Iran to withdraw from 2015 nuclear deal; Iraq’s parliament passes resolution to expel U.S. military

repercussions are mounting following the
u.s. killing of Iran’s top general Qasem Soleimani iran says they will no longer
abide by uranium enrichment restrictions imposed by the 2015 nuclear deal
neighboring Iraq meanwhile where the killing occurred is called on all
foreign military forces to leave the country and move president Trump is
threatened to respond to with sanctions Hong News starts us off in an announcement in its say television
and Sunday Iran said it would no longer abide by any part of nuclear deal it
made with world powers in 2015 this includes its commitment to limit the
Richmond of rhenium the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has in a
statement noticed its fifth and final step in reducing Iran’s commitments
under the joint comprehensive plan of action the Islamic Republic of Iran no
longer faces any limitations in operations including enrichment capacity
enrichment percentage stockpile of enriched material and research and
development in you nations have desperately attempted to salvage to deal
I’m a president Trump decision to withdraw and reimpose sanctions into
Iran ever since Iran has gradually reduce its commitments but this
announcement leaves to deal in complete disarray Iran’s foreign ministry added
it would now take even bigger steps away from the deal than initially planned the
fallout for the United States following two drone strike last Friday that killed
general Qasem Soleimani does not end there Iraq’s Parliament
passed a resolution in Sunday to work on expelling the US and other foreign
military forces from the country the resolution aims to get the us to
withdraw the roughly 5,000 American troops present across Iraq the troops
were sent there four years ago to fight the Islamic state terror group the bill
is non-binding and needs to be approved by the Iraqi government but it’s likely
to be backed by Prime Minister Abdullah Abdullah II as he has already called on
Parliament to end the presence of foreign troops in Iraq who knew I didn’t

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