How Is Christianity Categorically Different from Every Other Religion?

– [David Platt] I was in another country
recently, and I was sitting outside of the temple with two other guys,
actually from different religions. And they were talking about how all three
of our religions were fundamentally the same, just kind of superficially
different. And I was listening for a while. And finally I spoke up, and I said,
“It’s almost like you guys picture God or whatever you want to call him at the top
of a mountain, and we’re all at the bottom of a mountain. And I may take this path up,
and you may take this path up, but in the end, we’ll all be in the same
place.” And they smiled, and they said, “Exactly,
you understand.” And I looked back at him and said, “Well,
what if I told you that the God at the top of the mountain didn’t wait for us to find
our way up to Him? He actually came down to where we are.” They said, “Well, that would be great.” I said, “This is the difference.” What we find in the Bible is the story of
a God who has not left us alone to try to find our way to Him. He has come to us, and He has made the way
to Himself through Jesus.


  1. Trite? Maybe but true! First up Christianity is not a religion, truely it is about relationship. Relationship with our Father, our Creator or Saviour.
    He made us for himself,
    " Know that the Lord is God , it is he who has made us…" Psalm 100:3.
    Our hearts will find rest in no other. No philosophy, no new age thinking, no religious ceremony, or religious act. Only pure sweet fellowship with our Creator, Saviour and friend. Yes Christianity is different, and the difference is Jesus the Christ. The God man, the Word of God, who became flesh and lived among us.
    " That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked at and our hands have touched. He is the Word of life." 1John1:1
    Yes Christianity is different, and the difference is Jesus the Christ.✝️

  2. Modern Christianity is exactly the same as all other religions because every son of the devil does the same works—they all do sin. Modern Christians do not have perfect works—they have sin like all other religions. Whoever is born of God has Perfect Works because Christ is our Perfect Finished Works

  3. Ok, so why are there some people unable to find Him and conjure faith despite the fact that they pray and seek Him?

  4. The Christianity that calvinists preach is works salvation just like the other false religions, just dressed up and repackaged a bit.

  5. Islam is the only unique religion that worships God alone not associating partners with Him. Christians believe that God has a son and this is a form of polytheism. There are many beliefs and sects around the world that say they believe in one god but commit polytheism. Islam is the only pure montheistic way that God has given manking to follow since the prophethood of Muhammad SAW and is the same pure message of Jesus, Moses and Abraham.

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