Impromptu:beware if any man spoil you with philosophies

Charlevoix yes rather first and foremost I would like to give all praises to the Heavenly Father and all the begotten son and their proper names in the Holy Spirit of Truth call hello your love your hoverboard shimmy I was shy by her shell heart Rococo Dutch mom off this is Muslim boy Australia coming out of the GMs lion's den account double honors to the apostles and elders of great millstone who will and teach will citation to the are Kim out there round the four corners of the earth preaching his truth and sincerity and also the feel up of young and children that believe in spirit and in truth is will today I have a quick brief topic is going to be an impromptu I'm basically staying rooted and grounded in the faith from once we heard from the beginning man through the apostles and elders of great millstone starting from apostle to harrowing down man you know the brothers that's been out delivering showing us the way man showing us how to follow those footpaths like yeah I was shit shy how mushy up men who were eating Lee called Jesus Christ so with that being said I'm just getting straight into the scriptures and letting to speak from the south alright this is the book of Colossians chapter 2 verse 6 as ye have therefore receive tamashii up your house shine the Lord so walk ye in him console as we have received them from the beginning you know when we first came into this faith and how he was on fire for this truth that's how we should receive witness race all the way to the end man you know until we cross that finish line and to the day the day of the Lord hits and he started passing out those hot plates of judgment man you know that's how we should be in this truth all the way to the end verse 7 rooted and built up in him and steadfast in the faith as you have been taught abounding therein with Thanksgiving COSO we should be rooted up and build it up in this faith build our foundation upon the rock you sure yeah how we shot hamachi up who the world ignorantly called Jesus Christ man building our foundation upon that foundation that they've been built since the fart time man be being built even before the world you know I'm saying even before the earth was built men this foundation was already established because you how about Shinji I was shy already knew how he wanted things before he even made him man you know that's how powerful our power is he spoke everything into existence okay this verse oh yeah and we got to be established in the faith man v and what you how we shot my shock like I was saying and been as we've been taught men about their reigning Thanksgiving you've no I'm saying comfort in one another with these words man because this is the comfort of regular man these were hearing these words and having faith in knowing that they're gonna be true you know I'm they gonna come to pass as you how about some yellowish I said they were men just like the things of for time did alright verse 8 be worth at least any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit after the tradition of men after the rudiments of death the world and not after the Marshall York console beware it least any man spoil you men with the philosophies in vain the seeks man was philosophies in vain to seek you know these religious men you know I'm saying to being a religion is to being a cult you know cuz they're being a cult is to have religious beliefs because the Scriptures you know the Holy Bible it doesn't teach religion man and teach of people you know I'm saying who they are you know us anything what they are required to do unto the creator of the universe to please him or what will happen unto them if they don't do what's pleasing unto him you know this is a book written by Israelites to Israelites man this is a history book you know and it was written to put the hopeful egg back in their remembrance man cuz those wasn't the ones that was gonna turn in these times man you know those were the ones that was gonna hearken unto the voice of the Lord you know and do the things that's pleasing unto him yes all Israel is gonna be saved in the end but how you gonna receive that salvation yeah one third is gonna be saved on this side alone with 144,000 men you know but two-thirds are people they gotta learn death by pain man you know they gotta be born again in the into the kingdom so therefore man we shouldn't follow the traditions of men you know all these holidays that goes bet they got you know I'm sayin roots to worship I'm taking guns man you know we shouldn't follow after these things you know I'm saying like these people doing Christianity man to even be called a Christian as a turn of reproach minute it's a turn to make fun move just like the terms nigga speaking wetback just like so called nigger Latino Native Americans those names are being gave unto us to be a reproach you know to be me make fun of us basically to see look look at the Lord's people look how we got them innit because the so called Negros Latinos and Native Americans are the Israelites according to the Bible man according to these scriptures you know this is not nothing that the man that's out there preaching these words I made up man they are coming directly out the stretchers man just like the Spirit says let you know and run Romans three and three men you know they get how about she always shall be true in every man alive all right now let me get a my next pitch is going to be coming out of the book first Corinthians chapter 3 and imma start at verse 18 let no man deceive himself if any men among you seemeth to be wise in this world let him become a fool then he may be wise consul of any men among us claims to be wise you know let him become a fool you know that he may be wise you know this go back into the book of st. Matthew chapter 15 verse 50 40 lucky for chapter 15 verse 14 when the Lord told the disciples are basically leave the ones alone that's basically leading the blinds into the ditch man you know let leave them alone you know I'm saying they thought you become wise and hearken unto the truth are they gonna follow the blind leaders all the way to damnation man you know just like these people that's in these Baptist churches man you know what now we got this black eat a keyguard that's in this Baptist colt trying to rise up against us here in Jacksonville man but the spirituals told us to beware of deceits in vain you know vain deceit and philosophies that's after the traditions of men so we shouldn't follow after these religions if they're keeping to the traditions of men you know and this well I'm trying to point I'm trying to make in this lesson man and that's what the scriptures are saying is they say if any man among you seem to be wise let him become a fool that he may become wise man all right this is verse 19 for the wisdom of this world is foolishness will to get home for it is written he taketh the wise in their own craftiness cons of the wisdom of this world is foolishness with your home so all those you know some religious beliefs that came out of the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD with Constantine you know whether the Roman Catholic Church began you know it is deceiving man it's fortunately you know it's foolishness what you have a brush and yellow said so they go your Baptists don't go your Christianity don't go your your nation is long look oh you're kidding me there go your you're believing in Buddha you know I'm saying that go your whatever you're Mormon Jehovah wickedness whatever religion you can think of man is out the window you know cuz the word of your how about shit y'all was shot these scriptures is what's gonna stand at the end of the day man not no religion that was made up by men might on 33rd degree Mason that was worshipping Satan because that's what you're gonna find out at the end of the day man if you don't know it by now you know you're gonna find out this world is worshipping satan man you know in satan's people on the planet Earth today is the so-called white race that's what you're gonna find out you know that's the adversary the enemy the ones that live contrary against the Scriptures the one that were made to live contrary against the scriptures to wicked because the wicked was made for the day even to be punished alright okay so that that's your degrees right there two men so they came they went to school they've become become a pastor or a prophet you know or whatever they're done denomination is an hour already titled they're just it was fun it was possibly man cuz that is foolishness with y'all bustin yellow shine he said he's gonna get prophets according to his heart because how our prophet is gonna prophesied itself let me sit and how you how you gonna measured and see if they were being sent by the Scriptures not by what the college said not by what the school the school system say no no because this world was designed against you how abortion yahwah said this world is the adversary against to me and what I mean by this world this kingdom this age cuz you have different meanings for the term world man that's what you have to realize by John 3:16 it's not talking about the whole world you know the word world right there is cosmos which means orderly arrangement you know in the only arrangement that he was speaking on to was the world of Israel just like you have the world of sports you know the world of hip-hop that's the same thing right the way he met in about the world and in the word world in the book of revelations chapter 3 verse 10 is is or chameleon which means the whole interpretation when the whole inhabited earth which means everybody and that's what you have to know when you reading these scriptures man you have to get into the etymology of words you have to really break things down but these spritzers is a jigsaw puzzle just like the pulse of the bar let you know man all right let me get this man scripture all right this is the book of first John chapter 2 and imma start at verse 15 love not the world neither the things that are in the world if the men should lucky if any man love the world the love of the father is not in him consult love not the world neither the things that are in the world so you should love these education systems once you see that they teach contrary against the Scriptures you shouldn't love these religions once you see they don't fall out fully after the doctor the arm the measuring stick man you know send a guy that we have left behind to follow the footsteps behind our king man which his name is your howard shaw mushy up man you know we should believe the record that was lee left left behind man cuz the worker give us a depiction of what our king looks like but you still have idiots out there walking around saying the lord doesn't have a nationality the lord doesn't have a color you know he doesn't he basically came and some dude that was all nationalities all colors or some clear do or they just believed that he was some peak pasty devil because those Edomites are not white man there's that's why we say so call wait you know they pick him pasty and then they to devil man they're deceivers that's why they called themselves light tall that seems pure and there's nothing pure about those those clowns man cuz that's what they are and that anger eating might that we got here in jacksonville that's just just so angry every time you see on and every time that he makes it making a video he's all emotional and his feelings man he's turning red you know to show you dead hey he's nothing but a double man just like the skirts are saved by de fruits ye shall know and he's clearly a Edomite that's why he's angry mad because this truth is coming out you know he's he's losing sleeping his money verse 16 for all that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes in the pride of life is not of the Father but is of the world console all these things that are in the world man you know this in this world is before us in this kingdom this age this in America because America has influenced the whole four corners of the earth man all their philosophies are everywhere you know that their traditions their their holidays and everything that they keep that's how you know this place right here is that recent revelations that's going to become the lake of fire man you know the hardest set upon many waters many people you know and many people have fallen out of and drunken of philosophies drunken love of wine you know and older than all the are and it says the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes the lust of the flesh man everything that this flesh wants all these materialistic things man you know the money the cars and the clothes man you know all these tape books and tattoos and all this nonsense that doesn't fulfill you know I'm saying what you're devoid at the end of the day man that you have the light down what I'm really here for man I know it's a bigger purpose than this then than just the work pay bills and die and that's it you know as an Israelite we we naturally filled these things man that's our natural natural instincts because it's in us to wonder worship you how abortion y'all was showing me this white that's why Paul was letting letting letting the people know you know I'm preying on to you how abortion y'all sure he know that they have a zeal you know I sent someone a worship you know a bush and yellowish eye but not according to knowledge man you know and it also says in the pride of this life man you know all that you know us and it's not of the Father but but of this world you know the pride of this life you know that how they say you now saying LGB LGBT cubed pride and all that nonsense man you know I said they say black pride white priorities pride you know I'm saying and the pride that comes before destruction man in a honky spirit before a fall and the scriptures let us know that in the book of Proverbs you know so all that is not not the spirit of your how abortion y'all will shine man but at the spirit of the world so you follow after that vibration that the day energy you are then that you are being that negative energy man you are being that that bad vibes you are abundant that vibration of the world which you have abortion y'all was shot is gonna destroy this world this age this kingdom you know that is being ran by the so-called white race man you know because that's the wicked just like the book of the on the book of Job see chapter 9 verse 24 the earth has been given in the hand of the wicked he covered the faces of the judges Darrell if not who and where is he if it's not the so-called white man wearing who is he he's the only one they had a Renaissance period well he covered the faces of the judges of the scriptures man you know they got a whole thing you know saying that what they called it the color cousins of Rome you know what they got out they got our pictures man they got our history and everybody was of color you know a saying in these scriptures okay all right I got another preset this is the book of James chapter 4 verse 4 year dull trees in adulterous know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with your house whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of your house and what and it was being affirmed what it means by being a friend of the world right here you know I said being a friend of the kingdom this age man you know being a friend of all these nations you know that what crime cherry gets the scriptures because the spirituals was given unto the so called Negros Latinos and Native Americans to keep man and also the Israelite foreigners that this as a spectacle bird looking like the other nations man you know they were given unto us to keep all these other nations is their life is their lane you know I'm saying to go contrary to walk against the scriptures to be against it in to make idols you know I'm saying it raised up gods for themselves man but are to us the credit of the universe because he favored us he chose us you know I'm saying he chose us to be a holy people he chose us to be a peculiar treasure so if you be a friend in this world you were enemy to your Hubble brush and y'all will shine man you know verse 5 do you think that descriptions say in vain the spirit that develop in us listen to envy console do you think the scriptures say in vain man do you think the spirits are saying that you know saying that you how about you y'all shot love Jacob and hey Esau do you think that's in vain do you think the scriptures say that II thought all hasn't has empty room for repentance do you think that's in vain do you think when revelation 7 speaks on the destruction come in and you how about show y'all a shot on the saving 1200 men each triumph and one-third women and children which being the mixed multitude is in vain you think that spirit that developing us is living MV unless man you know I'm saying but it's not because these are the words of you how abortion y'all was shot man that's why I mention that scripture earlier let you how about show y'all will shot be true and every man be a lawyer man Romans 3 and 3 and the scriptures say these things you know this is not you think all that stuff is in vain no it's not verse 6 but he giveth more grace wherefore he saith you have a resisteth the proud but give giveth grace unto the humble con that's why it's important to step stay is that child you know stay humble stay meat like you were when you first came in this truth like I was saying man cuz you know about shit y'all was sure he'd give him you know I'm saying grace and yeah and and more and abundantly unto the humble man to the pearl he resisted you know and if you proud you're not gonna grow just just grow like you're supposed to in this thing man you're gonna either you nonsense stir up strife and start letting down water you know are you just gonna fall by the wayside period man alright verse seven submit yourselves therefore so long my pages kind of miss them let me start over verse 7 of on the book of James chapter 4 verse 7 submit yourselves therefore to get home resist the devil and he will flee from you console you resist these devils man they will flee from you man you know they'll get away they will not try to dispute all they vain deceit after the tradition of men on you you know with these wacky tacky Christian doctrines man and he's wacky taking religion doctors period that's after the flesh of men is evolving around and their emotions and how they feel things should go you know cuz that's what all these religions are you know this will make these religions a cult because you would look up the definition of the word cult it speaks on people that have religious beliefs you know sin and form Alliance and walk together alright this is verse eight draw nod to you Howell and He will draw nigh to you cleanse your hands you sinners purify your hearts you double-minded console you've got to cleanse your hands man okay you send us man which means wash your hands with your sins repent man turn away and once you turn away from those sins that mean you're gonna no longer do them again you know I purify your hearts you double-minded you know and that right there and itself shows you your heart is in your mind cuz the Hebrew word for heart isn't at all that's why I say it's purify your hearts you double-minded you know that that that's not your heart that beating your chest man alright verse 9 be afflicted and mourn and weep let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness come you know being you know if they be afflicted because a that's what we facing right now as a whole as a people the so called Negros Latinos and Native American we're facing affliction you know I said we should be mourning and weeping because we are being oppressed right now man we're not free and you can clearly see it we are subject to payments just like you see in the book of Baruch chapter 3 verse 8 you know and you shouldn't be over text in no land man the serve the Lord verse 10 humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up console you how about shit y'all we're sorry is gonna lift us up you know I'm saying so therefore we should humble ourselves in His sight you know examine ourselves daily making sure we lined up you know with the measuring stick man not what man say we should measure up with according to you how about him y'all we should okay let me get this this on let me get this rich and real quick this is on the book of first Peter chapter 1 verse 13 will forth grill up the loins of your mind be sober and hope to the end for the grace that is to be broke unto you at the revelation of your house sure how much y'all constant we have to be sober grid up our minds man grid of the laws of our mind you know grid up EULA up your mind man you know that's the Hebrew word for heart like I was saying earlier you know we got a grid grid that up and be sober minded and hope all the way to our salvation man you know that the grid that the grace that's gonna be brought unto us by the revelation of yeah how wish I had marshy off when he shows up man there's gonna be bringing the sword in night peace man according to the book of Saint Matthew chapter 10 verse 34 you know he's coming to pass our hot plates to judgment you know to separate the sheep from the go this out and you know his his showing is gonna be salvation for the hundred and forty-four thousand men in the one-third women and children in his and also you know us and it's gonna be destruction on to and unto the wicked minute all the other nations that's outside of the nation of Israel and two-thirds of the so-called Negros Latinos and Native Americans are gonna be caught up and today judge in in to that judgment man they got a drink of it of their cup man you know cuz they took a spiritual covenant with the hidden man they basically up their father the devil just like the Lord was cussing our people out when he was on the scene man there was falling after those Romans you know it was being under father the devil the so-called white man we try to eat a mite said the Bible you know and with that man that's basically it man you know I hit the point you know that's why we got to beware of these these these these false you know I'm saying religious man because once you come up against them you know the whole congregation is gonna be after you you know and with the net that all they really doing is stirring up strife and showing how much they hated the Lord man and showing who they they they really are man cuz real carnation is real all these spirits that dick Pierce the Lord is going to see him again man and the ones they follow after him they're gonna also be with him again and what is well you know and they're gonna be protected in this upcoming destruction so with that call her la him log you how about shinyo was shy by her shell heart recovered us more a month shallow on to the hope for a lick of yahshua or look and depth to this wicked ass kingdom America

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