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Translator: Amanda Chu
Reviewer: Peter van de Ven Thirty years ago,
I met God in a McDonald’s. (Laughter) Really. It happened at five o’clock
on the afternoon of January 31st, 1984. It was the day before my second
semester of seminary. I’d entered divinity school to wrestle with two questions
that had haunted me for years: my religious identity and my vocation. Like nearly 40% of all Americans,
I come from an interfaith background – my father was a Reform Jew;
my mother, a skeptical Protestant – and my upbringing was a rich blend
of both traditions with a very healthy dose of secularism. To this day, I joke about lighting Hanukkah lights
under the Christmas tree (Laughter) and hunting for Easter eggs
at the Passover Seder. (Laughter) As a child of the ’60s,
I had a passion for justice, and I wanted to be a religious leader
who would change the world; I just wasn’t sure whether I should
become a rabbi or a minister. (Laughter) I loved to be in a house of God, and I would often play ‘Friday go to temple
and Sunday go to church.’ To this day, I remember setting
all of the chairs up in our family room and lining up all of my
stuffed toys and dolls and preaching to an
inanimate congregation – (Laughter) some days I wish I still had them. (Laughter) By the time I was in ninth grade, I was attending synagogue
on Saturday mornings and I was playing my guitar for Sunday
folk masses at the local Episcopal Church. And while everyone
was kneeling for communion, I sang Gordon Lightfoot’s words: “I’m standin’ at the doorway,
my hat held in my hand, Not knowin’ where to sit,
not knowin’ where to stand.” Took a long time for me to figure out
where to sit and where to stand. And there are still days when I feel
like a rabbi in a clerical collar. (Laughter) By my mid-twenties, my quest led me
to the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, right across the street from
the Jewish Theological Seminary, (Laughter) because I was still hedging my bets. (Laughter) And my first semester in seminary was this prolonged interrogation of God: “Who are you? Do you really exist? What’s your relationship to Jesus,
Muhammad, Buddha, and all of the rest? And why are so many bad things
done in your name?” You know those questions; you’ve probably asked
some of them yourself. And as I struggled with God,
I was also trying to sort myself out, trying to figure out
what I was supposed to do with my life. And while I believe
that vocation is the intersection between one’s passion
and the world’s need, I just couldn’t figure out how to reconcile the contradictions
of my mixed religious identity and my gender and being gay with ordained ministry
and any faith community. And so, I sought out one of the sacred shrines
of modern American life: the therapist coach. (Laughter) Every week, I would go
and I would sit for 50 minutes with someone whom I considered
to be older and wiser than myself. And on my way to my weekly session, I would often pass
this fortune teller’s office, and I would wonder maybe a psychic reading
would be time and money wiser spent. (Laughter) By January, I was utterly exhausted from taking on
someone bigger and stronger than me. And so I found myself
walking down 42nd street one day, on my way to this weekly session, asking God to let me go
and to let me get on with my life. And that’s when it happened. As I was crossing Madison Avenue, a voice called out to me
from withinside of me, saying, “I’m not going to let go of you.” I tried to ignore the voice. I kept walking. I went into my appointment. I didn’t say a word about it, because I didn’t want anybody to think that I was hearing voices
or that I was crazy. And an hour later, when I walked out, it was as if the voice was leaning
on the doorpost waiting for me. “Why me?” I asked.
And the voice said, “Why not?” “What do you want with me?” I inquired.
And the voice said, “Your life.” Well, at that moment, I realized that something was going on
to which I’d better pay attention. So I did what anyone would do:
I walked into the nearest McDonald’s; (Laughter) I ordered a cheeseburger,
French fries, and a small coke; I sat down at a table; and I started writing out the most
remarkable and memorable conversation that I’ve ever had with anybody
in my entire life. Scribbling as fast as I could, I wrote “M” for “me”
and “G” for the voice. For the next 30 minutes or so, the voice called me by name,
identified itself as God, confronted me with my own issues
and my own private wounds, contradicted my newly articulated
seminary theology, answered a lot of my questions, called me to ordained ministry
in the Episcopal Church, and reassured me when I protested. In the course of the conversation,
I asked, “So, why are you talking to me?” And the voice responded,
“Well, you’ve been asking for it.” (Laughter) It’s true. I had been asking and begging and praying and even challenging God
to get clear with me, to give me some direction to my life. And so here I was, sitting in a McDonald’s in the middle
of New York City on a winter afternoon, having a private conversation
with an invisible voice. At the end of our time together, I asked, “Okay. So if you’re inside of me,
then how can you be God?” And the voice replied in words that
I will never forget as long as I live: “What’s so special about me is that I’m inside
of each and every person, and if everyone would
hear my voice and follow it, then my realm on Earth would come. I then asked, “So what am I
supposed to do now?” The voice said, “Go home” –
so I walked home. What am I to make of this conversation? Was I to believe it to be
the voice of God? It certainly wasn’t my own voice,
and yet it was coming from inside of me. And so, contrary to my extroverted nature,
I kept the conversation to myself. You see, I didn’t know
if I was talking with God, but I knew that if there was a God,
I wasn’t going to get a clearer message, and so I decided to receive it,
to receive it as a gift. That conversation in McDonald’s
changed my life: it gave me the courage to live and work
in some pretty tough communities; gave me the conviction
to stand for justice alongside those
whom society often rejects; called me to embrace
the complexity of religious diversity and to see the world in shades of gray
rather than black and white; and it also compelled me to be honest and transparent about myself, about who I am, who I love,
and what I believe. Over the past decade, the essence of that conversation
has accompanied me on my life’s journey and has influenced nearly
every decision I have ever made. It’s the alter, the alter
at which I worship; it’s the angel with whom I wrestle; it’s the burning bush
which I stand in front of, bare-footed; it’s the blinding flash of light that forces me to my knees
when I want to run away. But you can also say
that the voice is my dancing partner who guides me on the dance floor of life. The conversation I had
with an invisible voice in a McDonald’s is akin to what Jews call the Torah; and Christians, the Gospel;
Muslims, the Quran; Hindus, my Dharma; and Buddhists, my Kōan. The voice might be what some theists
call that of God or Allah or Jesus. Some religious and spiritual folk would
simply say it was a voice of an angel. Those in 12-step programs might say
it was that of my higher power. Agnostics and atheists,
they might interpret it as my conscience. It could be what Jungians speak of
as my “Self” with a capital “S.” And skeptics and cynics, well, they might insist that it was simply
a figment of my imagination. It might be all of the above or some
of the above or none of the above, but it was as real to me
as I am here talking with you today. And while the conversation
was pretty personal, the message to which
I have devoted my life and I think is worth sharing here
today on this TEDx stage is that the voice of the one
whom I call God and you might describe
by another name or another word resides in you. And if you would hear it
and you would follow it, your life would be enriched,
your imagination would be set free, your creativity would flourish, and this fragile and endangered world would be a better
and a safer place to live. So you might be wondering, “How can you hear this voice?” Well, I think of it as a simple Four Step: ask, wait, listen, and receive. As in any conversation,
somebody has to begin it, and it might as well be you. My experience is that the voice
is really very gracious and waits for an invitation to speak. And then, once you ask a question,
you have to wait for an answer. And the voice might take its time
in accepting your invitation, so you have to be patient and persistent. It might come in unexpected ways, through a conversation
or a dream or even silence. And it might manifest itself
in unexpected times and places, even a McDonald’s on 42nd Street. And then, in order to hear the voice,
you have to develop a habit of listening – the Zen masters call it mindfulness,
contemplatives speak of it as meditation, and mystics call it contemplation. Whatever you call it, you can’t
hear the voice without listening, and that means that you sometimes
have to silence all of the other noise filling up your airwaves. You know, some of my
best listening time is on my commute, when I actually turn off my radio
and get off my cellphone. And then, you have to receive it. The day after my McDonald’s conversation, one of my professors said
that faith is a two-way street – it’s a gift and it’s a willingness
to accept the gift. And whether you name the voice God
doesn’t really matter to me. I think of it as holy wisdom, a gift that can only be
actualized by receptivity. But it’s also a gift that has to be tested to ensure that it’s calling you
to build up and not destroy, to love and not hate, to do good and to resist
evil in the world, and to respect the dignity
of every human being and all of the rest of creation. So ask, wait, listen, and receive – these are the four basic steps
to dancing with your inner voice. And oh, what an amazing dance it is! It’s dancing with the best
dance partner you’ll ever get. You know, in my home – A number of years ago, we discovered this artist
and storyteller named Brian Andreas, and he makes these interesting
people sculptures out of wood and tin that explore what he calls
a human community. And we have one in our entrance foyer, and it reads, “In my dream,
the angel shrugged and said, ‘If we fail this time,
it will be a failure of imagination.’ And then she placed the world
gently in the palm of my hand.” I see this piece of art every time
I come and go from my home, and it’s a reminder
of what the voice expects of me. I truly believe that human responsibility is about using the imagination
that we have been given to help create a better world. I also believe that the gift
of imagination to create that better world comes from the voice, and finally, I believe that the voice whom we call by many names
and hear in many languages and meet in many places,
even a McDonald’s, lives inside of each and everyone of us. And if we’d all hear and follow it, then the peace that we long for will come
and the world will be made whole. So remember, there’s really
four simple steps: ask, wait, listen, and then receive the voice
that resides in you, and follow wherever its dance may lead. Thank you. (Cheers) (Applause)


  1. Just another new age thought it all sounds nice we all have the same God just in different forms but then you're calling Jesus a liar he's either telling the truth he said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father but by me

  2. "Do not judge or you will be judged, for by the measure you judge others you shall be judged." Jesus loves us all and reaches out to us where we are. Good talk. I could relate because I have had many such conversations with God myself. Many. I asked God how to find a place where I had no idea where it was in a big Chinese city where few speak english and He guided me to the place. I followed His voice and it guided me to where I needed to be. Jesus said, "My sheep know my voice."

  3. Well, if she wants to believe she can talk to God or that God talks to her, that's fine with me. I could not care any less.

  4. I was lucky to hear Reverend Lind give the sermon today at All Saints Beverly Hills. May the Lord bless her and keep her and bless her mission.

  5. I dont say she didnt hear any voice, im sure she did, but how do we know if she wasn't just skizophrene? God exists, he really, does, but only in people's imagination. That's my opinion.

  6. When god speak to you, you will know 100% it was god or else it was not god, god give you a feeling that tells you that it is him.

  7. Every single time that I go against my "intuitive" voice, God advice, whatever it is inside my heart's "mind", I mess up.

  8. I know the voice she speaks of, I heard it myself, he speaks to you in your mind. Amazing Voice, when speaking with him and him speaking to you, there will be a confirmation letting you know that it is he who speaks to you. Ask him and he will show you, ask him in your mind so the enemy will not deceive you.

  9. I've been asking God aka the universe for help and guidance for over three decades… for as long as I can remember. Once in awhile, I feel like I've gotten some odd, indirect answer which required much interpretation at best to even consider it that and which any outside entity could easily dismiss it away. There has been one consistency though. The answers always come when I need them the most. When I am at my lowest and almost unable to continue fighting. I think perhaps, this time, the answer is simply that this video was listed in my recommended videos.

  10. I am certain this voice was not God, too much of what she says is unscriptural and thus cannot possibly be the one true God. Allah, Buddah and the rest are false deities, they will happily lead you away from God and Jesus. I seriously question this woman's theology.

  11. my dear Tracy Lynn your message spoke volumes about listening to that inner voice. yes God did speak to you and now you're giving a message that we all need to know we are all brothers knit together and created by almighty God who speaks to us if we only listened it could save our life. that same enter voice spoke to me October 1st 2017 1 1/2 years ago. I was on my way into my car after my long workday. I was expected to meet with friends after work to see a dear friend who was in hospice care. I was sitting in the car at the point of exhaustion and spoke to myself saying I am so tired I think I'd rather go home and sleep it's been a very hard day it was then I Heard a Voice say to me do not go home go to the house with your friends. I then said to that voice oh dear all I do is go go go I never find time to rest. I was almost about to fall asleep in the car. an extreme tiredness came over me. I heard the voice again saying even louder at this time go now go you must go. I then said back to myself of that inner voice, this is ridiculous I need to go home I'm too tired. or maybe I should just rest here in the car for 10 minutes and shut my eyes. then I heard the voice again it was so loud and clear and demanding of me to go right now do not wait go now. go to the house with your friends now go go go. that is exactly how I heard it. I felt as if I didn't go my friend would die who was in hospice and I would feel guilty not seeing her. tired as I was I started up the car and headed to Yarmouth Port where she lived and all my friends were there. I remember vaguely being there and I do remember we shared Memory Lane with our friend. when it was time to leave walking out onto the deck I suddenly remember saying I feel so dizzy that's when I fell backwards and died. I was told one of the nurses started CPR on me did mouth-to-mouth as well she kept working on me until the EMTs arrived 38 minutes later I still did not have a pulse the EMTs tried 5 defibrillators and still no pulse everyone who was around me started to cry and pray out loud that God would bring me back. They Carried Me Down The Long staircase to the ambulance and told everyone that I am dead there is no hope. one of the EMTs decided to try one more time with a defibrillator and I received a pulse. I was rushed to the hospital and when I woke up face to face with the doctor he told me I had cardiac arrest I was one out of a hundred that would survive from such a long time not coming back. he asked me if I saw Jesus?? my reply was yes I was just with him. the doctor smiled he would come back later he wants to hear all about it. now I will share my encounter With Jesus. when I died it was not death but another life beyond this life greater and more profound been any Joy I have ever experienced in life. I remember and I will always remember this changed my entire life. I remember when I passed out and literally died however I was not dead in my opinion because I lived within the scope of transition being faced with all my relatives standing next to me my grandparents my father who was in a uniform home I've never remembered because he died when I was just a baby in the Normandy and my father's parents all of whom I remember to photographs. they were so happy to see me they help a glass up in their hands and clicking the glasses saying we're so happy you're here we knew you were coming we are getting a table set for you !! all around me where little children romping around in white dresses with lace-trimmed all around and flowers in their hair they were skipping with joy they were also animals dogs and cats that were once mine they're also surrounding me and I remember many of them greeting me with affection. it was then that this bright beaming white light surrounded all of us and it focused on me and I could feel my body coming out of my body and I saw myself lying on the ground with people trying to help me everyone was crying I then found myself in the arms of Jesus he was so magnificent I knew it was him I saw the wounds on his hands as he held me I became This Little Child in his arms. it was a Father's Love I never had. he was the father and mother who comforted me I looked into his eyes as he was looking out into the world I knew what he was thinking and he knew my thoughts as well!! It was amazing I felt his sorrow for all humankind as he looked out into the world is eyes were so heavy with tears as if he wanted to save the world and many were not listening they went about it their own way. he then turn me around while I was still in his arms I felt safe with him he was my hero my Superman that's how I thought when he was holding me. it was then I was face-to-face with this beautiful gate filled with roses of all kind and I could still remember the fragrance of that gate beyond the gate I could hear voices clapping and cheering saying hurry let's set the table she is almost here I no it was my relatives preparing my arrival to greet me at the banquet they are preparing for me. above the gate I could see the sky all lit up as like in Aurora of colors and within that rainbow of Lights I could hear thousands of angels singing a cappella the most beautiful sound I ever heard. then Jesus return me face back I was at the feet of him and he showered me with warm water it must have been holy water or the River of Life for the gift of life whatever was it was filling my body with life I had my hands on his feet he had sandals on and I could see the wounds on his feet where he also suffered and died for me and he resurrected he did not die just like I did not die I was in the spirit with him. I was with the resurrected Christ the Jesus who is the mediator between God and man he opens the gate to heaven when it's our time. it was then I heard his voice and he said to me, my child my child, it is not your time yet you have yet so much more to do for me. it took me nearly a year to recover I had to learn how to walk again get my balance back and start over. I have shared my experience with many people since then even in the hospital many have listened and so has my doctor they all said this transforms not only my life but there's as well. people who take care of people are truly angels on Earth. I can go on about my story but God has placed so many people in my life I have become extremely sensitive to their feelings and their problems and sometimes it becomes overwhelming and I have learned to pray with them and for them and Miracle seemed to happen one after the other. I can see no that God is still using me for such a purpose to draw people closer to him but we are living in a very divided world he would like all of us to reconnect to become brothers and sisters and to love one another and begin to believe there is and almighty God who loves us all so much. ask and you shall receive the kingdom of God. saying the Our Father the prayer that Jesus gave us has so much meaning it tells it all in one little prayer God speaks to us. I pray God bless whoever reads this and it will help them to carry on and may God bless you tremendously whoever reads this

  12. So, did she become a religious minister/preacher? I loved her story and live it but she left a cliffhanger.

  13. Hmm I always thought it was easy to have a conversation God and everyone did it. I talk to him all the time and his answers are immediate for me and I ask him some pretty hard questions with really complex answers. He is a good being and I love God very much because the feeling is mutual. I simply can never deny his existence because I know if I did I would deny my own existence in the same breath.

  14. There is only ONE true God, not man-made religions. A real voice or message from the one true God would lead you to HIS WORD, not to a man made religion or church, that God hated and did not approve of. There is only ONE gospel adn ONE God Creator.
    Allah is NOT God – they are opposites. Anyone who ever read the Qur'an would know that.
    Islam is based on death.
    GOD is based on LIFE.

    "I am God and there is none else" …Bible
    "I am God and I change not" ….Bible


  15. man is body,soul and spirit(a live force of divine origin)–from revelation of christ to Jascob Lober and the above is a proof of it

  16. Yes but if you ask God to reveal himself to you it must be done sincerely.
    Interesting to see how many nonbelievers/scoffers are on here reading about a person's spiritual experience, Lol.

  17. The Bible tells us that ALL fall short of God’s glory, and that we are ALL in need of his mercy. It can be confusing if you don’t understand the Gospel. Some people think that they should try to get their life together before they come to God. But the truth is, God wants you to come just as you are.  God provides the way for you to know Him through His Son, which is what is meant by 'there is only one way to the Father and that is through His Son.  He provides direction for a life of righteousness through His Word. He gives comfort to those who are grieving, healing for those who are sick, peace in times of uncertainty, and wisdom in times of confusion.
    If you would like to have a restored relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, the Gospel message will lead the way.  John 3:16 says, “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life".  Just as a soldier who throws himself on a grenade to save his whole platoon, giving up his life that they might live, so Jesus did for you.  Receive His gift of forgiveness, salvation and everlastingly life. Believe on Him. God will receive all who come to Him in humble repentance.

  18. Sadly for me, the more honest I am with myself, the more nihilistic I become. If it's the voice of God, it is doing a very good job of fragmenting my personality. Indeed, history and the natural world, while they can oftentimes exhibit stupendous balance, have never held in static equilibrium and never will. Conflict seems not only unavoidable but fundamental to the nature of this world.

  19. Satan is a god maybe you met him or some other god Not the Almighty God who live in Heaven there are many gods who impersonate the True God in Heaven who is invisible no one can see literally see him and live on this earth . Except the demons who live on this earth have probably seen God before they were kicked out of Heaven _Amen

  20. Thank you so much for sharing this, Tracey. I know where I messed up. I didn't ask God and keep asking until He answered. One thing: Please never compare the Bible, Christianity, or other religions to the quran/koran, Islam. The quran/koran tells the islamic people to FORCE their beliefs on the rest of the world and not stop until there are no other beliefs on all the earth. . A very very huge difference from all other religions/beliefs. . . A very big problem for the whole world. Thank you Tracey. Yes, seek and we will find God. He is faithful. ALWAYS write it down! It brings to mind the awesome emotion at the time. God bless. 🙂

  21. These comments are interesting…. if you don’t believe or agree then that is fine, that is your right and your truth but to go around insulting and name calling people who believe differently than you is a very bitter perception of life. Very sad that we have to resort to insults over differentiating beliefs.

  22. She did,n said anything about repentance, uhh ok,ok maybe is buda or higher power, or satan,i.m sure is not JESUS CHRIST

  23. All voices are invisible you crack pot. I guess TED Talks are ruined like most other outlets now. You used to get a deep dive into factual topics done by an expert. This is the third one of these spooky, magical TED Talks I've bumped into this week.

  24. People always believe what seems real to them, true or false. Which is why we need objective evidence, not subjective. If we don't have it, chaos, gullibility, and foolishness reign. She's ensnared by her own want or need to believe in magic or the supernatural; but she stays relatively close to normality, which makes her more believable. It may indeed have helped her; but her path is not yours or mine.

  25. I heard the voice one time and you no its not you when u hear it its inside u more like with you hear it as u would hear your mom or dad friend or brother
    Its real and it came to me in a time that i lest expected it god bless from nc im on my wifes youtube acc

  26. A very good imagination but total BS designed to fulfill an already decided indoctrinated agenda. Not buying one word but I think she does. The imagination is a powerful think when linked to desire.

  27. Anyone who uses the term "god" in a sentence is completely deluded and unevolved. It is an idea and nothing more. An idea that is interpreted to be and to function in any form and in any means anyone wants or decides or believes. It is wholly arbitrary and subjective. Ergo, it doesn't exist. The term usually connotes a hypothetical construct that goes to ultimate origins, i.e., how the universe arose. We do not know how the universe arose and hence, we do not know by what agency it may have arisen. To slap the term god to it is a non-sequitur. It is intellectual malfeasance. It is prosaic pandering. If the universe had a pre-space/time authorship, then we cannot or ever know what that might be as our matrix for knowing is confined and constricted by third dimensionality. By relativity. The only way we can know something exists is if it stands apart. If it is local and locatable. If it bears specific objective handles. The proposition that the phenomenal had a common, single source may be defensible rationally, but it is not provable nor can it be asserted what that common source might be, much less, how it might function and relate to the phenomenal. This woman is advancing, through her own ignorance, populist propaganda. I am a seventh level old soul making my final foray through materiality. I hold a genius IQ. I graduated one of our country's big name institutions. I am far from young. Take me and what I state with as many grains of whatever you wish. It matters not a whit to me.

  28. My Mother is Protestant, my father Roman Catholic, and I now go to a Spiritualists church. So my experience is mixed. I think putting a name to what you believe separates. If your faith is a caring, loving, supportive one and you have no religion at all. That’s from God and it’s your church and faith and anchor in life. You don’t have to put a name to love or how you choose to express that feeling. If it’s unconditional, it’s from God.

  29. The Urantia Book teaches that a fragment of God the Father lives in each of us; he's called the Thought Adjuster and Mystery Monitor.

  30. I had a similar experience… 😀 it was a beautiful beautiful spiritual experience I can not describe it.

  31. I as a kid had only one dream involving God. I walked down the hallway to the end of the hallway of my old house to see my little twin brothers, at the time, in each one of what I thought was Jesus' laps. He looked at me and we started to ascend upwards and once we got to the clouds I saw those golden arches of McDonald's. I'm not kidding, I saw the McDonald's signs on the clouds then I woke up. He never said anything to me. I had to see this video because of it. I thought the dream was silly till now. Thanks and God bless. I was born in 1984 too that was another interesting thing. 7/12/84

  32. Haggie fatigue, why must you search, and find to keep upTHE HATRED, have to mention non believers with hatred in your voice. TYPICAL PREJUDICE CHRISTIAN

  33. God doesn't exist. Accept it. Surely the fact there are thousands of religions should be a clue. If there really was a real God there would be one.

  34. You weren't hearing voices though you can imagine whatever you want. There is no Inherent Existence, the 'afterlife' will be the same as the 'beforelife' was. You all remember that Right? Lol Every believer has had conversations with themselves though they didn't know it. What she's saying is that Anything can be, Prove god, it's all she has.

  35. Nowhere was there ever found a person or thing Independent of Causes. How do I know, because once that person or thing was located, the discoverer's descendants could avail themselves of Its existence At Any Time Since discovery. Many religions Claim this ability though none of those Claims Withstand Analysis. Just Have A Think.

  36. God Is Good!! It's Nothing Like Using The Imagination Of The ( Human Mind ) To Create A Beautiful Heaven 🌞 🌈 ☁ After Dealth. I Say If You Believe In The ( Good Man Up ☝ Stairs 🕊 ) He'll Get You To Your Destiny. AMEN.

  37. God is here now to take away all our pain. The key is to let God know how you Love Him/Her by understanding the suffering down through the ages. God suffered more than all of us put together we just suffer this short time. To be born again is to let God know we put Him/Her first before everything. I know that Mc Donalds. I am my brothers keeper. Moses said , "Reconcile with your brother before you place an offering on the alter of God.. Thanks for a beautiful talk.

  38. As for me may i add 2 steps after listening, and that is " believe and then declare that you received such a wonderful gift from the Holy Wisdom of whom i called Holy Spirit! = the messenger of the Almighty Creator and say Thank You !😊

  39. This poor woman, although a seminary student at the time, had no idea that we must challenge the spirits who reach out to us, lest we be fooled into thinking we're talking to God when we are actually talking to something else. She did not do this, and allowed an unknown spirit to lead her. As if that's not enough, the "entity" she says she now follows has not yet identified itself to her by name… which is as sure a sign as you can get that it is NOT God. God reveals Himself continuously, for He is not shy about who He is.

  40. Im praying for healing and i wish god would just hear me already! Should i go to mcdonalds to pray so things would speed up a bit? Lol

  41. Yes God loves you
    You come to Jesus
    Your almost there sister turn from your sin and ask for forgiveness . Obey because you love the Lord Jesues christ.

  42. If there was a god, then why did he take my 16 year old nephew after suffering for 18 months from cancer……..can someone please answer me that?

  43. In times of desperation I have called out to God, and sure enough I received a response as to what to do. I felt renewed, refreshed, at peace, and knowing what I should do. So she's right, "ASK, WAIT, LISTEN AND RECEIVE."

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