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welcome to House of kar holistic health and wellness resources my name is garland Valley and I wanted to talk to you a little bit today about what exactly is the holistic health model holistic health involves three dimensions of being and it proposes that our being or existence is composed of a physical body an emotional psychological body and a spiritual body or being these are not separate but they are all intertwined as one and they make up the wholeness of our being and each one of them requires health and wellness and to be addressed individually and as a whole generally in the holistic health model the spiritual aspect of our bodies and our beings that are the priority meaning that our spiritual being controls our mental or psychological being and our mental and psychological being controls our physical being or our physical bodies if we think about this our body itself is virtually a bioelectric machine it's runs on electricity electricity scientifically is produced from the sodium and potassium pump which is a cellular process inside of our body created when sodium and potassium pass each other through the cell wall creating minut cellular electronic charges and that electricity is what powers our muscles as well as all the other parts of our body our emotional mental or psychological part of our body we're getting a little more abstract because the mind itself cannot be proven to exist in the physical body that is to say that we do have a brain the brain is an organ it's a biological organ inside of our head and I'm sure we all know what a brain is that it can't be proven a fact that our mind or a consciousness actually resides in that organ or in our head science does show us that different activities that we do different thoughts that we have do activate electrical impulses and electrical charges in certain parts of our brain but that is not proof that our mind or consciousness exists itself within our brain this can also explain many of the metaphysical aspects of out-of-body experiences remote viewing and other phenomenon that have been shown to lead to us thinking that our mind or consciousness does not reside you know body itself or not a physical body and biological aspects of our being spirituality in itself is a very broad term and a more speaking of spirituality of course speaking strictly metaphysically we're not talking about religion we're not talking about any specific religious path and doctrine or beliefs we're talking about spirituality as a religious belief and that is a unique belief across cultures and across the world globally Council for holistic health and resources respects all spiritual beliefs and religions as long as they are bringing the individual person toward the place of health and wellness promoting love joy peace and well-being the individual as well as for their relationships a little bit about the website the website is broken down into various topics that exist the purpose of the website or blog is to assist you on your life journey by providing you with education providing it with interesting topics that will stimulate your mind and imagination as well as providing you with questions to ask for yourself a little bit about myself providing today in my garden I live in South Florida and it is January 1st so of course unfortunately for the rest of the country I'm sure it is very chilly right now it's about 81 degrees here in South Florida and I emergently from northern New England so I do understand the cold weather definitely have some sympathy for everyone outdoors right now so happy new years everybody we're starting out the new year with some positive resolutions that we're going to be looking at all the good things in our lives we're going to be counting what's positive what we have taking stock in the positive things that we have and men the things that we don't have in other words when you're looking on the bright side we're counting our blessings and throughout life we're going to this year look at our adversity and our challenging experiences as opportunities to grow and opportunities to learn a little bit about my professional career of my credentials I'm a licensed registered nurse in the state of Florida I have a master's degree in nursing and I have been in nursing about 20 years in various positions enrolled on both clinical and administrative currently pursuing a doctorate degree in metaphysical science with a specialization in life coaching and counseling from the Institute's for metaphysical humanistic science and Sarasota Florida I hope you enjoy reading through my blog and I hope that you find articles and products and topics that are enlightening empowering to you and well broaden your imagination and your horizons now please feel free to send me email through my contact page I'm more than happy to discuss or respond to any of my visitors there please visit I think you're more interested in paranormal aspects of metaphysics or French metaphysics you can also visit my blog Arlen valley.com that's garland Valley komm where I discussed more British aspects of metaphysics such as paranormal phenomena parapsychology apology and other topics that are under these very large umbrella of metaphysics okay have a wonderful day and I wish you peace you

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