Is God Calling You?

Announcer: The followingis a presentation ofTomorrow’s World.In a world that is tearing apart at the seams, that seems to be hurtling towards doomsday, it’s easy to wonder- Where is God? Is He doing anything or does He even care about what is going on? Yes, He DOES care. And yes, He is doing something amazing, although, almost no one understands it. Though God eventually plans to extend salvation to all mankind, He is not at this time, trying to save the entire world. Rather He is only calling certain specific individuals aside-working with them, working in them in a remarkable way, as the first part of an amazing plan. Who are they? How would someone know if God were calling him or her? Today on Tomorrow’s World, we will address one of the most important questions you will ever ask yourself: Is God Calling You? Stay tuned. ♪ Greetings, and welcome to Tomorrow’s World! It’s wonderful to have you here, and today’s program is a particularly important one, and one which may impact your life in a very personal way. It’s going to surprise many of you, and you’re going to see ideas and concepts in the Bible that you had no idea were there-hiding in plain sight! Yet ideas and concepts which may revolutionize your relationship with God and your view of the world forever. In addition to the topics we are going to discuss today on the program, we are also going to give youan opportunity to obtainone of our most uniqueand insightful resources:a DVD titled“The Big Picture.”Be sure to keep your eyes openfor information on howto order this inspiringDVD for yourself.Now concerning today’s topic,let’s set the stage- Many people seem to view the world around us as an ongoing battle between God and Jesus Christ on one hand and Satan the Devil on the other- where Christ is trying to save as many as He can before they die and the Devil is trying to condemn as many as he can. But, my friends, that idea is completely and utterly FALSE. If it were a true, if the world were a contest between God and the Devil- frankly we’d all have to honestly agree it looks as though the Devil is winning! Two-thirds of humanity today does not claim to be any part at all, of the many flavors of professing Christianity. When we consider all the human beings who have ever lived and died throughout history, the VAST MAJORITY have not only never accepted Jesus Christ in any way- most have never even heard of Him! And yet the Bible is clear: Jesus Christ is the ONLY source of salvation, and, as Peter explains in Acts chapter 4, verse 12- So, what’s going on, then? If most of the world seems lost -and it certainly does- should we just assume that God doesn’t care about the world? That He doesn’t care that only a small fraction of humans that He created find salvationin this lifetime?That millions-actually billions of human beings- men, women, and children-die in ignorance of Him,without even an opportunityto choose salvation? Not on your life! In fact, the Bible proclaims quite the opposite conclusion! After all, 1 Timothy chapter 2, and verse 6, says that Christ gave Himself as a ransom for ALL people. Chapter 4 and verse 10 of the very same book proclaims God as the Savior of ALL people. John chapter 3, and verse 16- one of the most widely quoted verses of the Bible- states very plainly that “God so loved the world.” Every human being of every race,ethnicity, and nationalityis a beautiful,handcrafted creation of Godand is made inHis wondrous image,and God’s Word tells usthat He longs to have everyonein His Familyand His Kingdom, forever.And He is patientlyworking on that very thing.As Peter says in his second letter, chapter 3 and verse 9- If so few are finding salvation today, in our time, and yet God expresses His passionate desire that- not the few, but the MANY would find Him and be saved- then the conclusion we can draw is clear: God is simply NOT trying to save the whole world at this time! His plan must be larger in scope-and, indeed,the Bible says that itis wonderfully so!Actually, in one clip fromthis free “Big Picture” DVDthat we are sending toall of you today, Evangelist Roderick Meredith addresses this very topic, passionately explaining: “God is not trying to save the world at this time. If God were trying to do that, He would DO IT! His name is El Shaddai- GOD ALMIGHTY.” But if God is not trying to save the whole world at this time, then what IS He doing at this time? How does He plan to save the world if He isn’t saving everyone now? And what is He trying to do with you right now? We will address those questions as our program continues. But first, let me give you the opportunity to request the FREE DVD that I just mentioned, “The Big Picture.” We don’t have many of these special DVDs left, and they are a real opportunity for those viewing the program this particular week. Recorded for a Christian Feast of Tabernacles observance in 2008, this video explains the plan of God and how God has used a special few throughout time to carry out His mission.It contains behind the scenesviews of this workand the people behind it,with some very candid footageof many of the thousandsof people who standbehind this ministryand believe the things thatGod teaches in this program-people just like many of you.You need this DVD and theinsight it will give youinto what God is doing in the world today, and what God may be doing in YOU. It is completely free, and will inspire you in surprising ways- request your free copy of “The Big Picture” today.Announcer: To receivethis program’s offerabsolutely free,or if you would likemore information,call the number shownor visit our website onlineat you can write us atthe address shown.Announcer: With this offer,you will also receiveyour free subscriptionto “Tomorrow’s World”magazine fullof timely articlesand unique insightson today’simportant issues.“Tomorrow’s World”magazine keeps you up to datewith world trends,bible prophecy,and the very meaningof life itself.“Tomorrow’s World”…Call now!Welcome back! In our last segment, we discussed the fact that God isn’t trying to save the whole world right now, because if He were, He’d be succeeding! Rather, God has a beautiful plan to eventually give everyone who has ever lived their opportunity to know the truth and to come to Him, in an orderly and wonderful way. In this life now, God said He is only beginning His harvest of mankind, saving those He calls His “firstfruits”. Those firstfruits will be resurrected and glorified when Jesus Christ returns to set up His Kingdom on earth. Then, Christ and His glorified saints will rule the world for one thousand years, during which time the Bible speaks of salvation being extended to mankind in general, all over the world. Then, after that thousand year period, all who have ever lived but who have neverhad a true opportunityto truly understandthe real gospel of Godwill be resurrectedto physical life once againand will have theiropportunity to chooseGod’s way of life.Those who utterly refuse to repent and live God’s way will be destroyed foreverin the lake of fire,but the rest willenjoy eternity in theFamily of God, forever, to inherit the entire universe! I encourage you to visit our Tomorrow’s World web site where you will find many, many FREE materials proving and explaining the beautiful plan of God in detail, but for now, let’s focus on the topic that we are examining today. It may shock you to learn that the Bible makes it very clear that God is simply NOT trying to save the world and everyone in it today, and He is, in fact, only calling to Himself a smaller number of people, for His purposes and Work today and in the coming Millennium under Jesus Christ.Notice the plain wordsof Jesus Christ in John 6,and verse 44-My Bible isn’t any different from yours! And the statement is plain: NO ONE CAN come to Jesus Christ UNLESS GOD THE FATHER chooses to call him or her at this time! In fact, He reiterates the same point just a few verses later, emphasizing that God must specifically choose to call someone in verse 65- “NO ONE can come to me unless it has been GRANTED to him BY MY FATHER.” Can Jesus be any PLAINER than that? Christ is clearly placing the burden of action on God the Father- that is it is GOD who must choose, not us. In fact, Jesus said exactly those words to His own disciples in John chapter 15, and verse 16- Are you willing to listen to the plain teaching of the Bible, even when it disagrees with what others say about it, or your own preconceived ideas? Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, let me say here that that will be one of signs that God may be calling you. These aren’t the only passages. There are so many! Consider the famous verse in Acts chapter 2, verse 38, where the Apostle Peter says boldly to the assembled crowd- If you’ve ever read those words before, did you notice Peter’s plain statement about the need for God’s calling before now? Peter understood that the response was a matter of how many God would choose to call! And other verses make it plain that God is simply NOT calling everyone right now, and that there ARE some He explicitly says He is not calling. For instance, Paul speaks to the Church of God in 1 Corinthians 1:26. He tells them- He reminds them that they had to be called and that God isn’t calling everyone right now, in particular, not the wise and mighty of this world. The fact that God is only calling some in the world today, and not everyone, is powerfully attested to by many scriptures. Don’t believe me- believe your own Bible! But, what does it mean to be CALLED by God? Why is God calling them out now instead of later? And how can a person know that he or she is one of those being called by God? Is God calling YOU? We’ll turn to those specific questions in our next segment. But first, let me give you another opportunity to request this very special free DVD, “The Big Picture.” It is radically unlike everything else we offer, and it will provide you with the chance to see some of the many thousands of people behind the work of Tomorrow’s World. You’ll see real people, NOT actors. You’ll see familiesand children-all fromdifferent walks of lifeand different culturesand different backgrounds.All of them brought togetherby a desire to seek Godtogether in their lives. Real people, just like some of you, who realized that God was calling them, and who acted on that call.Like the title suggests,this DVD will give youthe inspiring vision you needof the Big Picture.Contact us right now for your own free copy, before this week’s offer ends.Announcer: Today’s offeris yours absolutely free,no cost, no obligation,visit us online,find us on Facebook,watch us on Youtube,and follow us on Twitter.Welcome back! So what does it actually mean to be called by the Living God. There are really a number of things involved, but among them is God’s opening a person’s mind to allow him or her to understand the truth- and not just any truth, but the truth of the Bible and the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Revelation 12, and verse 9, tells us something important about the world. Speaking there of a soon-coming time of divine action against the devil, it says, Truly, the ENTIRE WORLD is deceived by the Devil. Isaiah 25, and verse 7 speaks of that deception as a veil that is covering the nations, everyone in the world, and says that during the Millennial reign of Jesus Christ and the saints, that veil of deception over the nations will be removed, allowing all to understand! But God is intervening NOW to open some minds up TODAY to the real truth of His Word. Through the preaching of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and the true name of the REAL Jesus of the Bible, God opens minds to see through the deception of the devil and to understand the truth of His Word-just as we saw with Peter’s sermon in Acts 2. Through the power of His Holy Spirit, God opens a person’s understanding to truly take in what he is hearing or reading in the Bible, AND to comprehend it. We see this in Scripture when Jesus appears to His disciples after His resurrection. Look in your own Bibles at Luke chapter 24, where Christ is explaining to His disciples how His death and resurrection fulfilled God’s Word- something they weren’t able to grasp before- Note, He said that He had explained these things before, but now their understanding was opened, and it made sense like it had not before! Jesus explains in John 14 that God’s Spirit was not yet in the disciples, but it WAS working with them, as it does with all who are being called by God, and that Spirit is a necessary ingredient for understanding. The Apostle Paul explains in 1 Corinthians 2- Spiritual things MUST BE spiritually discerned and understood. The purely natural, carnal human mind simply cannot receive them! God must intervene to help us overcome deception and understand. Ask yourself: Do the things you have heard us discuss on the Tomorrow’s World program make sense to you? When you read our booklets or the Tomorrow’s World magazine and study these things in your Bible, do you find that the Scriptures bear those teachings out and back them up? If so, it may be that God is opening your mind and calling you to understand His truth. But a calling from God is about more than understanding things. Almighty God expects us to take action on what He shows us, and this is a part of one’s calling, as well. Notice again, the example of God’s calling in Acts chapter 2 when God moved the crowd to respond to the truth that Peter preached- Indeed, they were cut to the heart and they wanted to act, and they responded to Peter’s call for repentance and change! Romans chapter 2, and verse 4, tells us that God’s goodness does not just enlighten our minds- but it leads us to REPENTANCE- to turn and follow God’s ways. Are you being called? Are you feeling compelled at all by the things you have learned on this program and in our materials to make changes in your life? There are thousands all around the world whom God has reached through this Work, whose minds have been opened to the true teachings of Scripture- enjoying each other’s fellowship and meeting together every Sabbath to learn more from God’s Word and from the ministry of Jesus Christ as they prepare to be Kings and Priests in the Kingdom of God. The DVD that you will receive today explains even more about these people and this ministry- it’ll explain to you the “big picture” -the COSMICALLY big picture- in a way that may change your life forever. Request your FREE copy today.Announcer: To receivethis program’s offerabsolutely free,or if you would likemore information,call the number shownor visit our website onlineat you can write us atthe address shown.Announcer: With this offer,you will also receiveyour free subscriptionto “Tomorrow’s World”magazine fullof timely articlesand unique insightson today’simportant issues.“Tomorrow’s World”magazine keeps you up to datewith world trends,bible prophecy,and the very meaningof life itself.“Tomorrow’s World”…Call now!The free DVD you’re requesting today is called “The Big Picture,” and, when we think about it, it really is a BIG Picture! It encompasses a plan for all of mankind. A Kingdom that will begin at the return of Jesus Christ in Jerusalem, bringing peace and the truth of God to every corner of the world for over 1000 years, and then even the dead raised from the grave to finally have the opportunity they never had in this life. But it all starts NOW- with Almighty God calling people out of this world,to struggle against sinin THIS age, beforethe Devil is put away.People willing to giveHis warning to the worldof the times to comeand to announcethat coming Kingdom.People willing to seekHis laws, and ways,His commandments,growing in humbleand complete obedienceto the God who loves themand the Lord who is savingthem.People seeking to havethe mind of Jesus Christ in them and allowing God to prepare them to be Kings and Priests, to serve alongside Christ as Children of God in the Millennium, teaching the rest of the world in that age to do just as they had done in this age. The question we are asking you to consider today is this: Is God calling you? We’ve talked about what that means, and how you might know. But, truly, it’s a question YOU need to address, personally and carefully. It’s a question I’ve had to address, as well. I remember certain questions bothering me when I was younger. Such as, if Christ was alive and in heaven and in charge of Christianity and if Christians supposedly believe the Bible, then why was Christianity such a confusing mess of different beliefs and doctrines? What about all the people who lived and died in the past without even hearing about Jesus Christ, or even such people in the world today who won’t before they die- was God going to give them no chance at all to be saved? Was God fair or not? I wanted answers, and I heard a lot of them, but they were all in some way inconsistent with some part of God’s word. But then I saw a television program, just like this one, presented by Herbert W. Armstrong, our predecessor in this ministry. I learned that God WAS working to save the whole world in the future, and not just the lucky few today, through the establishment of His Kingdom on earth by Jesus Christ at His return. Yet, I also learned that God was calling some to know His truth now- to be a part of His Work today. To support it, to get behind it, and pray for it, to be a part of His Church now on earth. In my own life, I certainly saw the truth of the fact that He was not calling the mighty or the powerful at this time, just as the Apostle Paul said, and that I had no room to be proud or vain or to boast or brag-just… just a reason to be grateful to Him for His mercy on one such as me, to be thankful that I had the chance to see the beauty of His plan and His incredible purpose for mankind, and to dedicate my life to becoming everything Jesus Christ had sacrificed everything to make of me. Is God calling you? …I don’t know… What do you think? For those studying the Word of God and exploring that question for themselves, we want to help you in any way we can. Don’t forget to get your copy of our free DVD today, and we have an abundant amount of resources available also on our Tomorrow’s World website and Facebook page- all of it, as always, absolutely free. And, of course, I and my fellow presenters -Roderick Meredith, Richard Ames, and Rod King- will be right here at Tomorrow’s World waiting for you at this time next week, with more astonishing and hope-filled truths from God’s Word. Until we see you next week, take care.Announcer: To view theTomorrow’s World telecast,or request today’s freeoffer, visit us online, andremember to find us onfacebook, and be sure tofollow us on Twitter.Announcer: The precedingprogram is produced by theLiving Church of God.

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