How do you KNOW it’s JESUS you hear?

I know that Jesus Christ is ALIVE! I know
that He is alive because I hear Him. He speaks to me and I follow Him and I obey
the words He speaks to me. I testify that He is alive not because I believe
this book, but I testify that Jesus is ALIVE and speaking
because I HEAR HIM! You know there is a lot of skeptical people,
both that are Christian and who are Atheist, both who are believers and non-believers.
The believers will say; “How do you know that it is the real Jesus
who speaks to you? How do you know you’re not hearing a demon?”
The atheists and non-believers will say this; “How do you know you’re not schizophrenic?
How do you know you’re not just making up voices in your head?
How do you know you’re not crazy?” NEITHER of them have met the JESUS I follow.
If they had met the Jesus I follow they would KNOW He is real
because He is more real than ANYONE I have EVER met.
How do you know your best friend is real? You know because you’ve seen him, you’ve
heard him, you’ve talked to him, you’ve experienced life with him.
How do you know Jesus is real? You KNOW He is real because you get to know Him.
But you get to know Jesus through prayer. If you want to know Jesus is real, don’t
believe my testimony, don’t just believe the testimony of the
PRAYER. Go and SPEAK to Him. Ask HIM to reveal Himself.
Ask Him for an ear to hear. Did you know Jesus said that His sheep they
hear His voice? He says; “My children they will hear my voice.”
If you are His child you will hear His voice. If you are not His child, you will not hear
Him. If you want to be His child, just speak to Him, PRAY to Him, get rid of
your sins. Just say; “Lord Jesus I don’t want ANYTHING to do
with my sin.” The biggest thing that causes people not to
hear Jesus is their sin. A lot of Christians are living in sin and
they say; “Well we hear from Jesus because we have
this book.” They’ve never met Jesus. Jesus requires
that we live in holiness and in righteousness. He requires that we obey EVERY word that He
speaks to us. So we need to become holy and righteous in
His sight. We need to stop sinning. We need to seek the
Lord Jesus with everything we have. Today is the day to seek the Lord Jesus.
It’s not the day to continue in sin and to continue in dong the thing that this world
does. Are you ready to seek the Lord Jesus with
ALL your heart? Are you ready for the Lord to become real
to you? If you are, start seeking Him with ALL your
heart. May the grace of Jesus be with you.


  1. Jesus Christ is the Living God. Every knee will bow before Him every tongue will confess that HE is God. Make sure Jesus knows you and is pleased with you.

  2. This is worrying, people 2000 years ago were smarter than most christians, at least they understand that Jesus was crazy or just the best con man ever

  3. doesnt everybody understand that jesus isnt the only person with the story he has. look up horus and the story of jesus. horus did all what jesus supposedly did and his story arose 2000 years before jesus. coincidence? i dont think so.

  4. 'Repent and turn to Jesus or you will perish. ' That's the true christian way 😀 Also, are you going to rebut any of my arguments, or just threaten me with a spaghetti monster who live in the sky and you can see him that I don't believe?

  5. No friend, Jesus is real and alive. He speaks to those who are His children. If you do not hear and obey Him you are not His.

  6. Friend, I am not here to argue or debate but to share my testimony of Jesus. Jesus is certainly alive and He is certainly real. If you care to know He is real, seek Him for yourself!

  7. "He is certainly real"

    It's entirely impossible to know whether or not "God" exists.

    While you may very well BELIEVE in him, you CANNOT specifically claim that he exists without proper evidence or argument.

  8. That is exactly why YOU must go and seek HIM if you want to know if He is true. I know He is real and alive because I have met Him.

  9. Speak the truth, brother.
    Atheists want somebody to prove to them something that can only be proven by God to each soul. No matter what proof you gave an atheist they can always reject it.
    12 years ago, I didn't know Jesus spoke until the morning after the night when some Christian friends prayed for me. I didn't know why I was being told things that were going to happen or how I knew things that were impossible for me to know. I didn't know why I didn't like drinking or smoking anymore. Jesus.

  10. I've been praying to Jesus lately. Been struggling with temptations. I am not sure if He hears me or not. I haven't heard anything back from Him in a while. I fear that I may not be His child.

  11. As long as you are still alive and breathing you can go to Jesus and work out your relationship with Him. Ask Him for ears to hear and eyes to see. Listen for Him in your spirit. God is Spirit and speaks to our spirit.

  12. As it is written; "For if we continue to sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins but only the fearful expectation of fiery indignation that will devour the adversaries." We must abide in Jesus and bear good fruit or we will be cut off.

  13. True and Bold Soldier of Christ speaking the truth, hardly found nowadays. God bless you brother.
    Praise the Lord

  14. No one makes you watch these videos and no one wants to hear you cursing so go follow YOUR father but you will perish…Repent and come to know the real Jesus

  15. What did you do to meet Jesus Christ? How did you receive the freedom from sin from Jesus ? I know you will say "repent of sin and believe in Jesus and pray to him…" but how do you pray to be heard by him and to hear from him?

  16. Be serious about your walk with HIM. Anyone who is not willing to deny themselves and leave everything for the name of Jesus is not ready to be a disciple.

  17. Years ago, I asked Jesus "what is really going on in the world?". He answered by opening paths to me to find the truth of who/what is behind the evil in the world today and how it is coming about. Also, I asked Jesus, "what are those ufos really?". That night, I heard a whisper in my ear, "They are demons". Is this what you mean by having a relationship with Jesus? I do love Him so much and He knows that. I have given my life to Him, not to the things or people of this world. Thank you

  18. Yes, even the Pope (the beast) is pushing to bring in the ecumenical religion. Woe to those who join this false religion.

  19. Well, no Jesus was a cultist and cultists never offer life, just some stupid rules, silly shows about their elatively rnon-existing hiarchy and nothing more, good thing he's dead and not coming back, people who say otherwise, well good thing there are such things as mental hospitals, because they truly belong there

  20. actually, that is nonsense, we do know what is happening there, the praying is nothing more than talking to oneself and nothing more than that and for the rest it does absolutely nothing and really fasting as excuse for the god to be true? that's like saying the waters of an oasis of a fata morgana are real

  21. Talk to God. Pray to Him and ask Him to open your ears. God is Spirit and speaks directly to our spirit. He can and does speak to the physical ears but usually bypasses the physical ears and speaks directly to our conscience. Listen not with your physical ears but with your conscience.

  22. No you idiot, the "son of god", supposedly is what I was "blasphemising", just another dumb christian who doesn't even know this stupid first thing of their silly cult and no, I don't bow to men or gods, gods are fake, so I don't bow to imaginations, even the "daddy" of Jebus

  23. I've lost track of the amount of times I told Jesus to come to me. I've seen testimonies of people seeing Jesus with their own eyes in such a bright light. They say they felt his love and grace already. I want to feel that but I have not seen and have not felt him yet. Do I wait in faith or do I project my voice when praying?

  24. Jesus once told doubting Thomas that he only believed in Him because he saw, BUT how blessed are those who have not seen yet DO believe. We must have faith in Jesus and worship Him in Spirit and in Truth. Those who have, more will be given, but to those who do not have, even what they DO have will be taken from them.

  25. Everywhere I go to where there's a post on yahoo answers or a video on YouTube for Christians, there will always be one Atheist that purposely goes on it to try to bring down everyone's faith. Nothing scares me more than to lose my faith. I still pray and still have at least some faith, thank God. What do I do to strengthen it so that no matter what anyone says, I will always believe?

  26. The jesus you follow does not exist. he is not real. Read the Bible&pray to get to know the real JESUS. Follow JESUS and not finalcall and other false prophets. Yes, get the sin out of your life, but it's not getting the sin out of your life that saves you. It's JESUS that saves you, by grace though faith. When your feelings deviate from the Bible, you are lead astray.

  27. Hey I am a 16 year old kid that tryin to seek the lord but sometimes i fall off , i wanna see him and talk to him like face to face bc seems like my prayers does not get to him !

  28. Go on your knees in private and pray to God almighty. Ask Him to show you who He is and to open your ears to hear Him. Wait for Him to respond to you.

  29. Have you called on the name of Jesus? Have you asked Him to open your ears to hear Him? He is Spirit and speaks directly to our spirit. Listen not with your physical ears but with the ears of your conscience in your spirit.

  30. The blood of Jesus covers over all those who truly repent. But for those who continue to sin and consider the atonement of Jesus a common thing have no life. We must be serious, repent, sin no more and do EXACTLY as Jesus commands us. Blessings in Jesus.

  31. Friend, it doesn't sound like you have ever really met Jesus. If you had you would know it is ALL about HIM and not about you. Make sure you truly repent, quit playing games and get to know Jesus for real.

  32. Stopping the sin is only one fruit of a Christian. We don't BAAA to become a sheep, we BAAA because we are sheep.

    You lost me on your last paragraph. Are you really saying that it's all about you and that you are the one that's going to save you from you and Jesus is just your coach telling you "Good job!" Maybe giving you a pat on the back? Is this how you really see Jesus? My friend, please give the Word of God a chance to work in your life and show you who God is. May God's love touch you.

  33. LOL you guys are batshit. I'll bet you're going to IGNORE the guy that BROUGHT FORTH EVIDENCE <<<<< that shows that the ENTIRE STORY OF JESUS WAS FABRICATED BY ROMAN ARISTOCRATS. – but you'll prob go to – denial, then just keep talking nonsense. have a good life nutjob. google and yee shall know.

  34. Hallelujah brother 🙂 it looks like the spirit is speaking loud and clear, as he starting to burn up some of the deceiving spirit in some and to intimidate them 🙂 God bless you my brother thank you for your upload and I have already subscribed 🙂 May the peace and grace of Jesus be with you brother God bless

  35. I don't care if people think I'm nuts.  It's the best nuts the world will ever know.  I know Christ and his spirit dwells inside me.  I care about nothing else. 

  36. Are you sure that itd not the Devil who is specking to you ? Repent . Read your bible !!! Please repent my friend and get baptised in Jesus name

  37. you cant hear Jesus unless your in sinless perfection? that rules out ALL people. there was only ONE that was sinless sir

  38. If it weren't for the Bible you wouldn't know of JESUS. What about the HOLY SPIRIT which is the COUNSELOR or THE FATHER that answers the prayers your so emphatic about, in JESUS' S Name?? You have to be careful in projecting hallow messages such as these. You sound robotic and cult'ish friend. If you were lead by THE LORD in making this video then these errors would not be projected. You try to discredit the Bible which is contradictory to any real christians belief system. We are to dwell in HIS Laws day and night, that's also a required step found in the Bible. I would write down the chapters and verses but I'll exclude them just to inspire you to Read the Bible. GOD BLESS YOU.

  39. When I was in deep prayer, I heard a gentle voice calling out my name. I didn't know exactly what was going on but I did panic. I shut my eyes tight and tried to go to sleep. But then again I heard the same voice calling out my name. I guess I was too scared to communicate since I didn't know exactly what I was getting myself into. When I spoke to my Christian friends about it, they were thrilled and wanted me to respond to HIM. But  I've never heard from him up to this date. Guess the love I have for him is communicated spiritually and I feel his love and compassion flow through me. No one can take his place ..not even the people who love me to bits can ever love me the way
    he does…

  40. I have heard his voice and they say I have a devil. I am his child. That hurts. So, who can I tell. I will tell you. He speaks with me thru the Bible thru his spirit and his voice has been heard by me when I least expect it. I love him. He is my shepard and my God. I have tried to tell my sisters this and they say I am not of God because they have never heard his voice and that was for Old testament times only. Why do they put God in a Box I wonder? He can not be put in their box. He is far greater than that and he will speak to whom he will speak to. He told me that too. God Bless you….

  41. you are not crazy I'm going through the same thing with my parents and my sisters I have seen his glory and I have heard his voice he told me I am real and I am here

  42. To all the peacekeepers The the ones that don't hate spread love and help All who believe in Christ Jesus aka Yeshua All who believe him And keep the peace instead of hate ARE Called God's Children to the peacekeepers They are called God's children.

  43. I hear the sweet voice of Jesus too. God Bless you brother in Christ and thank you for this great video. Amen.

  44. It is true.You need to know Jesus as your personal savior.,and become born again.,and very important to know Jesus personally.,to have experience with Him through The Holly Spirit. When that happens there is no confusion…you will know. God bless all of you.

  45. What if you hear different voices? I had a voice explaining things from bible and gave me peace after a while an agressive voice and a neutral one saying bad things or neutral voice who tells me things. I do not know anymore if I hear him. First times I felt peace and love when that voice spoke also I heard a female voice once and only once a voice like Jesus calm peacefully and gave an answer by a question. Since many months not hearing that voice anymore but only agresive, neutral or like my conscience.

  46. Yes bro HE healed me and brought me to HIM he is real I'm living evidence of what you say had happened with me and found Yeshua our Lord and GOD

  47. True… but you forget that Jesus lived among sinners, and he forgave them, and loved them, Sin is all around us, it cannot be avoided. You have to persevere through it. You have to endure it and be the best person you can be despite it.

  48. I've seen Jesus in person. And I know him. Have him in ur heart. I hear him but it seems he Just seems to say my name.

  49. You mean by seeing the real words. Do you mean stop signing? Is that what you mean? Cause thats,what I'm getting and it is a lot of work to even exist..none come. I loved,so many, until I started word study and,Law, I could not comprehend this. As it's very hidden.

  50. I do agree with EVERY WORD this young man is saying here! Please listen to him. Was he is saying is soooooooo true! Prayer draws us closer to Jesus.

  51. I had a dream two weeks ago right before I woke up at 5:30 A.M. and I heard a really deep voiced man speak the first two sentences of the lords prayer. Was it Gods voice Jesus voice or the holly spirits voice? See I don't pray that way. I just thank God or ya-who-wah this; thanks so much for everything. I never prey for stuff. So to hear the first two lines of the lords prayer by a very commanding voice. Made me think I wasn't giving God enough respect when I prey. So now I try reading the prayer before going to bed every night before I thank god for everything.

  52. Amen Jesus is Alive and you always will be he died and rose again so that we can have everlasting life.

    I'm just glad to know that he loves me considering how much I fail him

    Love you with all my heart King Jesus and I always will please forgive me how and where I feel you in Christ Mighty awesome precious amazing and holy name I pray.

    Love you with all my heart key in Jesus and I always will!!!!!!!!

    Jeremy Scruggs

  53. You have to live a Saint lider without Sins to be able to hear Jesus.In Kiev in the Pecerska monastery lived a monik He decided to enclose himself in a Cage for the rest of his life.He used to eat only seeds he did nor have a bed.and kept in touch with his batiushka the confessor Once the priest left the monastery for 3days.The demon took the face of the priest came înto the cave and told him he should leave the cave for the desert.He was too good and has nothing tolearn from that monastery.The monk got ready for leaving when his father confessor returned. He was shocked and realized IT was the devil s plan.Father brought all the monks to Tell the cheated monk he was out he didn t talk to him and that was a demon that wanted to get him out of the monastery and kill him

  54. Jesus is 200 percent real I have felt him. If u call Jesus with true heart, trust me he will reply.
    I am a Hindu by the way but I believe in Jesus because he is alive and real. But people don't think I am Christian or I am converted.
    I accepted Jesus but not Christianity.
    Praise the lord
    Jesus loves u all
    Be blessed

  55. there's much counterfeit deception today. some getting caught up with that witchcraft devilism of ro. keatting. they watching marvel shows and disney . unnatural affection explained by fullerton informer about some movies

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