make sure the church is always separated from the state.

  29. Santa really is real amazing what a little faith will do and afraid i would not get presents if i did not believe. amazing how a little faith and fear make Santa real.

  30. Let me make this absolutely clear to everyone when it comes to the Christian faith. Those conservative right Christians are not going to heaven they think they are but they're not. They think that they're speaking for God but they do not. And God makes this absolutely clear in Matthew 13. These people in their religious right are no better than the Pharisees in the high Priests of Jesus's time and we all know what Jesus thought of them. Like I said let me make this perfectly clear God is not going to allow hatred in his kingdom if you hold Hate in Your Heart towards your brother and sister you will not enter his kingdom. The one thing that is great about God's Bible is there is no loopholes. The wording in the Bible is basically a binding contract between Christians people of the faith and God. And God and his son the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit is of love kindness generosity forgiveness Mercy. God gave us the freedom of Will and choice and it is not for us to tell how people should live. Why is it that certain people within the Christian right believe that they have the right to do what the Lord Jesus himself did not do on this planet think about that. The Christian right are hypocrites and that is what God calls them there is scripture in the Bible that state that so. You cannot pick and choose what scriptures you want to believe in.

  31. The truth is is the god in the Christian faith is and created science. God used everything that he created with a mathematical equation. This is fact we see it even in the scriptures we see it in the creation that God has made. The problem with religion is people like to twist religions to best suit their interest so they can use it as a beating stick are for a bully pulpit. I'm a person of faith I'm a Christian person but if you look at religion as a whole religion as a whole is about love respecting one another caring for one another. Nowhere in the religions of this Earth is their hatred towards one another. I mean not believe in those other religions but they still hold the same values in the Christian faith.

  32. I have to disagree. Religion itself is harmful. It encourages belief in nonexistent things (or at the very least, belief without evidence and usually contrary to genuine evidence); falsification of reality, separatism, encourages an "us-vs.-them" mentality, etc., etc., etc. And nearly all (I've not read them ALL, but this holds true for those I have) religious texts, while having much that is good and worthy, also have large sections which are hateful, vicious, and destructive, encouraging abuse of those not of one's own belief, etc. Cleansed of all this, a belief in a nonexistent other world/realm and deities would still, in my book, be of concern, but COULD be basically benign, or at least nonmalevolent. But looked at without the special pleading religion has always had (and encouraged), without sentimental specs on… no, religion is itself the problem, and until it has been reformed into something that resembles in very little what we have had throughout history, it will remain so. As someone who was raised in a religious family, and has more than a degree of attachment to certain aspects of that (not to mention a fascination for and love of myth and its role in human psychology and art), that saddens me, but it also makes me determined to argue against this false feeling that religion isn't the problem. By its very nature (so far), it is.

  33. very well said Farron ; being spiritual is an innate aspect of being a conscious human being ; but religion as an institution… not so much, just a large organization designed to separate and control the idiot masses =/

  34. And the knee jerk, pseudo-intellectual, anti-religious, wonks, weirdos, pantywaists, and whiners come a running to toss in their less than two cents because they perceive this as a safe space.

    Nope. Don't care. I believe what I believe. Without a real and honest conversation, you can NEVER know what I believe. Pretending you do because "I'mma inta'net smurt" is just as stupid as you want to believe the religious are. After all, they can NOT be smart and can NOT be good. If even one shows up and proves you wrong, you lose your sh*t and prove the conceit of the religious that you are a bunch of godless heathens, mongers of lurid things, and sadists and masochists who just want the world to burn deserving of nothing of positive value that men can give, respect, courtesy, compassion, guileless honesty, the love of one would have for their brother or sister… So, to them in return, YOU can NOT be smart and YOU can NOT be good either.

    Congratulations, you fell into one of the Devil's favorite traps the one marked "I'm right and you are not and that is the end of it."

    You may go back to your circle jerk now.

  35. This is how I feel about religion:
    This, I copied from some religious dudes' dopey reply to one of my posts…with a few changes for reality's sake.

    Dear Invisible man in the sky, I come to you in the name of some guy who hung-out with a whore.
    I acknowledge to You that I am a sinner, and I am not sorry for my sins and the life that I have lived;
    I don't need your forgiveness. I believe that your only begotten son, some guy, shed his precious blood on the cross at Calvary and died for me not willing to accept responsibility for my actions.
    You said in your stories, Romans 10:9 that if we confess the Lord, Dude's Dad, and believe in our hearts that Dude's Dad raised Dude from the dead, we shall be relieved of all responsibility for our actions .
    Right now I confess some guy as the Lord of my soul. With my heart, I believe that some guy's dad raised some guy from the dead. This very moment I accept this dude as my own personal savior and according to his word, right now I am relieved of my responsibilities.
    Thank you Dude for your unlimited grace which has saved me from my responsibility to treat the weak fairly.
    I thank you Dude that your grace never leads to repentance.
    Therefore, Lord Dude transform my life so that I may bring glory and honor to you alone and not to myself or anyone else that disagrees with me.
    Thank you Dude for dying for me and giving me a false sense of reality.

  36. Ideas are not the problem. A particular idea may be proven false, but the question of "Is this all that we are" continues. All religious texts were written by primitive men trying to understand that which cannot be understood by any means available to us. Even now, we are but scratching the surface of understanding. What little we have been able to discern so far of the quantum world is telling us that the universe is not by nature material, but energetic, that means we have to throw out everything we thought we knew and embark upon a totally new effort to understand reality. If there is anybody out there who thinks they have all the answers, you do not.
    Human beings, and their desire for power and control are the problem, just as it has always been for as long as there have been human beings. The modern interpretation of the Abrahamic religions is facing some serious questions as science disproves many of their beliefs. But the ideals espoused by Christ, Bhudda, Krishna and many others are universal truths. If you want the world to be better, be a good person, understand that you do not know it all, respect all those who disagree. As long as they are not causing mayhem, what they believe matters not. It is really that simple. In the end, you have control over but one human, yourself. It is a starting point.

  37. Religion is the key in this life of suffering…only the evil say religion is the cause!!..I'm Buddhist and I respect every person religion as long as u don't kill people for sacrifice or something…I respect real Muslims,Jews, Christians, Buddhist that are true to their religion and realize evil is real and it still exist and good must always be around to fight pure evil… religious people keep the world from really going crazy…some people lose hope like u said,and blame religion,,they were never a true follower then,,,,but true believer know wrong from right and don't give in to the pressure evil cause us to do….Bless everyone and all creatures on Earth

  38. Religion and nationalism are the two things that can be used to create a genocide. Religion is much, much better at it than nationalism. One of the most important functions of democracy is to dilute the possibility of nationalism leading to genocide. The same can be said of pantheism for religions. However, historically speaking, monotheism leads to genocide.
    My second issue with religions are that they represent the philosophical leanings of a particular period in history. Which means that every religion wants to recreate that period in history (or as close to that period as they can get). So fundamentalist Muslims want to recreate the 6th century ad, with all of the social ills of that period (repression of women, slavery, etc) recreated as shown when they created a fundamentalist caliphate with ISIS. Fundamentalist Christians want to implement biblical laws (Mike Pence has even been quoted on this), which are laws and social practices from Rome (including women being 4th class citizens with less rights than slaves) or even before this when women had even less rights (Leviticus et al). So even if there is a good message somewhere in all the baggage, the baggage for a religion is downright terrifying.
    The last part of my little rant is that it says a whole lot about religion that the people who believe it most fervently (the fundamentalists) are actually dangerous to the people around them.

  39. There is nothing wrong with religion and science. they can go hand in hand. what you said at the beginning is highly ignorant.

  40. Spirituality is better than religion. Religions expect followers to believe without question. Spiritual people question everything.

  41. Well said. Sadly, in the USA there are areas where being an atheist is as socially dangerous as being a socialist under McCarthy. I watch a number of great channels presented by ex-believers, eg Telltale, Genetically Modified Skeptic, Prophet of Zod and many others who grew up in fundamentalist churches and now do what they can to help other atheists who daren't "come out" to their families, or who are desperately trying to leave. GMS has had me in tears more than once. Others with similar backgrounds tackle the lies of fundies in different ways, eg Godless Engineer, Paulogia and Holy Koolaid. Check each one out and go to the links to the channels they themselves follow to watch numerous others deal with the problems of fundamentalism in their own ways. Some people may be shocked to find out that the only places it's more dangerous to be known as an atheist outside certain states are Islamic countries which are run by religious extremists. They may not face beheading (thankfully!) but they can and do lose their jobs, friends, even families. I urge you to check out this tight-knit group (there are numerous cross-overs) to find out how dangerous religion can be even in a supposedly secular country. It may well horrify some of you.

  42. Oh there ya go again, Farron, whining how not everyone buys into climate change! Get over it! Have I changed your belief about climate change? Of course not! Have no desire to. But you refuse to accept others NOT believing in climate change that's been going on long before humans. Humans are so damn arrogant they actually think they can transform an entire planet with their pollutants. Weather is also affected by our orbit, the earth's wobbles and how the sun behaves. Believe that or not, I couldn't care less! Climate is changing as it's done for billions of years so we use climate change as an entity in itself as an excuse. You must believe or we'll judge you and get nasty! Religion was founded to explain things, to give excuse for judgement, to give excuse for violence. Belief and non belief are choices, people. Belief or non belief is human made, human acted or human ignored! War? Personal problem? Why let's blame religion for it or expect it to change things. Oh and then of course if you don't believe and are an Atheist you get blasted. Get rid of religion as a whole? No one is forcing you to keep it and no one has the right to force you to give it up using their belief system as an excuse! You can abolish a belief. I don't believe in climate change. You don't like that? Tough! Don't need your approval. Religion doesn't decide judgement or violence. You're responsible for your own actions! Religion is a great scapegoat to blame things on that humans invented!

  43. People are going to be religious …. part of the psyche. But 'organized religion' has been shown over and over and over again to be bigoted, racist, murderous and the most deadly force in the human experience. We can't legislate religion, but we can certainly take away the unnatural allowances made by government to organized religion. Since the only real purpose of organized religion is to raise money through whatever means necessary, we need to tax them at a higher rate than private citizens are taxed. Since corporations and businesses are quickly becoming tax exempt, we need a replacement source of government income.

  44. To answer your question, no. In fact, this question has already been answered by the bible. THE LOVE OF MONEY is the root of all evil. Always follow the money.

  45. Humanity will never reach its true height until it leaves these childish superstitions behind. Sadly I suspect religion will be with us as long as people fear death, and I think that will be a fair while yet.

  46. Finding truth needs only neutral attitude for few minutes; I would suggest watching this before making conclusions about God and religions;

  47. Religion isn't the issue. I think people sometimes look at religion as a way to escape one glaring fact. And that is humanity as a whole is the problem. Humans are dumb, fearful and greedy by nature. As an agnostic i have seen both the good and the bad of religion since I tend to observe all forms of it more than a lot of people would. It all comes down to the people and not so much the religion. It's people that chose to either go to the extremes or to use their religion as a guideline to live a better life. Some people are just naturally evil and will use stuff like religion to harm others. While on the other half of the coin there are people who use religion to help others. This whole debate on if religion is good or bad is always annoying to me. Because religion by itself isn't inherently evil. It's what humans choose to do with it that gives it any type good/bad alignment.

  48. 1: church = 2000 years the place for pedophileman , these pedophilepriest protecting eachother hold the lies on ! Behind backdoor place free to rape sexually kids ! Hello are you dumb it 2018 !

  49. 2: church = the place where you find massa pedophile brotherhood ! You called them your holly priest ? Unbelievable ! Giant filthy pedophilepriest hypocrite pikerface ! Easy sum dude?

  50. …….science flies you to the Moon………..religion flies you into buildings……………..if you think the Earth is 6000 years old ……….. ……………you ARE part of the problem

  51. We could not understand what or who created us and what we call the cosmos. Many will try and many will think they have it figured out but it's impossible. Many will actually know that the god they believe in is real but they can't, as it's impossible. I feel bad for the young people that are brain washed into believing something that others do. It was attempted on me….but thankfully it never latched on.

  52. Religion is a money making scare tactic. The whole idea of someone saving you from themselves is ridiculous. God wants in and if you asked "why" he would say "to save you". If you asked "from what?" He would then say "from what I'm gonna do to you if you don't let me in." Pretty effective scare tactic, I must say.

  53. If you really want to know a person, ask them what they think of Astrology.
    Science = Theory + Evidence. Religion = fairy stories + control.

  54. Christ says, "they're not of this world anymore than I am"
    Therefore, I will never serve a blood shedding/child raping religion ever again. I will only serve the Lord and His Kingdom. The Kingdom of Heaven vs the kingdoms (religions) of humans.
    God ordained vs man ordained.
    Jeremiah 17:5 cursed is the one who trusts in man.
    You better know without a doubt, when your Heavenly Father is speaking thru someone via the Holy Spirit, sent in Christ's name, otherwise, you will be deceived into serving perverts in their own unauthorized by God, places of worship.

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