How to Meditate with Crystals for Beginners

hello everybody and welcome to my video on how to meditate with crystals for beginners i'm krista author of crystal reiki and change your energy and today what i'm going to be sharing with you guys i'm gonna be sharing with you the benefits of crystal meditation how to choose a crystal to meditate with and then i'm gonna walk you guys through a simple technique for crystal meditation so first things first the benefits so here I am I'm outside in one of my favorite meditation spots which is underneath the great big maple tree in my backyard and I always meditate with crystals we know the benefits of meditation right helps to reduce stress helps to reduce anxiety has great overall benefits for our physical and mental health helps us to ground helps us to Center improves cognitive function the list goes on and on the awesome thing about meditating with crystals so while holding a crystal is that you're adding energy medicine to your meditation practice every time you sit and meditate and hold a crystal that crystals energy flows into your body flows into your system and it's doing healing work on you while you're meditating another benefit to crystal meditation is it's an excellent and yet very simple way for you to develop a strong relationship to your crystals and intuitive relationship to your crystals and learn more about your crystals and crystal energy so those are the benefits the next thing I'm going to talk about now is how to choose the right crystal for your meditation so when I'm meditating I personally like to use bigger crystals so crystals that can fit comfortably in the palm of my hand and so if you're just making sort of basic choices right if we just stick with things basically the blues and the purples are much more calming soothing they help to Center mind purple's are great for intuition blues are a little more mental in their energy okay we're just talking generally here then we get down to our pinks and greens greens are great for vitality they're great for healing if you want to connect with that energy in your meditation also abundance over here in the Reds sorry Pink's it's heart healing it's love it's soothing its gentleness it's nurturing if that's the type of meditation you want to enter into they're a great choice especially for loving kindness and compassion meditations and then down as we get into the bottom here we're getting into the deeper darker heavier colors your dark greens your blacks your Browns your oranges your reds the warmer colors tend to be again more energizing grounding good for creativity for stamina the black ones are better at neutralizing clearing negative energy grounding again helping you to anchor into your system so it's a matter of choosing what kind of vibe you're looking for in your meditation I often recommend this one angelite beautiful soothing angelite helps to Center the mind helps to bring you into a place of inner peace and inner quiet so it's definitely excellent for mindfulness meditation practicing presence and just coming into a place of overall calm so this is the one will meditate with today so now you can get more specific with how you choose your crystal if you wish first of all you can use your intuition which is something that I always recommend but you can also select a crystal based on its specific properties so you can open up a crystal book like The Book of stones which is my personal fave crystal Bible of us in the earth whatever appeals to you and look up okay what energy do I feel I need or what is it that I want to work on maybe you want to work on developing your psychic abilities may you're suffering from heartbreak and you want something soothing for your heart center you can look up the properties of different crystals and be like okay rhodochrosite that's the one I'm meditating with today or amethyst because I want to sharpen my intuition so really how you choose your crystal is entirely up to you and what your needs are so now let's walk through a really simple technique so first step first step always make sure your crystal energy is cleared so I do have tips on how to clear your crystals in the highlights and my story on my profile so make sure it's clear and then hold it in your receptive hand that is your non-dominant hand the reason for that is our receptive sides are generally more sensitive to energy so we're gonna feel energy more strongly in our receptive hand so hold your crystal in your receptive hand close your eyes take a couple deep breaths just to help yourself Center come into a place of presence you don't need to force the breath deeply but allow it to just sink deeply down into your body and every time the mind starts to get engaged just come back to that practice of paying attention to your breathing that's meditation it is a practice not a perfect the mind will go you bring it back the mind will go you'll bring it back it's fine and really honestly you could just stop right there that's all you need to do just sit there breathe hold your crystal for a couple of minutes the mind goes it comes back it goes it comes back let the energy flow in you can take it a step further all right so after you've done a couple of breaths you're coming into a place of presence you're kind of letting everything else fade away you can bring your awareness and your attention to the crystal you're holding in your hand first notice its weight it's texture its shape how it feels in your hands and then imagine that the chakra that is in the palm of your hand your palm chakra is opening up and allowing that crystal energy to flow in through your hand through your arm all the way into your heart center and then wherever it may go in your body in your system and allow yourself to open up to that crystal energy that crystal wisdom that crystal consciousness and it's in this state where you may not feel anything that's totally okay we know from physics that energy is always moving so something's happening you can trust it but you may also start to experience emotions emotional release you may start to have visions you made journey you may hear things you may remember things thoughts or ideas may come in or you may just be receiving view to Healing energy for your system so sit for as long as you can it could be two minutes it could be five minutes maybe you add another minute each day until you build up to ten fifteen twenty minutes that completely depends on your schedule and on your needs but sit or even lie down or sit in a chair hold your crystal and let those gorgeous crystal vibes come in I have found that the simpler I keep my meditation practice the better but again honor the technique that works for you as long as you're holding a crystal that energy will be flowing in so that's how to meditate with crystals for beginners I hope that this video has been of service to you thank you so much for walking and watching and have a blessed day


  1. Thanks I learnt a lot 🙂 I had the biggest hint that I needed to meditate with crystals from angel messages and I was just like but how?! Now I know thanks 🙂

  2. After years of trying to calm and get this right, i love your explanation of the simplicity. The benifits have been amazing.

  3. I teach my meditation students to meditate with crystals too. For those wanting to boost their psychic/intuitive gifts they use labradorite- which also gives protection. I often suggest clear quartz (Divine Light in physical form) & for those who find it hard to still their thoughts, amongst a few others I suggest clear fluorite to also give clarity. For sending & receiving unconditional love I suggest rose quartz. Thank u for your videos, blessings from Aus 🙏

  4. Your crystal collection is on point! You have all the goodies. 👌🏽 #crystalgoals

    I live in bible belt Oklahoma so metaphysical shops are rare here. Is there a crystal shop or site that you recommend?

  5. I don't have rugged crystals but I have a clear quartz pyramid. Can I use another tree? Because oak trees don't grow where I live. Thanks for the video! How long did it take you to collect all those crystals?

  6. Suggestions on crystals to help with headaches and migraines and depression and anxiety social and colds and sore throat and sinuses and fever.?

  7. What do you advice on meditating with multiple crystals, Namely Clear Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amethyst and Black Tourmaline? Usually I meditate only on the full-moon day with my above mentioned crystals.

  8. You are so correct. That is just what i do. I might add that ormus is a great conductor for crystal energy.

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