In Korea, a Buddhist Monk Makes Movies

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  1. Why dont they open their borders to endless migrants oh yeah because they're racist!!! I dont see any culture just a bunch of bigots

  2. We can become what we want and our dreams too. The 2 percent of who sees my comment, nvr give up and achieve ur dreams.Good luck

  3. Congrats on 3,000,000 plus subscribers.

    I remember when you guys were starting out . You’ve come a long way!

  4. I'm now very eager to watch this film. What is the name of this film and why wasn't it mentioned anywhere in the video or the description?

  5. Spiritual Sexuality Socialism Director Kim Ki Duk (2) was hired by Chinese to make big budget movie called 'Who is God'? But it didn't happened, the reason not known yet, maybe this monk can make it with at least low budget, 'Who is God?'

  6. I find it sad that I can't figure the things I've heard Buddhists have figured out on my own- Yet, to my understanding, that's the entire purpose. Self knowledge.

    I guess I just have a long way to go, in self fulfillment.

  7. Dont judge her…monk is just religion..its nothing wrong for her that she made a movie…thats her passion & this is good & inspiration story though!! 😒

  8. Well if one want to make film let them make,but they must not disturbed other monks and spoil Dhamma and vinay 🙏🏻

  9. Most people don’t realise that Buddhist Monks are just normal people. They loose there temper from time to time and they are picky about certain things, there normal people.

  10. In Korea if you are over age 35 as a female u can't have an actual high income job and I wish there's equal rights among both male and female

    Edit: Also there is nothing wrong when you're making a Christian movie at the same time you are a Buddhist because I'm both Christian and Buddhist

  11. That last part when you realised that the video itself is made by the director herself.

    I was pushed back to my seat in awe. I really had thought that whoever has edited this video had a great care and understanding of the story of the director.

    How little did I know. I can see why her movie has been awarded many times.

  12. I know this film. The film is titled 'Sermon on the Mount.' I saw this film at the cinema theater last week. It was an interesting film.

  13. Korean monks always try to understand the church people but church people don’t accept existence of monks they made fun of monks and korean sharman (most of sharman are female church hate woman’s power)
    Some church people said that monks are idiots and useless and sharman are demons they must be erased in korean society I was mad I was argued with them harshly I don’t believe god and holly existence but I love and believe monks power and wisdom Church destroy the society and they are nothing but the business men supporting rotten politicians

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