How to Laugh, Reflect, and Embrace Positivity in Judaism | Rabbi Levine on Yom Kippur

Humor relates directly to positive of Judaism
because humor is one of the 24 strengths in the category in the inventory of strengths
and characteristics. We know that humor, which makes us laugh and
we desire to be around people who are funny because it raises our senses of positive emotion,
and that adds a lot of value. The U.S. Open and Yom Kippur generally fall
during the same season of time. Yom Kippur is the day of forgiveness. It happens in the very early fall and the
U.S. Open happens in the late summer to early fall and it just so happened that one year
the men’s final and Yom Kippur happened on the same exact day. And so this child said to his father, “Dad,
you know I can’t miss the U.S. Open. It’s the most important tennis match of
the entire year.” And the father said, “Well, that’s what
video recordings are for.” And the child said, “You mean we can tape
Yom Kippur?” We can always choose to live with a pessimistic
mindset. A lot of people ask: Judaism and positivity,
can they sync together? And they can, despite the fact that individuals
have faced anti-Semitism and oppression and there have been many times in Jewish history,
like the pogroms when Jewish individuals and Jewish communities were oppressed and that
is true for lots of different groups. But at the core of religious thought it is
about resilience and it is about hope, it’s about joy, it’s about positive living, it’s
about spirituality, deepening relationships and seeking to have a positive impact on one’s
life, on their community and their family and in the world. Hatikvah is the Jewish national anthem. Hatikvah means ‘the hope’ and at the core
of the Jewish mindset for 3000 years has been hope. I’ll tell you a story about hope, which
is attributed to the Maggid of Dubno. Maggid of Dubno tells a story of a king who
had a perfect diamond and the king loved this diamond and he would marvel at this diamond
every single night. But one day he dropped this diamond and when
he picked it up he noticed that there was a crack from the crown to the base of this
diamond and the king was crestfallen. He called out to all of the master craftsman
in the entire kingdom to come and see if they could repair this, but one after the other
said to the king, “King, once a crack is in a diamond it cannot be repaired.” Days later a very humble jeweler came to the
palace gates and said, “I would like to see the diamond.” And the king welcomed him and said, “Humble
jeweler, the greatest craftsman in all of this land have tried to fix this diamond and
each have said it’s impossible to repair.” But this humble jeweler said, “I would like
to have a chance.” And so the king gave him the diamond and under
the eyes of a watchful guard, for the next few weeks, this jeweler got to work. He returned to the kingdom and he presented
the king with the diamond. And the king took it out and looked at it
and said, “Fool, there is still a crack in my diamond. Send this man to the gallows.” But the humble jeweler just stood there calmly
and said, “King, turn the diamond over.” And when the king turned the diamond over
he noticed that the jeweler had placed two petals at the crown of the diamond and together
this crack, with those petals, no longer was broken but it now formed this beautiful rose
and now the king had a diamond that was more perfect and more beautiful than before. The moral of this story is that we can choose
any day to think of our lives as broken, only seeing the cracks, but with a little dose
of hope and choosing to be optimistic, we can turn any crack into petals and shift the
way that we think about brokenness into perfection, and turn our lives into beautiful flowers. That we get from Judaism and that we get from
wise teachings. They come from Jewish past and Jewish lore
that inspire us to live our lives in the best way for ourselves, for our families and for


  1. Like that hilarious time God told Abraham to murder his son and then at the last second said “lol jk!!! You were gonna do it too!!”

  2. The holy texts are clear that anyone who does not take the Lord's holy days seriously are to be slapped on the knuckles with a 14-inch cane. Laughing is forbidden on such a serious occasion.

  3. The title confused me. I have faith in BT, so I watched it. Still confused. What are you all getting at? I understand antisemitism is a hot topic of concern given the recent publicity, but I don't think this does anything for the cause. The title nearly implies "Jews can't have fun like normal people" and comes across as a sort of recruitment. People want religion out of their faces. If anything, this harms Judaism.

  4. 33.33: 33.33-33.33-33.33! King: King-King-King! 1: American (North-Latin-South): 2: BSR (British Ireland/Scandinavia/Russia): 3: EUAF (EUROPE AFRICA): 4: AIOP (Arab India Oceania Pacific):: PACE: PACE-PACE-PACE! Jesus Christ!

  5. 1: American ($): 2: BSR (£): 3: EUAF (€): 4: AIOP (¢) (Arabia ¢/€)::King: King-King-King! Mary: Jesus-Buddha-Labour!!!!

  6. How about we talk about Gaza? how about we talk about what the Jesus looked like? How about we talk about if the exodus even happened! How about we talk about Trump views on blacks and jews?

  7. Possitivity is an underrated virtue, yes. But I thought this channel was centered around science and more interesting philosophical notions.
    This isn't a terrible video by any means, but this is something I'd expect from a channel like 'The School of Life'. I'm subbed to this for more dense ideas and not this fast-food, platitudinal brand of intellectuality.

  8. The Exodus never happened, it's a historical fiction. Judaism is a religion based on things that never happened. Embrace historical accuracy.

  9. The comments here,

    Seem to strongly hate the video on the basis that no scientific process of thought has been introduced or clearly communicated for the topic of the video.  

    I can understand this and I can understand all the irrelevant content this guy is bringing up (if you are looking at this video specifically for the purpose of what it says it can achieve excluding the term Judaism)

    However if you aren't lazy, the insight has actually been communicated though the two scenarios this man has provided.  

    The first scenario basically communicated the idea that we shouldn't give up and accept reality on the basis that we most likely haven't explored all the possible solutions to a problematic situation. 

    The second scenario communicated the idea that is possible to take actions that can positively change how you view a flawed situation. 

    I can see how these insights can reflect the topic of the video but I would have probably taken a different approach and I would have reinforced the importance of the insights rather than talking about content that felt irrelevant.

  10. This channel used to be informative and based in scientific and philosophical knowledge… now it seems every video is a church sermon. I'm unsubscribing if I dont see an actual scientist on this channel in the next couple of days.

    If I wanted to listen to a Rhabi preach the merits of Judaism I would go to a Synagogue.

    AND FOR THOSE CLAIMING MYSELF AND OTHERS ARE ANTISEMITIC… Maybe some of them are, but I for one disagree with the sentiment that choosing not to go to church makes me a bigot. This video, and others featuring this Rhabi, are exactly that: church sermons. I don't subscribe to any religion, and I won't subscribe to Judaism because a channel I once enjoyed began preaching it.

    I can, and will, choose not to watch it, but to publish religious ideology on a channel about science and philosophy is misleading, and risks lending undue credence to the subject and the speaker. You wouldn't publish a Christian religious teaching in a scientific journal for the same reason.

    (((EDIT:: After watching more recent videos from Big Think, faith in channel restored. But to the people running this, please understand: a theologist sharing wise and informative proverbs is great, but to then allow them to accredit such wisdom solely to their religion implies other teachings of the religion are valid by association.)))

  11. Interesting story, but I have to ask about the editing. It always seems like the clips from the discussion don't really connect to anything in particular.

  12. Anyone, regardless of how intelligent they claim to be, who's dismissing this based on the religious involvement, is a fool.
    Just listen and learn instead of wasting your time thinking of some snarky reference to the old testament to belligerently type into the YouTube comments.

  13. Even with the best and Most Charitable view of what you said, this type of optimism is extremely limited. Some misfortunes in life have no upside. You can’t make it better. You can’t look at it another way. Somethings are just horrible. Moreover, saying that this Type of optimism is exclusive to one religious style of teaching is absurd Especially without Explanation.
    In fact a well explained rational approach to dealing with disturbing life circumstances is far more likely to have a positive and lasting effect in someone’s life. Psychology sociology And other substantiated disciplines are far more appropriate than Judaism. As they actually have a direct link, whereas Judaism does not.

  14. I can't watch this, religion isn't science sorry, religion does give you a high from the reward system in the brain, and so does gambling and meth…

  15. "A man's ethical behavior should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties
    and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be
    restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death."
    Albert Einstein, "Religion and Science", New York Times Magazine

  16. He is talking about "turning the weakness to strength" that's it. No need to relate it with religion or faith… It's all about +ve attitude, and being optimistic…

  17. You know how many Jews are there in the world ?? Less than 15 million which is a tiny number compared to the 7.5 billion worlds population so why do we keep hearing about them!!!!!

  18. There’s some interesting research on the relationship between trolling and narcissism that’s quite promising.
    You downvoting nazis should go get tested. Help is available, I promise.

  19. And the father said: Well that's why I click thumbs down and leave after watching 1 minute of this. I miss the old good stuff this channel used to bring.

  20. I'm sure the upper-middle-class smoothie-drinkers listening to this on their $1000 bluetooth headsets on the way to yoga class, would love to listen to this guy bless us with some more of his motivating zen power crystal lifestyle mindfulness.
    Jesus fucking christ.

  21. Hmm, seems like some of you have no appreciation for humor. I'm not Jewish but a Christian. I must admit, however, that the Jews have made a remarkable contribution to humor, even in the United States. Here is a short list of Jewish people who have made a contribution to humor in the US.

    The Marx Brothers
    Jack Benny
    The Three Stooges
    George Burns
    Milton Bearle
    Jerry Lewis
    Phyllis Diller
    Joan Rivers
    Don Rickels
    Mel Brooks
    Carol Burnett
    Al Franken (now a senator)
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Tina Fey

    And that's just scratching the surface.

    And what about all the great Jewish scientists like Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud?

    And the list of Jewish musicians just goes on and on—George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Benny Goodman, Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan​, and Bruce Springsteen.

    I don't think we need to have small minds. I think we need to have big ones.

    But as Mel Brooks one said: "Hope for the best, expect the worst." That's true Jewish humor.

  22. There's nothing to learn from here. Everybody knows about being positive and laughter being healthy for the mind. All he's doing is intertwining that with an ad for the Jewish faith. You can be an atheist and be positive, if not more so.

  23. I unsubscribe. You uploaded this 2 days ago and I didn't open it because of the title, BUT now you USE A FAKE thumbnail to trick us to watch this cult minded non sense? I'm really disappointed.

  24. I have a very positive attitude. I am absolutely positive that this was a steaming pile of horse chips.

    Yet another round of religious claptrap from Big Stink.

  25. Did any of you doofuses actually watch or importantly listen to the video? Cause literally anyone can benefit from it and it's a super awesome uplifting message. You pessimistic fuxkssss

  26. At the core of religious thought is stupidity and superstition. I thought this would be about psychology, very disappointed.

  27. this guy doesn't look Jewish. Speaks just like a sermon guy though-generic stories designed to get you back to the church next week

  28. Did you just say the Jewish national anthem? That's disappointing and ignorant. There is no Jewish nation and no Jewish national anthem. You might be thinking of a zionist nation and a possible zionist anthem, but these would not and could not represent world jewry. Jews are even forbidden by the Tora to take any land. Killing and stealing is also explicitly forbidden. Just saying

  29. I stopped listening at "Jewish national anthem" how is a religion a nation? Israel is a nation of Jewish people, so is it the Israeli national anthem or a Jewish song?

  30. Someone said once: "a person who has sense of humor knows everything, who hasn't got any is open to do anything". I give you time to comprehend.

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