Holy Temple Myth Busters: Part II: Falling from Heaven

“The Beit HaMikdash is supposed to come
down from Heaven. True or False? …let’s see what the sources say… It all starts with the Torah: Shemot 25:8,
“And they shall make for Me a sanctuary, and I will dwell among them.” This mitzvah is clarified and codified by
such authorities as the Rambam and Sefer HaChinuch. These sources indicate that it is a mitzvat
asei – a positive commandment — to physically construct the Beit HaMikdash. Well, let’s see now, are there any mitzvot
that we are waiting for G-d Himself to fulfill? Can you name one? Just one? Should I give you some more time? You won’t be able to come up with even one…
because all mitzvot by definition are: intrinsically doable, and eternal – with no expiration
date. And anyway, why would G-d give Israel a commandment
that we can’t do? Once given at Sinai, they are always in force. There are some sources to back this up. Clearly, according to halacha, it is a mitzvah
for Israel to build the Beit HaMikdash. But wait, haven’t I heard that there is
an opinion that states that the Third Beit HaMikdash is ready-made and will descend from
Heaven? For example: The Gemara in Bava Kama “Said HaKadosh Barch Hu: ‘I must pay the
damage for the fire I kindled, I started a fire in Zion (as it is written, ‘He kindled
a fire in Zion which consumed its foundations’), and in the future – I will rebuild it with
fire, as it states, ‘and I will be for it – a wall of fire all around and for glory
will I be in its midst’.” Doesn’t that refer to a Temple of fire descending
from Heaven? And haven’t I heard that in the opinion
of Rashi and Tosafot expressed in a number of places in the Talmud that the future Beit
HaMikdash will suddenly appear ready-made from Heaven? Before we examine these sources let’s go
back even further and note that the very first attempt to rebuild the Beit HaMikdash, as
recorded by the Midrash, occurred just a few short years after the destruction of Bayit
Sheni, in the era of Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chanaya! Around the year 118 CE the emperor Hadrian
gave permission for the Mikdash to be rebuilt. The work was about to begin but Samaritan
hostility to the plan caused Hadrian to cancel his permission. We see clearly that Rabbi Yehoshua ben Chananya
did not say, “we can’t try to build the Temple, it has to descend from Heaven.” Under his direction, the Jews were ready to
begin the construction. Now back to the lesson in Bava Kama. The Babylonians destroyed the First Temple
and Romans destroyed the Second, so obviously the fire is man-made. But on a deeper level, the destruction was
caused by Israel’s sins, and it was authorized by G-d. So too, the verse in Zecharia is referring
to the sense of security that will be felt in Jerusalem in the future. We know this because Rashi comments that there
will not be a literal fire – he uses the word –”כאילו” — meaning, it will be
“as if” the city is surrounded by a wall of fire. So since the fire of the destruction was man-made
– but Divinely sanctioned, so too the fire of the rebuilding could be manifest in the
very human, Divinely-sanctioned “fire” of the artillery of the 1967 Six Day War. Now about Rashi and Tosafot alluding to a
Divinely-revealed future Temple. These comments were made in the context of
a lesson dealing with an obscure halachic conundrum employing various hypothetical scenarios. Not as a straightforward answer to a direct
question as to how and when the third Beit HaMikdash will be built. In fact, as we have just seen, Rashi does
not even consider Zecharia’s wall of fire to be literal at all! In reality, Rashi’s position on the subject
is exactly the opposite, as clearly seen in his comments on this verse in the book of
Yechezkel: “If they become ashamed of all they have
done, then make known to them the form of the Temple and its design, its exits and its
entrances and all its forms, all its laws, all its designs and all its teachings, and
write all this down before their eyes, so that they may safeguard its entire form and
its rules and fulfill them.” Rashi clarifies: what is the meaning of the
words, ‘So that they may safeguard’ – ? “they will learn the aspects of the dimensions
from your mouth, so that they will know to do them at the time of the end.” Divinely-revealed…but made by man. And as for Tosafot: Look at the history. One of the most important baalei Tosafot,
Rabbi Yechiel of Paris, immigrated from France to the Land of Israel and began making practical
preparations for the return of the Jewish people and the resumption of the avodah. Of course Rashi and Tosafot would never contradict
Torah or uproot a mitzvah in the Torah. Obviously something is going on here… And then we have Ps. 127, which brings everything
together beautifully. This Psalm talks about Hashem building the
Beit HaMikdash. “A Song of Ascents for Solomon. If Hashem will not build the house, in vain
do its builders labor on it…” “If Hashem will not build the House?” Can that be? Everyone agrees that this chapter of Psalms
was written by King David in honor of his son Shlomo, who was going to be building the
First Beit HaMikdash, and that this chapter is speaking of the First Beit HaMikdash! And everyone also knows that huge amounts
of labor, materials, and time were expended in the construction of the first Beit HaMikdash…
and it most certainly, by all accounts, was not built by Heaven! Compare Ps. 127 with the description we find
in the book of Melachim – Kings… “King Solomon imposed a levy from all of
Israel; the levy consisted of 30,000 men. And… “70,000 who carried burdens and 80,000 who hewed in the mountain, burdens and 80,000 who hewed in the mountain,” and another “3,300 chief officers…” It sure doesn’t sound like it came down from
Heaven! But it did receive Heavenly authorization… by
way of the Heavenly fire that descended upon the altar. That’s just it. Everything in life, all human endeavors is
only successful when it is partnered with Hashem’s blessings and aid. An example is when parents bring a child into
the world. Can they explain the process by which a soul
is born? OK, so it’s clear that even if one thinks
that the Beit HaMikdash is ultimately somehow going to descend from Heaven, first, Israel
must fulfill G-d’s commandment and build it themselves… and only afterwards, G-d brings
about the final – spiritual – touches onto the structure they have created with
the resting of the Shechina. Above all, the most important thing to understand
is that Hashem’s blessings come about when first we do our part… which is the performance
of the mitzvot asei, the positive commandments. And this is the major principle of Torah… the
Torah is all about – עשיה – action, about man fulfilling G-d’s command. There is no difference between “And they
shall make tzitzit” and “and they shall Make for me a Mikdash.” I mean, did you ever see somebody on Erev
Sukkot, waiting for his Sukkah To fall down from heaven? Please check out all the sources for the lessons discussed in this video In the description text below And please feel free to join in the conversation in the comments section If you like this video please click on the Like button And subscribe to this channel for more Torah teachings every week. Coming up next in our Holy Temple Myth Busters Series: Part III: Who Builds the Holy Temple? Do We Need to Wait for Moshiach?


  1. If the original ark of the covenant isn't found, isn't it pointless? That isn't something that can be reproduced. You would have to use a replica not only of it, but what was in it. It just seems like putting on a play doesn't it?

  2. Excellent video as always, it's sad to see christians trying to convert jews in jewish videos, for me it just show to us that they can't respect anyone that think differently…

  3. Esteemed rabbi, let me say this.
    MAY HaShem Bless the beautiful land, people, The complete Tanach, and all of the Diaspora of Israel.
    אמן ,אמן

  4. The Rabbi asks rhetorically: Are there any Commandments that G^d should do? Surely there are! The first one that comes to mind is: G^d will kill the Angle of Death. But I admit that I think that we should compete with Him and try to uproot Death, after which He will prove to be a good looser, so to speak.

  5. The sources should have also been shown in the film in the original Hebrew.

    Don't we want the religious Jews who speak this language to be aware of these sources?

    2 additional sources in Chazal speak how the first temple was "built by itself", even though we all know clearly it was built by thousands of people

    והבית בהבנותו אבן שלמה מסע וגו', והבית בהבנותו, משמע שנבנה מאליו, וכי שלמה וכל האומנים שהיו שם לא בנו אותו, מהו בהבנותו
    ועל כן כתוב בהבנותו, שהוא נבנה מאליו, כי הוא למד את האומנים הלמוד
    וכשנבנה בית המקדש, כל המלאכה שנעשתה, היא נעשתה מאליה, האומנים התחילו והמלאכה נראית להם איך לעשותה, ונרמזה לפניהם, והמלאכה נשלמה מאליה, וכן העמידוהו, שכתוב, והבית בהבנותו, והבית כאשר בנהו לא כתוב, אלא בהבנותו, שהוא משום שנשלם מאליו… (זהר פקודי מו)
    הכל מסייעין למלך, כל שכן הכל מסייעין למלך מלכי המלכים הקב"ה, אפילו רוחות ואפילו שדים ואפילו מלאכים. א"ר ברכיה כתיב (מ"א ו') והבית בהבנותו וגו', אשר הם בונים אין כתיב אלא בהבנותו, מאליו היה נבנה. אבן שלמה מסע נבנה, מלמד שהיתה האבן מסעת את עצמה ועולה וניתנת על גבי הדימוס…. (במדבר רבה יד י)

  6. There are missing pieces of Torah on this subject along with conflations and mistaken conclusions in your analysis. For example, you've left out the RaMbaM's declaration about Moishiach's validity is dependent on HIS building the 3rd & final Bais Hamikdosh. You've failed to solve the contradiction between this RaMbaM (The neccessity of Moishiach's building it and…) what ACTUALLY IS the existence ABOVE of the "The work of YOUR Hands," which WILL appear, according, I believe, also, to the Zohar.
    See "How We Can Build the Bais Hamikdash," at http://www.chabad.org/therebbe/article_cdo/aid/148153/jewish/How-We-Can-Build-the-Bais-Hamikdash.htm

  7. Could have been added:
    "In 361 C.E. a dedicated pagan, known today as Julian the Apostate, became emperor. He ruled for two years and actively sought to bring back Roman paganism at the expense of Christianity. For a combination of religious and political reasons Julian decided to allow Jews to return to Jerusalem and ordered them to rebuild the Temple. The church father Sozomenous claims that he even provided 'public money' to fund the construction and renew the sacrificial cult. By reconstructing the Temple Julian may have sought to discredit Jesus' prophecy about its destruction, as Sozomenous claims in his Ecclesiastical History; or he may have also been motivated by the strategic consideration that 'his enemy's enemy was his friend', and sought to develop a political alliance with the Jews.

    Regardless of the motives, Jews returned to the city and, according to the church father Philostorgious, even erected a synagogue near the site of the Temple. Another church father, Rufinus, claims that Jews came to Jerusalem from 'every place and every province'. Construction began in earnest. Sozomenous states that the Jews brought 'skillful artisans, collected materials, cleared the ground…even the women carried heaps of earth, and brought their necklaces and other female ornaments towards defraying the expense'.

    At this time we may find the beginnings of Jewish reverence for the Western Wall. Graffiti carved on the Western Wall bearing a messianic verse from Isaiah may have been written at this time. In Exodus Rabba, Rabbi Aha states that 'the Shechina (divine presence) never departed from the Western Wall'. Another midrash from this period claims that the Western wall was built with donations from the poor and therefore could not be destroyed, while the other walls, which were built by the rich, didn't escape destruction.

    Construction did not continue for very long. In May 363 C.E. an earthquake, and subsequent fire, caused local officials to halt work on the Temple. At the same time Julian's death in a war with the Persians, and replacement by a Christian Emperor named Jovian, brought the restoration project to an end. Excavations conducted by Prof. Benjamin Mazar at the southwest corner of the Temple Mount, uncovered buildings containing a thick layer of ash, indicating their destruction by fire. Associated coins show that the last period of occupation for these buildings was at the end of Julian's reign (362-363 C.E.)."

  8. we learn in the bigining of parshat behaloscha that hashem told moshe to make a menora and rashy writs us from medrish that hashem made it himself, looking into medrish you will see that hashem told moshe to thow in a piece of gold into fire and out came a menora. Then the gemura in minuches (28) states that more of the temples belongings first came down from heaven made of fire and moshe copied them.

    so this shows you #1 coming down from heaven, #2 made of fire, is not that far fech as you make it sound, but read on pls

    the torah asked us to bring the stones for the clothes of the kohen godel (avnay shoiham) and we find the gemura yima (75) telling us how the wind or the clouds brought it to them, so say that again… do we find any other mitzvot that we are waiting for [hashem] himself to fulfill..? JUST ONE..? yeps, here is 1 "of them"

    so you will say that these are not mitzvos for generations to come, but you see many mitzvos that get 'put on hold' for a while when you can't obey them like mechiyas amolaik and korbonos which will go back into effect when hashem will have mercy on us. BEKOROV BEYOMAINU

  9. Commenting as a retired teacher, I love such a presentation. It makes the lesson most enjoyable and easier to remember. Thanks so much.

  10. Desiring to be a humble student seeking only The Creator G-d's Truth, but unfortunately raised in so-called Christianity, (so please, forgive my ignorance,) but when He comes, per Zechariah 14:4, will He not stand on the Mt. of Olives, which will then cleave to the north and south creating a great valley? Does not such seem to indicate that His height, His very size, is going to be such that His head and shoulders will be in the clouds? After all, He IS G-d, and not mere mortal man.

    Verses do not seem to indicate that He will stand on one side or the other of the Mount of Olives, as this mountain separates, so in essence, will not His feet be separating, as this valley is created? (being compared somewhat to a human doing the "splits.") So my primary questions are, "Could humans ever build a Temple large enough to truly be a house for such a Magnificent and Mighty G-d?" And one that could withstand the great earthquake that will accompany His coming? Does He not say in Isaiah 66:1 that the earth is His footstool? So is the Temple Mount Moriah, of what, approximately ~37 acres, even without the Dome of the Rock on it, large enough for the very foundation?

    I've often heard that there is no such thing as a stupid question, so please bear with my ignorance in this matter.

    GREAT be the G-d of Israel, and may He bless His chosen peoples with His Eternal favor.

  11. moday ani lefonecha. Melek chai ve Chayom. Shehechezarto bi Nishmotai , bi khemlo rabo emunatekha ….Baruk Shem Kebod Malkhuto le olam Va'ed . Todah rabbah . HalleluYah . May i say i am truly Blessed by this divine video … Truly it has come right in the nick of time to clarify the RADICALS IDEAS… May the Beit ha Mikdash be rebuilt speedily in our generation … Amein ve Amein Selah …

  12. I think the ancient Egyptians and Babylonians worship (present tense) fallen angles that's why they destroyed the temple.

  13. Revelations says new Jerusalem will descend from heaven. This is a whole city, not a temple. I hope you're not beating around the bush to address those scriptures, as you're a liar if you are.

  14. Great video; I enjoyed it very much! 🙂 Thank you. In response to some of these comments though…I pray that the Lord will help both Christian and Jewish audiences to respect one another as we seek to better grasp His Word and understand His salvation. <3

  15. I hope I get to know the truth before I die. I once thought I knew everything I needed to know about G-D. Now I am more confused everyday. I hope what you teach about the Torah on you tube is the same Torah your own people learn from. I just want to know the truth about who G-D IS, and I want to know if HE wants me to know HIM. I'm listening.

  16. Not to say I am an expert on the Jewish ways. So please don't think I am passing myself off as one. However, I am also not an expert on christians. I simply do my best in both worlds. That said, I also find it sad that a religion incapable of defining it's own so called truth, would try to say the Jewish people are wrong.
    As for me, I say stop trying to force what you think on others, and slow down to try to learn from them. After all, was not the Torah given to Israel? Was it not placed on Israel to teach us about HaShem's Law? Why would I as a true believer, try to turn aside a faith that is truly doing it's best to follow The Unadulterated Word. Just to have follow a faith that is clearly so confused, they can't agree on the smallest of truths.
    Must be why I simply don't fit the cookie cutter mold of, "christains". Yet also don't fit the ideas of the Jewish people. Here's the kicker, The Jewish people except that I am a Noahid, and respect, and add me in learning. The "crhistains" however see me as lost, and in need of saving. Even if they are right, and I am lost, can a man that wishes to teach me there are 3 gods I must serve lead me to salvation? I think not.
    Yes I know I am going to be chastised for this post. No big, HaShem gave the willingness to post it, so He will hold me up.

  17. It is hard for me to see how many Jewish people, are still in idolatry or are atheist, after all the painful trials they had to go thru due to idolatry.

  18. You are doing great work. The Temple Talk weekly podcasts and your Myth busters series are so inspiring. I miss Jerusalem and the privilege of being there for Shlosh Regalim.

  19. Here's a few….You can't keep the passover or any feast day EXCEPT in jerusalem, nor can you tithe or keep any feast day once again EXCEPT IN JERUSALEM

  20. Excellent video as always. T.Y. Rabbi and I am praying for Israel and all the Jewish people in the world. Peace on Earth. Warm Regards from Naples,FL, gdtII

  21. all countries should be able to recognize that Jerusalem is the capital of ISRAEL, YHWH bless you all 🙏✌ -indonesia

  22. There is no third temple. The abomination of desolation, standing in the Holy Place (Matthew 24:15-16 says–"let the reader understand"), is speaking of our temple, the human body–our heart. Transhumanism is the mark of the beast and Satan wants to ruin God's creation. Those that allow their body to be corrupted (iron & clay) can no longer receive salvation. The elite that worship Satan, are misdirecting everyone.

  23. How about the conversation of Jesus to a certain woman…

    John 4:21-26

    21Jesus saith unto her, Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. 22Ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. 23But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. 24God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. 25The woman saith unto him, I know that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things. 26Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.

    CAn anybody explain in reference to the building of the third temple?

  24. Well said Rabbi. Thank you for sharing with us the indepth importance of rebuilding the Temple. Shalom.

  25. One day, even now the wall of hostility will come down between Jews and Christians. We don’t know what to say or how to act on either side , but Our Creator is here helping. The end of days we are together side by side, with separate identities. We were given instructions and we aren’t on point with some areas, but we look to you as priests and the cultured tree our wild branch is engrafted into. Maybe that’s in Romans. We are over confident and not sensitive as are the other side at times. But! Change and tolerance, without losing our faith is in the making. We WILL fulfill destiny because God The Father is Faithful and His promise to Abraham is covenant. He wants all the Nations to come into the end of days with offering. The lion will lay down with the lamb. It’s okay!

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