How hard is it to share your faith with someone?

>>Ankerberg: Yeah. Let’s talk about sharing
the faith with others. Eventually you’ve got to teach folks how to share the faith.
And if you’re going to disciple others, we talked about first of all you’ve got
to be a disciple yourself. You’re relying upon the Lord Jesus for your strength and
for the answers and for making this thing work.
But eventually, if folks are going to share their faith with someone else, it comes back
to the leader, the mentor. And they’ll say, “Okay, I kind of basically know the verses
and I know the outline and I know the gospel, the wonderful gospel that ‘God so loved
the world He gave His only (special, unique) Son, that whosoever believes in Him should
not perish.’ I know all that, okay. But I want you to show me how it works.” And
I remember people coming to me and saying, “Look, we’re going to watch you do it,
okay. And when we see you doing it and folks coming to know the Lord, then we’re going
to have the courage that we can do it.”>>Gallaty: Yeah.>>Ankerberg: I can remember those moments
where I would pray and say, “Lord, help me in this situation.” And I can remember
leading folks to the Lord. This was when I was at the university. And I’d have folks
go with me in the student union and I’d say, “Pick out the person.” And they’d
pick out the toughest person they could find in the student union. And we’d go over there.
I’d say, “Lord, you know, help us!” It didn’t work every time, but most of the
time it did. And eventually, they would say, “Okay, we’ve seen you do it. Now go with
us when we do it.” And you’d go with them and they would do it. And sometimes that has
to take place when you’re mentoring folks in duplicating themselves. They want to have
that assistance. They want to see you model it and then to do it. What else have you found?>>Gallaty: Well, I think that lines up with
the statistics. We’ve seen statistics recently that have said that 75% of church members,
by their own admission, are either static or stagnant in their own Christian life. And
I think one of the reasons for that is this: we have made “coming to church” as the
end. And so people think, “If I just come to church and show up on Sunday and check
a box, then I’m okay.” And we haven’t taken people by the hand and walked them through
the discipleship process. We haven’t taught people how to feed themselves.
And I think it’s a great point, John. Not only do we need to teach them how to witness
and tell people about Christ, but the modeling aspect goes beyond that. It’s how to live
a holy life unto the Lord. It’s how to treat your wife or your husband. It’s how to raise
kids. It’s how to live for the Lord in everyday situations. So, it’s important for us to
realize that this modeling process goes beyond just witnessing; it’s an all-encompassing
aspect of our life.

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