Hinduism – World’s Oldest Religion Explained – Origins, Beliefs, Facts


  1. Sceintific discovered,laws of thermodynamics,quantom physics were already mentioned in vedanta

    When you'll completely understand Geeta, vedanta your consiousness will move away from body to everything
    You'll become everything
    There's nothing two only one

    Believe it or not but you are God

  2. Question to my All Hindu Brothers and sisters….
    Prove me a single thing that your Holy book is saying and The same thing had been proved experimentally by Modern science……if you are not able to do so….
    I will give you tons of sayings by Qur'an and Proved By MODERN science …
    1. Every each and everyone of you knows that science says Universe came into an Existence by an BIG BANG ……(experimentally proved by Science Also in 1922 …..
    And Qur'an said this before 1400years ago..surah 21 verse 30….
    When there was no science no space crafts nothing……
    No.2= you might be knowing or you can Google that in the world there are Two big oceans Pacific and Atlantic oceans and they flow together and does not mix to each other…….
    Qur'an said this before 1400 years ago when there was no ships not any source to go deep inside oceans …. Surah 55 verse 19 and 20….
    My brother's and sisters these are all living example which you can search yourself….
    No 3:- before science Man thought Moon has its own light but in later science proved moon has borrowed light ….
    And Qur'an said this before 1400 years ago surah 25 verse 61…..

  3. Hinduism basically teaches all are one. The living the non living the cosmos the divine all are one all are inclusive !

  4. Personally, I feel like Hindu is the only religion that makes sense, as before we were born, we were dead then… we were born ( recarnation)

    Soz if it’s spelt wrong

  5. "Many Hindus believe that all their sins are washed away by having a dip in the holy water of the Ganges. Thus it is seen that the great philosophical religion which conceived Unity of God in the beginning, brought up corruption and degradation of high ideas, when His attributes as the Creator, the Preserver and the Destroyer were divided and allotted to different deities possessing separate entities in different forms. Swami Dayananda Saraswati a man of great learning started preaching the old Religion of the Vedas, which conceived Unity of God." Sir Yamin Khan – vjsingh.info

    He the Supreme, of infinite glory, has no likeness, weight or measurement.

  6. The origin of Hindu is believe in One God. I saw video from hindu talked from the scripture mentioned abt believing in 1 God. And most Hindu didnt know this.

  7. that's right Hinduism is the first religion and the rest of people who follow a subabrahamic religion are not genuine as religion is not custom to non Indians.

  8. According to me world's dirtiest religion is Hindu.Because-
    1.They pollute air by cremation process.
    2.There is a 24hrs Bajan which cause sound pollution but azan has limited time period say 2,3.
    3.They pollute water by throwing ideals, asthis etc.
    4.They drink cow pees.They eat everything except cow.
    5.There is no importance of ideals after puja.
    6.There ideals r imaginary there is no proof for that.But "Al-Quran" has scientific proof.

  9. Hindu jag ka nara hai.,,,
    hindustan hamra hai …
    Jai jai shree ram
    Har har har mahadev
    Jai hind🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  10. Practice hinduism worship god and get your all wishes full filled god listens to from your heart jai shri ram jai bharat

  11. Please make a video on sri pada in sri lanka.
    Also let us know how old that foot print is ?

  12. 2:45 correction : Aramaic is the oldest known universal language. Sanskrit was only local to what is now “India”.

  13. ஹிந்துக்களில் 95 % மக்களை சூத்ரன் என்று தரக்குறைவாக நடத்துவது யார் ? ஹிந்துக்களில் ஒரு குறிப்பிட்ட ஜாதியினர் மட்டும் தான் கோவில்களில் அர்ச்சகராகலாம் மட்டவர்கள் எல்லாம் ஆகக்கூடாது என்று உச்ச நீதிமன்றம் வரை போராடுவார்கள் ஹிந்துக்களில் ஒரு ஜாதி மட்டுமே! மேலும் ஒருகுறிப்பிட்ட ஜாதியினர் மட்டும் தான் ஜீயர்கழக முடியும் அந்த ஜாதியினர் தான் கிட்டத்தட்ட 100 % ஜீயர்களாக இருக்கிறார்கள். இந்த அநீதிகளை நீக்க மறுப்புவர்களும் ஹிந்துக்கள் அல்ல ஆனால் ஹிந்து மதத்தை தங்களின் ஜாதியினருக்காக சீரழிப்பவர்கள். முதலில் ஹிந்து மாதத்தில் சீர்திருத்தம் கொண்டு வந்து திருமூலர் சொன்ன மாதிரி "ஒன்ரே குலம்" அணைத்து ஹிந்துக்களும் சமம் என்ற நிலையை ஏற்படுத்த மறுப்பதின் நோக்கம்? மனிதநேயமற்ற ஹிந்து மதம் என்ற கேட்ட பெயரை யார் நீக்குவது? ஜாதிவெறி தலைவிரித்தாடும் ஹிந்து மதம் என்டர் அவப்பெயரை என்று கலையப்போகிறோம்? பூனை கண்ணை முட்டிக்கொண்டு தான் கண்ணை மூடியதால் தான் உலகமே இருந்து விட்டது என்று நடிப்பது அறிவுடைமை ஆகாது!

  14. -Have some introspection in front of Maheswar or Mahavishnu..Barbaric sanstana adharma…All these diversionary tactics for centuries only slowly destroying Hinduism just to promote brahmin supremacy. Simple demand by Ambedkar and Thanthai Periyar were:
    1. Hindu Jeeyar must be from all Hindus and not from brahmins only (now 100% of the Jeeyars are brahmins, Why?) and many of these Jeeyars are facing criminal charges of murder and sexual abuse but their crimes are hidden by Politicians for no reasons and ignored by many brahmins and some Hindus also. Do not pretend as if everything is fine with Jeeyars. Since my childhood I have noticed and heard the criminal activities of Jeeyars (one case closer to my native place the Jeeyar was murdered by the next aspiring Sishaya who became then Jeeyar).
    2. All Hindus must be priests in all temples and not only peripheral temples…
    3. Temple poojas must be in regional languages. At least I can speak about Vaishnavas where 4000 thivayaprabandam is there which is called Tamil Vedas.  There are more divine Tamil pasurams starting from Pallielichi (Awakening the God), pasurams on daily rituals of bathing (thirumanjanum), Poojootals, Neivaitheyam, kapidal, thalattu and so on. Similarly, Thevaram and Thriuvasagam in Saiva tradition is more soul-searching songs but the traditional singers of those Saivite pasurams were not allowed, Why? Sanskrit is a imported language and not native to India and why Gods cannot understand Tamil or local Dravidian language> Is god is racist too?
    Do not pretend everything is fine with Hinduism. The religion must be reformed and made all inclusive.
    According to the Bhagavad-Gita, a true yogi does not disturb others nor is disturbed by them. He does not create any ripples in the lives of other people or beings. He lives peacefully, without imposing himself or trying to control others. He is at peace with everyone. Practice non-violence and compassion towards other living beings. It will set you apart from animals and provide you with an opportunity to practice universal friendliness .

  15. During the Middle Ages of Indian history, many faiths and sects sprang up in religious and social spheres of Hindu society. Their practitioners slowly migrated away from the teachings of the Vedas attaching greater significance to their founders and their preachings. From then onwards polytheismcommenced. Great differences developed among the different sects and divided and weakened Hindu society. The caste system based on birth became strong and gave rise to further fragmentation. Like with any aging society without reforms, the customs gave way to superstition and ignorance wherein practice superseded reason and the spread of blind faith threatened degradation of "Hindu" society. The word Hindu is an improper word or misnomer- the correct word is Vedantic orSanathana Dharma, a religion based upon theVedas. The word Hindu does not appear any where in the Vedic texts or even the Bhagavad Gita. The word Hindu is a Persian word, used by the Muslims and the renaming of the Vedantic religion to "Hindu" demonstrates the level of weakening to the Vedantic faith. "Hinduism" needs reforms.

    It was at this time that Swami Dayanand wrote Satyarth Prakash in order to spread the knowledge of the Vedas and to educate people on the true qualities of God. TheSatyarth Prakash contains exposition and clarifications of Vedic principles. The book advocates Vedic monism based on Advaita Vedanta. Some of the important topics in theSatyarth Prakash include worship of one God, explanation of the main principles of the Vedas, the relationship between religion and science and between devotion and intellect, elimination of the caste system and of different religious beliefs for the strengthening of society, eradication of superstitions, false notions and meaningless customs, shunning narrow-mindedness and promoting the brotherhood of man.

    Please read satyarth prakash(Truth of light). And follow arya samaj. Watch video ankur arya on YouTube.

  16. لَا الشَّمْسُ يَنْبَغِي لَهَا أَنْ تُدْرِكَ الْقَمَرَ وَلَا اللَّيْلُ سَابِقُ النَّهَارِ ۚ وَكُلٌّ فِي فَلَكٍ يَسْبَحُونَ

    It is not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor does the night outstrip the day. They all float, each in an orbit. (Ya-Sin 36:40)

    La alshshamsu yanbaghee laha an tudrika alqamara wala allaylu sabiqu alnnahari wakullun fee falakin yasbahoona

  17. those who are talking shit about caste system then we call doctor a doctor not engineer its just some bad politics and mindset that made people feel inferior or superior

  18. Hinduism was not invented in the Indus Valley, it was existing much before that. People were practicing it in Lemuria and then they were forced to migrate to the Indus Valley due to floods and continued their life there. Also fact, Hinduism is not a religion, it is simply a way of life. It just teaches us the way to live a good life, called "Dharma." The name was formed by mixing the several ideas on the way to live life as Sindhu and later to Hindu.

    Also the reason why i say that the teachings of Hinduism are universal and scientifically proven correct ( only a minute fraction of the things in Hinduism are still proved)is because they were passed down to us by our creators, who are Gods Brahma. These gods are from outer space and a part of an advanced civilization and came to earth. Theese teachings are a part of their world and the gods have tried to included only all the things which actually work into Dharma. So, Hinduism is beyond humans and is actually universal.

    Why other religions are derived from Hinduism- in Buddhism and Jainism you can clearly see the similarities. Also, if you observe closely Muslim and Christianity are also derived from the same place(Isreal). Mayan culture is Hindu too.

    So instead of all fighting with each other we need to remember the truth that all God is one and all religions are similar. It doesn't really matter what religion or rules you follow, what is more important is the way of living life.

  19. HInduism was made from folk religions of India when the region around North-West India was populated by ASI/Dravidians, and then incorporated elements of ANI by which time the traditions were written down into Sandskrit.

  20. No need to force Hinduism on anyone. One who truly understand Hinduism will accept that hinduism is great. It's not just religion It's way of life.Hinduism prescribes the eternal duties, such as honesty, refraining from injuring living beings , patience, forbearance, self-restraint, and compassion, among others. That's the reason India (Bharat)has never attacked any country in its entire history. Unfortunately Many Idiot Indians not interested in understanding Hinduism.they are more influenced by Moghals and British attackers who forced there religion, philosophy and culture on indians by cruel and jihadi way.

  21. then it simply means this is not the religion of Adam, Moses, Abraham,Solomon David Jesus and Muhammad because the oldest religion of these prophets is Tawheed means one God which later renamed by the prophet Muhammad (islam) means peace…

  22. Hinduism is not a religion, Its a complete mess. People are worshiping cows, pigs, snakes, monkey and buffaloes etc.

  23. @Sheikh Ejab  Islam spread through WAR, this is a FACT brother. The entire middle East was majority CHRISTIAN. Even 2 this day Christians in the middle east are heavily persecuted, also a FACT. I hate when I see brown people or non Arab people speaking about Islam and the middle east, you have no fucking knowledge. My people (the syriac/Aramaic Christians) were the majority of the middle east AND taught the stupid pagan Arabs about god, all Muhammad did was create his own VERSION of Syriac Christianity, go study it for yourself. Shalama alioukh(peace to you) in ARAMAIC, not arabic.

    Here is a syriac Christian monk https://youtu.be/OF-7oFN7lj4

  24. I'm an EX iraqi muslim who has embraced SANATANA DHARMA(Hinduism). Now I'm FREE FROM FEAR! Islam = fear. NAMASTE🙏😊

  25. 2:40 That's not true. Most books may be but not all the books are in just one language Sanskrut, books on Hinduism have been in various Indian languages.

  26. I've been torn between many different spiritual beliefs. I am born and raised in the USA baptized as Pentecostal as a baby, reborn again as a Christian when i was, became an atheist around the age of 12, started practicing Tarot at 14, excepted Jesus Christ again at 16, then became spiritually agnostic while still practicing Tarot. Stopped practicing Tarot around 21 and have felt lost for about 8 or 9 nice years. Started reading the teachings of Buddha at 30, started practicing pagan rituals around 35, and now i feel most pulled Hinduism. I know i want all living things in this world to grow and blossom, I believe everything that is alive has a spirit or energy that connects us all on this planet, that there is some sort of divine power or source we are all connected to. I don't believe in Heaven or hell, in the God or the Devil, but i do believe in light and darkness, good and evil, yin and yang. I think i will do more research into Hinduism. Thanks you for sharing this video. <3

  27. Bhaiyo mai kaise batau chutiya logo ko ki hindu hi ek matra religion hai muslim ,sikh,christan ye bhi hamare bhagvano ne banaai hain aur ye muslim sikh etc. Parties hai na ki religion

    Hindu dharam purre earth, universe , pureee sansaar ko bachata hai naa ki sirf hinduo ko ! Aur hamare bhagvano ko kya pata hai ki hum hindu hai unko ye lagta hai ki sab ek hain sab hamare bhakt hai lekin unko kon batai kuch chutiye muslim and Christian etc dharam bana ke baithe hain !! Only dharam is hindu with 33 crore + gods

  28. Hindu dharma agar sabse Purana aur sabse achcha dharma hai to duniya ke dusre jagah ke logo ne muslim aur Christian dharma kyun banaya.akhir kya Kami rah gayi Hindu dharma mein?
    Wo Kami hai samanta ya equality Ka adhikar Nahi hai Hindu dharma mein.jaat pat Hindu dharma par bahut hawi hai.Obc aur SC, st walo ke sath har jagah bhedvaw hota hai.Aap Kisi company mein karte ho ya gaon mein rehte ho har jagah bhedvaw hai isliye OBC aur SC,st wale log bodh dharm apna rahe hai.Bodh dharm mein equality Ka adhikar sabke liye hai.isliye OBC aur SC ,st ko bodh dharm apna Lena chahiye.

  29. (एक बार ज़रूर पढ़ें )

    बी एस सी के छात्र का कॉलेज का पहला दिन……
    (गले में बड़े-बड़े रुद्राक्ष की माला)
    प्रोफेसर– बड़े पंडित दिखाई देते हो, लेकिन कॉलेज में पढ़ाई लिखाई पर ध्यान दो…… पूजा पाठ घर में ही ठीक है l
    (क्लास के सभी बच्चे ठहाका लगाते हैं)
    छात्र (विनम्रता से)– सर, आप मेरे गुरु हैं, और सम्माननीय भी इसलिए आपकी आज्ञा से ही कुछ कहना चाहूँगा l

    शिक्षक कहते हैं– बोलो ?
    छात्र– सर, जब ऐसे छोटे कॉलेज छोड़िये आई आई टी और मेडिकल कॉलेज तक में मुस्लिम छात्र दाढ़ियाँ बढ़ाकर या टोपी चढ़ाकर जाते हैं और कितनी भी बड़ी लेक्चर हो क्लास छोड़कर नमाज़ के लिए बाहर निकल जाते हैं तो शिक्षकों को वो धर्मनिष्ठता लगती है l

    जब क्रिश्चियन छात्र गले में बड़े बड़े क्रॉस लटकाकर घूमते हैं तो वो धर्मनिष्ठता हैं, और ये उनके मजहब की बात हुई l

    और आज आपके सामने इसी क्लास में कितनी ही लड़कियों ने बुर्का पहना है, और कितने ही बच्चों ने जाली – टोपी चढ़ा रखी है तो आपने उन्हें कुछ नहीं कहा तो आखिर मेरी गलती क्या है ?
    क्या बस इतना कि मैं एक हिंदू हूँ l

    शिक्षक क्लास छोड़कर बाहर चला गया ।
    आँखों से पर्दा हटाओ दोस्तों और मशाल जलाओ l

  30. लड़ना छोड़ो और ये पढ़ो

    जो हिन्दू इस घमंड मे जी रहे है कि अरबों सालों से सनातन धर्म है और इसे कोई नहीं मिटा सकता, मैं उनसे केवल इतना विनम्र अनुरोध करता हूँ कि नीचे लिखे तथ्यों को एक बार ध्यान से अवश्य पढ़ें:

    आखिर अफगानिस्तान से हिन्दू क्यों मिट गया ?

    "काबुल" जो भगवान राम के पुत्र कुश का बनाया शहर था, आज वहाँ एक भी मंदिर नहीं बचा।

    "गांधार" जिसका विवरण महाभारत में है, जहां की रानी गांधारी थी, आज उसका नाम कंधार हो चुका है, और वहाँ आज एक भी हिन्दू नहीं बचा l

    "कम्बोडिया" जहां राजा सूर्य देव बर्मन ने दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा मंदिर "अंकोरवाट" बनाया, आज वहाँ भी हिन्दू नहीं है l
    "बाली द्वीप" में 20 साल पहले तक 90% हिन्दू थे, आज सिर्फ 20% बचे हैं l

    "कश्मीर घाटी" में सिर्फ 25 साल पहले 50% हिंदू थे, आज एक भी हिन्दू नहीं बचा l

    "केरल" में 10 साल पहले तक 60% जनसंख्या हिन्दुओं की थी, आज सिर्फ 10% हिन्दू केरल में हैं l

    "नोर्थ ईस्ट" जैसे सिक्किम, नागालैंड, आसाम आदि में हिन्दू हर रोज मारे या भगाए जाते हैं, या उनका धर्म परिवर्तन हो रहा है l

    मित्रों, 1569 तक ईरान का नाम पारस या पर्शिया होता था और वहाँ एक भी मुस्लिम नहीं था, सिर्फ पारसी रहते थे l

    जब पारस पर मुस्लिमों का आक्रमण होता था, तब पारसी बूढ़े – बुजुर्ग अपने नौजवान को यही सिखाते थे कि हमें कोई मिटा नहीं सकता, लेकिन ईरान से सारे के सारे पारसी मिटा दिये गए l

    धीरे – धीरे उनका कत्लेआम और धर्म – परिवर्तन होता रहा l

    एक नाव मे बैठकर 21 पारसी किसी तरह गुजरात के नौसारी जिले के उद्वावाडा गांव मे पहुंचे, और आज पारसी सिर्फ भारत में ही गिनती की संख्या में बचे हैं l

    हमेशा शांति की भीख मांगने वाले हिन्दुओं……
    आज तक के इतिहास का सबसे बड़ा संकट अब हिन्दुओं पर आने वाला है l

    ईसाईयों के 80 देश और मुस्लिमों के 56 देश हैं l

    और हिन्दुओं का एक मात्र देश भारत ही अब हिन्दुओं के लिए सुरक्षित नहीं रहा l

    मैंने 10 लोगों को जो कि हिन्दू हैं, उनसे पूछा कि किस जाति के हो ?

    सभी ने अलग – अलग जवाब दिया……
    किसी ने कहा राजपूत…
    किसी ने कहा ब्राम्हण…
    किसी ने कहा जाट…
    किसी ने जैन कहा…
    तो किसी ने अग्रवाल…… सब लोगों ने अलग – अलग बताया l

    लेकिन मैंने 10 मुसलमानोँ से पूछा कि कौन सी जाति के हो ?

    सभी का एक जवाब आया…… "मुसलमान"

    मुझे बड़ा अजीब लगा, मैंने फिर से पूछा, फिर वही जवाब आया…… "मुसलमान"

    तब मुझे बहुत अफसोस हुआ, और लगा हम कितने अलग और वो कितने एक……
    कुछ समझ में आया हो तो आगे से कोई पूछे तो एक ही जवाब आना चाहिए……
    ॥ हिन्दू ॥

    और अगर आप "हिन्दू" होने का गर्व करते हो तो इस मैसेज को इतना फैला दो यह मैसेज मुझे वापस किसी हिन्दू से ही मिले l

    पाकिस्तान सुप्रीम कोर्ट में एक मुस्लिम भाई ने जनहित याचिका डाली थी कि पड़ोसी मुल्क में हज करने के लिए सब्सिडी मिलती है तो हमें भी मिलनी चाहिए l

    पाकिस्तान कोर्ट ने जनहित याचिका रिजेक्ट करते हुये कहा कि "कुरान" और "हदीस" के हिसाब से हज पसीने की कमाई से करना पड़ता है, दूसरों की कमाई से नहीं l

    सब्सिडी इस्लाम के खिलाफ है, पाकिस्तान सुप्रीम कोर्ट के हिसाब से भारतीय मुसलमानों को मिल रही सब्सिडी हराम है l

    क्या नेता इस पर कुछ टिप्पणी देंगे ?

    अजीब कानून है भैया……
    गाय का चारा खाया तो जेल भेज दिया……
    और जो गाय को खा रहा है उसको हज के लिए भेजते हो l
    ये जो नीचे एक वाक़या (कश्मीर का) लिखा है वो कोई मज़ाक नहीं है, कल ये आपके शहर में भी हो सकता है l

    अगर ये अमेरिका, जापान या फिर चाइना में हुआ होता तो इन शांतिप्रिय मजहब वालों को काट कर गटर में फेंक देते l

    कुछ दिन पहले NDTV के रवीश कुमार ने RSS के सिन्हा सर से तल्ख़ मुद्रा में पूछा था कि अगर देश में मुस्लिम ज्यादा हो जायेंगें तो कौन सा पहाड़ टूट पड़ेगा ?

    इसका एक प्रायोगिक उत्तर कल के एक वाकये ने दिया l

    मुस्लिम बाहुल्य "काश्मीर विश्वविद्यालय" में एक फिल्म "हैदर" की शूटिंग चल रही थी, उसके एक दृश्य के फिल्मांकन के लिए तिरंगा झंडा लगाया गया, और कलाकारों को जय हिन्द बोलना पड़ा l

    इतना होना था कि विश्वविद्यालय के छात्र उस यूनिट पर टूट पड़े l

    फिल्म का सेट तोड़ दिया गया, काफी जद्दोजहद के बाद फिल्म के कलाकारों को बाहर निकाला जा सका l

    तिरंगे से उनकी नफरत और जय हिन्द पर आपत्ति इस सबका कारण थी l

    पुलिस ने कुछ लोगों को गिरफ्तार किया लेकिन कालेज प्रशासन के कहने पर छोड़ दिया गया l

    ध्यान रहे वो अनपढ़ लोग नहीं, विश्वविद्यालय के छात्र थे l

    हाथ जोड़ के विनती है, इसे शेयर करें ये कोई छोटी खबर नहीं है l

    ये हमारे देश के सम्मान की बात है एक सुन्दर संवाद……

  31. All hindu gods why came to india only.why they not devided in throught the world.this is big proof that hinduism is not a religion.

  32. The oldest faith on the earth by the earliest human was to believe the One and only true God ( Allah)

  33. People always confuse hinduism with abrahamic religions
    They are like what is your book what is your god lol
    Hindus are not people of book hindus are the people of library

  34. I'm 'Hindu' in that I believe in both the Buddhas and the Sikh Gurus. I also believe in Jesus. I'm not a mainstream Hindu (I don't worship Ganesh/Hanuman/Krishna/Rama) but an omnicist. Hindus are omnicist

  35. Hinduism divide humans in upper (Barhamans) and humiliated lower castes (Dalits and untouchable)… lower
    caste leaves Hinduism to become respectable Christians and muslims…
    This is defect in Hinduism as religion, which will finish it. As
    statistics show, hindus are accepting christianity and islam, and both
    religions are spreading. No religion spreads who treats humans
    unequal…blaming Christians and muslims will not correct internal
    defect of Hinduism..

  36. Hinduism divide humans in upper (Barhamans) and humiliated lower castes (Dalits and untouchable)… lower
    caste leaves Hinduism to become respectable Christians and muslims…
    This is defect in Hinduism as religion, which will finish it. As
    statistics show, hindus are accepting christianity and islam, and both
    religions are spreading. No religion spreads who treats humans
    unequal…blaming Christians and muslims will not correct internal
    defect of Hinduism..

  37. Hinduism divide humans in upper (Barhamans) and humiliated lower castes (Dalits and untouchable)… lower
    caste leaves Hinduism to become respectable Christians and muslims…
    This is defect in Hinduism as religion, which will finish it. As
    statistics show, hindus are accepting christianity and islam, and both
    religions are spreading. No religion spreads who treats humans
    unequal…blaming Christians and muslims will not correct internal
    defect of Hinduism..

  38. Hinduism divide humans in upper (Barhamans) and humiliated lower castes (Dalits and untouchable)… lower
    caste leaves Hinduism to become respectable Christians and muslims…
    This is defect in Hinduism as religion, which will finish it. As
    statistics show, hindus are accepting christianity and islam, and both
    religions are spreading. No religion spreads who treats humans
    unequal…blaming Christians and muslims will not correct internal
    defect of Hinduism..

  39. I'm fascinated by Indian culture. Hinduism seems to be about peace and well being and Hindus don't go around threatening people and forcing their beliefs on others like muslims. Islam is a curse and a cancer. It must be slowed down.

  40. Somewhat correct but there are a few wrong things. Firstly, Sanatana Vedic Dharma has only one God and is a monotheistic religion, contrary to popular misled belief. And that one God can manifest in infinite different forms, which is why people think there are many 'gods' in Hinduism. Secondly, southeast asia are chinesy countries with the flat faces, like thailand, vietnam, etc. You mean to say majority of Hindus are in SOUTH ASIA, aka India, directly the most southern country of Asia.

  41. I'm glad to see so many people here know that Sanatana Vedic Dharma is the oldest way of life and the most logical and true.

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