How to Use Meditation for Super Performance | Emily Fletcher

Hi friends. I’m Emily Fletcher founder of Ziva Meditation and even though I’ve had the incredible pleasure of teaching all around the world, I taught at Google and Harvard Business School and over 4,000 people to meditate, it was not always like this. Before I found meditation, I actually suffered from 18 months of insomnia. I was on Broadway for 10 years and the insomnia started leading to stress, which started leading to going gray and really to be honest sucking at my job, and it was really confusing to me. Why I was living my dream and everything wasn’t sunshine and roses? And when I found this practice it transformed my performance of my life so dramatically and so quickly, but I really felt inspired and compelled to be able to share with others. So I left Broadway, went to India, started a three years training process, and then I opened up Ziva Meditation. And I’m so excited to have you join me for this webinar that Vishen and I are doing together. In it I share some of my favorite tools, my favorite tips to help move you out of fight-or-flight and into stay and play. And this to me is one of the most beautiful benefits of meditation Really to get rid of stress in your nervous system, so that you can perform at the top of your game. So you can get rid of all the stress that extorting your cellular memory and use your full mental and physical energy for the task at hand and the ripple effect of this is incredible. It leads to better sex, better sleep, better parking karma, better work performance and the list goes on and on. Doctors are calling stress the “black plague of our century” and I don’t think that that’s an overestimation. Stress is responsible for over 90% of doctors visits and so while you might think that your stress is helping you or you might think that your stress gives you that competitive edge, I’m here to let you know that stress makes you stupid, and I talk all about the neuroscience of why during the webinar. So be sure to mark your calendar so you don’t miss this special opportunity, and after you do that, download the workbook, because I’m going to walk you through some specific exercises and you’ll want the workbook to go along with me. I’m so excited to share all these techniques and tools with you. They’ve really been life-changing for me and I look forward to seeing you on the webinar. Bye!


  1. I can't wait to be in the webinar Thanx Emily Vishen and all the team of Mindvell for bringing in those inspiring teachers 🙂

  2. Go beyond a purely spiritual tool and learn to use meditation to actually help you become a powerhouse at work and a magnet that attracts good things into your life.

    Don't forget to watch Emily's FREE masterclass here👉

  3. Madam….to state that you are the FOUNDER of zeba meditation is nothing but ridiculous. Meditation has its roots in INDIA. I repeat INDIA. it comes from the rishis. You have been trained by the Indians. Give them their credit and stop " stealing". Also yoga has its roots in INDIA. Again it comes from the rishis.
    I have heard that distorted versions of yoga had been patented in usa This is utterly ridiculous!
    People …go and learn true meditation from the MASTERS INDIA !

  4. I wouldn't trust this woman into buying a dildo, let alone meditation. ok, maybe I would take her advice about the dildo.

  5. Traduscan todos los videos al español ya!!! Hay mucha personas esperando aprender y cambiar sus vidas.. Me encanta MindValley pero la traduccion es lo unico que falta. Esperamos una mejora para este gran equipo. Gracias

  6. Translate all the videos into Spanish now!!! There are many people waiting to learn and change their lives. I love MindValley but the translation is the only thing missing. We expect an improvement for this great team. Thank you

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