How to Manifest: Building Faith and the Ladder Exercise Story

My name is Joseph Alai. Welcome to my channel. Today I’d like to talk a little bit about what faith is, what faith isn’t, and how to build faith. And I’m also going to talk about the ladder exercise. So I used to believe that faith was some mysterious feeling that I had to figure out how to embody for things to manifest in this reality. I had first heard it a lot when I was reading the Bible about eight years ago. I was doing some very thorough studying in the Bible, and it talks about faith being the thing that pleases God. It talks about faith is the thing that makes prayers get answered. And so I was really bent out of shape for a long time, actually, on “Do I have faith? What is faith? Do I believe?” And after a long time, it took me a long time to really figure out what faith is, and once I started seeing my manifestations unfold without this mysterious feeling called faith or with whatever, I realized what faith actually was. So when it comes to manifesting, it says it’s faith. Imagination plus faith. But that faith part… What is faith? Faith is a knowing that something is going to come to pass. So how do you develop faith in the first place, if that’s really what it is? I’ve come to find out that the requirement for manifestation isn’t to have some feeling of faith. What it really comes down to is bringing the scene into your mind’s eye. That’s it. If you can make it feel real, then it will manifest. It’s that knowing that what you are doing is manifesting it into reality. That is what the term faith is referred to as. But with certainty we have manifested everything in our life. We have manifested where we are right now. We manifested you watching this, at this exact moment. All the events, all the people, the way they treat you, your position in life, all of those you have manifested up until this point. So, did you have a feeling of faith while you were– during your life? During the regular moments, as you just carry on through life,? Do you have a feeling of faith with you at all times? The description of faith that you would think faith means. Do keep that with you every moment of every day? No, it’s just a feeling of naturalness. That’s it. That faith being knowing that you’re thinking of something or imagining something and it’s just happening. It’s just the opposite of doubt. It’s just Believing that when you bring that scene into your mind’s eye, it’s actually going to do something. So the way to build faith would be to simply put this stuff to the test. To bring scenes before your mind’s eye, to write those lists of things that you desire, to change your inner conversations. Anything that you generally do to manifest. Doing those things repeatedly, putting it to the test. That is what builds faith. People say that my faith is strong. I know that imagination creates reality because I’ve been shown it thousands of times. Countless times. I have faith and knowing that you can do the same exact thing. The only thing you have to do is put it to the test and persist. Practice. Do different things. My faith started building when I first started doing imaginal acts. I used to have this feeling and I used to think that some things were created by me. I was like interjecting at points and manifesting things, but everything else was natural. But the more that I traced my thoughts, the more that I contemplated things that I was thinking of, and the more that I consciously injected scenes into my imagination, explicitly putting this stuff to the test, the more manifestations that would unfold. It came to a certain point, it was like a tipping point, where I was convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that I was creating this reality. And that is what people consider faith. Knowing and being convinced that your imagination creates reality. So. test it. Put it to the test. Imagine for everything, every problem that comes up in your life. Because the imagination, which is God, is the solution to every problem that you will encounter in your life. It’s a solution to all your dreams. Anything that you can imagine. Your health, your wealth, your love, your happiness, other people. Simply for every problem or anything, any desire that comes up, create a scene in your imagination. Play it. Make it feel real, and let it go . And just watch. I do this dozens of times per day, at least. I do it as soon as I wake up in the morning, I imagine the end of the day. When I get up I make a list of a few things that I want to see manifest throughout my day. Any problem that arises during my day, I will create a scene which embodies a solution to that desire. When I’m driving to work, I have inner conversations with myself, or I’m at least contemplating things that I could be imagining. Before bed, I play my day back and I revise the scenes throughout my day and all, and then right before bed, the last thing I do before bed is imagine the one thing or different things, my big desires, because that window right before sleep is the most efficient to imagine, because at that point our consciousness is kind of dwindling down, to almost shut down, and it’s the subconscious that’s creating these things. So whatever we can impress on our subconscious mind is what’s going to be created in this world. Normally, it’s through the daily events, our thoughts, behaviors, moods, throughout the day in our consciousness, that’s what’s injecting our subconscious mind with the things that we see, And that’s why we are continuously normally creating the same day, over and over. That’s why our days have a lot of consistency to them. But when we supersede that, when we inject these imaginal acts into our subconscious, when we emulate the natural process of thought, and we basically supersede and replace the everyday chatter that– For me, like I replace the regular chatter, my inner conversations. I replace my natural imaginal acts with the things that I desire. So I just make it into a routine and a habit. But what happens is I see tons of manifestations all throughout the day and it builds my faith. So I want to talk about two things. Two experiences that I had. One of them was just before. There’s an excerpt of a book that I read, and the excerpt is acceptance. I was sitting down, I was listening to someone share on this. During that time, I had a book out. I had a Neville book out, which was “At Your Command,” and I was reading it, underlining things, and I took my wallet out so that I can take out a business card, so that I can trace my words with it. And in doing that, I took out a business card, I put it down and I started to go line by line, reading. About 20 minutes later, as I was about to put my business card back into my wallet, I looked at it and on the top it was acceptance. It was an excerpt from the book that the man was reading. and I inadvertently subconsciously opened my wallet took the business card, which I rarely do. I don’t really do that. I don’t know what prompted me to do that. I just know now that I was moved through compulsion to show me a synchronicity in this world. Building faith all the time. And the last thing I want to talk about is the ladder exercise. So Neville used to tell his audiences, the first time they would encounter him, he would say to put all over the place that you will not climb a ladder. Post-it notes to remind yourself you will not climb a ladder. Tell yourself you will not climb a ladder. But at night, before you go to bed, imagine yourself climbing up and down a ladder, in the first person, over and over, until you fall into sleep. He would tell them He would say do this. Tell yourself, you’re not going to climb a ladder.


  1. Thank you Joseph for your videos. I love the way you explain everything, the way you break everything down. You make it sound so simple thats a gift my brother. And i also like the way you talk about God & his word. You’re a breath of fresh air. Congratulations on your subscribers! You’re growing fast. Awesome job Joseph I love your videos, please keep them coming. I’m understanding & learning the concept of manifesting & it’s all making sense me thanks again oh wise 1!

  2. Tre’ cool! Thanks for the examples you always have good information. You’re being cute makes this all the more enjoyable! 😉

  3. So I'm confused about the ladder experiment, if you imagine you're going to climb a ladder but tell yourself you're not going to do it, BUT you still end up doing it? I thought that when you're trying to manifest something any doubts such as telling yourself it won't happen would result in a miscarriage of the manifestation? Could someone please shed some light on this for me?

  4. Okay so the problem that I am having is the visualizing part. I guess its hard to let go of how the "reality" of the situation has me feeling, compared to how it would feel in the end. When Visualizing It is hard to not focus on the negativity of the current situation. Anyone have any info of suggestions to help and make the end feel real?

  5. Ty Joe! I manifested my new contacts to be less expensive today. Was funny they called me today and said this obscene amount more then I ever have paid. I said Well, I just can't do that. So I kept just picturing them being less then I paid before. Long story short they lady had to call me back and call the company. She ended up calling me back and saying I am sorry I goofed on the price. They ended up being cheaper then I have ever paid for them! Was so cool! haha

  6. Do you have any insight on death/tragedies? For example, the 189 people who just died in the Boeing plane crash. How does manifesting fit in with this? I struggle with trying to comprehend this everyday.

  7. Thank you Joe. Imagination really create reality. I did that 30 years ago. I imagined I climbed the staircase of a stage to receive the trophy for my school competition. I was doing it for 2 months when I was training my students for the competition. It really happened as I imagined n we won the first prize price n it was a big trophy. I didn't know about Neville then. Thank you so much for explaining it so well. Neville is sure proud of you. Yea I imagine well for Stanley as you have advised. I am so glad to know you and I like your videos. Much love to you .❤️

  8. So happy I've found this channel, the way you explain how to manifest really puts things into perspective for me. Thank you.

  9. What are your thoughts on I remember when? I discovered this this morning and I feel like I had a major revelation. It allowed everything I was trying to suppress to be brought up and addressed and turned around giving me a faith I had never felt before and a sense of relief like a whole heap of resistance had been removed. I thought back on things and realised I had unknowingly been doing this the opposite way and that’s where I was getting the opposite of what I wanted.

  10. Please guys need help. What affirmations and pictures I can imagine if I want to help the person that I love to stop gambling?? 😓

  11. Hey, I've got a bit of a question, feedback from you, Joseph, or anybody really would be appreciated! So, I've got a couple big desires, ones that I think would be most adequate to imagine before bed.. however, I've heard the advice to fall asleep in you imagined act, but if I have multiple- is that possible? Should i imagine a reality with all my desires tied in or is it reasonable to alternate nights focusing on one or the other?

  12. I love my ladder experience. Just 2 DAYS after visualizing I was sitting in my living room and heard a CRASH in the hall. I sheepishly walked over to find a metal trap door in the ceiling had fallen open. Never even knew it was there! Of course I had to get a ladder to close it ! 😊 💪😘

  13. Just check your blog it's so helpful I can't show how much m grateful and thank ful to you and God that I found u and listening to you everyday thank you so much ❤ love and light to you🙏

  14. if i tell myself "im not marrying this guy" or this specific person in my mind but always imagine us wearing wedding ring and happy together.. will that manifest??? 0_0

  15. Another gem of a video, Joe! ✨ It’s such a great reminder knowing that we’re manifesting all day, everyday, and we’ve been doing it from day 1. It’s when we try consciously manifesting that human hang ups and disbelief occur. Yet if we’re doing it naturally, the great thing is – that we can continue to recreate it with the stuff we are aware we want!

    Everything is possible to God; therefore everything is possible to me, you, and all of us. 🙂

  16. Hi Joseph, i am here to manifest a person after unknowingly manifesting her and then losing her because something didnt go right on her side. I was so desperate to find out, how such a great connection can disappear without any clue and I have never been so desperate in my life for anyone before, that i literally started googling about how to get someone to change their mind and that is how discovered LOA terminology.! I already get those glimpses of happiness/bliss that esther hicks talk about and I am now 100% sure i will manifest the person i have missed on, but do u think the fact that I discovered about LOA because of that person in my life, is actually now going to change my life, and i kind of manifested this incident in my life because i was unknowingly looking for something like this to happen in my life, so i manifested even this video i am watching right now.! Does this make sense to u Joseph?

  17. How to manifest a specific job? I know the company and the job description. I don't know how the office looks like. Can you tell me some of the steps?

  18. @Divide Imagination by Joseph Alai, Joseph , I want to manifest a contact from my ex-girlfriend, because I still love her, but she's in another relationship. Is it still possible to happen what I want? Thank you! 🙌

  19. Hey Joseph, good job on your videos! They become a very helpful corner-stone of my life as a deliberate creator. I would like to ask your view on something. So… in general my life has improved massively by following general rules of LAO, like apreciation, visualizing, feeling good, etc.. But as you mentioned it, I was and still am kind of hesitant to really manifest specifically, because I fear i might disappoint me and I can feel that resistance as I tried a few times. So once again, motivated by your vids I triy to prove to myself with small things, that it does work. I did the ladder exercise. (wasn't climbing a ladder, but one showed up in a vid) and I wrote down five specific small things in the morning for a few days. Nothing was realized, but me imagining that I find 2 Euro on the ground, after i dropped them accidentally myself out of my own pants. LOL So, there is some feedback, but somehow, I don`t manage quite yet, to get affirming results. From your axperience. What could be things, that I am doing wrong and /or what could I improve/try to move into some better results. What are some beginners chellenges or pittfalls?
    Thank you for your inspired contribution! Take care… Claudius

  20. Can you explain how you self induce the hypnotic state akin to sleep like Neville talks about? Do you have a technique for this and desensitizing your senses in order to visualize?

  21. Joseph, how wonderful to hear Nevilles concepts explained in such a modern way. Ive been a student of his for years. And was grappleling with the same questions about 'faith'. And this dialogue is just what i needed to go to the next level. Many thanks and blessings!😊

  22. Joseph every single video of yours is so helpful. It teaches something new. And I check youtube daily just to see if you have uploaded something. N its always there. Thanks so much Joe..much love and blessings to you

  23. hi i have a vip question that needs an ans from u the incident happened in nz christchurch today where 49 ppl innocent ppl who were praying was that imagined and by who thats if imagination creates reality then can you please explain how that situation transpired

  24. Joseph my son is so much happier now!! As teenager social dynamics can be difficult but with your mentor videos now he is a new kid!!! Thank you for that seeing him thrive and be so happy you are a ray of light. Thank you handsome Joseph

  25. Thanks so much Joseph!! Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see. Faith is like ordering from a menu in a restaurant. You don't worry that the waiter lost your ticket, that the kitchen ran out of food, that the cook forgot how to prepare the meal. You just sit back and talk to your friend until your food comes. Make your order to the universe and sip happily on your coffee till breakfast is placed in front of you 🙂

  26. i have a question. when we masturbate and visualise about sex with a specific person it feels real, why don’t we always attract it then?

  27. What do you think when I write down things I want to see happen in the day but it happens a couple of weeks later? 🙂

  28. Faith is a knowing that something will come to pass.
    I have manifested everything in my life. Faith is a feeling of naturalness.
    Show to myself that imagination creates reality.

  29. Imagination is the solution to all my problems. Create a scene, make it real and drop it.
    Create a scene for all problems that arise. Use the time before bed to imagine my big goals.

  30. If your specific person has blocked you told you we will never talk again and turned you into hr so that you can’t ever talk to him and a psychic told you he’s washed his hands of you can you ever change that type of situation?

  31. is this based off the theory that the past replays itself? i found myself imagining and then feeling sad at the beautiful imagine as if it were in the past and it had already happened. not as if it was going to but as if it did and it was a memory that i missed. it felt wrong to add a sad emotion into a manifestation so i'm confused about what perspective i should hold when imagining.. do i imagine as if its happening in the present moment? that is soo hard. and does this theory mean that if someone reflects on past memories a lot, then it will happen again at some point in the future with the same eople or even different people? how should i feel when daydreaming? like its the past or present? please reply! thanks!

  32. I feel like, more u start to live in bliss/relaxed/trusted zone, aligned with ur source, u start to drop ur desires and only keep the ones that are truly aligned with urself and source energy itself to keep the universal equilibrium of manifestation.! This also proves the union of our individduality with the universe, “aham brahmasmi”. I think this applies to all of our desires, including money, specific person etc.

  33. Thanks for the upload. I'm pretty new to this and will try the ladder exercise. Just wondering if I need to do the ladder affirmation most of the time or just simply imagine doing it? Which one should I focus on?

  34. Saw this video yesterday did the ladder excersize And walk into my family house. Bam. A ladder right in my face. That was an easy manifestation.

  35. Listening to this for the second or third time.
    The first time I listened,
    I remembered the ladder exercise from one of his lectures and visualised it while you spoke.
    The next day I arrived at work to find a ladder in the lobby. Surprise!
    If it happens again I'm just going to climb it.

  36. I ask universe and trying to let go..I see "ladder" but not in dream..but a bamboo ladder being carried by someone on cycle,this is a good sign ,i belive

  37. Joseph…..LOVE your videos!  Question, though:  this happens to me so often, and its freaky as hell….I will be reading something, and the exact word or even entire phrase I am reading will be said in the background, like from the radio, or tv if its one, or from someone standing within ear shot of me.  Like, for example, if my reading material said, "the sun is shining", someone will say it at the same time my eyes fall on those words.  Or I will be singing to a song on the radio, and the word I am singing will be appear on a sign or a vehicle in front of me at the exact same time!  What the heck?  Why does that happen SO frequently???  NO one else seems to be impressed when I try and explain it to them.

  38. I manifested something just a few minutes before I saw it in my reality. I smiled when I realized I was getting exactly what I wanted. Definitely building faith.

  39. I NEVER EVER see ladders. Ever since I listened to this video.. Ladders are everywhere??? I come into work.. what is a few feet down the aisle from where I sit? A LADDER!!!!! Speechless. SMH.. Sigh.

  40. i love how you talk about the bible i just started reading the bible and its true about the faith stuff. I read about that lots of time in the bible and manifestations happening.

  41. Hey, Joseph! Dear, couyld you make as video on inner conversation? The point come to my attention and I would love to hear more about it! Love from Brazil

  42. Hi. I was just wondering that if I visualise and persist on my visualisation, then the small times of doubts that I face, might delay my manifestation a little bit but not uproot it right?

  43. I ended up getting and climbing a ladder the next day after doing Neville's technique. I forgot all about it, but remembered once I was climbing it to put hooks in my ceiling. So simple how it works. ❤

  44. Either the book The Science Of Getting rich or the book The Master Key System talks about impressing on the subconscious. I forget which one mentioned it. But I use to fall asleep every night to the audiobook of The Science Of Getting Rich, hoping that it would seep into my subconscious. I’m not rich… but I haven’t had a problem with getting a job or making money since that year, like 6-7 years ago. I feel like every Law of attraction book I read and every LOA movie and youtuber I’ve watched had pieces of the puzzle and that’s why I was able to manifest amazing things. But I always felt like I was missing something and you’re the missing piece. You’re telling me things I already know, but the method you’re doing it makes a hell of a lot more sense. I can look back into my memory now and realize why some things manifested while others didn’t. You have helped me A LOT! Thank you!!

  45. I’m doing the ladder exercise since Wednesday afternoon and something really strange happened today so I’d like to receive your comments. I wrote on a piece of paper “I will not climb a ladder” and I put it on my pc screen so I could see it all day long and I put another in my cell case. All day inside of me I repeated this sentence. Then when I went to sleep for two days I imagined myself going up and down on a ladder and I felt the sensation on my imaginary hands and feet. Unfortunately Thursday I got sick, I had fever and felt bad and so now I was complained on a fb chat with a friend of mine that I could not climb a ladder because I’m ill. I don’t own a ladder so if I don’t go out I cannot climb a ladder and find a situation where there is a ladder. In that moment another friend of mine called me on the cell and told me some things about her and she said: “I will not climb a ladder!”. I was stunned! She repeated this sentence two times in a minute. So I asked her: “what do you mean?” and she replied that in her city it was a common saying that means “it’s a easy thing”. So I asked her again: “you never talk in this way, so why you used this expression?” and she replayed “I don’t know! In fact I never use this common saying! I don’t know why I talked like this!”. So my question is this one: is it possible that the God in me sent me the ladder in this way because I can’t go out? So this was my manifestation because in real life I’m ill and it was impossible in other ways? I’d like to receive your opinions. Thank you!

  46. I'm soooooo much more connected to the Neville students… The new teachers make everything so complicated like duuuude, just tell us to chill and imagine what we want duh 🤷🏽‍♂️

  47. Thank you for your video. I have started imagining the end result of my manifestation. When ever I do so my eyes are full of tears. Is this normal?

  48. I thought my phone was reading my mind 😂 but now I’m thinking i manifested it. Half the stuff I see on my phone isn’t even stuff I’ve typed in or looked up.

  49. I sort of did the ladder experiment. I pictured the ladder, said a sort of mental " oh well…whatever." It took 5 days but I had this sudden urge to look on top of my fridge. I just started wondering what was up there. I had an " I wish" moment an hour or so earlier. I manifest a lot with a simple wish for something. What I had wished was that I didn't have to go out for beast ( cat) food. Anyway, I get this sudden urge to look on top of my fridge. Very unusual since I suspected it was probably pretty dusty.
    I grab a ladder. One that I had pointedly ignored the last few days. I stand it next to the fridge, and climb on up. One manifestation. And of course there's two cans of beast food up there, alllll the way in the back, where I'd never have seen it. I wasn't looking for cat food. I just had an urge to look on top if the fridge! Two manifestations in one!

  50. The SUBJECT is what counts! Yes?! 😃. This is one of my favorite videos of yours! I’m gonna do this…well…this morning! Excited to see how this will work! I do remember hearing that lecture by Neville sometime ago…but I was never excited enough about it to do it, till now! Thank you.

  51. I’ve done the lather experience and the result was quite impressive: in 5 days someone actually asked me to climb the lather! Your explanations, as always, great! Thank you!

  52. I love your videos. They are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I have read many metaphysic books for over a decade ( including Neville Goddard) but your videos are helping me to connect the dots. I have a question , when you visualize a specific goal and drop it, do you write it and visualize it briefly and drop it numerous times throughout the day and weeks or do you just do it one time and drop it.

  53. Climbing the ladder exercise. Joseph, I agree with your explanation but have to add smth – when we say "I will not climb…" apart from thinking about climbing we also have zero resistance cuz climbing the ladder does seem not here likely to begin with. Zero resistance + focus on the object = manifestation. So a week person should not say what contradicts his faith " I am strong" and should not say what he wants to demanifest "I am week", but saying "I am not strong" and imagining at night that he is strong very well may work together great.

  54. HAHAHA…. First 1 minute I can relate Joe… I use to get bent out of shape reading and hearing about this Faith business long ago! With Neville grew out of that nebulous zone. When I get that KNOWING from IAM that it is done, then PEACE. In God's time, I get the outer manifestation of that INWARD KNOWING! If doubt tries to creep in, GO BACK TO INNER KNOWING. Peace! ❤️

  55. I heard about this ladder exercise about 2 years ago from E.O. Locker on Youtube. I thought it was silly, I was skeptical and thought I have no reason to climb a ladder and I didn't even own a ladder. A few days later I had started a new part time job at a shoe store. I was up on a ladder getting down a pair of shoes for a customer when the thought hit me, I am climbing a ladder. I started taking Neville seriously after that.

  56. I did the ladder exercise for two days.. at the end , on the third day the technician came to fix my internet and brought the ladder.. When I saw the ladder , I recalled the exercise and thought he’d ask me to climb it, but he didn’t, he climbed it himself.. so does it mean I didn’t imagine properly?

  57. I just climbed a ladder few minutes before watching this video ha ha. (weird) Will try your exercise thank you & bless you

  58. I did the ladder exercise in San Francisco and was wondering where where I would run into a ladder since I didn't have a ladder or saw ladders around in my neighborhood, then behold I came home from breakfast an a ladder was on the porch steps, the path I take to get into the house, the ladder was leaned up against the roof. The landlord had sent someone over to check the rook of the house. I shared this story a few days ago and the insight I got and a different observation is that the ladder exist in both worlds. I love your videos, very well explained what Neville is teaching and your experience is exactly understood that you are hearing the same thing I am hearing in Neville's teachings

  59. I had to climb a ladder to power wash at work, and after I did, I remembered the ladder stories. Awesome.

  60. Joseph I imagined the ladder about 2 or 3 times cuz I kept waking up and each time I went back to sleep I did the exercise. And 4 ladders appeared before me today. Amazing …. In a spot on a train platform where I've never seen ladders. Amazing

  61. Thx. Bless u. We had faith in perhaps un comfortable even horrible things, hence they happened. In what do we consciously chhose to have faith in seems to be the Key

  62. This is crazy I did the ladder exercise nothing happened didn't see a ladder & forgot bout it..3 days later I'm sitting in my office & I hear a loud noise on the roof I go outside to investigate & there is a ladder against the wall how profound

  63. Last night I thought about building my manifesting faith and this morning woke up and scrolled down my YouTube and case across this video!

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