Inner Peace Hynotherapy Series Mindfulness Meditation

presenting your hypnotherapy series for success enlightenment and mental well-being there is no danger in hypnotherapy but it is able to help you build many aspects of your life hypnotherapy can also help you become more mentally aware and has been shown to have healing aspects we ask you to do nothing else while listening to our series as you should be relaxed and focused listen to this series often to get the repeat benefits of the message and to bring about the positive results be kind to yourself and allow yourself to take the time to relax and go through the series to create your own success welcome to inner peace the spiritual enlightenment series get ready to just make yourself comfortable and shut your eyes now let your hands lie loosely in your lap or at your side if that's easier just be comfortable and relax your entire body as much as you are able to now I want you to take a deep breath and hold it for a minute before exhaling slowly just letting your whole body relax as you do and I want you to keep your eyes shut now and just keep listening restfully to the sound of my voice and as you're listening to the sound of my voice I want you to send her for a moment on your breathing breathing slowly and steady and evenly and as you exhale each time just letting your whole body relax more and more so that you gradually find yourself feeling like your whole body was settling further and further into the chair with each breath you breathe and just the thought of breathing and unwinding makes you feel as though you're sinking down five sinking deeper for and each breath makes you feel more at ease 3 and with every breath you feel yourself going deeper and deeper more relaxed to down once more breathing softly releasing and one completely relaxed now I'm going to ask you to think of a peaceful protected place you are able to feel the warmth of the Sun on your head and shoulders get in tune with your surroundings in this place and as you continue to relax allow yourself to experience the rejuvenating warmth of your personal sanctuary you might be aware that for whatever reason that you have chosen this enlightening setting an extraordinary paradise that's your own personal sanctuary and get is an extension of your soul your mighty and creative subconscious continues to open up this fantastic landscape before your very eyes it stretches out from your toes making you feel safe and at peace with yourself and knowing deep down inside that if anyone tries to disturb your inner peace your inner balance your inner calm you simply relax into your uplifting sanctuary even more balanced and composed before yourself always in this magical paradise be aware that you're suddenly aware of how special you feel allow this feeling to continue to amplify and continue to wash over you like a warm bath washing away all of your cares washing away all of your worries and allowing your body to relax even deeper as you continue to explore the sanctuary and bask in its radiant warmth you're aware of sounds beautiful sounds that for some reason allow you to feel incredibly appreciated and it feels good to be appreciated and loved in this paradise and you feel appreciated in this world that you have created because this world couldn't exist without you this paradise here on earth enjoys your presence allow yourself permission to bask in the magical warmth of this world allowing this magical warmth permission to heal your soul and relax your body and ease your mind knowing deep inside that you feel special when you love yourself in this world you feel more balanced and appreciated as you continue to embrace your own warmth as you're resting here so peacefully embracing your own warmth and love the aware of the natural balance and spirituality of this world notice the interaction of all the splendid creatures when something is hungry it eats when it's tired it sleeps be aware now of a natural order of the universe the ebb and flow of the tides the paths of the planets the migration of the birds the changing seasons and you're resting here feeling special and appreciate it and you will be aware of the give-and-take in the universe and know that it's natural and to whatever extends that you so desire to live free and confident be aware that true freedom and true confidence have always come from experiencing the natural ebb and flow the give and take the natural balance of the universe imagine yourself physically making the steps to live in balance notice how much more you appreciate yourself giving and taking feels special you are able to find yourself feeling more confident and strong and more confidence and strength brings you even more into balance and more balance feels even more peaceful and appreciated and feeling more peaceful unappreciated of yourself feels even more confident and strong and these feelings continue to spiral and you feel happy because the world is designed for people who find a peaceful spiritual balance to feel blissfully happy and when you are ready you'll come back to the present knowing that something wonderful has happened and you will be aware of inner peace now I'm going to count from one to five at the count of five your eyes are open and you're then completely aware feeling rested revived relaxed and fully in charge of your inner peace now as you ready yourself to come back to your conscious aware state remember to bring back a reminder something to bring you back to the place where you can gather the strength that is greater than any of your fears as you breathe deeply it's time to return as we go from one – five number one you are slowly coming back to your awareness number two feeling alive and rested and deeply strong number three returning with amplified self-assurance and the ability to follow through number four feeling the essence of your being in your body that is empowered and dedicated as well as self approving paying attention to the sounds and the light in the room and five when you are completely ready open your eyes and return to the room knowing all the while that life is to be savoured and lived you have just taken the steps to tap into your own inner peace to experience spiritual enlightenment and release your inner self to do what is necessary to be in tune with the universe listen to this series often to tap into your new inner peace and spiritual enlightenment

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