Inside Story – How did Arab get so Rich – From Arab to Saudi Arab

The current development of Saudi Arabia. A few decades before the current money flow and these pictures, the wheel of life for Saudi cities was on farming, herding, light trade and small scale industries, and ninety percent of the country’s national income budget was Umrah and Hajj. Run on the income of … Then oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia, so the whole scenario changed here. There were no roads or modern cities before. There was no lighting arrangement. There were no planes, no cars and buses. There were no schools. There was a rule of ignorance everywhere. Life was neither There are many names behind all this development, but the bright name is the only name out of all these names. The evil that the Arabs and the rest of the world regarded as inferior or ignorant. In today’s video, we will explain how the baddoo laid the foundation of the current developed Saudi Arabia and how the Arabs traveled to the current Saudi Arabia. Do you know how oil reserves were discovered in Saudi Arabia long before GPS was invented and the latest oil extraction equipment? You may be surprised to know that when these advanced equipment did not exist, Arab oil company Aramco discovered oil reserves with the help of local Buddhist guides. One of the most famous traces of these idols was Khums Ibn Ramadan. He belonged to the Ajman tribe. Ibn Ramadan’s expertise and experience enabled geologists to find, drill and extract oil in Saudi Arabia. This Saudi hero died from a life-threatening cancer, and I left the world. He was fifty years old at that time. Now let’s talk about this development trip to Arabia – Who made Arabia Saudi Arabia … The first two most important questions … The first question is, where was the world drilled for the first time? The second question is, which country in the world currently has the highest crude oil reserves? You have the answer to both of these questions … If Saudi Arabia is, you are wrong۔ The world was first excavated for oil in China, and there was no machine for this drilling. At that time the Chinese did the drilling with the help of long bamboo … And black adhesive material was extracted which was then used to extinguish the fire. The answer to the second question is that currently Latin America has the largest crude oil reserves in the world with Venezuela, while the second is Saudi Arabia and the third is Nunber is Iran. In March 1938, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, an American company, with the help of an American company, extracted oil at a depth of 1440 meters from the Dammam oil field. The American company was the Standard Oil Company of California. It was first renamed the California Arabian Standard Oil Company, which later became the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco). Saudi Arabia exports Ethel tanker for the first time in 1939 … And from here, in fact, Saudi Arabia climbed the ladder of progress … And today is one of the first countries in the world … Let me tell you a few interesting facts about oil … Petroleum is made up of two words petro and olim in Latin. Petro means stone and olive means oil. Numerous oil reserves were discovered in Saudi Arabia between 1936 and 1970. after this Wherever oil reserves were discovered, the Saudi government did not reveal the details to anyone. Everything is secretive and few know the details. In such a case, it is difficult to confirm how much oil Saudi Arabia currently has … However, in Saudi Arabia, 248 billion barrels of oil was available. And Saudi oil company ARMCO has made a profit of about $ 350 billion in the first six months. The discovery of oil in March 1938 gave the country great economic stability. Abdulaziz al-Saud ruled until 1953 after the founding of Saudi Arabia. Then the rule of this government was transferred to their sons, and the six kings who came after them were their sons. And now King Salman has made many changes to the cabinet and departments. Government agencies have shown a path of development, the private sector has been asked to provide facilities and services to the needs of Saudi citizens. Similarly, the Saudi Ministry of Works and the Ministry of Social Affairs have begun the journey of social development from social improvement to social ministry. It has been decided to expand the branches of Mohammed bin Saud University to every city in Saudi Arabia, taking steps to provide free home, scholarship for education abroad and treatment at government expenditure abroad for every needy citizen. ۔ This story began with Khamis ibn Ramadan, a bad Arab who was searching for oil on the Arabian peninsula in extreme poverty and today’s Arabs are not only investing all over the world, but also helping their poorer Muslim community.


  1. Wallah – oosum – informative – really there are some hidden names behind every big change, Salute Saudi Arabia's Hero 'Khumais obne ramsan'… thank you for producing such a wonderfull video.. Thank you ''Info Chunks'' Productions.

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