Introducing Islam to Korean friend |Mr Faqat Reaction

hello guys welcome back to my channel
it’s your boy mr. faqat and today I’m going to be reacting to Daud Kim’s
video it is called introducing Islam to Korean friend Daud Kim is
already doing Dawa and that’s amazing hamdulillah I am very impressed now
let’s get to the video enjoy it before we do that though make sure you
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let’s get to the video thats actually a very good thing to know because I intend to visit
Korea some day and my friend here was telling me how am I going to be able to
cope like in a country where almost everything is done with pork like when
if it’s meat but then knowing Daud Kim’s videos I remembered him saying
that there are available halal food so I met him and I’m really glad that they
have that halal food there are many Turkish people in Qatar especially in my uni there are
amazing people trust me very friendly very
straightforward an I really admire its very sad… like whenever other people whenever
other people see women in the label them as being oppressed not happy being
forced to wear it
just travelling see then you would understand Islam is very
beautiful there is no compulsion it in in in Islam this literally a verse from
the Quran there is no compulsion in the religion (Al-Baqara 256)
if there’s any form of
compulsion in the region it becomes like force understand there’s no way you are
going to worship God or follow the prophets teaching genuinely you can only
be real with the religion Thanks Daud I mean I am currently based in an
Islamic country and then when you go outside you see a lot of people not
wearing Hijab, if it was compulsory of if they were being forced to wear it this
will be the perfect place for you to see almost everybody hundred on at least 95
percent of the people were Hijab, that’s not the case some I interviewed a
friend not long ago and she was telling me that she doesn’t worry it’s only
because he doesn’t feel ready if parents don’t force her wear it because thats not Islam.
they can only advice you to wear it at a certain stage in your life. Guys lets break the stereotype there’s nothing scary going on there
actually if you go there a lot because you see a man hugging another man he barely
knows just because in the house of God and we have to be lovely to everyone
it’s amazing i like how he just goes inside, bows down and does his own thing. Guys whether you’re a
Muslim or not you are always welcome to the masjid, you don’t need any special
invitation if you have any question especially about Islam that’s the best
place for you to go and get answers not on social media or on the news like Fox
News and all that they only spread hatred so let’s just be careful okay thank you gamsahabnida
that’s thank you in Korean I’m learning some Korean so I just want to say that like
again that Daud Kim wherever you are keep doing what you’re doing
cuz your fellow Muslim here love you I only wish we can be doing what you’re
doing like propagating the name of Islam doing the Dawa which is really amazing
thank you thank you very much for this video guys
please make sure you subscribe and share my videos I hope to get the message
across as well In sha Allah
have a wonderful time MR FAQAT!!


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