Inspiration – Episode 9 (Islam and Terrorism)

last night my uncle gave me five hundred
dollars to give to one of his friends in the mosque he was going out of town and needed to get
this to him by today So I set out to Asr prayer to meet him… it worked
out well since I was planning on visiting a friend who lives near the
mosque anyway and it was of course a chance to also
catch the prayer in congregation I was scared and embarrassed I didn’t know what i would tell my
uncle it wasn’t even about the money because I
knew I could find a way to get that amount from somewhere if I really had to …but if my uncle found
out he’d be extremely upset first I was scared then confused …then just annoyed, I mean where could it’ve gone ? I then calmed myself down by remembering what the Prophet (pbuh) taught: “Allah has decreed and what he willed has happened “. My being annoyed isn’t going to bring back the money and for now I just need to find a way to
get five hundred dollars to uncle’s friend I still figured though that I
should probably report it to the cops and hope for the best so I decided to take the bus over to the
police station the other man taking the bus seemed
really uncomfortable with me looking at me suspiciously as if I was up to no good but I’d gotten that look before
and as usual I simply smiled at him.. and greeted him the
way I do with everyone else he continued to stare at me with the
same look I couldn’t figure out why It was like I was carrying a bomb or something I noticed he kept looking at my bag so
I wanted to put them at ease I pulled out a bag of dates and asked him
if he would like some he smiled and said I have never eaten those before I told him jokingly to give it a chance
I promise you they are not poisoned the so he hesitantly agreed… took a bite and finally cracked a smile the man asked me if I knew him because
of the way I warmly greeted him after all… strangers don’t usually hand
you dates to eat on a bus in America I told them no I’m just muslim… and this
is how we were taught to treat people He then asked what does the ring say? It looks like something I’ve seen Islamic terrorists wear on TV? I said it says Mohammed the messenger of
God and he was a messenger of peace …and
so that led to an interesting conversation I told him I’ve seen people kill in the
name of Christ but I don’t blame Jesus peace be upon
him for their actions Likewise… our prophet and religion is free from those people. interestingly enough he admitted to me
that he stereotyped me as well he said that he saw me when I left the
mosque and thought I was a terrorist because I put the bag on the ground and
ran off I laughed then apologized… then explained to him that I was distracted because I had just lost $500 I was trying find it before anyone else
would pick it up I honestly wasn’t surprised by his
perception of me let’s face it the media contributes to
creating this distorted perception of muslims if those were the only images we saw of
muslims we would probably think the same I told him that if he was really interested in
understanding terrorism he can read the FBI’s 2005 report on
domestic terrorism which said that Muslims account for only
six percent of the terrorist attacks carried out on American soil I stressed that violence has no religion and that our religion is one of peace
that we even greet each other with peace and the word Islam is derived from the
word peace and anyone who reads about our Prophet
peace be upon him will know that he and his followers
never sanctioned harming innocent people and in fact the Qur’an likened killing one innocent person
to killing all a mankind A man asked the Messenger of Allah, “Which act in Islam is best?” he said to feed the poor and to greet
those who you know and those who you don’t know he also
said smiling in the face of your brother is an act of charity there are many sayings of the Prophet
peace be upon him similar to these that completely contradict the image
that’s been painted of him Islam is derived from peace …
One of Allah’s names is Al Salam (Peace), and our greeting as Muslims is Salaam (peace be unto you) suddenly he tapped me on the back and said he figured out on the bus that
the money belonged to me and admitted that he wasn’t initially going
to return it to me… when I smiled at him the way I did greeted him offered him dates and talked
to him everything he thought about Muslims
slowly started to disappear and he felt compelled to give me the
money so I thanked him for that …and he said I’m the one who should be thanked For I taught him a valuable lesson today We shook hands and he left but I knew that his hand was not all
that I had touched Abdullah Ibn Salaam said said that the first
words he heard from the Prophet peace be upon him were oh people, spread peace amongst yourselves and feed your poor and pray at night as
others around you sleep and you will enter paradise in peace a lot more fun the US and the montana be
you know Mom


  1. Greetings Michael Vander WaI. I agree enitrely with your criticisms of this video, except with the underlying assumption that it is about Islam and terrorism (i.e., Islamic, Jihadist terrorism, which organs of Islamic propaganda now argue does not exist as such). Take out the references to terrorism, and one sees that it is primarily an inspirational tale of faith — at least for Muslims. It is, therefore, a sort of "bait and switch."

    As a "kuffar" (and indeed not merely an "unbeliever" but a non-believer), however, I find this tale not onlly uninspiring but downright offensive. More important than the false claims of media bias and an FBI pie-chart, is the narrative we see enacted in front of us: Muslims are good folk whose only aim in life is to help each other out, unfortunately they are surrounded by non-Muslims who harbor the most vicious and harmful stereotypes of them. Nonetheless, the followers of Muhammad may prevail against these evil-minded ones if they submit (the generally accepted meaning of "Islam") to a few simple precepts of Allah. 

    In the end "Mohamed Zeyara," if that is his real name, learns nothing about his own
    prejudices and thanks the Supreme Deceiver for his deliverance rather than the 1,000 years of struggle in the West to achieve open societies, democratic governments, and cultures of tolerance among its citizens. 

    At the very time when there is every reason to hope that Muslims of good will would be
    making every effort to undertake a serious scrutiny of the foundational doctrines and 
    narratives of Islam, we are given the old switcheroo — a video fable that is perfectly 
    consistent with the Koranic world view out of which militant, indeed terroristic, Islam at least in arises. One quesstion that needs to be asked is who is funding slick, clever, and invidious productions such as this one.

  2. What is the verse right after the famous one about peace? oh yeah crucify or cut off thier hands and feet! That's peace! Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment,Surat Al-Mā'idah

  3. That is wonderful and more than that… I would really like to watch more and more of this kind of series.. why do not you make it longer.. The quality of it is really high; the way the idea is displayed, the cast and the video its self. 

  4. We are happy for every good muslim. But for eberybody who live on this planet knows that this is a very small part of the truth. The islamists, violent against the infidels are more true to their claims that they follow their prophet Muhammed. And we see this fruit of Muhammed/islam everywhere now…

  5. inspiration …. really its good motivation and tableeg. but i think this will be not good idea to having this ring in hand with the name of Prophet PBUH. JAZAKALLAH

  6. كسابقه عمل مميز ومفيد وناجح، اكاد لا احصي عيه سلبية قط، شكرا لكم جميعا/.سداد عقاد: مدير قناة سنا الفضائية للاطفال

  7. I always like to watch when am on the bed. Wat a nice episode. GOD bless both of you Mohamed and Suleiman.

  8. two questions… Anyone know where this mosque is? Secondly, any link to the FBI report mentioned in the video? JZK!

  9. Why do American Muslims mainly like to pretend that jihad al-qitaal doesn't exist. Islam is a religion of justice, justice brings about peace. This whole "Islam means peace fullstop narritive" is very misleading and makes people perceive that out deen is one of passivity which is not the case. May Allah guide us to the Haqq. Indeed the truth is clear from falsehood.

  10. I love it thank u make a series 3 inspiration pls pls pls 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. this is such a touching video..I wish everyone in the world can watch this so that they can understand Islam better.

  12. I am a muslim but I am not perfect. Islam is perfect religion. If I do some mistake its fault of me, not fault of Islam.

  13. I have just started watching this series and as a Muslim I love Islam and everything it stands for. By watching this series it touches heart my brother May Allah bless you and the entire Muslim Ummah Ameen.

  14. ما شاء الله … عمل جميل جدا و أرجو أن تستمر هذا البرنامج.
    جزاكم الله خيرا

  15. A great episode , as it shows a real incident that can happen between a Muslim and not . And the best in it is the smile that our prophet peace be upon him ordered us to do it " smile in ur brothers face as it is a sadaka " really great job and hope u always a great success

  16. What can i say to thank who made this perfect video,i ask Allah to reward you with the highest level in Paradise,Ameen.

  17. Islam is peace and sentences and spontaneous and fulfilling one pillar religion does not represent Islam wearability represent himself

  18. Assalamualaikum. Inded you guys are doing a great job and inspiring so many people like me. May Allah reward you. But i had a question regarding the ring that Mr. Zeyarah in this video is wearing. Isn't it forbidden to have an inscription similar to that of the Prophet's (S.A.W.) seal. As far as I have read in various ahadith, Prophet (pbuh) has commanded not to get engraved the same he had on his ring. If you could please clarify

  19. what a load of apologist bullshit..from muslims and their democratic allies…we know of STFU muslim slimeball…

  20. This video is Great!
    Allah almighty said in the holy QUR'AN:
    (( if any one killed an innocent person it would be as if he killed the whole mankind and if any one saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole mankind))
    ch5 ,verse: 32

  21. Thanks for all these Inspirational posts..beautifully made..never watch it before..started to watch it today..fall in love with it. Most of the videos bring tears to my eyes..very heart touching..i feel calm..thank you..and thank you soo much. I need this for I am battling against myself for a better me. ❤

  22. Terrorism has no place in Islam.Allah says in the Quran,''whosoever kills an innocent human being,it shall be as if he has killed all mankind and whosoever saves the life of one ,it shall be as if he had saved the life of all mankind''.So how can this be a religion of hate?

  23. In our school in our class we really love watching your vids thanks your manners r like the prophets
    Your just like Marhum (Ali Banat) may allah have mercy on him and keep him in jannah (ameen) u and him will make a good example for the muslims

  24. Honestly this video really impressed me may Allah subhanahu wata ala Grant you the reward of conveying the islamic messages

  25. The other Big difference is: when a Christian kills and says "Jesus told me to kill"; we can all look to Christianities founder (Jesus) and be certain that this murdering man claiming Jesus told him to kill, is NOT following at all the example or instructions of Jesus Christ!
    When a Muslim kills as an act of terror (usually targeting non-muslims & other Muslims they deem as "hyocrites") we can look to Islam's founder and example, Muhammad.
    What was Muhammad's example? Killing, stealing from other caravan traders, taking sex slaves from female prisoners of war, taking Aisha, a 6 year old bride and sleeping with her at 9 years old etc.
    Then we look to the Qurans instructions to "fight the unbeliever wherever you find them" & "slice them at their necks" & to "take what your right hand possesses" etc. ..we know that this Muslim yelling out
    ''Allah-U-Akbar!" is following his Prophet & the teachings within the Quran verbatim!

    You see, the earlier peaceful Quran verses you mentioned in this video have been ABROGATED (replaced by later verses when Muhammad was in Medina) & verses like "there's no compulsion in religion" & the verse about "killing one innocent. like killing all of mankind" are both replaced by "fight the unbeliever "…"until he believes in the last day…that there is only one God and Muhammad is his final messenger" etc
    The Quran is in two distinct parts. .. the peaceful Meccan Surahs, & the Violent Jihadi Medina-based Surahs.
    Please stop pretending there was anything "peaceful" or loving about prophet Muhammad.

    Islam is a violent subjugating, political ideology, dressed up as a "religion".
    There's not one person that wouldn't drop to the floor on a crowded train if someone yelled put "ALLAH U AKBAR" and that should tell you all exactly what the problem of Islam is. It all started with your barbarian of a false prophet!

    Stop knowingly softening Islam's true bigoted and anti semitic teachings.
    Instead…why not share with everyone about the last days" & how even the trees are going to point out to the Muslims, which rocks the "Jews" are hiding behind. 😈😈

  26. This is a perception management. Islam is a religion of terror, is that really so?

    -who was initiated the World War I? Muslims? NO!

    -who was initiated the World War II? 60 million people lost their lives. Most of them were civilians and children. Was World War II initiated by Muslims? NO!

    -Who threw the atom bomb to Nagasaki and Hiroshima? People, future generations, plants and animals were slaughtered.

    -Who have massacred millions of people to bring democracy(!) to the Middle East?

    -Who was killed millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslims? NO!

    -Who was killed millions of native American people in South and North America?

    -Who was enslaved the %70 of Africa? Muslims? NO!

    -Who was killed millions of Vietnamese in Vietnam?

    -Who was killed tens of thousands of Bosnian in front of the eyes of the UN in Bosnia? Muslims? NO!

    -What's happening in Palestine? Israel is killing innocent people.

    -Also, do you know Breivik? He killed tens of people in Norway? Why did not they call him a terrorist? His mental balance is not in place. 🙂 Sorry! TERRORISM HAS NO RELIGION!!!

    For information about Islam:

  27. Salam alaikom every one , the episode was great MashaAllah and it turns out the real peace of our religion Islam , but i have only one objection it is the title , i want to know why we always link the word Islam with the word Terrorism , i think that the best was to say' Islam and Peace' , because by that way it will be deep inside the unconsciousness of non Muslims when they heard Islam they automatically remember Terrorism, i think that we should link Islam with positive words that reflect it.
    excuse me if i made any grammatical mistakes
    God bless you

  28. Salam
    May I know which book zeyara reads all the time
    I have noticed in a couple of videos
    I would be really thankful if someone would let me know

  29. Im Christen from Germany and we know that the 9/11 was a inside job NOT a muslims also boston paris london berlin and other are from the shadow goverment, Free you mind and read read read and you love more…… tellevision= tell them a vision……

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