How To Choose The Best Type Of Meditation For You

the word meditation is starting to annoy me let me tell you why people are using meditation the way we used to what exercise think about the word exercise right there are so many different types of exercise this yoga there's jogging the super slow strength training that's minimum effective dose exercise they're probably a hundred types of different exercise so when we say the word exercise we know that it's a rough term for a wide array of different protocols just like you can use the word sport and you know that there are hundreds of different types of sports from take one know to ski and to soccer now when people use the word meditation they think it's one thing and this misconception is the reason why so many people stop and then end the meditation practice by some estimates over 50% of people in America have tried meditation but only 8% do it regularly the big reason this is happening is because we have confused meditation with one type of meditation one type of meditation and that is pushed over and over and over and over and over again imagine if you told your kid that they should try sports that sports are great for their body but that the only spot that they could try is soccer and they try soccer and they hate it and they're like that's it I'm done with sports I'm never doing sports again wouldn't that be disastrous because your kid hasn't figured out that they're skiing there's Aikido there's a whole range of different sports but that's the case with meditation almost all meditation apps almost all meditation lectures out there focus on one type this one type is often called mindfulness it is a meditation that is about going within about slowing down your breathing focusing on your breathing attempting to declare your thoughts and it is wonderful don't get me wrong but the problem is it's not forever there are two types of meditation you see there is Hamitic meditation meditation that was popular in China and India hundreds of years ago and there is modern meditation meditation that we use to make ourselves better at life in the world now when people are focused on mindfulness and breathing and trying to still their thoughts they focus on hermetic meditation that's great if you're a monk or a hermit but in today's world with our jobs with our careers with our kids with our dreams that alone isn't enough it's great it's great to relax but it isn't the full scope of meditation so what are the other six types of meditation well I want to give you a list so you can open your eyes to just how fast this feel this and what you can be exploring the first thing to understand is that maybe we shouldn't be using the word meditation at all because so many people get it wrong I prefer the term transcendent practices in my book the call of the extraordinary mind I coined the term transcendent practice to describe any practice that is about going within that's about transcending the physical and going within and when you look at meditation as a transcendent practice there are six additional types that open up and I love these six types and when you understand that it's not just breathing or mindfulness and that there are six additional forms of meditation you start seeing that you can actually use meditation for more than just relaxation but to actually get really really really good at what you do so the first type is creative visualization numerous studies on creative visualization have shown that it can improve your performance at work that it can improve your performance and sports and creative visualization is essentially meditating relaxing your mind and visualizing a particular outcome now the second type of meditation is intuitive meditation it's sitting still opening up to intuition and letting ideas flow if you follow Tom bill you who runs that famous show on YouTube impact Theory tom bill you talks about how he does this process call think e Taoiseach but he meditates he think he takes and he has ideas flow to him that is essentially intuitive meditation thing confession is intuitive meditation he's tapping into a clarified mind to download information that can help him get better and life the third type of meditation is directed healing sometimes called imagery therapy and this type of directed healing meditation is often called energy medicine or alternative healing but study after study has shown a remarkable impact on what it can do for healing ailments in the human body the four type is shadow work shadow work is about going with them to clear out your clutter forgiveness practices is a form of shadow work we scripting is a form of shadow work these are practices that you do while in a meditative state to get rid of negative charges or feelings that you may have taken on in the past number five is connection meditation connection meditation is about compassion it's rooted in Buddhist practices related to compassion and prayer and bringing peace to the world and the sixth one is reprogrammed reprogramming is when you meditate and you basically use commands or visualization to reprogram bad behaviors or beliefs and use mentally stated commands or visualizations to reprogram bad behaviors or to reprogram habits or to clear yourself of that believes it's a very powerful technique so when you look at meditation from this perspective you find that it's so much broader than what you think in in the words of the great meditation teacher and the reflector meditation is not about getting good at meditation meditation is about getting good and like and so when you look at meditation from this view you understand that there's so many different practices you can explore to get good at life and if one practice doesn't gel with you just like one sport might not show with you it's okay try a different practice if you find these ideas interesting cry the six phase meditation that's a meditation protocol that I invented and it's been really popular lately in articles in billboard magazine and ebony magazine just this past week it was revealed that the R&B star Miguel uses the six phase before he gets on stage now the unique thing about the six phase meditation is that it integrates all of these practices to make meditation fun hyper productive and to make you better everyone thank you you can check out the six phase it's completely free on this link below


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  2. Good advice. A Solution-Seeking Type Mediatation can be speaking & asking your own spirit… "Thou art My lamp and My light is in thee. Get thou from it thy radiance and seek none other than Me. For I have created thee rich and have bountifully shed My favor upon thee." ~ Baha'u'llah, Baha'i Faith

  3. Hi Vishen ! I am practising your 6 phase meditation. It is amazing it has changed my life.. Thank you

  4. I practice Parahamansa Yogananda's Meditation and I feel very connected with Source. It fills me with Love and Peace.

  5. I enjoy deep states of meditation, I feel good after doing it, but I am apprehensive that it might stop me from being fully functional in the world and that it would make unrelatable to people around me.

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