Inner Healing – 528 Hz – Increase Positive Vibrations / Restore Inner Peace – Meditation Music


  1. Inner Healing – 528 Hz – Increase Positive Vibrations / Restore Inner Peace – Meditation Music

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  2. So beautiful! Positive vibes for everyone who listens to this let’s get that inner healing, knowledge, and understanding we are infinite manifesting beings and we create our reality catch that vibration. ✌🏽 ☮️

  3. This is truly helpful. Very calming and relaxing . It’s nighttime and as I m laying in my bed, images of people and places appear inside of me . The images come alive and there is a certain sweetness in them. Good job, thank you so much. ❤️😊

  4. È meravigliosa Grazie🙏Se gentilmente può dirmi quante volte Va ascoltata e per quanto tempo??!!🌹🙏🙏🙏

  5. Lol the advertisement before this video about a blue wave in politics is funny. The reaction will be 2016 all over again.

  6. One of… the finest arrangements that gently places the Soul and Spirit in the space of Love, forgiveness and peace.. Best to you

  7. Excuse me, I love your products of Binaural Beats and I was wondering if you could make some binaural beats to make people not be racist. I am an immigrant and a united states citizen and one of my parents was born in America and I live in the south in a state that used to condone slavery. Anyways, if you could make some binaural beats to keep these people from being racists that would make my life and so many others lives so much better and easier. Thank you for considering my request. And thank you for making these products.

  8. I listen to this while doing my self healing reiki morning routine just amazing!! good work. am def buying the mp3

  9. The very mind-blowing thing is the condition that we all have this within us, simply because we can really really make a difference in in what way we approach this insane reality that we call existence. We in reality do clench the potential to bring about genuine, long lasting change.The truth is we actually are extremely strong, everyone of us. It’s not some magic pill, or even the fancy new medication which can direct us to the most spectacular spot that we can be.

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