Idol Worshiping is destroying Christianity. Turn Cc on for English subtitles

“Our beloved brother, your HOLINESS POPE FRANCIS

¶ In the name of the Holy Council and all the churches We welcome your HOLINESS in our country Egypt. We also welcome your HOLINESS in our Coptic Orthodox Church the birthplace of monastery life mother of martyrs And the source of inspiration to the Alexandria school Biblical lighthouse in history so welcome your HOLINESS your grace the pope of peace to the land of peace with much love and joy, we recall your HOLINESS and gracious hospitality you provided while we visited the much respected Vatican four years ago. where we found a man filled with the SPIRIT OF GOD”. Host: “even though I think this man is an enemy of God But im going to call him “your Holiness the Pope” and tell him “you are a person filled with God’s Spirit ” I am shocked! we can sit down open and discuss many topics but to say you are full of “GOD’s Spirit”?!!! I mean, “FILLED WITH GOD’S SPIRIT”?! Really?! is this man? really?! Do I get to insult God’s Spirit? insult GOD? or insult myself? or insult who in particular? I have a video of IDOLS please Come See this video of this man when he came to Egypt you all made a(chanting at loud) great spectacular (shouting) POPE FRANCIS! (shouting) WOOO! of course because he has knelled and worshiped the devil long time ago So the devil rewarded him with the riches of the world and made him rich and gave him marble and millions and history testifies where did these millions come from but because he has knelled to the devil, he became a king and staying in that tiny Vatican playing the king of the world with about a trillion and we all go like “wow” but this man? please forgive me this man? this man Francis, he’s…pardon me he didn’t pass by an IDOL or STATUE without kneeling before it! he didn’t skip an idol or graven image! the one you say has “GOD’S SPIRIT” in him! (shouting) “YOUR HOLINESS”! You throw away God’s Holiness, THE KING OF KINGS ! This man didn’t see an idol that he didn’t kneel to it! you think this is for the love and unity of different sects & denominations? who? This man bows down to every UNHOLY & FILTHY IDOL! lets see this video, please. Lets watch the man who has “God’s spirit ” in him!Let the people witness! IF this man possesses” God’s Spirit”?! IF THAT IS GOD’s Spirit, tell me who is this god your talking about? We don’t know that god! its impossible for the KING of KINGS! OUR LORD! the MOST HIGH! the HOLY Creator. no way! every person should be stricken across the face who blasphemes the Lords name our creator! (SHOUTING) enough already! Enough! stop stepping on God with your feet! Why?! why?! compromise our salvation and eternity this way?! for the sake of those who deny the Christ we do this?! why?! Is our God UNWORTHY ?! Is OUR GOD UNWORTHY?! I want every single church member to answer me!!!!! IS OUR GOD UNWORTHY?! For some socializing and politics and some money you put HIS HOLINESS OUR LORD under the ground?! lets see the video please stop here…stop here look at this stop stop the video i want people to see this unholy filthy temple that this man is walking into this “not normal” man who is against Christ who insulted his Holiness Please look at the demons where he walked in to kneel under its feet to worship it! look at the face of this demon! it has the spirit of demons! this idol! THIS CRAZY MAN walked in to its temple to kneel before it! (shouting) go! play please! play please! This is an atheist unholy temple! you threw a spectacle for him in Egypt! this is who you call “HOLINESS”?! this man?! walking into devil worshiping temple to kneel and worship in it! and you say to him: “YOU HAVE GOD’s SPIRIT” in him?! Which god are you talking about?! GOD’S PEOPLE! WHAT IS GOING ON?! WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE CHURCH?! “for when you will be hit and insulted for speaking the TRUTH” DON’T CRY! there you go! there he is! this is the dummy you let him come to Egypt and welcome and cause a spectacle for kneeling before demons! kneeling in front of demons and you tell him you have “God’s Spirit” in him?! you call him “YOUR HOLINESS”?! stop here!…stop!….. what is …….STOP! What is this thing he is kneeling before it ?! what is that?! somebody tell me? what is that thing that this man is kneeling before it?! Is that A HOLY POPE?!!!! IS THAT “THE HOLY FATHER”KNEELING BEFORE DEMONS?!!! and people standing around watching him kneeling what is he doing?! Is this the Christ deputy ?! is this the pope?! is this the father?! keep playing this is forbidden! woe on to you church! take off your white robes, take off the priest outfits don’t say you are priest or you belong to a church when you smear the Lord’s holy name! ENOUGH! “on November 30th 2015 during his recent trip to Africa, Pope Francis prayed inside an Islamic mosque”. (host continues) He left the demons and walks into a mosque! He takes his shoess off climbs up the prayer bench and prays for the god of Islam! He left the Muslim mosque and went to the Buddhist temple! you say he has “GOD’s SPIRIT”?! stuttering If he was a true man of God, He would have torn his clothes in anger and shame in front of everyone today! you are pretending to be a man of God and faith?! you consider yourself a church?! praying to the “frog” they worship and hes standing there bowing down to it! is that a man of God? is that Holiness? instead of telling them through this garbage away and come worship the true living God. enough please enough please who is that?! is that who you call “holy father”? is this the one you are glorifying? is this the one you want to unite with? sell your beliefs!! that blood was shed for, souls were killed for to one who named himself”vicar of Christ”? traveled around the world ,didn’t pass an idol that he didn’t kneel down to?! what is this?! somebody tell me? Either our Lord is gone….Lost or the church is lost or the conspiracy is finished! socializing is something….politics is another..but our GOD for whom people are willing to lose their lives for keeping the faith in OUR GOD! We bring someone who is against Christ and call him “your holiness”, “holy father”?! and the head of the Orthodox Church that just threw away his faith to call this man ” holy father”?! What do you call yourself as well?! when you call him”my father”?! what?! does he deserve to be called “holy Father”?! instead of telling him “don’t even dare come to our church “you went and knelled before idols”! you are against Christ!!! why are you coming here?!!! wearing all white?! what?


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